The Atlanta Spirit – Lies, Lawsuits and Contempt

So…the Atlanta Spirit, LLC lied to us, did they? When asked many times over if they intended to sell the Thrashers organization over the past several years, they denied it…only to reveal in court documents recently that they had indeed looked to do just that. Not only that, but now we’ve learned of yet another lawsuit being entered into by the ownership cluster known as the Atlanta spirit, LLC.

The LLC, it seems, could now stand for Lies, Lawsuits and Contempt for the fans.

Really, no one should be terribly shocked to learn that one of…if not THE…most dysfunctional collection of businessmen ever to own a sports franchise actually dared to speak untruths to their paying population. The Great Octocluster has from day one proved themselves to be unworthy of our unquestioning trust.

One can’t help but wonder how much healthier their NHL team would be if they had invested as much money in it as they have on legal representation over the past six years. But as it stands now, if the Thrashers franchise were children and those who comprise the ownership cluster were the parents, Georgia DFCS would have been called in long ago to rescue them from such abuse and neglect.

I know it, you know it and the Thrasherville people know it.

Even so, hockey fans in Atlanta are indeed justified in being 100%, USDA Grade-A pissed off about being lied to for so long, and the Octocluster is deserving of any backlash they may receive from them. When one’s lies have been found out, that’s to be expected.

And while I join your cries of outrage in the aftermath of this info-bomb that was just detonated over our heads Friday afternoon, there is a big part of me that welcomes this news that the Great Octocluster have looked to sell the Thrashers. Given that those who make up this mess of an ownership have done enough damage to this franchise since acquiring it, the best thing for the franchise and its fans is for them to find a new buyer and stop doing more damage.

I can say this, you see, because I’m not one of those who will automatically jump to the knee-jerk conclusion that any such sale equates to their relocation. Sports franchises are bought and sold all the time and not always are they relocated.

It’s true. Look it up.

Of course, this little fact nugget doesn’t prevent the endless parade of rumor mill fodder created by certain bloggers, both of the domestic variety and north of the border. Of course, most of this drivel is produced in their mother’s basements in a pants-optional environment. Unfortunately, a story like this will only prove to encourage their rumor output even more.

Countering such nonsense, we’ve all read and heard the reasoning of why such relocation stories are simply nonsense. From the naming rights to Philips Arena being tied to having at least two pro sports teams play there… to the agreement with the league by the A.S. LLC when they bought them that they would not relocate them from Atlanta… to the NHL’s stated desire to remain in the Atlanta market as opposed to moving them to a smaller one…there are a host of reasons to support filing these internet rumors in the fiction section.

But even if you don’t fully accept the above as the gospel, there’s still this piece of logic to take under consideration. If YOU owned the Thrashers, Hawks and Philips Arena and YOU were in fact looking to sell off the hockey team, why in the world would you seek to strike a deal with someone intent on taking them out of town? I mean, would you want this future tenant to drive away from the market and depart with all that potential rent money?

No, I would think you would try to do exactly what the spirit Clowns have sought to do and find a local buyer whose aim is to keep them right here in Atlanta.

And if the AS, LLC had indeed sold the Thrashers years ago, they would probably be in much better shape today than they are. True, we’re seeing some serious progress finally…but we would be years further down the road, I truly believe, if the franchise were actually owned and operated by competent, passionate, people who might just have a love for the game.

That, or at least a fundamental understanding and appreciation for it…either would be an improvement.

Now, while some will use the occasion of this mighty revelation to renew calls to boycott going to games, I would instead insist that quite the opposite would be the appropriate response. If you want real, fundamental change to come to this franchise…specifically speaking, new ownership…then you have to give any prospective buyer the reason to make that investment.

And empty seats will not help in bringing about that change.

If, in fact, there is someone or some group out there looking to take our Thrashers off the Octocluster’s hands and do so with the intent of doing whatever it takes to building a winning NHL franchise here in Atlanta, I want them to see that there is a most live and vibrant fan base here and is starving for just such ownership.

