‘Embarrassing’ losses like the one to Islanders could leave Thrashers playoff hopes circling the drain

If the Atlanta Thrashers experience any more on-ice flops like last night’s 4-1 loss to the New York Islanders, any and all hopes for the postseason will go the way of too many other seasons…flushed right down the drain. Simply put, there just isn’t enough time left on the schedule to drop stink bombs like that, especially when conference bottom-feeders are in town.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take into consideration what goalie Ondrej Pavelec said after the latest debacle in Blueland.

“We have to realize a few more games like this and we’re done…we didn’t fight like we wanted to get in the playoffs”.

Yes…very true.

Whenever you find yourselves at this point in the season…clinging to the final playoff spot…with a team like the Islanders in town and the Carolina Hurricanes breathing down your neck…you simply cannot allow the two points to leave town with the visiting team without a fight or a struggle…or, heck, even as much as a sense of passing interest in the outcome.

Pavelec has been doing his best to keep his team in games. And as defenseman Zach Bogosian puts it, “If it wasn’t for Pav, it would probably be a lot worse”.

Spot on, Zach.

But then, who better to speak so glowingly of Opie then the players who has far-too-many times had a view of Opie’s heroics from the best vantage point in the house…about 3 feet away from his goal.

Thrasher goalie Ondrej Pavelec said his team, "we didn’t fight like we wanted to get in the playoffs" (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Thrashers goalie Ondrej Pavelec voiced his feelings about his team's effort Tuesday night saying, "we didn’t fight like we wanted to get in the playoffs" (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

There are a few who could be called out on this team, but I’m going to use Bogosian here as just one example. To be brutally honest, he’s been nothing short of a disaster on the blueline for much of this season. Simply saying he looks “lost” out there is being kind.

To use New York’s final goal as an example… Michael Grabner simply moved untouched past the third overall pick in the 2008 draft and was allowed to make the type of pass over to Kyle Okposo that you’d expect to see during a practice drill. And it’s the kind of play we’ve seen too many times from #4.

Bogosian was on the ice for two Islanders even-strength goals, is a –9 in his last 11 games played and is a –14 in 42 games played this season.

No, he’s not 100% responsible for the current “Gloom, despair and agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery” atmosphere that permeates through Thrasherville this morning…and I’m not quite ready to jump on the “Zach Bogosian Must Just So Go Soon” bandwagon. But given how lost he is out there, someone simply needs give him some direction.

Some directions, that is, straight to the press box.

Taking his minutes should be Arturs Kulda, IMHO…at least while Toby Enstrom is on the mend. Not that I think he’d be the magic silver bullet to cure this team of his ills, but I can’t imagine he’d be worse.

Speaking of Toby…his name came up in the Islanders locker room after the game. My good friend Red Light tells me that. Zenon Kenopka, their 4th line center, commented that its clear Enstrom is the glue that holds this Thrashers roster together. And having him out of the lineup with the injury just kills Atlanta.

Given the Thrashers have been outscored 11-3 in the three games Toby’s missed, Kenopka’s comments are clearly on the mark.

After the loss…one that was described as “embarrassing” by Nik Antropov…Chris Vivlamore reported a number of players held an impromptu meeting with coach Ramsay. They demanding certain players should be held accountable for their lack of effort. That’s all well and good of course…and there are several who should be called out. But it seems like we’ve been seeing that “A” word tossed about in the Thrashers locker for quite a while now, and with the possible exception of one Mr. Ben Eager, I don’t really recall any big-name player being held accountable for his actions…or in this case, his inactions out there on the ice.

I’ll close with this from head coach Craig Ramsay. “We lost so many battles in the offensive zone, and that allowed them to keep coming back up the ice. Our work ethic, our commitment, is lacking”.


However, coach Ramsay’s lament about his players “work ethic” has been coming about a frequently as former coach John Anderson”, “A bounce here, a bounce there”, excuses. There comes a time when the actions have to follow the words…a time when the “accounting” that is being demanded is followed up with…well…holding players “accountable”.

Unfortunately for Rammer, if everyone on this team that deserved to sit for a few games actually did, there’d be quite the long line at the press box buffet. But you have to start somewhere.

