Thrashers lose, fans boo, fat lady sings

And now it is official…the fat lady has sung, (thank you, Rightshot), and it is officially over.

With the 3-0 loss to the New Jersey Devils, it is now 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, mathematically certain that the tenth Thrashers season in the NHL will end exactly like eight of the previous nine have…with no playoffs. And the only real question left for these Thrashers is can they find a way to net one or two more points in order to spare themselves of finishing with a sub-.500 record for the eighth time in their decade of play.

Remember…in the NHL, 82 points is “break even” and the Thrashers currently have 81.

Toby Enstrom battles David Clarkson for the puck during Tuesday's 3-0 loss to the Devils (AP Photo/Gregory Smith)

Toby Enstrom battles David Clarkson for the puck during Tuesday's 3-0 loss to the Devils (AP Photo/Gregory Smith)

The Devils took a 1-0 lead into the first intermission thanks to Dean McAmmond’s 7th goal of the season. They upped that to 2-0 just 51 seconds after the break on Zach Parise’s 37th, then they struck again early in the third…like, 10-second early…when Travis Zajac was left unattended through the defensive zone to beat Johan Hedberg.

In between, the Devils defense had their way with the Thrashers “attack”, holding Atlanta to but 19 shots on goal…2 in the final 20 minutes. That is exceptionally un-good, folks.

“We really closed the door in the third”, Devils goalie Martin Brodeur said.

Uh, yeah…more like slammed the door in our faces, there, Marty.

Of the loss, coach John Anderson remarked, “We just played hard but we didn’t have any savvy around the net”.

Savvy? Hmmm…didn’t Don Waddell let him go several years back and now he plays in Boston? Hope he gets well soon, too.

Of course, Tuesday night also marked the return of Ilya Kovalchuk…making his first start in Philips Arena since he was traded away to the Devils last February. The last time Kovy performed in Thrasherville was on Feb. 2 when the Tampa Bay Lighting defeated Atlanta 2-1.

Some fans welcoming back Kovalchuk forgot how to spell his name

Some fans welcoming back Kovalchuk must have forgotten how to spell his name (thanks Tony)

“Half the fans were booing, half were cheering”, he said afterwards. “That’s nice. It happens all the time”.

Well, to be honest…I think there were quite a bit more “booing” him than “cheering”, maybe a 75-25 split. Me…I did neither. But regardless of how the fans felt, he seems to have gotten over the breakup and is dealing with the separation well.

“I move on and I’m exited to part of this organization and I’m looking forward to the playoffs”.

Indeed…and who knows, maybe he’ll even get to find out what it feels like to win a playoff game sometime in the coming weeks. Certainly his chances are help somewhat given the fact that he’ll enter into the post-season with the likes of one Mr. Martin Brodeur on his team.

Marty the Magnificent notched career win number 600 with the win and the shutout was the 110th of hi illustrious career. Number 109 came just last Saturday night when he blanked the canes 4-0. This night’s whitewash was his league-leading ninth of the season.

Of the career wins milestone, Brodeur said, “It was as nice as number 599. A win is a win”.

Yes, Martin…wins are wins. And given that he has that nice round number of 600 under his pads, he has recorded 293 more victories than the Thrashers have all-time in their history.

He also has 98 more playoff wins than do the Thrashers…a number that is now certain to increase.

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April 7th, 2010
11:08 am

Well since the season’s done I would hope that Anderson/Waddell will let Kozlov play in the last game. With the exception of this year, he gave a lot to the franchise and deserves one more game for the ATL fans.


April 7th, 2010
11:10 am

the banner was great. glad the pic quality was there. the other side of it said kovalslump!!!!!!! i heard this is the work of the Colby Army

the fish

April 7th, 2010
11:12 am

You STH are the biggest suckers on the planet!!!!!! You paid money for this garbage?!?!?! When The Don called me at the beginning of the season and begged me to come back I told him “sure, but you have to guarantee your product”…in other words, make the playoffs. He wouldn’t do it. What does that tell you suckers? The Thrashers suck top to bottom, and have for 10 lousy years. What a waste of a hockey team. See ya in Canada next year suckers!!!!!!!!!!!