Besides… I love the experience of live NHL hockey games, the greatest sporting event in the world, in my most humble of opinion. And after all…true, sincere, passionate, genuine NHL hockey fans are at games if and when they have the ability.

So while some may profess the correct path is to sit idly by and not attend games, I will instead continue to whip out my wallet and buy my way into Philips Arena to watch these Thrashers. I’ll continue to go, whether it’s just me, with a friend or with my family.

Of course, some may accuse me of subsidizing an incompetent ownership or supporting failure. But that insistence would only have merit if I were doing so to keep the current cast of clowns in charge of this organization.

If I’m “subsidizing” anything, it’s an investment in the future of hockey in this city. And for it to survive here, the A.S., LLC must finally get their wish and sell them to someone who is in fact buying them.

If you care to join me in ‘subsidizing the future” for this franchise by attending games, you know I’ve already got the tools in place to help you out. Simply click –>HERE<– and use promo code RAWHIDE to get deals on the remaining games in January.

Also, for the February 13 games against Carolina you can get seats in 203-204 and a replica Thrashers jersey for just $26. Simply call Karin at 404-878-3781 or e-mail her at

By: Bill Tiller – Thrashers Fan Blog

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January 22nd, 2011
7:37 am


I wish Bruce Levenson had been one of Michael Vick’s pit bulls.


January 22nd, 2011
7:47 am

By the way, it is “D E F A C S” who would’ve taken the Thrashers away from ASG, Rawhide.

” D E F A C T S” is an imaginary acronym you thought you’d heard other people incorrectly use and wrote in your original version of this blog (before sheepishly & discreetly editing it) while trying to sound smarter than you actually are.

Maybe were hoping Georgia had added the “T” to the “Family and Children Services” letters in DEFACS to expand the department’s responsibilities to protect the welfare of our beloved THRASHERS.

“De Facts” might be what Atlanta Spirit has NO been sharing with us or what Michael Vick tried to hide from the FBI.

(I’m sorry, but somebody was going to call you on a goof like that eventually.)


January 22nd, 2011
7:47 am

I’m really not surprised or shocked at this latest umm… revelation. But, it does explain a lot about the lack of salary spend and the unwillingness to really market the team.

We can only hope for someone to come along and buy the team, and keep them here. That’s really all that’s left. Right?


January 22nd, 2011
7:50 am

Yes, I am just angry because of ASG, and I have to take it out on somebody.


January 22nd, 2011
7:52 am


Get my non-offensive, yet scolding, post out of the blog filter.

I didn’t say anything crude. I was harsh, but I wasn’t crude.

Joe Friday

January 22nd, 2011
8:03 am

I don’t know Rawhide, I’m not so convinced that they e reached a point to sell the team and move them. But I want to be convinced so explain Bill Daly’s comments. He never said that about Phoenix, or Buffalo. I do remember the NHL did say that about Pittsburgh when it looked lime the city wouldn’t help them on a new arena and after it was done Mario admitted later that they would have moved the team if the city hadn’t helped with a new arena, and that was the Pens!

I am worried but I completely agree with you that now the fans have to show up to give a prospective buyer a reason to buy the team. But the Octocluster have been trying to find that local buyer, aided in the search by investment banks, to no avail.


January 22nd, 2011
8:11 am


I’ve got quite a few typos this morning as well.

I’m clearly still drunk from all the liquor this ASG story has driven me to consume.


January 22nd, 2011
8:12 am

Snoopy – Don’t ask me explain why there is such a hair-trigger on the blog spam filter. It catches a lot of things that shouldn’t be. Many comments have needed to be freed from there. Regardless, as soon as it was noticed there it was set free.

As for the “T” that should not have been added into DEFACS, it was my mistake…it happens. But thank you anyway for catching it and pointing it out.

Joe Friday – I understand fully where you’re coming from. However, as I stated last week in a post, I serioulsy thing Daly was trying to respoind to someone’s question without making them look foolish. You know, like…”You think we’regoing to abandon a market like Atlanta for Winnipeg? Are you serious”?