Like Pavelec said, there’s just not a lot of games remaining on the schedule left for this team to get this thing turned around. And if we see even just a few more heaping, steaming pile of FAIL dumped on the ice…then the giant flushing sound you hear coming from Philips Arena will be the playoff hopes circling the drain.

By: Bill Tiller – AJC.com Thrashers Fan Blog

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February 2nd, 2011
6:17 pm

RL I get your point. I really do. But, scoring on this Thrasher team has always been by committee. That 7 forwards are in the top 135 in the NHL in scoring is proof of that. Only elite teams like Philadelphia can claim better. Throw in two high scoring D-men and a goalie and half your team is putting up top of the NHL numbers. How many teams can lay claim to that?

Buff and Enstrom are more a product of the Thrashers’ system – especially Buff. You put them on any team together and their still going to rack up huge numbers. They just might be reigned in more and as a result not lead their teams as a duo. Individually they would still be team leaders given their same roles.

As far as Ladd goes, 38th in points as a forward and 8th as a left wing proves he can play on a top line. Stewart’s numbers are a great surprise and is filling out the second line role nicely. On an elite roster yeah he may be moved down to a third line but then again, maybe not. He is afterall ranked 37th out of all NHL right wings in both goals and points. Those would be good numbers for a number two on most teams.

Where I agree with you is up the middle. It has been the Thrashers weakest position for years. Peverly is playing a bigger role than he should and would be a number two on most good teams. On elite teams he is not responsible enough defensively to make their team. Lately I think he should be moved down to third because he is hurting this team as much as anyone but who do you move up? A less than 100% Antropov? Certainly not one of the rookies. Moving Little splits up one of the best and most consistant lines all year. Is Bergfors a top-line wing? I think he can be when matched up with the right center but likely is a number two on elite teams.

The Thrashers are missing two proven veterans up front. A big or set-up centerman and a right wing. I don’t think they need to be snipers; they just need to make the players around them better. And that includes Bogosian who would also benefit and then his number 4 minutes may be justified.

Stapleton, Modin, and Meyer are good role players to fill in when someone gets hurt, needs a rest, or when a little more speed and skill is needed over Boulton’s toughness. None of them are likely going to hurt you when they don’t have the puck. But, playing all three along with Cormier and Burmistrov and the current state of things is not a good recipe. Again, two top 6 vets would help in this area. So would a healthy Slater and Enstrom.

So, I don’t believe the Thrashers are that far off from being one of those top teams, an elite team yes. They are young and their current woes have a lot to do with that. Lack of skill or key role players however is not what they are lacking.


February 2nd, 2011
6:17 pm

We might as well start trading the stockpile of youth in the system because our cheapass owners can’t afford a minor league team to allow them to develop. Chicago Wolves are totally useless for our needs as illustrated by having to move Akim Aliu to the ECHL just to get ice time.

Red Light

February 2nd, 2011
6:59 pm

Well then Cornbread, we agree this team was never capable of battling for anything but the 7th or 8th spot in the conference, and that’s not how you run an operation.

You can’t shoot for 50 percent and expect to get 100 percent. I think this franchise is doing nothing more than holding out hope they can stay in the 8th spot, glean two or three more home games out of the frenzied 13,000 who will be asked to pony up more than a regular season game, call it a season, and then tell us how the team can build off this successful playoff run and carry it into next next year.

Meanwhile, the gap is beginning to widen between 8th place and 7th place, there are no four-point games left with Washington or Tampa Bay (the two division teams above), which means forget about a division title. Again, they will try to become the best (the 8th spot) out of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference. Goal and point statistics about particular players don’t mean a thing as to where they should be slotted. The reason they are slotted where they are here is out of necessity.

This is all about wins and losses and the players simply aren’t generating the wins. They won for the 20th time on Dec. 30. It’s 35 days later and they have four wins since. I refuse to believe Ramsay and Torchetti aren’t capable of winning at the NHL level, but I do have doubts about some of the players’ capabilities, and you mentioned several.

