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Mid-Week Ramblings

Showdown In Motown

This one’s for all the marbles…it’s now or never…there is no tomorrow…both team’s backs are against the wall…nothing will be left on the ice…it all comes down to just one game…this is why you fight all year for home-ice advantage…

That’s right folks…break out the game seven clichés because for the first time since Carolina defeated Edmonton in 2006, hockey fans will be treated to a Stanley Cup Finals all-deciding game number seven. The Showdown in Motown takes place Friday night.

Home Cookin’

All six games played so far in the Stanley Cup Finals have been won by the home team. The Wings have outscored Pittsburgh 11-2 in the three games played so far in Detroit while the Penguins enjoyed a 10-5 goals edge during the trio of matches played in Pittsburgh.

We’ve Seen This Movie Before

Watching as the Finals go the full seven has not been an uncommon occurrence in this decade. Beginning with the Colorado Avalanche, (coached by Bob Hartley), defeat of New …

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Marty Re-Signs & Fat Lady Preparing For Grand Finale

:!: Reasoner Re-Signs!! :!: (Updated June 8 @ 12:35 pm)

Just moments after posting this blog, I learned that centerman Marty Reasoner re-signed with the Thrashers.


Marty will be a Thrasher for two more years according to Ben Wright on the team’s website!

This, obviously, is very good news, indeed…now let me call again for giving him an “A” to wear on his jersey this year!

:!: Update June 8 @ 6:36 pm - The word I’m getting now is that the Reasoner deal pays him $1.1 mil this season and $1.2 next season. This is a bargain…especially when you consider the money Holik was paid.

The Fat Lady Prepares For Her Last Performance Of The Spring NHL Tour

The Fat Lady’s spring concert tour is coming to an end this week. So far this spring she has performed for St. Louis, Columbus, Montreal, San Jose, Calgary, the New York Rangers, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington, Vancouver, Anaheim, Boston, Carolina and Chicago.

The only question is if she’ll be bellowing out her …

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Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A Series

Four games down in the Stanley Cup Finals and so far the two participants have held serve on home ice. Detroit came out victorious over the weekend with a pair of 3-1 wins, now Pittsburgh has answered with a pair of 4-2 wins.

Good…I was hoping this would go seven anyway!

Jordan Staal’s shorthanded breakaway goal at 8:35 of the second tied the game a two and opened a three-goal explosion by the Penguins. 1:59 later, Sid Crosby broke the tie and then Tyler Kennedy provided some cushion at 14:12 of the middle frame, a beautiful tic-tac-toe style tally from Crosby and Chris Kunitz.

Evgeni Malkin opened up the scoring early in the game with his 14th of the playoffs…he now also has 35 overall points after he assisted on Crosby’s first goal of this series.

The Pittsburgh win set up the all-important pivotal game five on Saturday night and also insures that they will get one last chance to cheer their Penguins on one last time in Tuesday night’s game…and one more chance to “BOO” …

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Conn Smythe Consideration

First, let me say that I’m kinda happy the Pittsburgh Penguins won game-three of the SCF last night…

dodging cyber-bricks tossed by Sara, Alan and Wings fan in GA

Hey, settle down kids…they Wings still have a two-one lead… they’ll be just fine. My reasoning here is that I really wasn’t ready for the season to come to an end as early as tomorrow. I’d like for this to stretch out ‘til next week if possible.

Also, given the fact that there will now definitely be a game five played, it also means another playoff viewing party at TJs Saturday night. Drop of the puck is scheduled for just after eight o’clock that evening…so make your plans accordingly & RSVP below, via e-mail or with Trixie.

Another reason I’m glad the Pens took game-three is because I wanted to discuss Conn Smythe Trophy possibilities…and since the person that top my list is Chris Osgood, I didn’t wanna cast too much praise on him and then…ya know…put the “jinx” on him.

But now since Pittsburgh has one in the W …

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Philips Arena’s Luxury Suites Getting $4 Million Facelift

Ever wish you could get in on that converstation going on between coach John Anderson and Ilya Kovalchuk on the Thrashers’ bench? Well, if you’re willing to shell out the kinda money to sit in one of Philips Arena’s luxury suites, you’ll get the chance to do just that.

Philips Arena, now a decade old, will be getting some updates this summer…to the tune of $4 million. Highlighting the upgrades will be a new audio system inside of the luxury suites that will allow those occupying them to listen to the comings and goings on the benches during Thrashers and Hawks games.

According to John Manasso of the Sports Business Journal last February,”Philips Arena President Bob Williams said that the coaches of the NBA Hawks and NHL Thrashers will wear microphones and that additional microphones will be placed on the team benches. The audio will operate on a delay, and Atlanta Spirit, parent company for the teams and arena, will hire someone to delete any offensive, profane or …

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Are They Going To Blow It?

After watching the Pittsburgh Penguins fall into a two games to none Stanley Cup Finals hole this past weekend, one logical question that has begun to stir around is “can the Pens find a way to get back into it”?

Well, obviously the answer is, yes…yes they can. They are too good to be counted out.

However, to me the more pressing question is whether or not I think the Red Wings can blow a two-OH lead. And I can answer that question is one word…


Know what else I don’t see being blown in this series? Penalties…that’s what.

In game one there were a total of three minor penalties called. In game two…prior to the little scrum that occurred with just seconds left in the game…there were a grand total of two infractions that were whistled.

Were there more penalties that could have been called? Oh yeah…you betcha! One such play that could have been deemed worthy of time in the box was just prior to Detroit’s second goal Sunday night in which Marian Hossa’s …

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