January 22nd, 2011
8:31 am

There’s no “E” or “A” in DFCS, either. ;)

Now, that said: Daly probably meant what he said. But he didn’t mention a timeframe, and people assumed a timeframe that was “six months”, whereas Daly probably meant “several years” — ie. the NHL knows the ownership group is a cluster**** and the fans from Atlanta know it, so they’d like to see stable ownership of the franchise in place and a real, honest try to win before trying to make any call on whether the fans will “ever” support the team. After all, they also know that ownership sacrificed several years’ worth of future to make the playoffs in 06-07 (Zhitnik for Coburn, etc.), so they know ownership isn’t making good long-term hockey decisions.


January 22nd, 2011
8:38 am

The one season in which the ownership authorized spending over the cap max notwithstanding, without question the uncertainty of the ownership has affected the on-ice play. They did make the $100 million+ offer to Kovalchuk, but even that decision must have been reached with the belief that doing so would make the franchise more attractive to potential buyers.

The frustrating part is, as has been pointed out by Jeff Schultz, John Kincade, and others, they have done a very good job of finally placing the right people in place to allow the franchise to succeed, but without the commitment to keeping the younger players and the willingness to add needed pieces to the roster, the team will retain its reputation around the league and make it difficult to attract top-tier talent in anything except a trade.

However, this mess might mean potential buyers demand a lower price to purchase the team (or perhaps some deal wherein they agree to assume a portion of debt or something), which could mean more money could be applied to investing in the roster.

Let’s just hope *this* lawsuit doesn’t take another 5 years to get resolved in the meantime.

Sherry Taylor

January 22nd, 2011
8:38 am

I think you are probably right, Rawhide, the ASG would be far worse off if the team was purchased and moved. And, I hope that with this revelation being made public, that perhaps the NHL/Bettman will step in and do something as they did in Tampa and Phoenix. I know that is giving him more credit than he probably deserves, but I (for whatever pie in the sky reason), believe that the NHL wants hockey in Atlanta. And, I think they can have it, but not under the ownership of this group of buffoons. We the fans have known them for what they are (second graders on the recess field of play) since day one. My husband and I have been season ticket holders from the very beginning and will continue until they wrestle us to the ground and pry the ticket out of our hand and ripe our jerseys off our backs. We love hockey, we want hockey in Atlanta on the NHL level and I will hope that the league can and will do something to keep it here.

When I first read the article yesterday about the new lawsuit and all of the lies that weren’t really lies, because we all knew what they were about, I got this vision in my head of season ticket holders, pitchforks and torches in hand, storming into the ASG headquarters demanding the ‘monster’ be released. Maybe, we should insist they release the team and the fans from their tyranny and then perhaps the ‘valley can live in peace again’.


January 22nd, 2011
8:39 am

As far as those who are crying about “subsidizing the incompetence” … there is a phrase called “penny wise and pound foolish”, and many of those who work grunt jobs in the financial industry are subject to this particular delusion. They confuse miserliness with future planning, and spend their days worrying about perceived wrongs being done to them ‘now’ rather than understanding and reacting to the big picture. They worry so much about being taken in that they deny themselves pleasures at every turn, and end up bitter and angry.

Rawhide correctly notes (and I mentioned as well in the prior blog, though on late pages) that buyers are not going to want to purchase a team that doesn’t put butts in seats. Ownership may even (accidentally) realize this, and hence the addition of Dudley and Ramsay, both good hockey minds who then brought in Buff and Ladd. I’ve said before that the part that’ll keep me away from the arena is if a crappy product is being put out there — but we have a pretty solid product this year, certainly worth well more than we’re paying for it. So I have no problem going to home games in the future, knowing that new ownership… the root cause of the problem… is in the relatively-near future.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that I’m not one of those who feels the need to be miserly — I set my future in motion nine years ago, and that’ll happen and continue to happen independently of what I choose to blow my disposable income on in the short term. I like hockey, so I’ll blow it on hockey… because with this team, I can at least see GOOD hockey in Atlanta (most of the time). I recognize that in this economy, not everyone is in this kind of shape, but that’s where the big picture (as well as the cheaper seats!) comes in — if you like hockey, there’s no reason not to go downtown to the Bulb, have a ginger ale or two, bang on the glass, and tell the opposing goalie “YOU SUCK!”.