Cliff Fletcher

February 2nd, 2011
7:08 pm

Sage, just hoping someday you will post something that doesn’t look and smell like the other 500 posts you have polluted this blog with over the years. Show up after a victory and maybe I’ll give you some respect. Maybe-NOT!

Mr. Five Year Plan


February 2nd, 2011
7:09 pm

cliff, you get NO respect from my point of view.

Cliff Fletcher

February 2nd, 2011
7:26 pm

Why defend him?

Mr. Heat Miser

February 2nd, 2011
8:01 pm

Oh noooooooo, your team is all flat and junk. Did I do that? Let me get my cellular out and call up some Chicago Wolves…..


February 2nd, 2011
8:07 pm

I’m watching the Versus game tonight and the studio crew just gave their reasons for the Thrash collapse, outscored 43-19 in the last 10 games. Apparently Ladd and D-buff went to Ramsey today and said that he has to “put the fist”down. The announcers, Keith Jones and others said that they had never heard of the Captain and Asst. Captain having to go to the coach to suggest that they needed his “fire”. According to them, it should have started in Sept. They pointed out that Ramsey was a good asst. coach and a teacher but a question mark as a coach. They then showed footage of Kane being hit with no retaliation from any Thrash. Nic Antro. just skated by. RAMSEY IS THE PROBLEM. HE HAS NO MOTIVATIONAL ABILITY.


February 2nd, 2011
8:17 pm

RL I always slated this team for 7th and still do. 6th or better was doable if they got lucky and things went their way. Top 4 no way.

But, the numbers that the 10 have put up are pretty impressive without a top line center. That does not mean the other 8 guys are weak sauce. The Greek Gods as a unit could play for and contribute quality minutes for any team. Every team needs a line like that – including the elites – and the Thrashers have one of the best. The third line has been in flux all year. A line that could cycle yet skate and shoot a little better than the GGs would go a long way. And, when Bogosian is your weakest link on D I’d say that is pretty solid.

Lots of teams compete in the playoffs regularly without the best in the world. Even some who have the very best don’t get very far come playoff time because their second half of the team is so much weaker. The Capitals are of course case in point but it would not surprise me one bit if the Bolts are this year’s Caps even with Stamkos and St. Louis.

Tom Lysiak

February 2nd, 2011
8:22 pm

jimbo – I caught the tail-end of that discussion on Versus. They showed Kane getting rocked twice and mentioned no retaliation. They said it was then they realized the lack of team chemistry. No kidding??


February 2nd, 2011
8:24 pm

One more thing RL. I think skating Peverly on the fourth line today is the best thing I’ve heard in a while. I was disapointed when Ramsay did not skate them the day after the Tampa loss. It’s time some more messages are sent.

That’s it, I’m out. Time to go lace ‘em up. Daddy has a brand new Combat 52 Cal stick and is going to put it top shelf where Momma keeps the peanut butter!


February 2nd, 2011
8:58 pm

There’s something I’ve got to say, and it’ll bother me if I don’t. If we lost, 4-1, to the Flyers, or the Bruins … or the Red Wings or even the Blackhawks … I chalk it up to one (1) game out of 82, where we lost to a BETTER team. One (1) loss out of the 30 games that were left. But when the effort isn’t there. After a long rest. And the quality of the opposition is clearly beneath us … that’s what makes these kinds of losses so very painful. Look no further than the title of this blog: ‘ Embarrassing’ losses like the one to Islanders could leave Thrashers playoff hopes circling the drain.”

If you think 11,000 fans, as a turn-out for a an important game like this was bad, wait until there’s only 20 games left … and we’re in 10th place, or worse. Getting people to part with their money, with this ownership group … without getting GOOD RESULTS … is a task for Anne Sullivan, “The Miracle Worker.”

R. Stroz

February 2nd, 2011
11:12 pm

Put me a few rows behind the bench and they’ll learn what motivation is: loud and clear.

Put me in the locker room before the game and they’ll hear the unfiltered version.

As many on this blog can attest, I can yell for 60 minutes straight and my vocal cords are fine the next day. I’d get 60 minutes out of these guys, if for nothing else, to get me to be quite for five seconds.


February 2nd, 2011
11:27 pm

Let’s all show up for work at our respective places of employment and half-ass it for a month. How long would we keep our jobs?

