Hey Thrasherville, It’s five o’clock somewhere so…

At 5:00 this afternoon, so we’ve been told, we’re finally going to hear from the league office regarding the latest chapter of this summer’s saga, “As The Kovalchuk Turns”. If the revamped contract is accepted, then it will all finally come to a merciful end. If not, it will just seem like another one of the Thousand Steps To Nowhere in this drawn out fiasco.

Why was there a delay in the announcement? Well, to hear Larry Brooks of the New York Post tell it, it’s because the NHL has given the players union somewhat of an ultimatum. They’ll agree to “grandfather” in the contracts of not only Kovalchuk, but also those of Roberto Luongo and Marian Hossa. Both Luongo and Hossa will be entering into the second season under their deals. In return, the league wants to amend the current CBA to change how salaries affect the cap, specifically for those that take the player past the age of 40.

If the NHLPA refuses to show An Attitude Of Gratitude and rejects the offer, then the league return the favor by not only rejecting Kovy’s contract, but they’ll also move to devoid Luongo’s and begin a formal investigation of Hossa’s.

For What It’s Worth, there have been reports that the NHLPA denies any such ultimatum was given to them. As Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski puts it…”Ah, the subtle nuance between “ultimatum’ and ‘strongly suggested’. We saw it every week on ‘The Sopranos’”.

Well, it is New Jersey, after all.

Whichever way it is, when 5:00 rolls around we’ll know.



We’ll see…

But ya know what else happens at 5:00 pm today? Millions of Americans will spew forth from their places of work to begin their long Labor Day weekend…the traditional end of the summer vacation season.

But heck, as the old song goes, it’s Five O’clock Somewhere, so I say…unlike the NHL in regards to Kovy’s contract decision… why wait? Why not just go on and kick this holiday weekend off right now. Your License To Chill is officially activated now, so feel free to turn Thrasherville into Margaritaville. Just be careful not to step on any pop-tops.

Go on…have a good time. After all, if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.

Many will use this long weekend to visit family or just sneak in one last one last trip to the beach before autumn chills the air. Others will stay home and finish off the summer season with a nice backyard grilling sessions, enjoying a Cheeseburger In Paradise. And I’m sure some will be dealing with some sort of Honey Do list, given you have an extra weekend day to finish whatever project(s) she has you working on.

More than a few, I’m sure, will spend the weekend performing their own brand of Barstool Boogie starting tonight, will continue Defying Gravity through Saturday and into Sunday, then Come Monday…well, it’ll be alright. If you choose to indulge at a public establishment, I certainly hope you don’t wind up in a place with 10,000 Seats And One Bathroom.

Regardless, let’s just make sure that you don’t withdrawal too much from your Bank Of Bad Habits. If you do feel that you have A Lot To Drink About, please be responsible. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy…but also be safe.

Now, for those of you who may be heading towards the Coast Of Carolina, or even further to the northeast, be aware that Earl is already in the process of creating some havoc there. You could find yourself Surfing In A Hurricane.

If you're making a last run to the beach, drive safely and have a great Labor Day weekend. Remember the sunscreen thought

If you're making a last run to the beach, drive safely and have a great Labor Day weekend. Remember the sunscreen thought

Around Thrasherville however, I don’t think the weekend forecast includes even A Little Bit Of Rain.

If your heading the opposite way…say to south Florida to check out all of the Beautiful Swimmers…things should be better as you visit your cousins down there. I mean, Everybody’s Got A Cousin In Miami, right?

I’ll leave this blog current for the weekend’s discussion of Thrashers hockey and all things Kovy. But don’t worry, you won’t be Abandoned On Tuesday as I’ll be back with a new entry. Until then… wherever it is you may go to acquire your Changes In Attitudes – Changes In Latitudes, I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend.

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World Be Free

September 5th, 2010
2:29 pm

Modin adds depth and nobody has ever questioned his heart or desire, he has had some injuries. Morrison’s a center, so he may have added more overall value. Neither guy would be an impact player.

One more note-congratulations to the Jacksonville State Gamecocks! I dont know if the Marching Southerners made the trip, I hope so; great college marching band.