April 7th, 2010
11:16 am

As a few other posters have pointed out, I am just tapped out as well. The entire Thrash organization is garbage, including marketing and sales. I actually stopped going to games this year for the first time and didn’t even watch the last 20 or so games on TV. I just can’t be bothered anymore – this team is lifeless and they’ve made the fan base just as lifeless. Every year = no playoffs and a star player leaving.

I’m done unless management and DW are fired.


April 7th, 2010
11:29 am

I was obviously disappointed with our “performance” last night. Yes, another year gone without playoffs. However, I will continue to be there and support them next season. Rawhide, I think you hit the nail on the head by comparing the last ten years of Thrashers games to the 1980s Braves. Its painful, but all in good time it will happen…right? maybe?

Last night marked my last game of the season. I REALLY hope that the Kiss Cam couple ( I submitted my entry) get the jersey 10 April. Please post a photo if they do get the award as I will sadly miss being there in person.


April 7th, 2010
11:35 am

We ended the season with just about the win/point total that I thought we would. The team met it’s potential — and that’s the problem. This was at best a .500 team and really couldn’t be much better than that. Suppose the team fires Waddell, do you really think that any replacement could do that much better with the tools/financing that the ownership is offering? The problem is upstairs, whether you think DW is an incompetent or just handcuffed by ownership the whole “culture” of the franchise from the Thrashers to the minor league affiliates isn’t conducive to doing anything but what they have been doing — being mediocre at best.


April 7th, 2010
11:41 am

Am I the only one who actually thought it was a pretty good crowd last night? I would’ve guesstimated 14-15k, but I couldn’t see the 300 section really.

Unbelievable to me that we may actually win FEWER games this year than last. Didn’t realize that. I’m willing to give Anderson more time, but Waddell….ughhhhh

I was also silent with Kovy…I thought it was more fun to yell Moose at random times when the puck was no where near anyone involved.

The people who say the only way to change things is to stop going games, well, you may be right, the team may leave Atlanta…is that really what you want? I enjoy going to the games, I probably have averaged 35 games a year the last 3 years and won’t stop no matter how bad the team is, because, well, I like hockey.

What do you think is more likely? A new GM in Atlanta or the Thrashers leaving Atlanta. (or both)

Lastly…Chelios. I think the decision to play him down the stretch is what did us in. I think he played in what, 8-9 games and we lost em all. And NOWWWWWW he gets sent down? What a joke!!!!!! I think we were something like 0-7-2 in the games Chelios played…swap him from Kulda…even if we went 3-4-2 that would put us tied for the 6th spot right now. Ughhhhh


April 7th, 2010
11:43 am

Appears to be a lot of venting and frustration today. Well, you can add me to the list of those who are tired of this dog and pony show called the Thrashers. Tired of the excuses and general BS. However, I will not abandon the team as others are advertising. That just plays into the hands of the Atlanta haters and we will lose the team. Plus, I enjoy hockey. A wise friend once said “Bad hockey is still better than good basketball”. In one respect the Trashers do remind me of the NBA – two men moving and eight standing around.

And good to meet up with fellow bloggers WBF, Smoothie (and Ms. K), Redlight, Bluenote. Hope to see everyone at TJ’s friday for drowning of the sorrows.

My birthday is in July, not that it matters, but a good present would be new Thrasher ownership, management, coaching. Perhaps about that time something good could come to pass. One of the great things about cheering for a team is that hope springs eternal. Come September everything will look better – at least for awhile.


April 7th, 2010
12:05 pm


My guess in October was 84 points. All I need is an unlikely win and an overtime loss!

10 seasons and 11 years of DW. That says it all.

You anti-Kovalchuk people are truly clueless. You pro-DW people are delusional and easily mislead.

Pittsburgh Pirate Fan

April 7th, 2010
12:06 pm

The worst part of this losing team is that there no light at the end of the tunnel. Ten years of losing to be followed by more misery. For some of you, the answer is always “move the team”. Sorry, but I don’t understand your logic.