Joe McGrath

February 2nd, 2011
11:41 pm

Jimbo-thanks for the update from the Vs,. boys. I missed it, but I agree with Jonsey et al, and that’s what I mean by “THESE BOYS LACK CHARACTER.” They rarely stick up for each other. I think Rammer (quietly) tells them “no rough stuff ’cause we don’t want the penalty.” I disagree when it comes to establishing team character. You can talk about systems, and moving the puck out of the defensive zone and cycling–but if they don’t trust each other and if they don’t play for each other, then it’s dysfunctional. I’m old school–grew up watching NHL in the 70s and 80s. I really think we need character players more than anything. Not goons, but a Theo Fluery, a Bobby Smith, Cam Neely, or a….dare I say it…Jerome Iginla? Cornbread has it pinned–we need two forwards, big gnarly sweaty mooses who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. I don’t know what the deal was with Eager–but he seems to be fitting in nicely with SJ. Y’all see his goal tonight? I’m kind of missing him now.

Furious George

February 3rd, 2011
1:19 am

I just wanted to point out in some non-Thrasher related news that Johan Franzen scored 5 goals tonight. 5 goals! Do you know what this means? He was only a mere 4 goals away from the coveted ‘Ovechtrick.’ Awesome performance by the mule. I’d really love to see someone come close to scoring an Ovechtrick in my lifetime, that would be pretty cool to see.


February 3rd, 2011
4:46 am

Some great prospecyive on the team’s lack of effort & desire here on the blog. Most folks have nailed it head on. I am starting to have some real concerns about the coaching staff at this point. How can we go from being so good to being so bad and nothing has changed to stop the bleeding ?

cliff…. In response, Sage is correct 98% of the time, no need to defend, he speaks the truth , which is not like the petty name calling you do.

Always Hoping

February 3rd, 2011
6:39 am

I would have liked to have heard the interview process when Torchetti was brought on board. Many of us thought he was pegged as being the head coach. I know I was caught a little off guard when Ramsay was selected. I wonder if Torch was promised the top spot within a few years?

If we do fall to 10th spot or worse would it be a step back to dismiss Ramsay and promote Torch?

World Be Free

February 3rd, 2011
7:52 am

Always-I appreciate what you are saying, but I believe it would be a major step back to dismiss Ramsay. Craig Ramsay has universal respect across the league, I do not think he is the problem here. If players need to be “yelled at” at this level, under the current circumstances then they don’t belong in the NHL. I do guestion some of the on-ice tactics of the team over the past 6 weeks, but I am confident Rammer can fix these issues. What concerns me about Torch is the fact that no team was going after him other than Atlanta at the end of last season when it was evident that he was available. I think the long range plan for Torch is to take over from Rammer in 3 seasons, but we will see if this is the case.

Side note-not to make excuses, but you wonder if the schedule of December really put the wammy on this team. Just wondering.

World Be Free

February 3rd, 2011
8:05 am

Furious-guess Franzen does not lack mental toughness! He and Datsyk are 2 players I would draft to start a team-like The Mule for sure.

Spud Webb

February 3rd, 2011
9:29 am

I’m not jumping off. It’s gut check time for this team and franchise. I do smell something bad though….not sure who smells, but that locker room is frozen & someone needs to thaw it out, either the players (i’d prefer) or the coaches. Someone in there is a bad apple and causing some issues. That alone isn’t why we’re losing, it’s a combination of things. I have faith (one of the only) that yes, we ARE limited on talent, but the Thrashers can overcome. Put together a few good games of SOLID effort. We looked GREAT in the 1st two periods of the Isles game, we just couldn’t finish, FRUSTRATING for sure. I don’t think we went out there and laid an egg or mailed it in. We had tons of scoring chances & as an NHL franchise we need players to put the g0d&mn puck in the net…my guess is we will and we will turn this around. Fingers crossed!!!
Hat the pens, but I gotta say, Dipietro coming out smiling and then getting dropped was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Glass Joe in the house!

