Loss in Pittsburgh extends Thrashers losing streak to nine

With Tuesday night’s 5-2 loss in Pittsburgh, the Thrashers losing streak now stands at nine straight…the last seven coming on the road. Since defeating the Dallas Stars 6-5 in overtime back when there was still seven shopping days left before Christmas, Atlanta has played to a 0-6-3 record…a level of play that has seen them go from an 18-12-3 record and sixth place in the conference to 18-18-6 and are now but a point away from 12th in the east.

With the win, Pittsburgh snapped a five-game losing skid of their own.

During the nine-game nightmare, the Thrashers have been outscored 19 to 41 despite the fact that the S/G to SA/G ratio has almost been even, Atlanta being outshot by an average 31.2 to 30.1.

Jim Slater accounted for all of Atlanta’s offense, scoring two goals…yes, I said Slater scored two goals. His first tied the game at one after taking a Chris Thorburn pass, broke through up the middle and beat Brent Johnson via the five hole. His second was unassisted and got the Thrashers back to within a goal after Pittsburgh scored twice after his first one.

The loss now brings to an end the seven-game holiday road trip for the Thrashers. The OH!-5-2 record nets them a grand total of 2 points out of a possible 14 available.


The Thrashers will look to avoid making the streak ten-consecutive losses Thursday night when the Ranger head to Thrasherville. Yeah I know…they are going to let ‘em play at home again. The 20-17-5 Rangers will be traveling from NYC after playing the Stars Wednesday night.

Opie Roughed Up…Again

In his first start since being pulled after one period of play last week in Boston… allowing 3 goals on 10 shots…Ondrej Pavelec looked sharp in the first period, stopping all 12 shots he face. But as the second period unfolded, the Penguins were able to capitalize on counterattacks and wide-open spaces in front of Pavelec’s goal.

For the game, Opie allowed the 5 Penguins’ goals on 37 shots and is now 9-12-3 on the season with a 3.58 GAA and .901 SV%.

While I can’t blame the loss solely on Pavelec, he again showed me that he just isn’t ready for prime time right now. I wish John Anderson would simply go with Hedberg on a nightly basis and start Opie only on back-to-back situation and/or spot starts. That’s not a guarantee for success, mind you…but right now Moose gives us the better chance for wins when in the nets, IMHO.

Oh…and the last time Pavs started a game and did not allow at least 3 goals?…The night before Thanksgiving.

And Speaking of Bad Streaks…

Todd White’s personal OH!-fer streak has now reached…hang on while I count the games…30 – 31 – 32…32 games!

That’s thirty-freakin’-two games without a goal from a “top-six” center, folks. He took nary a shot in Pittsburgh and was a –3…which brings him to –15 on the season, which I believe now is the worst rating on the team.

Todd White remains on the milk carton as his streak without a goal has now reached 32 games

Todd White remains on the milk carton as his streak without a goal has now reached 32 games

I just gotta be honest with ya here…I have no idea why John Anderson placed him on the front line between Kovy and Afinogenov when learning that Nik Antropov would be unable to go. I mean…Rich Peverley is still on the team, right? Heck…I’d even understand putting Slates there given the situation. But not Todd White.

I do believe White was the centerman on the ice while the Penguins were busy scoring their first two goal…goals that were scored while the center of the defensive zone was so wide open it could be used an auxiliary airport runway.

It time…past time…Todd White finds a permanent seat in the press box.

Congrats to Team USA!

Finally, some good news to discuss! Team USA defeated Canada 6-5 in overtime to grab the gold medal in the World Junior Championship played in Saskatoon. It was a rematch of the overtime thriller won by Canada on New Years Eve and was one of the most exciting, hard-fought games I’ve watched in a while.

What a thrill it must be for those youngsters…I’d love to see the USA Olympic team repeat their success in Vancouver next month.

Congratulations Team USA!!!!

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Mr. Heat Miser

January 6th, 2010
12:08 am

Gold? Yeah Team USA got it, Take Off – You Hosers!