It’s even sort of fun.


January 22nd, 2011
8:40 am

I most humbly request to have Trixie free my 8:39 am post from blog purgatory.


January 22nd, 2011
8:41 am

The truth is is boycotting Thrasher games would feed right into the hands of the spirit as it would make their case that the NHL can’t make it and thus they sell it to the highest Canadian billionaire and they make millions! Don’t be a bunch of meatheads. (schmaltz is a bit too emotional about this and isn’t thinking clearly)
We show up then Bettman doesn’t move team…..period!


January 22nd, 2011
8:43 am

In the meantime, outstanding perspective and points from Sherry and moriler, in my opinion.


January 22nd, 2011
8:47 am

I agree with Rawhide; I’ll continue to support the team even though it does support the ASG because I like live hockey. I’d hate for Atlanta to lose another NHL team because of inept ownership, but if fans don’t support the team, forget the owners, there really will be no reason to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta. You never know what’s going on behind the scenes, though. Ray

R. Stroz

January 22nd, 2011
9:04 am

Everyone that is attending tonight’s game, please bring the following sign:



R. Stroz

January 22nd, 2011
9:06 am

Even Better, here’s the second idea, bring this sign:




January 22nd, 2011
9:10 am

I think what’s lost in this all is whether or not they still want to sell the team. All this lawsuit means it that they were planning on selling the team right after purchasing but feel as though the contract didn’t allow them to. But do they still want to sell the team or are they honestly just looking for another investor like what they’ve been telling us? I haven’t seen an answer to this anywhere.

Either way, we need new owners. And preferably for both teams (I don’t even trust them with the Hawks at this point, even if it’s the team they apparently wanted to have from the start).


January 22nd, 2011
9:11 am

“Of course, most of this drivel is produced in their mother’s basements in a pants-optional environment. ”

Great, now I gotta clean my corn flakes and milk off of the monitor…


January 22nd, 2011
9:34 am

Well said rawhide. As angry as we all are – at not just the lies but the product we have been forced to endure – we read your blog because we love hockey and this team. I hate the thought of giving those clowns a penny. I hate more the thought of a winter without live NHL hockey

Sage of Bluesland

January 22nd, 2011
9:40 am

Interesting and eloquent arguments put forth by Rawhide and others…”subsidizing for the future of hockey in Atlanta”?


I’d prefer to hear something from the league office on their intention to:

1. force the current ownership to sell; and,
2. unconditionally keep the franchise in this city;

Outside of that, I’m too afraid of lining the incompetent buffoons’ pockets with any more of my money. That is something I’ll never reconcile.

If only the team/organization were cared for as well as this blog; No comparison to the days of the “Ice Queen” or whatever that was…where information/opinions were shared about once every week, on average, if that much…


January 22nd, 2011
9:49 am

moriler – OK, I got it. Thanks. DFCS. Obvioulsy it’s a department I don’t deal an awful lot with, (thank goodness). :grin:

Anywhoooo…I’m sorry I butchered it so.

Darren – I freed your 8:48 am post. Trixie has the day off… Saturday and all that.

Sage – Thank you, that was kind of you to say. I’ll agree with you in that I too would really like to see those two proclomations come from the league office…though I doubt we’ll see it.

GS29 – Mission accomplished :lol:


January 22nd, 2011
9:50 am

Rawhide, you articulated exactly what I was thinking yesterday. Thanks. I will continue to support the Thrashers, the future of hockey in Atlanta as well as cherish the good times I share with my children at the games. The thought that kept running through my mind yesterday was let’s show a prospective buyer how strong of a hockey market we can be with a winning franchise. You so eloquently expressed my feelings and I hope many others in Atlanta.


