Ding-dong the streak is dead!

The Thrashers losing streak officially ended Thursday night when they defeated the New York Rangers 2-1 in a shootout that took five rounds. Slava Kozlov and Bryan Little converted on their shootout chances and when Johan Hedberg forced Michael Del Zotto to miss on his attempt… ding-dong, the streak was dead!

And there was much rejoicing around Thrasherville!

Ron Hainsey and Johan Hedberg celebrate after defeating the Rangers (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Ron Hainsey and Johan Hedberg celebrate after defeating the Rangers (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Scoring the Thrashers only goal during 65 minutes of play was none other than Jimmy Slater, who is responsible for all three of the goals scored by Atlanta in the past two games. He was last off Schnide Island…not counting Boris Valabik who has missed most of the season due to an ankle injury…but he seems to making up for the slow start.

Slates now has 4 goals in his 22 games played.

Defensively, this was one of the best games from the Thrashers blueline in a very long time. Zach Bogosian and Ron Hainsey especially had strong games as they helped hold the Rangers to but 26 shots in regulation. Anssi Salmela is starting to play with a lot more confidence and his scrappy, edgy play on this night was very nice indeed.

The blueline and Hedberg held a team to fewer than 3 goals for the first time in twelve games. The last time was when Hedberg bested the Rangers in New York 3-2…also in a shootout…back on December 14. They allowed fewer than two goals for the first time since Moose and the Thrashers beat the Panthers 2-1 in a shootout back on December 5.

For the game, Hedberg turned away 29 of the Rangers 30 shots…including all four taken in the 5-minute overtime. With the win, he improved his record to 10-6-3 and he now sports a nifty 2.53 GAA and .916 SV%.

You folks starting to understand why I suggested Anderson ride the Moose a few weeks back?

Atlanta’s offense was able to get off 32 shots on rookie Chad Johnson, who performed extremely well in his first ever NHL start. He stopped the first 26 shots that he faced until Slater’s breakaway beat him at the 6:06 mark of the third period.

Rich Peverley had a pant-load of chances in this game. One such opportunity came in the first period he was all alone on the left side with an open net to shot at…but Johnson made a fantastic effort diving to his right and was able to get his paddle in front of the shot to deny Pavs of his 14th goal of the season.

Peverley led the Thrashers with 5 shots on goal.

Todd White remains on the milk carton as his streak without a goal has now reached 33 games

Todd White remains on the milk carton as his streak without a goal has now reached 33 games

Meanwhile, Todd White again went without a goal for the 33rd consecutive game and was able to get off one shot on Johnson His photo on the milk carton will remain a fixture on these post-game logs until he finally shows back up and scores.

Remember, January 26th is this blogs official over/under game for White’s next goal…I have the “over”.

The Thrashers penalty kill unit killed off all three Rangers power plays. Atlanta has now denied goals to opponents on 14 of their last 15 man-advantage chances during the past four games.

And finally…Atlanta’s last five wins have come in overtime or via the shootout and still have not won a regulation game since November 30. But on this night, it just doesn’t matter…they are the one’s that skated away with the second point and that’s all that really mattered on this night.

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What a team!

January 10th, 2010
7:34 am

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World Be Free

January 10th, 2010
9:48 am

Brendan-this game was a mess ffrom the beginning. We talk about shots on goal, but no goals! Too many guys not holding up their end of the bargin and others working too hard to make up for them. As you stated, the record in the last 15-20 games speaks for itself.


January 10th, 2010
12:00 pm

Oh, let’s go back and look at the game. Now, from the beggining, we knew, it wasn’t gonna be an easy game, but, 8-1?? Not what I expected. And NO ONE played a decent game at all, how bout we start with MR. K, so, Kovy, did you really think you played a good game? And his reply is always the same; “Well, uh no, not at all, we definetly played a bad game, and hopefully we will do better next game.” Umm, now, I love Ilya, but, what are we gonna do better next game? HUH? The statement, hopefully we’ll do beter next game, doesn’t give you the answer of what they are going to do better! He doesn’t reflect on what the team did bad on, which was pretty much everything. Did he say that one of the things he did wrong, was missing passes, or did he say that he didn’t pass well? NO, he didn’t, so it leaves the impression, that he’s not gonna try harder next time. The “C” on his jersey should reflect on what he says. I don’t see that.

Now, the goalies. Did they play well, no. But they didn’t play NEARLY as bad as they skaters did. Ok, what matters most when the opposting team is on offense, the defense, or the goalies. Well, definetly the goalies are important, but the D is more. When you don’t have a strng D, it puts SOOO much pressure on the goalies, and they can only do so much, ecspecially against a team like the Caps. Again, we come back to the same topic, clearing the puck. Ok, now, do you think we can get on offense if we can’t get the puck? No, we can’t, just clear the puck. And one of the things last night I saw, was that they tried to make perfect plays, they were too passive! JUST SHOOT! Ok, I know Ilya is supposed to be a team player and all, but just shoot the puck, keep it in the zone so you don’t have to get on defense again.

There’s so much more to say……