Thrashers lose, fans boo, fat lady sings

And now it is official…the fat lady has sung, (thank you, Rightshot), and it is officially over.

With the 3-0 loss to the New Jersey Devils, it is now 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, mathematically certain that the tenth Thrashers season in the NHL will end exactly like eight of the previous nine have…with no playoffs. And the only real question left for these Thrashers is can they find a way to net one or two more points in order to spare themselves of finishing with a sub-.500 record for the eighth time in their decade of play.

Remember…in the NHL, 82 points is “break even” and the Thrashers currently have 81.

Toby Enstrom battles David Clarkson for the puck during Tuesday's 3-0 loss to the Devils (AP Photo/Gregory Smith)

Toby Enstrom battles David Clarkson for the puck during Tuesday's 3-0 loss to the Devils (AP Photo/Gregory Smith)

The Devils took a 1-0 lead into the first intermission thanks to Dean McAmmond’s 7th goal of the season. They upped that to 2-0 just 51 seconds after the break on Zach Parise’s 37th, then they struck again early in the third…like, 10-second early…when Travis Zajac was left unattended through the defensive zone to beat Johan Hedberg.

In between, the Devils defense had their way with the Thrashers “attack”, holding Atlanta to but 19 shots on goal…2 in the final 20 minutes. That is exceptionally un-good, folks.

“We really closed the door in the third”, Devils goalie Martin Brodeur said.

Uh, yeah…more like slammed the door in our faces, there, Marty.

Of the loss, coach John Anderson remarked, “We just played hard but we didn’t have any savvy around the net”.

Savvy? Hmmm…didn’t Don Waddell let him go several years back and now he plays in Boston? Hope he gets well soon, too.

Of course, Tuesday night also marked the return of Ilya Kovalchuk…making his first start in Philips Arena since he was traded away to the Devils last February. The last time Kovy performed in Thrasherville was on Feb. 2 when the Tampa Bay Lighting defeated Atlanta 2-1.

Some fans welcoming back Kovalchuk forgot how to spell his name

Some fans welcoming back Kovalchuk must have forgotten how to spell his name (thanks Tony)

“Half the fans were booing, half were cheering”, he said afterwards. “That’s nice. It happens all the time”.

Well, to be honest…I think there were quite a bit more “booing” him than “cheering”, maybe a 75-25 split. Me…I did neither. But regardless of how the fans felt, he seems to have gotten over the breakup and is dealing with the separation well.

“I move on and I’m exited to part of this organization and I’m looking forward to the playoffs”.

Indeed…and who knows, maybe he’ll even get to find out what it feels like to win a playoff game sometime in the coming weeks. Certainly his chances are help somewhat given the fact that he’ll enter into the post-season with the likes of one Mr. Martin Brodeur on his team.

Marty the Magnificent notched career win number 600 with the win and the shutout was the 110th of hi illustrious career. Number 109 came just last Saturday night when he blanked the canes 4-0. This night’s whitewash was his league-leading ninth of the season.

Of the career wins milestone, Brodeur said, “It was as nice as number 599. A win is a win”.

Yes, Martin…wins are wins. And given that he has that nice round number of 600 under his pads, he has recorded 293 more victories than the Thrashers have all-time in their history.

He also has 98 more playoff wins than do the Thrashers…a number that is now certain to increase.

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Twisted Wrister

April 7th, 2010
5:54 pm

The team should be renamed the Atlanta Vampires because they suck the life out of their fans.


April 7th, 2010
7:08 pm

Please don’t Trash the Thrash, I mean don’t Thrash the Trash……whatever.


April 7th, 2010
7:14 pm

The Thrashers fell short because they have an incompetent GM who should have been fired several years ago. A disengaged ownership group is to blame. They don’t care. Too busy arguing among themselves. Until he is gone, the club will lose and eventually move out of Atlanta.


April 7th, 2010
8:16 pm

I have turned my wife onto hockey the same way, she went to UGA and we watched the Dawgs for years, and the whole time I told her to watch hockey, and I would go to see the Sabres when they came to town with my brother. Well she finally decided to see what all the fun was about and got hooked bad too. Being from Buffalo we have suffered through our fair share of bad teams, but we had great rivalries and made the playoffs often enough to make it fun. Until you have experienced some playoff hockey you don’t know what you’re missing (I don’t count the sweep by the Rangers as such LOL). If your hooked, you can’t stop going to games. A winning hockey game is just one of those things that are too good to miss. Of course the losing ones, well…..cheer loud, boo if they aren’t even trying (like the 8-1 whooping the Caps gave our lackluster team that night), and there is beer too!!! I think some public knocks on the owner/gm/coach would be great here. How about some of those lost greats being interviewed about their time here? Too many waves I guess. Truth is the players and fans have the same problem here. We are all suffering because of the owners/gm/coach. So let’s get together as fans, cheer the boys in blue as loud as possible, and then boo the rest…..only most think that is somehow not the “polite” thing to do, and the players on the roster now obviously won’t speak up much….. This whole season was a clusteryouknowwhat. Points left all over the place, team in disarray and leaderless both on and off the ice, fans adrift as well. The organization has NO CLUE on what to do or how to do it. So if you love the game, take in as many as you can, enjoy it, and voice your opinions. Bettman and the NHL are watching. They want this market to succeed, and a decent team that makes the playoffs more than once a decade will bring much needed attention to the game. JA’s answer on Vivs article was we need 5 or 6 more points next year!!!!! WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF is wrong with that picture?!?!?!?!? Just squeaking into the playoffs isn’t the answer!!! At least have the mindset that we can get in and make a series of it instead of “as long as we make it all is forgiven”. Only unlucky bounces this team has had was when ASG and DW came together. Now THAT was an unlucky bounce JA!!!!! Oh well, LET’S GO THRASHERS!!!!! and once the playoffs start without us LET’S GO BUFFALO AND RYAN MILLER!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh well Buffalo vs. Avs would make for great cup!!! hey anything can happen!!!