January 6th, 2010
12:16 am

what will it take before anyone starts paying attention. i have been a loyal fan sense the beginning and have purchased over $90,000.00 in tickets since the thrashers arrival in atlanta. i am this close to giving the rest of my season tickets away and never going to a game again. why? because no one cares…kovy is doing figure 8’s while watching players skate by and score. he is a poor excuse for a leader. players are so far out of position it is unbelievable.

fire the frign coach please. it is obvious the players don’t want to play for him. sign kovy immediately or trade him and let’s all move. pav is now proven to be the goalie i thought he was.

it doesn’t take a genius to figure out an offensive system where you get out shot by 10 or 15 every game really isn’t much of an offensive system.

the thrashers are on life support..someone please do somehing before we all pull the plug.

Cup Guy

January 6th, 2010
12:18 am

Silver? So where do i start? Ok how about this. No one is listening to anyone in that locker room. JA isn’t making anyone take responsibility. Some Damn FAN needs to get their ass on the ice and give them a piece of their mind. Seriously. Strap on some skates and during a practice go out there and give it to them. Everyone on this team sucks right now. There are no exceptions. Kovy skates in a circle. Go figure skating and stop playing hockey if this is what you want kovy. White he is not a top 6. he is lucky to even make a fourth line on any other team. This team well you can see how he made a top 6. Kane is about as close to playing night in and out as i have seen in a long time. He plays with heart. He is still young but he plays on hell of a game. he gets me excited and thast about the only person. The goalies. Here is my take. They aren’t playing horrible. The team just isnt playing D and is just leaving them out to dry and get killed. Pavs looks bad and looks horrible given the D around him. What is this talk of Zach Playing well. He looks so horrible. What happened to him? Oh there is another bright spot on this team. Enstrom. That man can kick it night in and out. Props to him. Wish his energy and grit would rub off on the other guys. Anyways. We will see if we can win anything on thursday. We need to make a trade desperately. Get rid of anyone someone. Geez. Don’t make me strap on skates because I will be damned if this team doesn’t turn it around and JA doesn’t make them take responsibility. Hope to never have to post like this again.


January 6th, 2010
12:20 am

Indeed, Congratulations to Team USA!! It’s on to Vancouver, BC, to complete the true “triple play.”


USA under 17 won Gold. USA Juniors won Gold. Team USA, as partly managed by Don Waddell, is on to … ??? Well, before you say, “the Toilet Bowl.” Don Waddell was part of the Red Wings when they won a Stanley Cup in 1998. So, if the Red Wings were able to overcome his partial influence, so can TEAM USA! Three-peat! Three-peat!! Three-peat!!

The Brian Burke-managed Leafs have potten two more points tonight, in a regulation-time win over Florida. So, if you’re keeping track back to October 24, 2009, Toronto has 38-points in 32 games. Atlanta has 33-points in 34 games. The Leafs are, in fact, banking points at a GREATER CLIP than the Thrashers are. Or have been for a while now. Sobering, is it not?


January 6th, 2010
12:22 am

Both Yardbirds and Yellow Jackets choked big time! At least Georgia Tech won meaningless title before going bellyup against totally untalented NORTHERN scum. Entire Rambling Wreck season became pointless failure with that unsavory defeat. Thanks for bowl triumph Dawgs. Atlanta hockey club still has plenty of losses left before they can hit the greens! At least physically. All are already there mentally. Good morning Rawhide, Sage and LAC. As for apologists – enjoy the rest of the slide. It is certain to be a lllooonnnggg one. All of you damn deserve it! ++STENDEC++


January 6th, 2010
12:57 am

No! No trades! Not unless or until it’s FIRESALE time, at the deadline. Wanna make things worse?? No player wants to be moved to Atlanta. Not right now, anyway. Not to this team. This team either improves, as is currently assembled, or it sinks. If the wheels have fallen off, let’s not go do something desperate, 2007-style, to mortgage the future for a pointless playoff berth, that results in another sweep. We just don’t have a system/strategy that has any chance of real success in the playoffs. Our strategy is to sprint up a mountain. That won’t work. You just run out of gas, and in exhaustion, fall back down the mountainside. Isn’t that what’s happening right now? (Ooh, gotcha thinking, haven’t I?)

No, it’s a methodical, well-calculated climb to the top of the mountain. Something that is lost on this organization. The march to the mountain top is a marathon, not a Sprint, using a stretch pass to Kovalchuk. And catering to a cherry picker is a surefire recipe for disaster. It’s inmates running the asylum, as Miami Screamin’ Eagle might say.