January 22nd, 2011
9:52 am

Bravo Rawhide and Moriler…support this year’s team….they deserve it. “I am sick and tired of hearing about these owners….screw the owners…their time is (nearly) over……it’s this year’s team time….now go out there and fight for the playoff berth”….ward

Tom Lysiak

January 22nd, 2011
9:52 am

While these arguments are “interesting and eloquent”, they are nothing new. That is what we have been arguing this whole time, you moron. Hockey here…in the future.

Rawhide, you sir appear to be a fellow sheep.


January 22nd, 2011
10:07 am

Tom Lysiak – Sheep? Me?

Na-aaahhhhaaaaaahhhhhaaaaahh…. :cool:

Phil Foley - Atlanta Thrashers Examiner

January 22nd, 2011
10:12 am

The one thing that everyone needs to be kept in mind in all of this is that these allegations were alleged in a legal complaint.

The crap thrown in one of those things is kind of like the stuff your eight-year-old asks Santa Claus to bring him for Christmas.

Realistically, the Spirit may be entitled to recoup some of the legal fees they forked over to King & Spalding. The rest is just legal posturing BS. Never take anything that is written by lawyers seriously.

The chances of the Spirit proving that they would have had a ready, willing and able buy to take the Thrashers off their hands in 2005 and that they lost money because the lawyers bungled the purchase sale agreement (as opposed to losing the alleged $130 million because of managerial incompetence and pissing off season ticket holders) are about the same chances a snowball has surviving hell.

They put that allegation out there because: 1) it’s salacious and gets the story into the newspaper, 2) it raises the stakes and could increase the value of a potential settlement and 3) it makes King & Spalding look bad.

The problem is that it also makes the Spirit look like a bunch of incompetent liars that can’t run a hockey franchise that’s devauled the same asset they are trying to sell by claiming they lost so much money.

Who exactly wants to buy a hockey team that’s allegedly lost $130M over five years when you won’t control the arena you’re going to have to play your games in?

Who exactly wants to pay a $70 million premium (plus whatever the league tacks on) to pay your way out of the naming rights deal and relocate the team if you move it to some small-market in Canada?

Who exactly wants to do business with a bunch of guys who seem to be happier racking up legal fees suing anyone and everyone instead of putting a quality product on the ice?

Nice move Spirit. Good luck selling the team now. You just undercut yourselves.. again…


January 22nd, 2011
10:19 am

free Bogo jersey = ditching merch quick since he won’t be here much longer?

I’ll be subsidzing something tonight, but in my mind it’s just a night of entertainment and a turkey sandwich. Using a voucher, so no idea where I’m sitting.

Tom Lysiak

January 22nd, 2011
10:22 am

BTW Rawhide, this does set up an interesting conundrum for these rich frat-boy owners.

Do they:

1) Remain silent taking their much-deserved lumps?

2) Issue a statement saying they did before, but no longer do wish to sell the team?

3) Issue a statement saying they still want to sell, almost inviting the league to jump in?

I’m guessing door number 1 Monty Hall…..

Putting On The Foil

January 22nd, 2011
10:27 am

What do you expect from a bunch of freaking carpetbaggers?


January 22nd, 2011
10:33 am

This mess is almost like when that cousins owned the Flames, a guy with NO business sense and NO business owning a sports team and having to sell because of HIS bad business decisions.

Why does Atlanta get such LOUSY owners, rankin smith ???? Turner did not do too good at the beginning, but later recovered, but again… even he allowed his business to be sold along with the Braves. Now this clustermess,

The NHL should step in RIGHT NOW. Gary Bettman needs to ACT before it is too late, there is a real bad problem here and how can the NHL stand to have these “owners” own the team when they are now PROVEN LIARS. If the NHL has such High Standards, they would REMOVE these LIARS from being the owners and do whatthey did in Phoenix, I know it might get tense, but it is the ONLY way The Thrashers will survive in Atlanta. If not I really, I mean Really, wonder… Will there be NHL hockey here for 2011-2012 ????????? All the LIAR owners I hope one day BURN IN HELL
for their LIES ! Afterall Hell is where liars go !

