Thrashers not getting their kicks on Route 66

What a difference a week makes. Last Friday we in Thrasherville were riding a high…the team had just thumped the Islanders 6-3, they were sitting in eighth place in the east with 66 points and they had the playoffs within their grasp.

Keep the foot on the throttle, it was thought, and the playoffs are just around the corner.

Today…well, they are still stuck on Route 66 after dropping four consecutive games by the combined score of 14-4. As such, they now tied with the Tampa Bay Lightning for 10th/11th place in the conference…sitting only two points away from 13th.

If they continue traveling on Route 66, they will more than likely run smack dab into downtown Lotteryville by the time we fight Monday morning traffic.

Now, regarding last night’s latest Thrashers disappointment…once again, John Anderson’s O-fense looked completely disorganized and discombobulated. It was as if they had just met each other Thursday morning and were still in the process of getting to know each other. Really, the only player that could be excused for this maybe is Slava Kozlov, who was making his first appearance since February 6. For his efforts, he got an assist on Johnny Odya’s goal and was a +1 for the night.

But I think Nik Antropov summed it up best when he said, “I don’t think we were ready to play for the first period and a half”.

Really…I mean….seriously? “Were not ready to play”?

This was ONLY game number 66…there’s that number again…you’re playoff chances are in the process of circling the drain…the time to make up the difference is growing shorter and shorter by the day…and you’re playing one of the few teams left on the schedule with fewer points than do the Thrashers. But the team was “not ready to play”???


Johan Hedberg got start number 32 last night against the CBJs and took the loss. He’s now 16-12-5 but his GAA was lowered to 2.63. In stopping 19 of 21 shots he now has a .914 SV%. Uh-huh, you saw that correctly…the Thrashers’ held an opponent to just 21 SOG. Anytime they do that, they should be expected to win.

Of the two goals Moose was beaten on…the first one was scored by R.J. “I would like to have an” Umberger as his shot took an unfortunate deflection off Chris Chelios’ stick. It happened while Nik Antropov sat in the box for interference. The second resulted after Chelios was unable to recover from being caught too far up on the pinch. Kristian Huselius notched number 18 on the season on that one.

And so, while others like Montreal and Boston seem to have successful programmed in the correct coordinates in their playoff GPS systems…and we in Thrasherville continue to watch the team spin in circles on Route 66 as the rest of the NHL traffic speeds by… one has to wonder if this year the Great Octocluster finally decides that they have seen this scenery for far too long and are tired of circling the same block over and over with the same driver at the wheel.

Maybe, just maybe, this will be the time that they tell Don Waddell to pull over at the next gas station and…while he is busy asking the attendant for direction…they pull out and leave him there.

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March 13th, 2010
8:59 pm

At this point I’m supporting the “tank it” method in hopes of another top four draft pick. This season is toast. I can’t even stand to watch the games anymore.

Time for a good house cleaning, from coaches to the ownership. This team needs a clean slate. Sure, the coaches and DW are ultimately good guys and you hate for it to happen, but it’s time and I’m tired of this team losing year after year.

The leadership of the team may need some changes, but I am optimistic about the talent of the future. I’m looking forward to seeing names like O’Dell, Kulda, Morin, Bergfors, Macarthur, Postma, Cormier and Kane on the ice together. If Little and Bogosian get their collective “spit” together and play to their potential then thats even more to look forward to. I’m looking forward to seeing Esposito prove his abilities as well.

Here’s lookin’ at next season.

Sage of Bluesland

March 13th, 2010
9:01 pm

I know someone who needs to wead a basic economics book (psst, that’s YOU, swift-Tom L.!)

Folks, I think we’ve found another organization-man here! Maybe it’s even Donny?

Nice attempt, swifty!


March 13th, 2010
10:39 pm

Check out this gem from the NHL site in a softball-questions-only interview with all the Southeast Division GMs What do you enjoy most about your job and what’s most agonizing?

Waddell: “Certainly I enjoy the pressure that comes with the job of putting a hockey team together and watching it every night. Probably the most disappointing thing is when the team doesn’t perform to a level that you feel they’re capable of reaching.”

Hmmmm….Let’s break this down a bit so that everyone can understand what it’s like to live in a teflon fantasy world (insert Jeopardy music here…):

(a) What pressure?

(b) Dumpster Diver Don is about the only one who could stand to watch this team every night.

(c) The team is performing EXACTLY to the level its capable of.

(d) DDD’s perception (what he “feels”) has never meshed with reality, that’s why ASG still thinks he’s the perfect man for the job. Don’t want that messy “reality” creeping in around here. Could have a negative effect on the sheep. No sheep, no wool? How then would we cover our eyes?

Tom Lysiak

March 13th, 2010
11:37 pm

Well, let’s see. One poster thinks the boycott was the reason Kovy left. Stroz says the boycott has worked because “heads have rolled”. Now, was that ticket reps who were let go? Ushers? Janitors? Whoever it was, I guess that’s a start to work your way up the ladder towards Waddell. If you can just hold on long enough to work through all marketing employees, finance people, ticket office employees, equipment managers, oh and even Thrash himself, then your plan will work. At the current rate of tangible return on your boycott (you know, those heads that rolled so far), the lease at Philips will expire before you get your man.

Sage, you haven’t found “another organization man” here. Frankly, I doubt you could find your own butt with your hands. I am simply a fellow hockey fan who doesn’t agree with your plan. A fan who is amused because you want Waddell’s head so bad that the obvious lack of results of your campaign doesn’t register. I want the team sold to ownership that cares about the product, who also will keep the team here. I also want Waddell gone tonight, either by ASG or his own hand. Fact is though, he is obviously not personally embarrassed by his local reputation or results and feels no responsibility. The other fact is ASG has demonstrated that they will not terminate his employment for reasons known only to them. In other words, I can want those things and it isn’t registering with them. That leaves me with a choice. Stay home and weally, weally hope they get the message. Or, go watch some hockey and let the situation play out. Your choice and mine.

Oh yeah Sage, I really would be thrilled if your plan had worked. Wouldn’t it be great to have a new GM, maybe a new coach and not have to read how bad Waddell sucks and when his contract might expire? Until then, you may want to weally wook at your wesults. They suck so far. Beweive that.

R. Stroz

March 14th, 2010
12:46 am

I’m looking for the early edition of the Thrasherville Times.

Where is the delivery man? Get to work.