And unlike LAST YEAR, where “playing well down the stretch might help Kovy to decide to stay,” once he’s traded … that’s it. As Bob says, “there’s nothing to play for at that point, but the 1st overall pick in the draft.” But before the Draft, my God!, CLEAN HOUSE! In April!! Don’t wait until even May. If Kovy leaves, and Waddell is still the GM, you’re not gonna sell any season tickets. Not even if you discounted them 70-percent. No, Bruce Levenson. If you want to raise ticket prices, or even keep them the SAME, you’ve got to do something to instill confidence in your fanbase. And that means “to man up, and do that which you find so unpalatable. You must fire Don Waddell.”

Well, if you don’t, Waddell will hire his 4th Head Coach. FOURTH! And Dan Marr will aid him on draft day. You’ve seen the glorious results of a decade’s worth of drafting. And player development.

I would have thought this roster would be getting better results than they are. But 0-6-3, in 9 games, in a playoff chase, isn’t going to cut it. You can overcome that in October or November. Maybe in early December, but you can’t do it after New Year’s Day. Not when the games start to take on added signficance and importance. The good teams, that have been floundering, will rise to the top. The bad teams, cloaked in moderate success, will founder. This happens every single year. Contenders emerge and pretenders fall.

Paper Bag Head

January 6th, 2010
12:58 am

Did anyone else notice that Kovy actually back checked on more than one occasion tonight? What is up with that? Maybe it was an audition? If he skated hard on the back check night in and night out we would have a few more wins.

Ron Mexico

January 6th, 2010
1:01 am

Consider the panic button officially pushed! When Slater is carrying our offense, that is a BAD sign. This is down right embarassing. We continually get outshot, our secondary scoring is almost non existent, and our special teams have gone to hell in a handbasket…….Anyway let’s hope a little home cooking starting Thursday will be just what the doctor ordered.

I for one hope Kovy stays, but not at the expense of being able to keep our younger assets together long term. Bill, I’ve gotta question for you. If Kovy does go, do you see a potential firesale happening with the other impending UFA’s (Army, Kubina) regardless of where we are in the standings? Assuming he goes, it would behoove this team to cut bait and stockpile picks and prospects especially if these other guys have no intent on staying. But that’s just my two cents.


January 6th, 2010
1:06 am

Kovy backchecked so well in this game, he was a -3. A minus-three. Jordan Staal thanks him for his goal.


January 6th, 2010
1:14 am

I only watched the 3rd period and Kovy coasted and watched big time on that 4th goal by Staal. Thrashers need a new coach OR a coach that totally reconsiders EVERYTHING he has been teaching this team on how to play hockey. All the things I see them doing is bass ackwards to how the rest of the league does things and this team is the one that losing. Also I think it’s either time to trade or just play release Todd White. I’m with you Rawhide…Peverley should have been the go to go for the top line. Why he’s buried on the third line we’ll never know. When all is healthy the lines should be Kovy-Antro-Little, Kane-Peverley-Little, Kozlov-White-Armstrong, 4th line as usual. With White gones then you could go Kozlov-Reasoner-Armstrong, Boulton-Slater-Thorburn.


January 6th, 2010
1:16 am

God I can’t type tonight. Peverley should have been the go to GUY and time to trade or just PLAIN release Todd White.


January 6th, 2010
1:17 am

In 2007, in a well-orchestrated, brilliantly calculated strategy, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren “firesold” his team from a 2007 DEAD LAST finish, of 56-points, to the Conference Finals in 2008, improving by 39-points in a single season. That’s a fact. It can be verified. And yes, Coburn for Zhitnik was part of it. But that’s hardly the trade that made Philadelphia go from 30th place to 4th place, from 56-points to 95-points. And 99-points in 2009. The 2008 Flyers were seeded 6th in the East, and they won nine (9) playoff games that year. That’s an incontestable FACT. Their playoff record was 9-8 that year. They defeated #3 seed Washington, 4-3. Then they defeated the #1 seed, Montreal, 4-1. And then lost to #2 seed, Pittsburgh, 4-1.

In the 2007 draft, the Flyers selected James vanRiemsdyk, 2nd overall, from the USA Under 18 program. The team the just won the Gold medal tonight. But Paul Holmgren is Paul Holmgren. Don Waddell is Don Waddell.