Hoof Arted

January 22nd, 2011
10:50 am

These lying sacks of garbage have all but killed any “spirit” to be found in this city for hockey. The sooner they sell and leave this franchise alone the better we’ll all be.

AS, LLC = Lying Lumps of Crap

R. Stroz

January 22nd, 2011
10:56 am

As a fan of hockey in Atlanta, I advocate supporting the team; however, look no futher than the timing of this lawsuit to see the effect the owners are truely seeking.

1) Demoralize the fan base before a playoff run to keep attendence low.

2) Demoralize the “hard core” fans from renewing their season tickets, as season ticket renewal is just gearing up.

3) Demoralize the players with a constant nuisance factor motivating them to get as far away from this ownership group as possible.

4) Insure that Dudley will be unable to re-sign Ladd and Buff a multi-year deal with the Thrashers.

5) Thereby, forcing both Ladd and Buffs next one year RFA extension contract goes to arbitration.

6) Where the ASG will refuse to match the arbitration amount awarded to Ladd and Buff.

7) Allowing both Ladd and Buff to become free agents while the ASG blaming the arbitrator for Ladd and Buff’s departure.

For those of you who wonder why the ownership might act in this manner, I’ll assist.

With low attendence and poor season ticket renewals, the ASG can go the NHL and say, ” We tried and the fans just stopped coming.” To the casual observer, it appears Atlanta will not support hockey, when in fact, the ASG has never wanted to own a hockey team, other than to flip it to another owner. By stating that they wanted to sell the team six years ago in the lawsuit, the ASG has openly admitted this as fact.

The owners want to sell the team to whomever they desire and where the team ends up is of little concern to the ASG. The ASG only wants to maximize the “sale value.”

The owners are calling Bettman’s non-relocation statement as a bluff. The policy being employed by the ASG is often called a “scorched earth” policy. The ASG has “scorched” the franchise with the lawsuit and the timing of the lawsuit. The ASG has undermined the players, fans, and the general manager. This is no accident. The ASG has decided the cost of “scorching” the franchise in the short run will pay off in the long run by selling the team to the highest bidder.

The question is simple: What will Bettman do? Will Bettman step up, accuse the ASG of mismanaging the team to the point of “driving fans away from the arena”? Will the NHL seize ownership in some manner? I don’t know the answer.

I know this, I hope the “scorched policy” does a boomerang, bites the ASG in the butt, the franchise stays in Atlanta under new ownership, and the ASG can take their “scorched earth” policy and go straight to hell.


January 22nd, 2011
10:58 am

RAWHIDE….I have a serious inquiry – Just how much $$$ do you truly believe it would take to buy the Thrashers and how would a potential new owner “have-to-have” their rights to arena revenues from hockey games be a part of the equation, more specifically,in terms of dollars and cents, what would that entail ???


January 22nd, 2011
11:01 am

Stroz: Never assert malice when incompetence is a sufficient answer.


January 22nd, 2011
11:05 am

The story is headline news on TSN with the last three paragraphs all about how the Thrashers suck and attendance and should move blah blah blah.

The last story about relocation remained on their “Headlines” list for almost 7 days. Apparently there was just absolutely no other news to talk about in the NHL world that week.

Maybe we break that record with this story???


January 22nd, 2011
11:11 am

I can’t help but think that the Spirit Group saying they lost $130 million on the Thrashers is like Apple saying they lost $130 million on the iPod Shuffle.


January 22nd, 2011
11:13 am

Rawhide: this, IMO, was the best of the best of your blog posts in a long time. Not trying to, as I think ZAvalanche said, “kiss behind”, but it’s true: you addressed the SOB issue (subsidizing the incompetence) and gave an even-headed, sensical response to this disturbing news. I’ll also continue going to the games, as often as I can, not to support the ASG, but the team we all love (whether we like it or not!), the Thrashers.


January 22nd, 2011
11:14 am

See you all tonight!