Cliff Fletcher

April 7th, 2010
12:08 pm

I am available folks. I may be a little old and feeble, but I have to be better than what you have endured over the last 12 years. Give me a call 1-800-oldtime.


April 7th, 2010
12:10 pm

Ice Man:
McAmmond’s goal was unlucky for the Thrashers. Popovic switched his stick to the inside position while marking him. The puck went through to McAmmond a fraction of a second before Pop’s stick was back on the ice.

More interesting, most teams, including the Thrashers, do offensive crosses at the same depth. A defensive switch usually leaves both players marked. New Jersey crosses with players at different depths. The defenseman marking the deeper player has to decide whether to stay with the deeper player or switch, which releases the deeper player.

Pops didn’t switch forcing Bogo to go behind Pops and McAmmond. The New Jersey player with the puck was unmarked and had the time and space to make the pass through a mini-second time window.

I think Buchberger and maybe Stapleton were trade to LA for Audette and Kaberle. Neither were prospects and their acquisition along with Guolla and Domenichelli represented a major upgrade for the team.


April 7th, 2010
12:12 pm

It is over, I think we thrasher fans should boo Don and the owners Look at all the great players that left,If we had a first class teamand owners we would be the top team to beat. On Kovy I watched the game at home, It looked that Kovy was holding back a little. He could have scored but pass the puck alot .I will cheer for him in the playoffs Good Luck Kovy.


April 7th, 2010
12:18 pm

“Dany Heatley’s been gone for five almost six seasons and I understood then why he left and I still get it, but other fans don’t, I guess.”

Sherry Taylor – He left here and continues to leave teams because he is the worst teammate and most selfish player in all of professional sports.

“Suppose the team fires Waddell, do you really think that any replacement could do that much better with the tools/financing that the ownership is offering?”

Rogie – Congratulations on repeating the worst argument for retaining DW which has been stated several times before on equally clueless posts. Let’s see, he is the one constant in the ten years of existence of the worst franchise in professional hockey, but someone else might not do any better. Really? It’s not even worth a shot replacing him? Don’t we know by know what we are going to get with the status quo? Call me crazy but I think it might be worth a shot to hand the reins over to someone else for a while. I will readily admit that it is possible (although unlikely) a new GM won’t be any better, but it seems to me there is nowhere to go but up so you might as well give it a shot.


April 7th, 2010
12:20 pm

Chelios’ long and storied NHL career will likely end with last night’s game as he was sent back down to Chicago with Tim Stapleton for the AHL playoffs. He played in just 7 games for the Thrashers and averaged between 9 and 10 mins / game. He did not register a point and was a -2 (unfortunately for him, two costly goals) in his time on ice. The Thrashers as a team went 0 – 4 – 3 with him in the lineup — too many of those games without Pavel Kubina in the lineup. Good luck Cheli!


April 7th, 2010
12:21 pm

know by now, not know by know. Sorry.


April 7th, 2010
12:32 pm

Russ –

I wasn’t saying that we shouldn’t try to replace DW. I’m just saying that he is only a part of the problem. I’m interested in competing yearly for a championship and I just don’t get the vibe that just replacing DW is going to make the Thrashers franchise in that tier of teams. It’s a systemic problem. Most teams have minor league teams that run the same hockey schemes (traps, defenses, etc,.) that the major league team does. We are one of the few franchises that does not. The Wolves may have won the AHL championship a few time (and Anderson was their coach) but th system is not conduicive to developing talent that can be interchangeable at the NHL level. That’s just cheap.

Great NHL teams have a culture that is found everywhere in the franchise….the Devils have that, the Red Wings, the Penguins, the Canadiens. Even if they have an off year, they will be reloaded and back the next year. We don’t have that.

My point was that replacing DW isn’t going to turn the franchise into a winner. He’s just a part of the problem. I want more.

R. Stroz

April 7th, 2010
12:44 pm

Failure to address the cause of the problem results from the following:

World Be Free

April 7th, 2010
12:49 pm

Smoothie-great call, as usual on Chelios.