January 6th, 2010
1:31 am

Well what can you say ? REAL NHL teams would NOT tolorate a nine game losing streak for a second period. But the is The Atlanta Thrashers, owned by a group of DIAPER Boys, who likely are not potty trained, except thashing the PAYING FANS ! We have the worst GM in pro sports, why is he is Saskatoon ? He should be in his office making changes and trades, before it is REALLY TOO LATE. But no old stupid, LIAR waddell is out of the country, really… He is OUT OF HIS MIND !

When O When will The NHL open it’s eyes and take over this team ?
Where is Gary Bettman on this franchise ? He professes to “care”
about the southern teams, well we are in BIG trouble and he turns a blind eye ? I guess the warmer weather in Phoenix is a big reason.
Or… is he a Looney as this sprit group ?

anderson’s system does not work period, it may in the minors or at the pee wee level, but once REAL NHL teams catch on, it is over and for Atlanta this season is nearly LOST, There will be NO PLAYOFFS, No chance in hell.

#17 is gone, get what we can while we can. Waive white/kozlov/little
They STINK, and I have always liked Salva, but it is over.

Trade this zach clown, he is the worst defenseman in the NHL, always out of position, missed assignment time after time after time…

And this Pavelec is simply AWFUL… Wonder what “his” agent has to say about his play ??? Sure NOT NHL quality.

Just a collection of players for the most part do not care.

And WHERE are all the waddell loyalist’s ? Who love old liar don,
see you people fail to see Sage & Standec and now Brended are ALL
on the same page, we see this issues and BAD play, failed system,
we voice out thoughts, so who out there thinks this group will do anything but finish at the BOTTOM of the entire NHL, I believe we will be 30th at years end.

But in the morning it will be just another day for Thrashers, no concern, no changes, no trades, no waivers, no nothing which is what you should expect from THE WORST FRANCHISE IN THE NHL !

I won’t go to anymore games, haven’t for three years now, I urge EVERYONE to boycott the team until we get a new OWNER and waddell fired.

Let’s hope for less than 1,000 thursday night, THEY DESERVE IT !


January 6th, 2010
1:38 am

Sorry Brenden, for miselling your name…

Bill, we got only 2 points out of 14, and NYR plays Dallas at MSG
tonight as NJD dumped Dallas last night in NJ.


January 6th, 2010
5:21 am

I’ll add a splash of bitterness as well.

This franchise is a spirit-crushing fiasco. That’s all. After 10 years, that’s all there is to say.

World Be Free

January 6th, 2010
5:45 am

One positiiove-the guy I trashed for 3 months when i started posting on the blog-Jim Slater.

You may all remember I wanted Jimmy ran out of town on a hay wagon. Now he’s the offense! I gave him a standing “O” at the Dallas game for his first goal. Now I’d say he’s a keeper.

None of this will change until the Kovy thing is dealt with AND Kari comes back. Opie’s audition is done.


January 6th, 2010
6:30 am

As I’ve said for several years, as long as waddell is in the house I’ll stay in mine.

Not Blind

January 6th, 2010
7:04 am

Koasting Kovalchuk has got to go. Same for Kozlov.


January 6th, 2010
7:46 am

Hockey simply will not survive in Atlanta or the south for that matter. I laugh when seeing the empty seats on ESPN highlights. I dropped hockey after the strike so it’s no loss for me. You avid fans here are the ones who will miss out. Get to as many games as you can before they shut it down. Players should have been trying to build hockey’s image instead of striking years ago. They pay the price for this mistake every day. Eventually , NHL will be a niche sport only in Canada and the northeastern US.

Miami Screaming Eagle

January 6th, 2010
8:12 am

Hockey CAN survive here with a real team! 75% of Atlantans are not from Atlanta, most are from the northeast, real hockey towns. We’d all go to games if the team was WORTH PAYING FOR!