Red Light

September 5th, 2010
2:58 pm

I think you have to ask…what’s his upside. In my view, a 36-year-old has upside if he can rebound for one or two seasons back to his prior career-high numbers. In order for Modin to do so, you’re asking for a big leap of faith. That’s why the Comrie signing in Pittsburgh makes more sense than this one. If he rebounds based upon playing with much better players, could he put up the 30-30 60 point year he had in 2006? That’s a big leap of faith, but for $500k is it worth the try? Darn right and he’s only 30 years old. For Modin, can he duplicate his 2004 season when he tabbed 29-28-57 and was +31? That’s a bigger leap of faith because it happened two years earlier than Comrie’s career year and he’ll be 36.

For Morrison, the curve is even shorter, because he put up 42 points last year and played 74 games. Plus, last year he was only 29 points short of his career high, far better marks than either Comrie or Modin. So, while I don’t mind adding Modin, he would have been my third choice of the three mentioned. That’s all I’m saying. I’ll defer to Dudley’s affinity for signing players he knows, the very reason I thought he would have signed Olli Jokinen back on July 1.


September 5th, 2010
3:20 pm

So, could signing Modin be a sort of insurance policy for the Thrashers?


September 5th, 2010
3:37 pm

I see it like this – The team is going to do what they want to do in any way that they see fit. While we can show our surprise/unhappiness at the changes that have been made their overall M.O. is to put butts in the seats. STH’s and rabid fans (like all of us, including sage) are only one part of the equation. If they can manage a team with the fairy tale vibes of the 91 Braves or 98 Falcons they will get more butts in seats, which is the ASG’s overall goal. The Thrashers and Hawks want (or should want) to win their respective Championships, the ASG just wants the revenues and benefits that come from building excitement. In the law of averages, give anything enough time and its number will be drawn – Both Falcons and Braves came to Atlanta in the 60’s, had a brief tast of playoffs in the 90’s but waited till the 90’s to do anything significant. The Flames were contenders in Atlanta and won the cup within a few years of being shipped out of town. The fact of the matter is that there will be no ownership group interested in keeping Hockey in Atlanta until there is a fan presence. Anyone that disagrees should look at the fate of the Yotes. Last year they were about to be “Tom Cousins’ed” out of town, they got new ownership (the NHL) new management and a purpose. They won. They put butts in the seats, and now they have a buyer interested in keeping them in Glendale.
I will have blind faith in the Thrashers (and I don’t usually have blind faith in Anything) regardless of if they are contenders for the cup or contenders for the toilet. Give any team enough time in Atlanta and our city will catch on. In the meantime the teams need their “Sheeple” to keep the same grazing area.
I know some will disagree and some will want to argue my point, but I will be damned if Canada steals another one of our teams. At least we know that our team made the most moves and some of the biggest waves in this off season, and while some signings have not been preferred, at least they are doing something (and they jettisoned a lot of dead weight players who were obviously unhappy to be here).
Modin will bring experience and may be able to provide leadership for our younger players, which was sorely missing from the Kovalchuk years.
This has been an offseason like no other for our Thrashers. That means something, right?


September 5th, 2010
3:38 pm

Both Falcons and Braves came to Atlanta in the 60’s, had a brief taste of playoffs in the 80’s but waited till the 90’s to do anything significant. My bad for not proofreading…


September 5th, 2010
5:26 pm

baaaaaaa baaaaaa….still grazing contentedly

Sage of Bluesland

September 5th, 2010
6:13 pm

Wow…where to even start with what I just read–or thought I read (alternating between head-scratches and guffaws)…OK, I’ll start:

“…In the law of averages, give anything enough time and its number will be drawn…”

If it were only so easy as titles and sustained excellence being a ‘random’ occurrence, destined for each and every player! I wish the world truly worked like this–I really do. It doesn’t.

“…The Thrashers and Hawks want (or should want) to win their respective Championships,…”

No, they don’t. I’ve cared less and less about the Hawks since the mid-80s–and they had a serious buffoon of a GM for far too long (Pete Babcock)…but the Thrashers don’t have any intention of winning a championship. Exhibit A: Keeping Don Waddell employed.

That should have ended the dissertation right there.

(But far be it from me to interrupt a good dream…I used to ‘dream’ such thoughts too….but that pesky reality keeps biting…and the insults to the intelligence keep on coming…)

Tom Lysiak

September 5th, 2010
11:26 pm

Sage, since you seem to know so much about the future, would you tip me off to the upcoming lottery numbers before they draw them? You know, in time for me to buy a winning ticket? I could use the extra funds to “subsidize the incompetence”.