We know he has been a liability; other d-men in Chicago may have been better options. But I will always remember Chris Chelios as one of the best defenseman of our era. I hate to see him go out this way.

Good luck Chelly.


April 7th, 2010
1:02 pm

I don’t claim to have a ton of hockey knowledge – I’ve never played the game. I do claim to be a fan, both of the Thrashers through thick and thin, and of hockey in general. The Flames came to town when I was 10 years old, and I followed them religiously for their 8 years in the ATL. I was convinced I was the only person in the middle Georgia area who cared about the team. Then Tom Cousins broke my heart by selling the team to Nelson Scalbania (sp?), who moved them to Calgary. I was devastated.

Then 1999 comes around, and Atlanta gets a new NHL franchise. Excitement doesn’t begin to cover what I felt. I went in with a few friends and purchased season tix. We lost a lot in the early years, but I enjoyed the games nonetheless. My seats have moved over the years, but I still remain a season ticket holder and will continue to be one for next year. Naturally, my expectations changed over time, and the last few years have been incredibly frustrating on many levels. However, I’ve continued to purchase season tickets. Call me a sheep, call me an apologist, call me what you will. I don’t care. I know I love hockey, and I want to see it succeed in this city despite (or in spite of) the northern/Canadian media who seem intent on having this franchise leave the ATL.

I would imagine I’m as frustrated as the rest of the season ticket holder base. Do I want to see ownership and management changes? Absolutely. Am I delusioned enough to think that’s going to happen in the near future? No. And while I understand that not purchasing tickets is one of a fan’s few methods of communicating displeasure with the current ownership and management situation, for me that’s like cutting off my nose to spite my face. I want an NHL team here, and if I’m “subsidising incompetence” to achieve that goal, so be it. If the team does relocate, I won’t have reqrets about not doing everything within my power (small as that may be) to keep them here.


April 7th, 2010
1:24 pm

Ahhh….well there’s always next year….and the next…and the next…of playoff failure.


April 7th, 2010
1:30 pm

some guys saying that replacing gm not going to improve performance because of finance restriction. that is not true. weakest part of idiot gm is drafting. assuming new gm going to build new scouting department with people actually undestand who is right person to draft this is what separate 1 class organization from thrasher. so go ahead asg give donny another 3 year extension. his wive would be happy. cheks is coming to family.


April 7th, 2010
1:31 pm

I chose to watch the game from home last night. The booing could be heard when Kovy first stepped on the ice and whenever he touched the puck. I must say those booing did a good job of making themselves heard.

I also wonder if the ASG & DW didn’t take great delight in hearing the boos. That meant they weren’t being blamed,..right. If it weren’t giving them more credit than I think they are capable of,… I’d suggest the mgmt may even have piped some booing in over the PA system (that’s how good you folks were).

Hmmmmm,…makes me wonder who put up the “Kovalchump” sign? If I am again giving ASG & DW too much credit,..and it was a fan,….perhaps that fan can starting preparing a “FRAUDELL” (credit to LAC, Sage or NASCAR?)sign. Make it sturdy because you need to realize, unlike the Kovy banner, this sign could be used every game,..and probably for years to come.

TWN: My hat goes off to you for remaining so steadfast. Have you been a fan since day 1,…and are you a STH? (Certainly not!) If so, how many more years of this mediocrity, or as Bob calls it “Unleashing the futility” will you accept?

Some have mentioned they didn’t like the way Kovy dragged this contract thingie out and deceived the fans. What was his more realistic alternative? I do recall him saying he “wanted to sign but it was also a business decision.” The only card Kovy held in this hand was to “sign or not sign.” Anyway, I’d like to hear a better way he could have handled this.

All the while the ASG and DW take satisfaction that the fans blame has been somewhat diverted to Kovy. Perhaps they are now pondering / planning the same fateful cycle for Evander Kane. We now know it well: get a high draft pick, pay them little (and don’t build a strong support cast)as they become stars, then deflect blame by insinuating greed is why they left. (WBF: I’m sorry to say your “player retention model” is totally contrary to their thinking).