You can’t be as bad as this team has been for 10 years and expect to build and maintain a fanbase. People would walk away from this team in any city except Toronto. We are not sheep!

mr. mike

January 6th, 2010
8:17 am

I share the frustrations of thrasher dawg, cup guy, et.al. This is as horiible as it has been in the entire 10 years. No apologists needed on today’s blog; we have regressed to the Curt Frasier days. Was there ever a 9 game losing streak under Hartley? Coach Anderson has obviously lost this team; & the shame of it is that it really isn’t his fault. Waddell has the worst group of defensemen I’ve ever seen, ebver, in 30 years as a hockey fan. Considering all of us lived through the Tremblay/Tamer years; that is really saying something.
Brendan; as always; you’ve nailed it; being an ex-Philly guy meself; we need to turn this entire garbage franchise upside down a la Holmgren & just totally start over.
One last beef: we all know Kovy is gone; simply adding to the Port-a-Potty saleman’s dismal record of retaining quality here in ATKL; i;e, good-bye Brunette, Kaberle, Savard, Hossa, Belanger & now Kovy.
No more of my money for “live” attendance this year. No more.

R. Stroz

January 6th, 2010
8:20 am

Just once, I’d like to see Anderson let irresponsible players have it Torts or Quinn style.

When a player doesn’t perform his duty, rip him, don’t roll your eyes.

Anderson’s leadership style reminds me of Jimmy Carter and his perpetual “malaise” quotes.

Anderson needs to “get fired up” and light a fire under the players butts.


January 6th, 2010
8:25 am

Donnie Brilliance pulled the plug on Hartley for fewer consecutive losses. Our only hope is that the far from brilliant ownership pulls the plug on Donnie B., Johnny A. and Kovy the Koaster in an effort to save hockey in Atlanta. By the way, what’s the record for most consecutive losses in the NHL?

Junk not Trunk

January 6th, 2010
8:30 am

I’ve been saying that Kovy’s leaving for a long time, and I still believe it. This organization, everything about it from ugly uniforms to player selection and development, from promotions to coaching, is completely and utterly bush-league.

You know, I think the old Atlanta Knights may have put together a better product than the Thrashers.


January 6th, 2010
8:36 am

One popular school of thought is that you build a team from the goalie forward. I’m with most bloggers here in that when Pavs is in goal,…well that’s where our problems start (since Dec 1st). Play Moose against the Blueshirts. Hope for Kari to be nearing playing form (can’t even use the word “return”). Anyone have an ETA for Kari?

Even Moose in goal will look bad with the chances our defense has been giving up. “Defense”, as used above, includes backchecking by our forwards. Right now I’m liking Toby, Kubina, Schubert & even Salmela’s game over Hainsey and Zach. Maybe Hainsey and Zach should be playing as forwards. Both like to handle the puck, go in deep, and I bet our backchecking would improve as well.

We really missed Antro last night. Without him in there (and with White in his place no less) Kovy gets a lot tighter coverage. Did anyone notice how well the Pens defense (sans Gonchar) not only kept us to the outside, but even prevented many outside shots/passes from getting through? You just might be able to win a cup with those guys.

Something needs to change with our forwards. It starts with more defensive play. It may also take some sort of change in personnel. I like the idea of bringing Crabb up from the Wolves. He plays fast and physicial both ways.

Another scenario is a trade. Not sure who though,..maybe Kovy? Puck Daddy’s blog yesterday on Ilya trade rumors was “en feugo”. So does Kovy have a “no trade clause” in his current contract? I’m not saying he’d play that card,..but it could limit Waddell’s options. Options which seem to getting more limited as time moves on.

If we trade Kovy who should be our captain? My vote goes to Peverly.

Blueshirts tomorrow night. Go Blue.

Get The Puck Out

January 6th, 2010
8:41 am

I just don’t understand how anyone can keep a job when you can’t win. JA won’t survive, i hope and pray DW doesn’t survive and i don’t see Kovy staying. It truly is a sad time for an Atlanta Thrasher fan. What could have been without DW in.


January 6th, 2010
8:53 am

All I have been doing for last 2 years is pasting this message: Sell, sell, sell!


January 6th, 2010
8:53 am

The word I would use to describe last nites effort, I can’t say on this blog. I’ll just go with AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!


January 6th, 2010
8:53 am

After Slater scored his second goal and I finished cleaning my beverage off of the floor & coffee table, I was waiting for a sign of the Apocalypse (plague, locusts, tea-baggers). I was ready to smear lambs blood on my door frame (Glovesave can explain that one to you).

