Thrash… buddy. Why’d ya do it?

Last Friday night as I watched the Thrashers take on the Colorado Avalanche, I received a text message from my buddy Thrash. His message read, “Hey Rawhide. Where you at? I have something for you”.

I responded that I was with the Rawhide’s Rowdies in section 204 and that I’d be looking for him. Moments later, Thrash came bounding up the steps with his entourage in tow and he was carrying a covered plate. When he reached the row I was sitting in…he handed the dish over to me.

When I uncovered it, I discovered his gift to me was…a plate of chicken wings.

Although I was thrilled to have the Atlanta Thrashers mascot present me with such a delicious, tasty meal, I did find it odd that a bird was serving up…well, another bird. Yes, very nice of him, but also very…well, creepy.

 As I devoured the plate of wings Thrash had delivered to me, I had no idea what was troubling the Thrashers beloved mascot. Poor Thrash…if I had only known (photo by The Divine Mrs. R)

As I devoured the plate of wings Thrash had delivered to me, I had no idea what was troubling the Thrashers beloved mascot. Poor Thrash…if I had only known how troubled he was (photo by The Divine Mrs. R)

As this week has proceeded, I noticed some other strange activities coming from my feathered friend. Tweets from Thrash saying things like “should I do it?” and “I’m taking a risk but unsure how far I can go. When it’s all said & done you & I both will know! Long day ahead”…reports that he would pace up and down the bleachers at the Thrashers Practice Facility in Duluth…being respectful to fans of visiting teams…actually cleaning out his nest!.

No, none of these activities were normal at all for Thrash.

And today, we find out that Thrash was nabbed by Gwinnett County PD speeding down the highway at 5…maybe 6…miles per hour on a stolen Zamboni. This is disturbing and shocking, to say the least. Oh if I had only known that his visit last Friday night with a plate-o-wings was just his way of looking for some attention…his sad, pathetic, warped, demented way of crying out for help!

His issue? Well, it seems he has been distraught over the fact that Atlanta sports fans have still not seemed to have gotten the message of how well this Thrashers team has been playing and wanted to draw attention to them by way of this outlandish stunt.

Later in the day, Thrashers reporter Shea Allen informed the concerned citizens of Thrasherville that Thrash had gone before the judge and was found guilty of Grand Theft Zamboni…an offense that could have caused the bird to fry in the chair. Or frying pan…I’m really not up to speed on my criminal law.

However, Thrash will, instead remain in the Gwinnett County jail until 5,000 addition seats have been sold for the remaining home games in the month of December. In an official statement, Atlanta Thrashers SVP & CSO Tracy White said, “While the Thrashers organization doesn’t condone the illegal actions taken by Thrash, we do support his motives and hope the citizens of greater Atlanta will wake up and support the team”.

“We find the judge’s ruling fair and will do anything in our power to assist in meeting the stipulations for release”.

To that measure, the Thrashers organization has announced two ways in which you can help free Thrash.

The first is to make a $50, $100 and $250 ticket package donation. Tickets to games will be offered in return.

You may also purchase individual tickets to any of the remaining home games:

Thrash assumes the position after being apprehended by Gwinnett's finest (photo/Thrashers website)

Thrash assumes the position after being apprehended by Gwinnett's finest (photo/Thrashers website)

Thursday December 16 vs. Carolina

Saturday December 18 vs. New Jersey

Tuesday December 21 vs. St. Louis

Sunday December 26 vs. Tampa Bay

Thursday December 30 vs. Boston

I’ve known Thrashers for several years. And though he’s been known to do some crazy things during a Thrashers game, he’s a good bird really. As one of his neighbors told me, “Thrash is kind of quiet at home, keeps to himself. I would have never known he was capable of just…just…just snapping this way”.

All I can say about my friend Thrash is that I hope this entire sticky matter can be put behind him soon and that we see him back at Philips Arena soon. In the mean time…I’m heading to the Gwinnett lockup to pay my buddy a visit and I hope I can get a special care package into him.

By the way…anybody out there know how I might be able to conceal a file inside of a plate of seeds and worms?

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World Be Free

December 16th, 2010
1:14 pm

What discount will I receive if I insert DON as the special ticket promotion code instead of RAWHIDE?

Red Light

December 16th, 2010
1:24 pm

Two tickets in section 301, an exclusive dinner for two with Steve Weeks at Taco Mac and an autographed puck signed by Damian Rhodes?

Spud Webb

December 16th, 2010
1:31 pm

ahhahahahhahahahahha I guess i could get the wedge at taco mac.


December 16th, 2010
1:39 pm

Thrashers get second chance in as many nights to climb to the top of the SE Division.

Hockey Biltong

December 16th, 2010
1:51 pm

Stroz, Smoothinator, WBF, I’ll be there and Satiday as well with my No Kovy jersey…Former Isles Fan, good points….+1.
Rawhide I’m bringing you an article tonight. you gonna be there?


December 16th, 2010
1:52 pm

WBF using the code DON gets you blamed for everything and complete strangers calling for you to be fired.


December 16th, 2010
1:52 pm

Hockey Biltong – I won’t be there. My youngest tax exemption is address the American Legion Post in Kennesaw tonight.

World Be Free

December 16th, 2010
2:00 pm

Red Light, puckhead//betcha some people are conjuring up some juicy responses that Rawhide will have to delete.

Biltong-sorry to say but I will not be at the game Saturday night. I have a heck of a good Christmas party to go to with some current and former non-profit board members. We have other reasons to drink you know. Mrs. WBF is more upset than I am.


December 16th, 2010
4:52 pm

I tells ya, Rawhide, “Where’s Nancy Grace when you really need her?” A travesty of justice and a miscarriage of justice, indeed.

Ed Graham

December 18th, 2010
12:18 am

Even going only 5-6 mph, he would still have gotten slowed down by I-85 traffic. Driving a non-street legal vehicle with no driver’s license, no insurance, no tag, no lights, etc. Harkens back to the days of Hosea Williams on Atlanta’s roads.

I’ve got my two tickets for Saturday night against Joizee. That leave 4,998 to sell. Good luck, my feathered friend! I hope no one makes you his “prison bird”. ;-)


December 18th, 2010
2:59 pm

Is he in ’solitary’ or does he have a cellmate? Oh, my allah. I hate to think about it.

R. Stroz

December 21st, 2010
1:12 am


December 21st, 2010
11:17 am

R. Stroz – NNNNnnnnnnnnnnope.