April 7th, 2010
1:32 pm

I’m glad the torture is over for the year. Now I can concentrate on the Sabres and think of the last two Thrashers games as “exhibition.” Also, good luck to my Western Conf adopted team, the Avs.

Wayne stuck in AL

April 7th, 2010
1:45 pm

Have you ever worked at a company where the son of the boss also works there? No matter how bad the guy (messes) up (sleeps on the job, shows up drunk, late, or both, is low on the sales board), there’s no way he’s gonna get fired as long as his dad is boss.

Don Waddell is the son of the boss.


April 7th, 2010
1:45 pm

Honestly, I will probably watch the playoffs, but I could care less who wins the Stanley Cup. Now is the time for baseball, the draft, and free agency.

Old Time Hockey

April 7th, 2010
1:45 pm

GM/coach aside, this team needs a number 1 goalie to rely on. Maybe it’s Pavelec, maybe not…but they need to be sure before the beginning of next year. I love Moose, but he is not consistent enough to be a number 1 and he proved that all year. I was pleased with the shift towards a more defensive style. That’s the kind of game that wins. Team defense. I love great back-checking breaking up a rush into our zone. The last few games have had few, if any, of those extended periods of the opposition living in our zone…those moments where you say “here it comes”. If you have a stopper, you can win this way, and even with the talent we have now. Don’t know what the “ownership” will do about GM/coach, but pleeeeese get us a goalie.

World Be Free

April 7th, 2010
1:49 pm

HookyBob-I know, just trying to make hockey sense out of chaos.

Or one of my favorate quotes from “Blazing Saddles” (by John Hillerman as Howard Johnson).

“Nicci once said, out of chaos comes order”.
The follow up line to this was “Ah, blow it out you — Howard.”

Humor on a very un-humorous day.


April 7th, 2010
1:56 pm

Lot’s of people calling for DW’s head. Certainly he is the one consistent piece of the franchise through out their UN-storied existence. However, wasn’t it made pretty clear at the STH town hall against Florida (right after Kovy was traded) that he wasn’t going anywhere? I wasn’t there so please correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that was the message.

Lots of other questions to be answered – Will Anderson remain? Will any of our UFAs resign? What other UFAs will we sign in the off-season? Who are we likely to draft?

At least we have some extra $$$ this go around with at least Kovy, Kozlov, and Lehtonen coming off the books. I also think we may finally be free of Hartley and Zhitniks salaries as well.


April 7th, 2010
2:04 pm

Waddell needs to resign or be fired. Waddell may be popular with TSN and the Canadian media I am guessing he buys them dinner but he does know how to win


April 7th, 2010
2:09 pm

Braves, Falcons and Hawks have all gone through extended periods of “Un-good” time. Thankfully there was no internet to give everyone a voice and blame anyone/everyone that could be the cause. The Thrashers have been different. While we have our faults (and there is a laundry list of them) I will ALWAYS support the crest on the front of the Jersey.
Management/Ownership/Coaching/Pi$$ poor playing, etc etc etc etc we have seen it with every team in our fair city. I am confident that eventually the Thrashers will get it right and then flourish. It just takes time and us fans who go and support them, even when they suck.
Kovy was to the Thrashers what Dale Murphy was to the Braves. We all know what happened after Dale was traded. Have faith. Hell has frozen over, the Braves went to a few World Series, The Falcons visited the Super Bowl, and the Hawks are making the playoffs for a 3rd season. Our Hockey Time will come.
Thrasher till my last possible breath…


April 7th, 2010
2:12 pm

I am about as unlikely a hockey fan as you will find. I am just some little girl from a farm in South Georgia. Naturally, I played all of the major sports growing up – basketball, football, baseball/softball, tennis. As I grew to adulthood, I maintained that basketball and football were the only professional sports worth watching because they are so much more fast-paced than baseball. But I grew up and married a Yankee, and that Yankee grew up loving hockey. Early on, I used to debate him on the idea that basketball is the most exciting professional sport to watch. In response, he introduced me to the game of hockey. At first, I thought hockey was nothing more than barely-controlled chaos on ice, but the more I watched, the more I learned and the more I learned, the more I fell in love. To know this game truly is to love this game. Now, the only professional sport that I will watch is hockey.