Again, we played a good 1st period and then we had misqueues, breakdown of assignments and simply lack of effort. Kubina, who was my #1 defenseman back in November is the worst blueliner on the team right now. He is consistently getting beaten like a rented mule. For those dissing Zack, he was a +0 in 23:30 of play. Kubina on the other hand, was a -3 in 18:47. And I take the misqueues & assignment failures as coming from coaching. This is the best team talent-wise that we’ve had in Atlanta, and if John Anderson can’t win with these guys, he can’t win period.

The losing streak and danger of missing the playoffs does put a new spin on the Kovalchuk negotiations, and if we can’t resign him and if we’re not going to make the playoffs, I would certainly move him to the highest bidder.

Different subject. Hey Putting on the Foil or anyone else who just bought a new high-def TV; what about 3-D? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/06/business/media/06tele.html?hp


January 6th, 2010
8:56 am

Bill, I’ve gotta question for you. If Kovy does go, do you see a potential firesale happening with the other impending UFA’s (Army, Kubina) regardless of where we are in the standings?

Ron Mexico – I think that would be the expected course of action, yes.

Bill, we got only 2 points out of 14, and NYR plays Dallas at MSG
tonight as NJD dumped Dallas last night in NJ.

LAC – Indeed you are correct…2 points from the 7 game roadie. The 3 points I was thinking of is the total earned during the 9 game losing streak. I’ve corrected the post…hanks.


January 6th, 2010
8:58 am

Guess who else was on the ice for those goals with White??

Yep, a couple of Russians whose last names end in “CHUK” and “OV” as in “chuk-ov” your defensive responsibility because you’re a frustrated floater who would rather do pirouettes at the blueline while your team gets bombarded for rebounds. Well, in Finny’s case, sometimes he gets back in time, but he just doesn’t seem to mark a man…too busy chasing the puck. I’m not making excuses for Todd White, but he’s the one actually TRYING to play defense out there. Perhaps why JA put him there as Antropov is usually the one playing all the defense on the 1st line.


January 6th, 2010
9:11 am

Last night’s game was a SERIOUS bummer. I was pretty thrilled about it, as it was one of very few games I get to watch in public as I am now in Penguins territory. But I was just plain incensed by the outcome, and more importantly by specific things that I saw.


1. Stupid penalties. I’m looking at you, Tripchuk. Kane narrowly averted setting Pittsburgh up for a penalty shot, and Kovalchuk’s tripping call was straight-up vindictiveness and sloppiness. Kane is young, but what’s Kovy’s excuse other than a lack of discipline and maturity?

2. In a closely related note, the Thrashers were playing simultaneously lazy, soft, and dirty. Kozlov got his ass kicked, a number of people beat the heck out of Jordan Staal, and in general it was ugly. Undiscipline, poorly strategized, defensively irresponsible, and vindictive. All bad qualities.

3. It’s effing embarrassing when the only line consistently playing well is the checking line. And incidentally, the Pens didn’t play that well — we could have easily won that game if we’d simply put some effort into it.

Now, as to solutions….

1. We have a number of players who are doing uncharacteristically poorly, but that also makes it very challenging to correct any of them. Were I Jon Anderson, I’d alternately sit or temporarily send down all of the following: White, Kozlov, Hainsey, Bogosian. Oh, and I think he also needs to put the feat of God into Kovalchuk and Afinogenov regardong defensive responsibility — they’re both playing very poorly in that regard, setting a poor example and representing a significant opportunity cost.

2. We also have a goalie challenge, which is that we have a backup who is good, but older, and a kid who can be brilliant but is simply not performing up to standard. Ideally, Anderson should send Opie back to Chicago and go back to the Kari-Moose combo. Barring Kari’s return soon and well, he probably needs to trade for another goalie.

Also, I’m on permanent record as a Todd White fan and I remain one. He’s not doing well enough, obviously, but something I like about both White and Koz is that they are at least fundamentally sound. So I’d like to see those two sat and reconiditioned, but not cut.

I also think Bryan Little belongs in a separate category from the group above. His problem is two-fold: he has a streak of moodiness, which is currently on display, and it’s not really clear what his best position is. Also, he’s defensively o.k., but not good enough in that regard to be effective below the 2nd line. So, it’s a challenge. My guess would be that we end up keeping the russians and keeping him below the second line and we will lose him only to see him blossom elsewhere.