Joe Friday

February 3rd, 2011
10:00 am

“They pointed out that Ramsey was a good asst. coach and a teacher but a question mark as a coach”

His inexperience as a head coach is definitely showing and now we’re seeing why he went so many years without a head coaching gig, except for a couple fill ins after his head coach got fired. I’ve had my eyebrows raised all year first about line combos, then befuddled as I’d watch him do stuff like fail to make his line change to take advantage of a tired opponent who had just iced a puck, to no switching of his system during games (and especially after the other teams have figured us out).

I think the reason we’ve been shut down offensively lately is that early on, Ramsay’s system was working once he got the guys to learn it, but now other clubs have scouted us and implement a system to counter us. It’s why Buf has been held scoreless, other clubs are keying on him and denying him the puck. Our breakouts don’t look as good because other clubs have figured out how to defend our breakout.

Good coaching always always always can overcome deficiencies in your players, and should be able to change things up when opponents figure out how to defend your system (including making in game changes). What we’re seeing now is an inability to switch things up and a coach that is losing his room. The VS guys are right, I’ve never heard of a captain and asst. going to a coach to tell him what to do . . . I have heard of captains telling coach to get out of the room so he can open a can o whoop ass on the boys, but not going to the coach to tell him how to do his job.

I wish they would have made Ramsay asst. and Torch the head, I think Ramsay is a great teacher, but a head coach has to have the respect of his players and an ability to motivate them to lift their games higher.

Tonight’s another chance. Sometimes you hit bottom before you go up, does Ramsay have the ability to refocus the boys the way they refocused after that Florida debacle when Ladd was given the C the next morning? Inquiring minds want to know . . .

Fan from Carolina

February 3rd, 2011
10:21 am

Interesting comments about the the head coach. I think back to his Cup win in ‘04 when Torterella was the head coach (the bad guy) and Ramsey the assistant (the good guy). I liked Torterella for the vacancy in Atlanta when Anderson was named head coach but the posters here were adamant about no Torterella. His mean temper was needed and is really needed now. He hasn’t done too bad with the Rangers since then either. Oh well, too late now.

Red Light

February 3rd, 2011
10:29 am

Yup, those VERSUS guys know everything. They been to how many games in Atlanta and discussed the situation here with how many players, coaches and the management? Uh, none! And with Kane’s “prowess” from beating up those two renowned heavyweights, Cooke and Hunwick, why would he need someone to step in for him? Answer: He wouldn’t.

Ramsay has been a fresh breath of air here. Every season when things go wrong, coaches are at fault, the goalies suck, injuries sidelined key players, and my favorite: it was the referees! It couldn’t possibly be the personnel, could it? What they don’t have is top-line NHL talent, and if they really do/did, it hasn’t been evident for quite some time now (Dec. 21?).

It’s easy to sit in a studio and find video examples to back up any point during a 60-minute game. Bad rebounds, poor execution, inability to exit your own zone, turnovers, missed opportunities, etc. etc.

Stan Drulia

February 3rd, 2011
10:39 am

C’mon Cliff! If you kept up this blog at all you would have seen why LAC is a real fan and a much better all around person than you!!! He owns a railroad, is apparently VERY VERY wealthy and has been going to games since before you and I were born. This clearly makes us newbie rubes who shouldn’t even be allowed to post to this board!!! Get with it Cliff! If you are under 50 and haven’t followed a team that left our city decades ago then you clearly don’t know anything about hockey or life in general. Leave it to the pro’s man!


February 3rd, 2011
10:40 am

I still like Boston as a trade partner, now especially that they’ve traded Sturm and Savard may be out for the rest of the year for his head issues. They will want center depth for their playoff run and I could see them showing interest in Rich Peverley as their 3rd C. I would like to see them figure out a way to get a hold of Boston’s 1st round pick — not the one they have from TOR — and bring us back Blake Wheeler, whom I think is a perfect fit for Ramsay’s system.

Without Slater though, not sure we have enough depth at C, but Burmistrov is obviously our top C of the future. If flanked by Antro and Wheeler, I think he could hold his own. Cormier is our checking line C of the future so let him play his natural position with Modin on the LW and Stewart on the RW. Chances are we would have to give up Bergfors as well to BOS to get that #1 pick. But then we could work a deal with VAN to bring in Samuelsson whom they won’t be able to keep next year. Plus he’s 34 and may only have another year or two left. Second option might be to work a deal with Minny to bring in Andrew Brunette to round out the top 6 for the stretch run. I think either VAN or Minny would be interested in having Oduya to bolster their top 4. In Duds We Trust.