I am a hockey fan. I am a Thrashers fan. And I am frightened.

I don’t want Atlanta to lose the Thrashers, but I am afraid that is exactly what is going to happen. As a fan, I don’t know what to do to help prevent this very situation from happening.

Should I stop going to games to “voice” my disgust at the ineptitude of the ownership and management? If I do, will less fans attending the games finally slap some reality into the ownership’s/management’s heads and bring about the much-needed changes? Or will less fans attending the games only ring the death knell on hockey in Atlanta?

Should I keep buying one-off tickets for all of the games I am able to attend? People in the seats will help show that the fans in Atlanta really do support the sport of hockey. But if I do, will the extra injection of money into the owners’ pockets give them the funding (and, in turn, the incentive) to actually make the much-needed changes?

Should I buy season tickets instead? That type of season-long commitment would really show unwavering support for the sport of hockey in Atlanta. Now it is true that less money per ticket would be funneled into the owners’ pockets, but at least STHs supposedly have the ear of ownership and management so that the owners/managers have to listen to the STHs who are demanding that they bring about the much-needed changes, right?

I really, honestly do not know what to do to make this better. As a fan, I don’t know how to prevent losing hockey in Atlanta. I see all of my fellow-fans on the Thrasher blogs shouting for the fans to go to games or don’t go to games or buy season tickets or boycott altogether, and I wonder if any of us have the answer that will actually bring about the changes that are so critically necessary to keep the sport of hockey, not just alive in Atlanta, but IN Atlanta.

Many on this blog are from different places and different times and have seen far more hockey in their lives than I have. I would like to believe that the Atlanta Thrashers are not the only team in the history of hockey to suffer from inept management and uncaring owners. If that really is the case, can someone please tell me – how did the fans of other teams that were in our situation affect crucially necessary changes in their organizations?


April 7th, 2010
2:35 pm

Very good points Ms. L. Indeed it’s one them damned if you damned if you don’t. Joseph Heller wrote a book about it – Catch 22. The only way you could get out of flying missions was to be crazy, but you had to prove you were crazy, which……..proved you weren’t crazy. It’s a question which has no answer. I’ll continue to but tickets because the Thrashers are still my team and I enjoy hockey.

Since we love to quote our favorite movies here –

“Face it Flounder you threw up on Dean Waddell, errr Wormer”.

Alan R.

April 7th, 2010
2:43 pm

I would like to believe that the Atlanta Thrashers are not the only team in the history of hockey to suffer from inept management and uncaring owners

A recent example would be the Chicago Blackhawks. Boy, did they stink. Chicago Wolves games would routinely have more fans in attendance than Chicago Blackhawks games.

More? The Red Wings, pre-Illitch. When Illitch bought the team, it was an up-hill battle for him to bring the fans back. I’m talking “pushing a loaded semi up a hill” kind of battle. I recall stories of Illitch giving away a new car at home games the first year he was in control.

Those are the big two that are more well-known to me. I know Vancouver had some major problems in the late 80s, Edmonton had (and still has, really) some issues. Toronto has had some horrible management in the past (can Burke really turn it around? We’ll find out). But none of those are as bad as the epic horrors endured by the Blackhawks and Red Wings. The Blackhawks are finding some huge success in the short time they’ve been ‘under new management,’ and the Red Wings have now made the playoffs for the 19th consecutive time.

Change can happen. Those who can actually force change, however, have to be willing. Those who control the fate of the team have to give a damn. Thus far, our ownership and management don’t seem to have that.

R. Stroz

April 7th, 2010
2:46 pm

Clang (1) = Brunnette

Clang (2) = Staios

Clang (3) = Savard

Clang (4) = Hossa

Clang (5) = Kovalchuk

Clang (6) = Insert Future Top Tier UFA Player Name Here


April 7th, 2010
2:55 pm

Heatley was more of Bang/Bam/Clang kinda guy, huh? :)

World Be Free

April 7th, 2010
3:03 pm

Alan R. – toss Montreal’s recent team on this list too.