January 22nd, 2011
11:23 am

Where’s Bettman when we need him. Come on, Gary! Get down here and get rid of these clowns for us!

I’ve not said one bad word about the ownership to this point, but this crap is ridiculous. You guys at ASG are worthless as far as The Thrashers are concerned. Do us a favor and find someone who cares about the greatest sport in the world (Hint: it ain’t basketball) and sell the team to them. We want a winner and we want someone with passion for hockey.

ilan The amazing

January 22nd, 2011
11:28 am

They bought the team in 2004, and tried to sell in 05. These are investors, not sports fans. It seems like they tried to make a quick turnaround buck but this hazey contract screw with them. I will attend games using second-hand tickets and not purchase food inside Philips, anymore.

Btw, anything can be done if there’s enough money involved. The author states team won’t be moved, or Philips will not give up naming rights…put $100,000,000 in front of anyone and see what they’d do. Heck I’d do near anything for $150 or so!

R. Stroz

January 22nd, 2011
11:34 am

ilan – Will you hold a sign in front of Philips Arena for a hour before game time?

The sign would read:




January 22nd, 2011
11:37 am

This might be the final straw. I’ve supported this franchise from the day it was announced and I’m tired of all the crud – from the owners to the Canadian press to our pal Sage. Right now they can take the damn team and stuff it. Live 10 minutes from the Gwinnett Arena – spend $14.00 on a ticket and slide next to the glass and the beer’s cheaper and parking free AND IT’S DRAMA FREE!

About the only thing I’d miss are the good folks I’vee met over the years from this blog and the tailgates. And the best thing that happened – playing again after a 30 year hiatus.


January 22nd, 2011
11:45 am

Stroz: just a quick rebuttable on your timing conspiracy argument: not having reviewed the timing of everything to know when the relevant dates are, but it could also be that the lawsuit was filed only now because of: 1) the deadline running on the statute of limitations on a legal malpractice claim; and/or 2) the Belkin buyout was finalized, so the true measure of damages is actually known and finalized, as opposed to being speculative because the litigation was still ongoing.

I also don’t know if the Complaint was verified (sworn as true) but in Georgia, legal malpractice actions require te Complaint to be filed with an affidavit that swears that the legal services provided did not meet the standard of care and the bad legal action actually caused the damages claimed. I I’ve not yet seen or had a chance to review that affidavit either.

I’ll stop being my attorney self now and just go back to being a Citizen of Blueland for a while.

R. Stroz

January 22nd, 2011
11:51 am

If the statute of limitations didn’t run out until after the conclusion of the season, then you would be more inclined to believe my theory? Correct?

Mr. Heat Miser

January 22nd, 2011
11:55 am

My poster for tonight will be “Lies, Lawsuits and Contempt For Fans”


January 22nd, 2011
11:55 am

2) is accurate. This lawsuit could not have been filed before the prior litigation was concluded.


January 22nd, 2011
11:58 am

F you ASG!!! I will be there tonight and using Rawhide’s nifty promo Feb 13th.

Stroz-well said

J/F-this new lawsuit will in fact keep investors/buyers away as the franchise continues to have a murky future thanks to the OCTOTARDS unrelenting STUPIDITY and childish ways. Any buyer will see this town actually will support hockey as is evidenced by the 1st seasons of this team. Even with a new, unsuccessful team the fans came…..until the OCTOTARDS made it apparent they didn’t give a dam about hockey, the players, the fans, the sport.

I 2nd Stroz suggestion…….it is far past time to call this ownership to accountability. Not by stopping attending games, but by going and being vocal…… Show the rest of the league that we want hockey to stay, and the only thing wrong in Atlanta is the OWNERS. They are what keeps hockey from succeeding here, and the league would do well to have hockey succeed in a market as large as Atlanta is. It is in the LEAGUES best interest to remove the OCTOTARDS from this team!!!!

Get The Puck Out

January 22nd, 2011
11:59 am

How about Bernie Marcus? I think he would make a great owner.