Trixie’s Corner: Rawhide’s cyber-secretary takes care of the business of this blog

Hi there. I’m Trixie, Mr. Rawhide’s secretary and he’s asked me to take over this corner of this office to conduct the business of the blog. Here we will do such things as… make special announcements, conduct instructional classes, set up and coordinate Thrashers viewing events and discuss other off-topic items. There are also bulletin board items found near the bottom of the page…under the bio that he has requested I write up for him.

As if I didn’t already have enough to do… what with editing his work, posting the column, editing his and the commenter’s typos, running his errands, answering his e-mails, keeping my eyes on the trade/waiver wire and generally keeping things in proper running order around here.

First, if you are a newcomer to this forum, let me take this opportunity to welcome you here and thank you for taking the time to read and join in. As you can see… Atlanta Thrashers hockey, the NHL and the sport in general is the main topic of conversation. While here, please do yourself a favor and enjoy the very insightful, informative and sometimes even humorous comments that are posted in the section below his column. I promise you will not be disappointed and you could actually learn something while having fun. Also, don’t hesitate to join the discussion.

Please keep in mind that agreeing with the blog host is not a prerequisite for participation. If you have a different take or another viewpoint…please share them. Oh…and remember, reasonable minds can sometimes simply agree to disagree.

About Bill Tiller, (ak.a. Rawhide…a.k.a The Ice Man)

Mr. Rawhide prefers to take a very light-hearted type of approach to the discussion. But that does not mean he won’t occasionally toss out for your edification a straightforward assessment of where the team is and what he thinks of it. If the team or individual players are performing well…he states as much. If the “Suck-O-Meter” spins off it’s axis due to their play…he won’t think twice about stating that also.

He simply sets the table for conversation and invites you to bring your side dishes to add to the discussion.

Now, one thing you will have to understand is that, as his wife has told me many times, Mr. Rawhide’s smart-ass gland hyper-developed at a very young age. So, if you keep in mind that most of what he types up is done so with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, chances are that you will “get it”.

As for the nick-name ”Rawhide”, the reason for this is before he was asked to take over this little blog thingy, he was one of you…the countless number of Thrashers fans who frequented these parts who have absolutely no inhibitions posting thoughts, rants and opinions. Like you, he needed a “username” and…seeing that just about every variation of the name “Bob” had been taken already…he chose “Rawhide”.

In the summer of 2007, someone at the AJC came up with the “brilliant” idea of putting him in charge of this place. He decided to keep the name alongside of the one his parents give him 46 years ago in order to let the readers know that he’s just what the blog title indicates…merely a fan giving his perspective.

Mr. Rawhide has been married to the Divine Mrs. R since November of 1989, (I know because I have to order and arrange for the roses every year), and they have two wonderful, well mannered and handsome teenage sons… referred to here as “the tax exemptions”. They have played hockey in the Junior Thrashers program at the Town Center Ice Forum but have now ventured off to other endeavors such as assisting with special educational needs students, JROTC and theater productions.

Mr. Rawhide studied Underwater Fire Prevention at Weisskracker University where he was a fraternity member of Ata Moon Pi.

Other Interests:

Favorite Music: U2, Pink Floyd, Rush, janis Joplin, The Beatles, Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident, Gov’t Mule and Mozart.

Favorite Movies: Slapshot, Blues Brothers, Airplane, Patton, Jaws, Godfather, Planes Trains and Automobiles, The Great Escape & Benchwarmers & anything by Alfred Hitchcock, Monty Python and Mel Brooks.

Bulletin Board Items:

If you have a Thrashers announcement or event that you would like posted on the bulletin board, would like to share a comment or forward a picture from the game…escpecially if you are sporting Thrashers colors at another arena…or just have a question, e-mail them to and I’ll forward them on to the boss. Remember, not all photos will be…or maybe even should be…posted and everything you do send becomes the property of this blog. So, if you don’t want a picture or comment posted for all to see…don’t send it.

That aside, we hope to hear from you and see what you’ve got.

Special RAWHIDE ticket promotions

The Atlanta Thrashers have set up special ticket promotions for readers of this blog. Simply cklick –>HERE<– and enter promo code RAWHIDE and select your seats!

Get Your Rawhide’s Rowdies Official Membership Card!

rromcSeveral of you have expressed interest in obtaining an Rawhide’s Rowdies Official Membership Card and Mr. Rawhide has asked me to see to it that you get one.

So, I’ve posted an image of it here and all you need to do is print out the page and clip it out.


Rawhide and the Tax Exemptions

This photo was taken in the spring of 2007, prior to the father-son game after the season that Matt and Chris’ Bantam team won the IFHL championship.