April 7th, 2010
3:05 pm

Same old song and dance. The Thrashers are almost exactly like the Falcons used to be when owned by the Smith family. Every year new promises and every year, the same results. Time after time, poor judgements being made either in the draft or thru trades or both. Don Waddell would lose in a pee-wee league. I feel sorry for the really good hockey fans here, but sooner or later you have to realize you only have ONE way to talk where anybody listens, and that’s with your pocketbook. What’s that definition of insanity? Keep doing the same thing and expecting different results…

Square Peg…Round Hole

April 7th, 2010
3:21 pm

Which of the following doesn’t fit?

Eastern Conference GMs with the longest tenures
New Jersey Devils Lou Lamoriello hired in 1987 3 titles, 18 of 20 playoff appearances, 2 conference finals losses, and one Stanley Cup Finals loss
Carolina Hurricanes Jim Rutherford hired in 1994 1 title, one conference finals loss, 5 of 12 years in the playoffs
Buffalo Sabres Darcy Regier hired in 1997 7 of 12 seasons in the playoffs, three conference finals losses and one Stanley Cup Finals loss.
Washington Capitals George McPhee hired in 1997 7 of 12 playoff appearances, one Stanley Cup Finals loss
Atlanta Thrashers Don Waddell hired in 1998 1 of 10 playoff appearances

Western Conference GMs with the longest tenures
Detroit Red Wings Ken Holland 1997 3 titles never missed the playoffs
Nashville Predators David Poile 1997 5 of last 6 years in the playoffs
St. Louis Blues Larry Pleau 1997 8 of 12 playoff appearances

Harry Sinden's History Lesson, Part One

April 7th, 2010
3:26 pm

Now, seriously, what do Thrashers fans really have to moan about? As if we are entitled to better numbers than these?

1961: The last Stanley Cup for the Blackhawks (last Finals appearance: 1992)
1967: The last Stanley Cup for the Maple Leafs (last Finals appearance: 1967)
1972: The last Stanley Cup for the Bruins (last Finals appearance: 1990)
1975: The last Stanley Cup for the Flyers (last Finals appearance: 1997)
1989: The last Stanley Cup for the Flames (last Finals appearance: 2004)
1990: The last Stanley Cup for the Oilers (last Finals appearance: 2006)
1993: The last Stanley Cup for the Canadiens (last Finals appearance: 1989)

The Longest Current Streaks of Making the Playoffs
Detroit 19 seasons
New Jersey 13 seasons
San Jose 6 seasons

The Longest Current Streaks of Not Making the Playoffs
Florida Panthers 1999–2000 10 seasons
Toronto Maple Leafs 2003–04 6 seasons
Edmonton Oilers 2005–06 4 seasons

Teams that haven’t won the Cup, (year team began play), No. of appearances in the Finals
Buffalo Sabres (1970-71). 2
Los Angeles Kings (1967-68). 1
Phoenix Coyotes/Winnipeg Jets (1979-80). 0
Washington Capitals (1974-75). 1
St. Louis Blues (1967-68). 3
Vancouver Canucks (1970-71). 2
San Jose Sharks (1991-92). 0
Florida Panthers (1993-94). 1

Pittsburgh Pirate Fan

April 7th, 2010
3:39 pm

Square Peg-toss in the fact that everybody with 1/2 a brain knows that the Thrashers will go no place with the current management structure.

What the heck are they doing in Chicago with the Wolves? Is there are synergy between how we play in ATL with how they are developibng players on the farm? Two ships sailing in cirles that will never touch.

Harry Sinden's History Lesson, Part Two

April 7th, 2010
3:39 pm

Ottawa should be on the list above: 1992-93, 1 Finals Appearance

Q; Of the most recent expansion franchises (1998 to present), which is the only team to make the playoffs this season?
A: Nashville

Q; Of the last nine expansion franchises added since 1991-92, which are the only teams to make the playoffs this season?
A: 3, Nashville, Ottawa and San Jose

Q: Of the nine NHL teams located in the “Sun Belt,” how many are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year?
A: 3, LA, Phoenix, Nashville

Q: Of the six NHL teams located in Canada, how many are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year?
A: 3, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa

Square Peg…Round Hole

April 7th, 2010
3:42 pm

Go to your room PPF for speaking out of turn! Mr. Sinden is holding court.