January 6th, 2010
9:17 am

Where is the NHL ? Why are they not getting involved to save this franchise ? Why do they continue to let this poor ownership, own the team any longer ? Hartley was fired after a six game loser, Anderson has
lost complete control and his system does not work in the NHL. So what is going to happen,I agree maybe 3,000 Thrusday night. A winning hockey team would pack the arena, a loser like we have simply will not, time for these owners to let the NHL take over the team, and first order of business get the hell rid of Don Waddell, this guy is just the worst
I have ever seen, another “great” team put togather by this madman !

Not Blind

January 6th, 2010
9:37 am

Time for JA to GO for sure. I don’t know who you hire to right the ship. If someone could somehow motivate this team to play hard they could win lots of games. The Kotton Kandy trip on Fedotenko was immature as has been pointed out already.

Alan R.

January 6th, 2010
9:39 am

I wish John Anderson would simply go with Hedberg on a nightly basis and start Opie only on back-to-back situation and/or spot starts

I wish Kari Lehtonen was 100% already, so he could steal some games for us. Essentially calling Moose an upgrade over Pavelec is like calling a Ford Pinto an upgrade over an AMC Gremlin.


January 6th, 2010
9:42 am

Depressing. That says it all for me.


January 6th, 2010
9:45 am

The attendance will be pretty good tomorrow night, full of BlueSkirt fans.

Anderson’s system is a joke and he’s lost the team. No one believes in his system and for good reason, it’s a joke. Guys just walk into our zone and camp out in front, completely unchecked.

“The Brian Burke-managed Leafs have potten two more points tonight, in a regulation-time win over Florida. So, if you’re keeping track back to October 24, 2009, Toronto has 38-points in 32 games. Atlanta has 33-points in 34 games. The Leafs are, in fact, banking points at a GREATER CLIP than the Thrashers are. Or have been for a while now. Sobering, is it not?”

Burke has his club headed in the right direction after just a couple months in charge. Waddell has been here since Day 1. And like I’ve been saying since the 3rd year, nothing meaningful will change here until meaningful changes are made and a competent GM is brought in.

As long as Waddell remains in charge, it’ll be year after year of what we’ve seen, year after year. It’s all Waddell. He hired Anderson, who’s system is the laughing stock of the NHL right now. The Pens were literally skating at will into our zone, completely unchecked. Waddell drafts the youth. Waddell signs the players. Waddell is the problem, and until he’s gone, nothing will change.

I loved watching the USA club last night pull that game out in OT. There are some tremendous young players on both squads, lots of future NHL talent there. I have not been following our young draft picks too closely over the past couple of years as I feel that if Waddell drafted them, then they’re not going to pan out, so why bother, but I wonder if any player from the Canadian or USA club were our draft picks? There’s 44 guys on both rosters, do we have even one of them? I’ll make a wild guess here that since Waddell was the guy drafting, we didn’t have any one of the 44 guys in the finals.


January 6th, 2010
9:53 am

Bob, we got Morin (2nd round), Klingberg (who played for SWE) and that’s it. No high-end Canadian Junior talent…as usual. Other than Evander Kane and Bryan Little. I think Klingberg will be a guy we end up really liking. Morin can shoot the hell out of the puck and he likes to hit. He actually seems pretty responsible defensively and was a +8 or something for the tourney. If he improves his skating….look out?

R. Stroz

January 6th, 2010
9:56 am

Bob – We have one, Jeremy Morin.

Nikita – White may come back to play defense, however, he gets knocked off the puck in half a second, falls on his butt, and the other team uses his butt as a curling brush.

Todd White is a MINUS FIFTEEN. If that’s defensive responsibility, Atlanta is suffering from global warming this week.


Heck, Jim Slater has as many goals as White in half as many games.


January 6th, 2010
10:10 am

Well wonders never cease, so we did have one of the 44 players. Can’t say I remember Morin though, what line was he on?

White is useless, but how do we explain the great year he had last year? And I pray that Little isn’t suffering from the same syndrome, of just having one great year and then nothing. I’ve been quietly confident that Little would turn it around, but nothing. Is it the system that screwing his game up? They both played the same system last year, WTF?


January 6th, 2010
10:14 am

Oh Kaptain my Kaptain…you got a close up view of 3 goals as you followed the opposing shooting down the lane to view first hand over their shoulder…don’t you have to buy tickets to watch the game? Oh thats right…we pay you to watch the game -3

Not Blind

January 6th, 2010
10:19 am

I see the problem. The whole management apparatus is paralyzed by the Kotton Kandy Kontract Kaper. The ASG doesn’t have a Klue so to avoid making a mistake they instead don’t do anything. DW would like to keep his job as long as possible so he isn’t going to suggest anything like trading KK or firing the Koach he lobbied for. DW probably has JA on a very tight leash in regards to raising Kain with KK or sitting KK for a game or two or doing anything a real Koach would do when faced with Koasting checK Kashers. I have about decided that Spirit in ASG refers either to ghosts or alcoholic beverages. The ASG is either invisible or drunk.


January 6th, 2010
10:32 am

*White is useless, but how do we explain the great year he had last year?*

White is not useless. He is, however, aging, and he had always played alternating awesome years with so-so ones. But in any case I’m not convinced that he’s pulling a Schneider rather than simply a) starting slow as usual, b) having a so-so year and c) playing with a bunch of people who are struggling themselves as well as neglecting their two-way responsibilities.

*And I pray that Little isn’t suffering from the same syndrome, of just having one great year and then nothing.*

I don’t think that’s the case. I do think, though, that we have to remember how young and developing he is, and he has to be coached appropriately.

*Is it the system that screwing his game up? They both played the same system last year, WTF?*

No, it’s not the system. It’s being shunted around in a non-natural position while cherry pickers play where he should be playing. That said, ultimately he’s responsible for his own play.

And IMO, the system isn’t the problem, per se — while it’s treated like a proprietary thing it’s actually quite similar to the system employed by a lot of successful teams such as Detroit. The lack of ability or inclination to play the system well, and individual failures to do one’s job in the system, render the system ineffective.


January 6th, 2010
10:35 am

Is it me or does it seem like the team went in the tank when it become public that the Kovy negotiations was not going well? It is a strange deal when the GM went out and brought in hand picked Kovy players to make him happy so he would sign a new contract and now it looks like he wants out. I believe there is problems in the locker room because of this deal. They just look like a different team and there is nothing JA can do to solve the problem. IMO we need to package Kovy out of here ASAP and regroup without him before it is too late this year.


January 6th, 2010
10:35 am

Stroz – I understand you’re frustration, but scape-goating White doesn’t make much sense when you’re captain doesn’t show any regard for consistent effort on D and therefore loses his leverage as a “leader”.

These clips show it all, especially # 1. We saw lots of this “defense” in early December after the Fla game.



January 6th, 2010
11:03 am

“it’s actually quite similar to the system employed by a lot of successful teams such as Detroit.”

What? Have you watched our games this year and do you watch other clubs? No one, I repeat, no one in the league in the league, especially not Detroit!, plays a system where the dmen drive down deep, sometimes behind the net, on the rush, leaving the backend completely exposed for the counterattack (a counterattack which leaves us completely exposed all game game, leading to the amount of shots and goals that we give up). Doesn’t do a damn bit of good to be scoring 3 or 4 a night, when you can’t keep the opposition of your net.


January 6th, 2010
11:05 am

“your captain doesn’t show any regard for consistent effort on D”

No he doesn’t. There’s no way they can pay him the amount of $ he wants, he’s just plain is not worth it. He’s not 1/2 the player that Crosby, Malkin, or Ovechkin is.

The problem now is that we still have Waddell in charge of orchestrating the trade for him, let’s just pray that Dudley has a lot of input on the decision.


January 6th, 2010
11:33 am

Bob, let’s pray that the ASG finally realizes the only way to right this ship THIS TIME is to:

a) fire Waddell
b) promote Dudley to GM
c) fire Anderson
d) promote Cunneyworth as interim
e) trade the hell out of Kovy, then Max and possibly Kubina
f) promote some Wolves and put the fear of God in the vets

Caveat: tell Kubes we’d be interested in bringing him back next season for 2-3 years at $3.75 M – $4 M per season.

Not Blind

January 6th, 2010
12:02 pm

How are you going to put the fear of God into the vets ? Trade them ?? That’s what they want. Right now the management has NO leverage at all. None. Zero. Every player in this organization would be happy to be traded.


January 6th, 2010
12:32 pm

Trade the UFAs and challenge the remaining vets with some competition from CHI. You gotta free up roster space to call up some players anyway.