Thrashers 2009 Preseason Schedule

The 2009 Thrashers Preseason schedule has been announced. There will be a total of six preseason games…three home and three away…as well as a pair of prospect games. The Preseason home games will be at Philips Arena, the prospect games will be held at the Duluth Ice Forum.

Preseason Schedule
Thursday Sept. 17 @ Nashville Predators 8:00 pm eastern
Friday Sept 18 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 7:30 pm eastern
Monday September 21 vs. Carolina Hurricanes 7:00 pm eastern
Wednesday September 23 vs. Nashville Predators 7:00 pm eastern

Friday September 25 @ Carolina Hurricanes 7:00 pm eastern
Sunday September 27 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 5:00 pm eastern

Prospect Games
Monday       September 14 vs. Nashville Predators 7:00 pm eastern
Tuesday      September 15 vs. Nashville Predators 1:00 pm eastern

Folks…that means only about ten more weeks before we get to go watch a Thrashers hockey game!!!

XLB on 680 The Fan

Also as a reminder…Garnet Exelby will be John Kincade’s guest on 680 The Fan today at 4:50 pm to say goodbye to the classy fans in Atlanta. Don’t miss your chance to hear this as I’m sure it’ll be great!

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July 8th, 2009
7:21 pm

I thought Boris was turning the puck over alot late last year. Maybe I’m still upset that Boris didn’t pay Cindy Crotchby a visit. If someone hits me in the gonads? I’m getting me some payback, even if I have to whack him with my stick. Fine and suspension be damned!! How interchangabled is Nik? Barring injury to anyone, Does he center Pevs and Kovy, or does Pevs center that line.
I’ll play the game with yall….If Ladd and Sharpe came to Atl for White and OP, what would the line up look like???


July 8th, 2009
8:17 pm

World Be Free, your post did make me chuckle a few times. What WERE the Blackhawks thinking? I can understand procrastination. Almost everybody does it, at some point in their lives. For the Atlanta Spirit, LLC, it’s part of their official company manual. There’s a whole chapter dedicated to it. “Why do today, what you can put off until after the deadline has passed?” But I digress. Chicago should have faxed those tenders. And if their fax was broken, head to the nearest Kroger or Publix and fax it from there. Or go to FedEx or DHL or UPS and ‘get ‘er done.’ If some EGGHEAD says, “it’s too expensive,” show them what the cost of NOT SENDING might be. I bet these tenders are also on file electronically. And if they are, they could have even emailed them, as file attachments, to the player’s agent. Total elapsed time. What? 30 seconds? “Email new, file attachment, browse, select file, hit “okay/upload,” write in a subject line, “Qualifying tender for (supply player name here,) and hit “send.”

Too difficult?

I wonder if we can get a quote from Dudley on the matter. I’d love to read, “And it never would have happened on MY WATCH!”


July 8th, 2009
8:55 pm

Ottawa sent goalie Alex Auld to Dallas for a 6th rounder. His stats are faaaaar superior to Ondrej. So now we know how little you can get for a backup goalie these days. We’d have to really spice up any offer to get anything at all in return.

Brendan, I’d bet each team can log on to the NHL’s computer network to file all contacts and trades. I would ASSUME the agents and players have passwords too where they can access info that pertains to them. I’d like to think NHL central registry is at least that current with their technology. The Blackhawks are still using mail, Pony Express and Morse code – so it seems. Blaming the mail for this makes him look even more like a total boob.


July 8th, 2009
9:03 pm

No argument there, Glovesave29.