February 3rd, 2011
10:43 am

RL – nice post and I couldn’t agree more. The players are paid to perform and we are simply outmatched most of the time.

Red Light

February 3rd, 2011
10:53 am


If you go back to many posts at the beginning of the season posted here that said: “I don’t know where the goals are going to come from.” Those have become prophetic.

The Thrashers have scored just 26 goals in their last 12 games, or 2.16 goals per contest, during which they have yielded 35-plus shots per game to their opponents. That’s not a formula that is going to work for any team over the long haul. The only game in which the Thrashers have scored more than 3 goals since Dec. 21 was the 4-3 OT win at Montreal with the winner courtesy of Byfuglien, not so coincidentally he hasn’t scored since. JF is right about that: overplaying or keying on Buff has taken away the key element of the offense, which underscores the point: the Thrashers don’t have enough offensive firepower to complement the big man.

The Thrashers have scored more four or more goals in regulation 14 times this season and their record is 12-2 in those games. They haven’t scored four in regulation during any game since Dec. 20 against the Leafs, or 18 straight games. Their record in those 18 games: 5-10-3. That means their record when scoring three goals or fewer this season is 12-18-9, or 33 points out of a possible 78! As Rawhide so aptly puts it: Un-Good.

Their record in the past dozen home games: 3-5-4

Alan R.

February 3rd, 2011
11:02 am

I’m with Red Light, here. Enough of the HURR DURR horsecrap from a bunch of morons in the studio. They based their entire Thrashers discussion on the assumption that Ladd and Byfuglien went to Ramsay to discuss the lack of players sticking up for each other.

Newsflash, guys: They didn’t. I’ll take the word of C-Viv and Ramsay over the word of a couple guys who haven’t attended a Thrashers game all year.


February 3rd, 2011
11:29 am

If you’re an Atlanta/Georgia Sports fan and want to talk with other fans, check out our NEW message board.


We have team forums for the Falcons, Bulldogs, Hawks, Braves, Yellow Jackets, Thrashers, etc. Please register and post! Be apart of a huge site in the early days of existence. See ya there!

Joe Friday

February 3rd, 2011
11:50 am

“Yup, those VERSUS guys know everything.”

You know I love ya, man, but don’t you think there’s a reason that they’re getting paid to be analysts on the highest profile NHL network. But one of ‘em is Milbury, so mabye never mind? But seriously, except for Milbury, the other guys know their stuff and are well connected in the league.

“And with Kane’s “prowess” from beating up those two renowned heavyweights, Cooke and Hunwick, why would he need someone to step in for him? Answer: He wouldn’t.”

As I recall, he was on his back and was knocked out of the game for a time in at least one of them. I think what the analysts mean (and what I see other clubs with tight locker rooms do) is that one of our players should have immediately come to his defense, as in immediately skate over and take on the opponent that just knocked our young guy silly. But no one did.

I think whoever opined that it’s Ramsay telling the guys to not take penalties is onto the key there.

“What they don’t have is top-line NHL talent”

Do you mean top line as in top 3 forwards? I agree with you there. But if you mean our lineup doesn’t have NHL talent, I think we do. Little is a player. Kane is a player. Antropov had a great year last year and is clearly been hampered by his surgery recovery, but he seems to be rounding into form. Peverley can play, he’s just not playing the system. Bergfors can play, he’s just not playing the system. We also have 4 guys and an asst starting our year all wearing some nice shiny new Stanley Cup rings, our captain has 2 of them now. Our D can play, Bogosian just gets too many minutes.

A club doesn’t go on a 20 game streak like we did out of shear luck, and many of those games against the best in the NHL. We have the talent, that was proven. And we had a schemed that worked (key here, worked, not works).

What’s going on here is pretty simple to me: we had a scheme that worked and the players to play it But now other clubs scouted us and have installed an opposing scheme that shuts us down, when employed, and our coach hasn’t been able to counter.