Square Peg…Round Hole

April 7th, 2010
3:48 pm

What I know about navigation: A minute of latitude is approximately one nautical mile

What I know about Thrashers management: A minute of thought is approximately 59 seconds longer than any they’ve had before


April 7th, 2010
3:56 pm

World, DWTOO, Mrs. DWTOO, Bluenote – great seeing you between periods WBF! And it was a pleasant surprise to finally meet the lovely DWTOO couple and Bluenote when they decided to crash our “party”…’twas a pleasure meeting all of you and conversing in the concourse over a few adult beverages. I look forward to seeing you all at Thrashers functions over the summer (draft party, prospect camp etc) to keep the party going and bridge the gap til next season.

Just received word that my alma mater decided to can their coach (Wake Forest) despite some moderate success — and a major choke job last season — and ties to our former late coach Skip Prosser. Dino is a classy guy and a big part of me will be sad to see him go…he represented my university well. But greatness cannot be achieved without some tough decisions along the way. I wholly endorse our AD’s ballsy decision and can only hope that the ASG clusterpuck of owners wake up Monday morning of next week and decide to do the same to our GM and perhaps even our coach. However, I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on JA, but he has really ticked me off with his “woe is we” attitude of late and non-stop talk of unlucky bounces. You’re an NHL coach, you can’t be serious!!?


April 7th, 2010
4:00 pm

R.Stroz said:

Clang (1) = Brunnette

Clang (2) = Staios

Clang (3) = Savard

Clang (4) = Hossa

Clang (5) = Kovalchuk

Clang (6) = Insert Future Top Tier UFA Player Name Here


Ain’t that THE truth !! But, but. . . . What about our future draft picks ?? Our youth movement ?? Our minor league hockey system ?? Just think of all the $ $ $ we will have with not being bankrupt by a 40+ goal scorer !! Now if only we make Slater the captain and if only ownership will give Waddell about 10 years free reign to work everything out, well. . . . . . can you dig it ?? ;-)


April 7th, 2010
4:35 pm

Thanks for rendering some perspective for us Mr. Sinden. This is far harder than it looks on paper! Not to say Waddell will take us to the promised land, but these things take time. If people would take the time to research these things, you’d see that the San Jose Sharks sucked for the better part of a decade before their fortunes changed. Yeah, they had some playoff appearances, but they were able to sneak into the 8 seed several times due to a smaller league and a much weaker Western Conf in the early and mid ’90s. The next decade was key for San Jose and their drafts got stronger and stronger as the century turned.

Of course, they’re ownership was not afraid to make tough decisions and change the direction of the team when necessary.

Harry Sinden's History Lesson, Part Three

April 7th, 2010
5:04 pm

As you know Smoothie, I went 28 years without a drink in Boston, but most franchises do make the moves that are warranted when things just aren’t working.

Pittsburgh’s Ray Shero took over for Craig Patrick and Wham, win the Cup three years later. Doug Wilson succeeded Dean Lombardi in San Jose and lost in the Conference Finals to Calgary in 2004. The Sharks have finished no worse than second since he arrived even though they haven’t had much luck in the playoffs yet. Don Maloney took over for Michael Barnett and Cliff Fletcher in 2007 and the Coyotes are now fourth overall in the West and making their first playoff appearance since 2001-02. And, even though he has floundered since, Darryl Sutter took over for Craig Button in Calgary and lost in the Stanley Cup Finals his first year.

Good time for a change, eh?

Pittsburgh Pirate Fan

April 7th, 2010
5:08 pm

Square Peg-I am headed to the penalty box, 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct – no argument!

Trixie (Rawhide's Secretary)

April 7th, 2010
5:25 pm

100th…giggle :grin: