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Thousands of tickets still available for Paul McCartney concert at Piedmont Park on August 15

Paul McCartney at Philips Arena in 2005. His (much larger) show at Piedmont Park hasn't sold out yet. AJC file photo.

“Well over” 30,000 tickets have sold for Paul McCartney’s Green Concert at Piedmont Park, but there are still thousands left for the Aug. 15 show.

Monica Thornton, vice president of the Piedmont Park Conservancy, told me today that a successful pre-sale led many to believe that McCartney tickets were sold out. In fact, the park has a permit for up to 49,999 people, so there are thousands of tickets left.

Why so slow for such a superstar? It’s the usual answer these days: the economy.

“In this economy, certainly, we anticipated that ticket sales would be a little slower. This was a higher ticket than we had for the Dave Matthews Band concert [in 2007]. With those things in combination, we anticipated we wouldn’t have an automatic sell-out,” Thornton said.

The park is more than twice as large as Philips Arena, she points out, and they’ve already come close to selling enough tickets to fill that space for two nights. “We feel pretty good about that,” she said, especially with 11 days to go.

What else should you know? The entry times changed this week — pre-sale ticket buyers will be able to enter at 4 p.m., and regular ticketholders at 5 p.m.

Sell-out or not, parking will be a nightmare — none will be available at the venue or in the neighborhoods around it. And hey, it’s a green show: they’re encouraging all concertgoers to take MARTA or ride a bike.

Want to go? The Green Concert at Piedmont Park featuring Paul McCartney is Aug. 15 on Piedmont Park’s 10th Street Meadow in Atlanta. $79.50-$400.

Want to win tickets? An contest will give away VIP tickets, a poster signed by Paul McCartney and other prizes. Contest ends Aug. 9.

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August 14th, 2009
11:34 pm

HELP- I am wondering about ticket entrance times; early admission for conservancy & amex is at 4pm, general admission is at 5pm. I bought discounted tickets off craigslist but there is some confussion about the entrance times.
The guy that I bought these tickets from, said that entrance times had been changed around a bit. Can anyone tell me when the REAL admission times are and how to tell if you have that actual ticket in hand because so many of us purchased them through a third person broker. Thanks!!!!

We are also bringing our teenage kids with us. One who has no idea of who Sir Paul is and doesn’t care for the Beatles And our other child who doesn’t show interest in most music, is a fan of Paul McCartney and willing to pay for his own ticket and by the way already had a fav song before I asked him :) I can’t figure out my kids but we are in this together, attending a concert as a family. My husband & I are used to hearing our kids whine about all kinds of needless things. Tomorrow, they will have justifable cause and its our intention to give our standard answer of the day, ALL day long,”Just deal with it.” This is Paul McCartney, Dad & I really want to see and enjoy this concert and YOU are going to allow us to enjoy this concert”. These kids have been instructed to not bother us unless they are truly in dire need of medical attention- are you bleeding? Who died?
Is the house on fire? So we are going to have fun and our kids are not allowed to ruin it; no matter how unentertained they find themselves. Good bless, smile and enjoy it. If not, good bless, smile, deal w/ it and complain to your therapist when you get home. We are planning a happy day.


August 14th, 2009
7:17 pm

Does anyone know how to tell whether tickets were bought through the Park Conservancy (and give you early admission)? I can’t remember whether I bought through the Amex pre-sale or the conservancy.