Joe Friday

February 3rd, 2011
11:54 am

“Newsflash, guys: They didn’t. I’ll take the word of C-Viv and Ramsay over the word of a couple guys who haven’t attended a Thrashers game all year.”

Thanks for the newsflash, but tes they did, Alan. Ramsay himself confirmed it. Which also raises my eyebrows . . . the coach admits publicly that he had players come to him to ask him to put the hammer down on some of their teammates?

World Be Free

February 3rd, 2011
12:18 pm

Red Light, a double here-here in your post concerning Craig Ramsay. This is not a preferred destination for players or coaches, so we should feel somewhat fortunate to have him and Torch here on our coaching staff. There are style issues that I hope are being addressed in practice. Alot has gone wrong here the past 6 weeks, I just hope some of the recent events, negative as they may seem will turn the club in the right direction. The continual losing seems to have really gotten to alotta fans, I know it has to me.

One question for Dudley-why wasn’t Kulda brought up after the injury to Toby? Just asking


February 3rd, 2011
12:23 pm

Something to chew on: 29th in the league for PK% and last in the league for shots against. Defense is clearly not working well at all. Either they stink (which they do) or we take too many penalties or a combination of both. OP should be ticked.

Cliff Fletcher

February 3rd, 2011
12:41 pm

Stan, get with it. LAC and I disagreed on something when I called out another blogger. at no point did I question any of his qualifications as hockey expert or anything else for that matter. it is over-let it rest and move on.


February 3rd, 2011
1:18 pm

Alan R. and Red Light- Ramsey confirmed that Ladd and D-Buff did in fact come to him and that he was going to make some changes. Maybe a couple of electrodes on either side of his head.

Joe Friday

February 3rd, 2011
1:25 pm

“Ramsey confirmed that Ladd and D-Buff did in fact come to him and that he was going to make some changes.”

Yep, and Viv just confirmed it again in his blog he just put up. Speaking of that, he reports that coaches changes are putting Modin and Pevs on the 4th line, obviously they are the ones that are in the doghouse. But I don’t understand Boults. I’ve read where the players said they love Boults (could be Players player award this year, sounds like). The other guys said Boults is always in the room and on the bench urging the other guys on to try their best.

I again have my eyebrows raised at Ramsay today with his reasoning to leave Modin and Pevs in and say “we need to give them a chance to respond” but he puts them on the 4th line? WTF, we need work ethic and we need some banging, what’s Modin going to do on the 4th line, get Boults back in there and send Modin up to the buffet. That just makes no sense to me.


February 3rd, 2011
1:26 pm

I am not surprised the coaches needed to be brought in to the situation. After the game, we used to get a recap / critique of the game from the coaching staff that lasted MAYBE 5 minutes…then they left us alone to undress, shower and change. It was just the team for 30-45 minutes, so there were often comments and situations that were left unawares to the coaches. The Ladd and Buff felt the need to bring him up to speed to me is a good sign.

I think the team likes and respects the coaches. They are not stupid, they know the problem with this franchise is the owners. I just hope the strength of hockey ops keeps players here while the morons at ASG figure out a way to get out of the picture.

Joe Friday

February 3rd, 2011
1:27 pm

Alright, it’s time to bring back the tried and true methods . . . we are going to get blow out tonight. Calgary has got their act together and they’re playing great lately. Coaches lines won’t work tonight. I see a 5-2 Calgary win. Go Flames.

World Be Free

February 3rd, 2011
1:38 pm

Joe Friday-I may just leave my TV off tonight. Calgary has been playing well since late December, they are back in the playoff hunt in the West so they have something to play for. Nice recovery for a team loaded with NTC/NMC players.


February 3rd, 2011
1:57 pm

Tonight’s game is the one I always struggle with. I grew up a Flames fans, and after they left, I went to St. Louis, Washington, Chicago and even Calgary to cheer them on. Their coaches also worked with us on the Junior Flames travel team. I punched a hole in my ceiling when Lanny roofed the shot over Roys shoulder to earn the Cup. I had a lump in my throat when Cliff dedicated it to the fans in Atlanta who stuck by them.

