Coincidence? Eh, Maybe…Maybe Not

Life is full of coincidences. Take for instance the now-infamous UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico. You know…the one in which a “UFO” crash-landed in the dessert near Roswell Air Army Field and, according to some, alien beings were captured, taken away and held by government officials.

Uh-huh…yeah…that one.

Anyway….that incident, in which extraterrestrial life forms supposedly visited our planet, occurred in the evening of July 7, 1947. Nine months later…on March 31, 1948…the man who would become the 45th Vice President of the United States, Al Gore… was born.

Coincidence? Eh, maybe…maby not.

More recently…and closer to home… last Friday, the Thrashers shutout the Montreal Canadiens 2-0 in Philips Arena. On Monday, just three days later, the Habs released Guy Carbonneau of his head coaching duties…GM Bob Gainey will take on the “interim coach” label as he stepping behind the bench for now.

So, Montreal gets blanked by Atlanta and three days later…they fire their coach. Is this simply a coincidence…or is there something to it?

Well, last month, the New York Rangers showed Tom Renney the door while the team stumbled. Three weeks prior, the Thrashers had defeated the Blue Shirts 2-1 in a shootout at MSG…Kari Lehtonen coming withing seconds of a shutout in that game before the Rangers were able to tie it up, sending the game to overtime where Atlanta was able to finish them off in the skills competition. The Rangers had dropped the two previous games before that loss and I’m sure they were counting on the matchup with the Thrashers to be just the thing to cure what ailed them. Unfortunately for New York, Atlanta wasn’t willing to provide the type of schedule fodder they were looking for that evening…and they then went on to drop seven of their next nine games before handing Renney his pink slip.

Again…is it a coincidence that the Thrashers even factored into this situation?

shrugs…Eh, maybe… maybe not.

After tonight’s game in Colorado, Atlanta travels to Edmonton and Buffalo later in the week. Both those teams are currently in the thick of playoff contention in their respective conferences. So, should Craig MacTavish and Lindy Ruff be concerned that…well, that this Thrashers threat is real?

Now, getting back to Montreal if I may…I was driving home listening to Phil and Rossey of  ”In The Slot”, (XM-204), when I heard the news that the Canadiens had axed Carboneau. Later when discussing the situation with Bill Clement, the three mentioned one person who they thought might be a good choice to replace Carbonneau.

That person…Bob Hartley.

Hmmmmm…let’s see… Hartley is a proven commodity who has shown he can lead a team to the Stanley Cup. The Habs are the type of team…big, physical, skilled…that Hartley would be considered well matched with. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Bob is French Canadian after all, speaking both languages fluently. So…yeah, I could see that.

Oh, and there is also this…during last Saturday’s Thrashers win against the Habs, among the 14,813 announced in attendance was none other than…Bob Hartley.

Hartley…in Atlanta…watching the Thrashers blank the Habs…three days before the Habs fire Carbonneau…Coincidence?

Eh, maybe…maybe not.

Representin’ The Thrash In SoCal

Here’s a shot of FormerIslesFan, his lovely wife Lilibeter and his two tax exemptions representing Blueland at the Kings vs. Canucks game in Los Angeles. The photos a little dark…but hey, if they’re going to sport Thrasher Blue, (or Thrasher Burgundy, as is the case with the kids), then they get recognized here!

Oh, and they are pleased to say…that they yelled, “KNIGHTS” during the national anthem.

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Otherwise…let’s see how you show your colors at Philips or elsewhere!

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March 10th, 2009
10:33 pm

Are the ‘aliens’ back?