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Playoff Quick Shots & Hats Off To Sidney

Crosby’s vs. Ovechkin’s

This is exactly what the league, the networks and the fans were wanting from the Caps vs. Pens, eh? Even though Washington takes a two-OH lead into Pittsburgh, both games have been awesome to watch.

Crosby has scored all of Pittsburgh’s five goals so far…including matching Ovechkin’s hat trick Monday night…and very well could have a pair of three-goalers had it not been for Simeon Varlamov’s incredible save in game-one!

I’ve picked the Capitals in seven games in this matchup…and I’m prayin’ to God it does indeed go the full seven.

74 mph+ Winds vs. Big Bad Bruins

Remember that scene in “Dumb and Dumber” when Llyod, (Jim Carrey) asked Mary, (Lauren Holly), what the chances were of the two of them getting together.

“Not good”, replyed Mary.

“You mean, not good like one out of a hundred”?

“I’d say more like one out of a million”.

Lloyd then pauses to reflect and then says, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance…YEAH”!

Well, I’m telling Canes fans…there’s a …

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Reasoner Deserves An “A”…And Not Just For Effort

Ever since Marty Reasoner made it known that he wanted to return next season to the Thrashers, it’s pretty much been taken for granted by myself that he would be back in the team’s lineup next fall. I mean, he wants to be here…Waddell has said he wants him back…and his teammates have made it clear how they feel when the honored him with their Player’s Player award. So, it’s all but a done deal.

Marty Reasoner scores against Ottawa last March (AP Photo)

Marty Reasoner scores against Ottawa last March (AP Photo)

But is simply rewarding the 32-year old centerman’s efforts with a new contract, complete with a raise from the $ 1-million salary he earned last season, enough?

I would suggest…no.

I think the team should also provide him with an “A” to wear on his jersey… elevating him to the position of alternate captain.

Reasoner’s 14 goals last year were a personal best and the 30 points were one off his career high set six years ago as a member of the Edmonton Oilers. But his overall contributions go well beyond the numbers on the stats …

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Random Thoughts & Weekend Reading Assignments

A few random thoughts, then I’ll pass out some weekend reading assignments.

The second round of the Stanley cup finals got off to a rousing start last night, eh? Chicago erases a 3-0 deficit with three goals in the third period…only to see Vancouver re-take the lead with 1:13 left in the game. Great viewing indeed.

I don’t know if you’re keeping up with the Atlanta Hawks’ NHB playoff series with the Miami heat, (Atlanta leads 3 games to 2 going into tonight’s matchup in Miami)….but as I watch the games being played in Philips, I can’t help but wonder if the Spirit Boys…who are in attendance…don’t sometimes think to themselves, “Hey…wouldn’t it be great if next season both of our team’s were in the playoffs and we were packing this place out with both sets of fans?…Maybe we should let Don spend a little to go out and bring in some quality players so we can do that”?

Just a thought.

Does anyone else find it ironic that after the previous season, the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa …

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