April 7th, 2010
9:08 pm

All, we’re gathered here today to pay homage to a life cut short. For the 9th time in their ten-year history the mightless Thrashers have been mathematically eliminated from Lord Stanley’s Cup playoffs.

To be fair, they lasted longer than most thought, especially after their once-beloved and now-booed Ilya Kovalchuk defected. Still, the hopes of the Atlanta Hockey Nation (all thirty-seven of us) are dashed upon the rocks of Reality Sets In Point.

There’s always the hope of life after death, a rebirth maybe as the Winnipeg “Threshers”, the Quebec City “Thrashers” (pronounced “trrah-shays”) or maybe even the Hamilton “Trashers”.

Still, in these dark days, we can all take comfort that, at least, CalGARY still has their former-Atlanta NHL team, and won’t again take away the Atlanta team (unless they want to franchise them as their minor league affiliate).

So, taking a lesson from the Chicago Cub Faithful (those Atlanta Thrashers of Major League Baseball), “Just Wait Until Next Year!!!”.

Respectfully submitted, Buzzeng

P.S. Initiate Plan B: Go Habs Go!!!


April 7th, 2010
9:26 pm

Liked Chico’s line last night… Why don’t the fans come out to support the team ?
Well Chico… We have $UCK owners, and a GM who is Nothing happening Street TRASH !

Real simple and the NHL On The Fly guys and other media types, need to wake up and place the BLAME Squarely on don waddell and Quit playing him to be a great GM.


April 7th, 2010
9:27 pm

Chelios has proven to be exactly what I said he was… a liability on the ice. However, I’ll refrain from making snarky comments, like the ones that were directed at me for stating that fact. Thanks for playing!

The Fat Lady

April 7th, 2010
9:50 pm

Get The Puck Out

April 7th, 2010
9:50 pm


Disgusted with Waddell

April 7th, 2010
10:25 pm

might be time to cut and paste some of these comments and send an email blitz to the NHL guys on XM Radio.

R. Stroz

April 7th, 2010
10:54 pm

Congrats to Brett Sterling:

I would really like to see this young man get an honest chance to play in Atlanta on the correct wing.

Harry Sinden

April 7th, 2010
11:10 pm

I knew it, 10th in the east, out of contention, best player traded away, and Don Waddell still in charge… move this sorry team to some other city and bring this sports misery to them. Atlanta is only a pretend hockey town, with make believe owners, where ice is something you put in drinks, not skate on…..

In Decatur

April 7th, 2010
11:21 pm

10 years…it’s hard to believe. A lot has changed in that time – for everyone. I watch a lot less hockey than I used to but love the sport as much as I ever did. I love to see that spark from my 5 and 7 year old children when we head to Philips 6-7 times each season, and watch as many games on television as we can before they head off to bed. It is frustrating to see the way this team is managed and marketed – it can be better, which is why we’re all reading and posting. 10 year ago, I was expecting hockey to overrun this town – so many “Yankees” who grew up playing and a explosion of enthusiasm from those new to the sport. What happened? Honestly, what happened? I think we have the same four community rinks that we had when the Thrashers started. No rink ITP!!! I would have never guessed it 10 years later. I want a great product on the ice AND I want a growing sport around the greater Atlanta area – moving forward, ownership and management (current or new) have to make that committment too. Or this team will end up in Hamilton or Quebec or KC.

Enjoyed reading the shared passion. Go Thrashers! Let’s Go Red Wings!


April 8th, 2010
11:19 am

I love hockey. Trust me, I do. And so do children, including mine. It’s what they look forward to every fall – spring. And when Kovalchuk left, they were heartbroken, not understanding he circumstanses. He was their favorite player and probably still is. They still cheer for the Thrashers with all their heart, and they’ll probably ask me if I could take them to the last game at Phillips Arena. And what do I say? The season is over, and playoffs chances are gone, but they don’t care. They like hockey for what it is and not just playoffs, and stanley cups. And I wish I could be that loyal to a team like that…..