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Oh No Sweet Caroline…You May NOT Have Those Two Points!

It was one of those games where…for much of the game… the Thrashers just couldn’t seem to get it going.

The Carolina Hurricanes had blown into town with many fans in tow and took a 2-0 lead into the first intermission, outshooting the home team 12-6. I had asked Taylor-Bill what she thought the problem was and she surmised that the Thrashers’ passing was not what it should be. Very astute young lady.

During that break, as I was heading out to procure some popcorn and a soda for my youngest tax exemption, I ran into Jamey. He asked me if I thought the Thrashers had it in them to come back from the two-goal hole that they had dug for themselves after 20 minutes of play. I kinda shrugged my shoulders and told him I hoped they could do so…after all, just two nights prior they had done so in Washington before falling short later in the game. They erased a two-goal deficit in Phoenix to gain a point during their west coast road trip. Of course, who could forget the “Alien …

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