The Knights were 17-8-5 scoring 106 goals and letting up 63. They advanced through the playoffs then won the championship game 3-1 over the team that finished in first place with a record of 21-4-5.

Both boys exacted a measure of revenge this day for every disciplinary action taken by their father over the course of their lives.

 FormerIsleFan and Lilibeter In SoCal

FormerIsleFan and his lovey wife Lilibeter recently took a trip to southern California and took in games in Anaheim and Los Angeles. Here they are posing with his two tax exemptions prior to the Kings game.

Always good to see Atlanta fans representing the team in other arenas by sporting the uniforms of the hometown Thrashers!

Atlanta Xplosion’s Jamie

Here is young lady that plays for the Atlanta Xplosion…a woman’s full contact tackle football team that plays their home games in DeKalb County. Jamie…a.k.a “Pepper” is a wide receiver for the Xplosion and their season begins at home on Saturday evening April 11th. If you need a good football fix this spring, check ‘em out.


 James Brown, Cynthia, Alicia and Angie

James Brown and Cynthia

James Brown and Cynthia

Here are a couple shots of regular reader…and hopefully soon-to-be frequent poster… James Brown. Mr. Rawhide met him outside Philips Arena shortly after the Thrashers beat Toronto 4-3 on January 19, 2010.

L-R: James Brown, Angie, Mr. Rawhide and Alicia

L-R: James Brown, Angie, Mr. Rawhide and Alicia

He was with three very lovely ladies…his lady friend Cynthia, her daughter Alicia and their good friend Angie who are pictured in the group shot to the right.

Instructional Classes

Text Enhancement 101

Now, I know there are a lot of you out there who like enhancements…right? Uh-huh, you know who you are.

You like to express yourselves by way of enhancing your text…using BOLD and italic text. Unfortulately, the new blog format doesn’t allow for this as easily as the old. But, where there is a will there is a way, right?

So, today’s lesson is Text Enhancements.

If you wish to show a certain word or section of words in BOLD…simply place <strong> in front of the word(s) to be enhanced and </strong> at the end.

If you wish to show a certain word or section of words in italics…simply place <em> in front of the word(s) to be enhanced and </em> at the end.

Try it…it’s easy. And it will add so much to what you are trying to say.

Don’t Feed The Trolls 

One of the inevitable consequences to having an open blog format is that it provides an opening for pests to disrupt the conversation and lob personal attacks on commenters. These miserable little cretins are referred to as “trolls” and it’s amazing just how much courage they are able to muster up behind the anonymity of the keyboard. It’s important to be able to identify trolls to ensure that their visit is a short one.

First…the Troll Identification System:

Bomb-Throwing Trolls: These pathetic simpletons merely pop in, attack either the writer of the post or those who comment…then skank away like the cowards they are. They drop their bombs and run. Mostly harmless, these trolls can sometimes even bring a bit of levity to an otherwise serious conversation. Laugh at them if you will, but don’t go out of your way to invite them back by giving them too much attention.

Tar-Baby Trolls: These are a most annoying genus of the troll family. They come out of nowhere, attack commenters, disrupt the discussion and simply will not go away. You just can’t get them off of your hands. They are somewhat harmless but far less tolerable than the Bomb-Throwers as their intention is to gum up the works by clogging up the discussion thread with their mindless dribble.

Darious Symplex #11 Trolls: This particular nasty breed of troll originates from the western Pennsylvania region of the continent. In essence, the DS#11 Troll is a foul combination of the Bomb-Thrower and the Tar Baby Trolls. They will enter into the the site, throw bombs at everyone around, insulting their intelligence, attacking their opinions and insisting that they are the ultimate source of knowledge in whatever subject matter being discussed. The DS#11 Troll is a very insecure creature who firmly believes that those who do not share his/her opinions or viewpoints must be “stupid” and/or “ignorant”. Overly obnoxious and boorish, the DS#11 Troll is not above stooping to name-calling and stereotyping by region all who run across their path.

Now, the best thing to do with trolls is to recognize that what they crave most is attention and, laking most basic social skills, this is how they go about getting it. It’s possible that their mothers failed to hug them regularly when they were young and they were shunned by their peers throughout their adolescence. The best way to deal with these sad, pathetic scourge of the blog-o-sphere is simply to ignore them…thus cutting off from them that which they entered into the forum to obtain in the first place. Most of the time, they move along once they realize they will not be successful in wrenching away the attention they desire. To feed a Troll any of your attention is to only encourage the Troll all the more.

Therefore, simply remember this one rule… don’t feed the trolls.

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