Flames play a rough and tumble style. After that shinny game against the Isles, I am not sure the Thrashers are read for Calgary. If they don’t throw some weight around, the streak of Flames losses here in Atlanta will come to an end.

Tom Lysiak

February 3rd, 2011
2:04 pm

glovesave29 – Hear, hear!!!

I want my Thrash to win tonight, but there’ll always be a soft spot for the old team.


February 3rd, 2011
2:11 pm

In general the western conference team style is based on speed and you can only beat that two ways – equal or more speed or heavy physicality and really good goal tending (I still hate you, NJ Devils, for what you did to the game). Thrashy doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of what they want their style or identity to be like. And while I think Ramsey is a fine coach, it is his job to set that style and stick with it and build his team to fit that style of play.

This is going to be a rough game for Thrashy and I am sure Pavs is dreading it.

Totally off-hand question; does anybody know why the AJC has the Greek letter “mu” as it’s symbol in my tabbed browser?

Alan R.

February 3rd, 2011
2:12 pm

Jimbo and JF, did you read what I said at all? Derp much?

They based their entire Thrashers discussion on the assumption that Ladd and Byfuglien went to Ramsay to discuss the lack of players sticking up for each other.

There it is, again, in case you missed it. Read the last part slowly.

The Versus guys said the players went to Ramsay to talk about the lack of sticking up for each other. NO. They did not. They went to Ramsay to discuss accountability. They talked about on-ice performance. C-Viv confirms that in his blog. VERSUS morons who haven’t seen the Thrashers play this year say something completely different.

Don’t buy their garbage. C-Viv is far closer to the team than VERSUS talking heads are. Like I said, I’m taking C-Viv’s and Ramsay’s words over theirs.

I know, you honed in on the part where I said “They didn’t.” That’s my lack of coffee talking, and my bad. Being that I can admit to being less than correct, it will be interesting to see if you can as well.

World Be Free

February 3rd, 2011
2:59 pm

Eklund has us in the rumor mix. Not that I trust much of what he sez, but at least we can hope Duds is working the phone trying to get some help. If it’s Hemsky, we will have to pony up for $4M next season.

Diego from Lilburn

February 3rd, 2011
3:04 pm

Tonight decides the season. Either they roll over and play dead or they decide to be men and earn the extraordinary pay they receive. I don’t think we need a win as bad as we need the team to act like a team and show their mettle.

I believe we’ve seen enough comments from both coaches and players to determine that the part of the team that wants to win is sick of the part that is phoning it in.

My major concern (assuming they’ve finally extracted their craniums from their rectums) is the S.Y.S.T.E.M. (to borrow some punctuation from my esteemed fellow poster). The team has got to ADAPT when it is obvious that everyone has discovered the key to shutting them down.

Sage of Bluesland

February 3rd, 2011
3:14 pm

Nice post, Diego…My fear is that they simply don’t have the horses to compete…It’s all percentages and ‘numbers’ after awhile–and ours just don’t add up to something above mediocrity.

Factor the emotion in of being on a laughingstock with inept and uncaring ownership (and incompetent senior management), and the numbers go further closer to players just going through the motions…

Oh well, it is what it is. I may watch some of it if it’s even on TV. Not another dollar of mine will be used to support embarrassing incompetence.


February 3rd, 2011
3:24 pm

Have to agree glovesleeve29, we don’t often enough, but when Bill Clement interviewed Cliff, first thing in the lockeroon that night in Montreal, I will ALWAYS remember his comments:
“I hope our FANS in Atlanta are enjoying it as much as we are here.” Then later Jiggs had some GREAT Atlanta words as well. I was always disappointed Clement had nothing to say about Atlanta, because he spent more time here than in Philly, Washington, or Calgary.

We MUST have a win tonight, NO excuses by anyone, and let’s remember to FORECHECK for a change !!!!!!!!!!!

Spud Webb

February 3rd, 2011
3:28 pm

I’ll say it…Thrashers win tonight, guaranteed. lol…won’t hurt anything!


February 3rd, 2011
3:29 pm

Yes, Rawhide, the fat lady is warming up…