Reassessing Season’s Goals

Setting goals, and planning ways to achieve said goals, is a good way to track progress…even if that progress is simply of the incremental variety.  This is true in regards to personal and professional fields. It creates a type of measuring stick to indicate whether or not your are…ahem…moving in the right direction.

Now, one should always take care when setting such goals that they are not placed so high that you set yourself up for failure. Doing so then opens the door to disappointment and discouragement. Setting the bar too low is equally un-good because, if the achieved goals were not difficult at all to obtain, then the “success” is hollow and meaningless.

At the beginning of the season, I asked for predictions as to how you thought the Thrashers would do this season. As for me…I said they would net about 86 points, finishing in third place in the Southeast Division and eleventh place in the Eastern Conference. Needless to say, I was wrrr… ahem…I was wrrrrrrrr….. sigh…I was less correct than I normally am.

Currently, our Thrashers are 23-35-6 after 64 games played and have 52 points in the standings. That .406 points winning percentage puts them on a path for 67 points. However, back at New Years that projected path was only 62 points. So they have improved that projection by 5 whole points since.

Furthering that point, consider the following:

At the halfway point of the season…following a 3-1 loss in Pittsburgh on January 6…the Thrashers were 13-23-5 for 31 points…that’s a .378 PW%. Since that time, Atlanta is 10-12-1, a .457 PW%. Better still, the Thrashers are 6-6-1 since the 2-1 shootout win against the Rangers on February 3, a .500 PW%…and the team finished the month of February with a winning record of 6-5-1, which equates to a .542 PW%.

So, the team has been playing better of late.

But with 18 games left in the season, and any hopes of post-season action long removed from the realm of possibility…are there goals that this team can still achieve, statistically speaking? Sure…sure there are…and let me point out a few.

First, if you look just inside of the division, the Thrashers trail Tampa Bay by two points. Both teams have played 64 games going into games on Friday. For Atlanta to avoid last place in the division they need to play 3 points better than the Bolts down the stretch. If the Lightning continue at their .422 pace, that would mean the Thrashers would need to go 9-9-0 to finish with 70 points…one better than the 69 Tampa Bay is on pace for. That’s doable, is it not?

OK, well…how about not finishing behind the last-placed team in the Western Conference? Right now, that’s Colorado with a record of 28-36-1 for 57 points. Continued on that course, the Avs would net 72 points. For the Thrashers to simply match that sum, they would need 20 points in the last 18 games played…say a 10-8 record or 8-6-4. Again…not outside the bounds of reality.

Last season, Atlanta finished with 76 points. To reach that level again, the Thrashers need 24 points…this would be performing at a 12-6-0 level. OK, that might seem a tad bit steep.

Here is something even tougher though…but still worth noting. Right now, the Thrashers are slated to have their logo posted on a number of lottery pick ping-pong balls. Personally, I see that as the ultimate depiction of failure for a team…an embarrassment. Doubly so if that is the case two years in a row. But, in order to escape that fate…to finish with five teams below them in the standings…then the target goal is 25th place in the NHL. Currently that spot is held by Phoenix with a 28-31-5 following Thursday night’s 2-1 win in Boston, (yes, you read that correctly). Therefore, the Coyotes are heading for about 78 points. For the Thrashers to overtake them with 79 points, that means they would have to go something like 12-3-3 in the last 18 games. Yikes!

Lastly, if having a non-losing record is your goal…82 points at least…that means the Thrashers would have to net 30 points between now and the end of the season…that requires that Atlanta performs at a level something like 15-3-0 or 14-2-2 to finish off the end the year. The term that I would use to illustrate the probability of that happening is, “notgonnahappen-nowayinhell”.

So, given the above-stated goals…which one do you think is the most reasonable that the Thrashers can achieve?

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March 6th, 2009
7:37 am

Rawhide, the Tavares sweepstakes is the best goal for the long term survival of the team. Being forced to pick the “right” guy by virtue of having your ping pong ball come up is certainly something even Don Waddell and the ASG cannot mess up. Think ping pong…Think perfect time for some up and coming players to get lots of ice time. Oh yeah, and sign Kovy before it’s too late…

ranallo10 (in AT)

March 6th, 2009
8:28 am

I think the most likely scenario will be Atlanta finishing ahead of Tampa Bay in the standings, 3rd worst in the league.

I’m very happy that you went about this story in a positive manner. Many people like to think the point of the season is to lose, but I like that you’ve taken the position of the team currently and applied realistic targets that involve winning, not losing, in order to obtain.

For anybody who didn’t hear Brian Burke on TSNs live trade deadline broadcast, he had an interesting quote about his goal for the rest of the season. He expects his team to WIN as much as possible for the remainder of this season, and is not trying to fold for a lottery pick. As he said, it’s his job to produce wins, not to ensure the best lottery pick available. He said that anybody in his organization with the “refrain from winning to improve draft status” mentality would be removed immediately, as they are embracing losing (something he said he hates).

I 100% agree with Burke on this. It’s his job to try to find ways to enable his team to win night in and night out…it’s his job to make the best of whatever draft picks his team earns. It is not his job to bring a losing mentality to his franchise in an effort to appease fans with the highest draft pick possible. He said he was trying to win for the fans, and that’s what he’s paid to do.

I don’t always agree with him, but I do in this instance.


March 6th, 2009
8:37 am

Goals?!?!? Are you kidding?!?! The only goals that I can see for this pathetic excuse for an NHL hockey team is to go out and find new ownership and a new GM! Short of that, these bunch of underachievers will not see my season tickets renewed after 9 years of disappointment. I’m done. See ya. I’d like to say it was nice knowing ya, but it wasn’t.


March 6th, 2009
8:41 am

Cheech – While I understand the reasoning behing your statement…I simply disagree with that train of thought. Now…don’t get me wrong, if the Thrashers do get te chance to draft Tavares, then I would welcome him with open arms…but I don’t want this team to suck so bad that they find themselves in that position. I want them to win…and win now. They’ve shown signs of doing so for the past couple of months and I like that.

I’ve been pretty consistent with this over the course of the season.

My reasoning for that has a lot to do with your last statement about the need to re-sign Kovy. yes, that is priority #1 for DW this summer. And I feel that objective is easier to meet if the team is showing serious signs of improvement….now. Not with hope that comes with Tavares.

Kovy is entering into his prime playing years and he wants/needs to be on a team that has promise now. If this team tanks it over the next month and is floundering around the bottom of the standings…even as much as I think he wants to stay…why would he?

I think the attitude of this team, as ranallo pointed out, needs to be like the one Burke is diplaying in Toronto. That is the attitude of a winning organ-I-zation. Playing for the top draft pick is the attitude of a loser franchise.

Oh…and give Chong my best!


March 6th, 2009
9:01 am

My goal remains the same: Play well and win as many as possible but still finish in the lottery. Since the goal is demonstrating improved play, there is no real reason we have to actually pass teams to do that, so hopefully TB, OTT and CO will win a lot of games and the Thrash will, too.

Rolling Puck

March 6th, 2009
9:07 am

I too am pleased with the current direction of the Thrashers. However at this stage of the season, I want a chance to see where the ping pong ball bounces. The opportunity to draft Tavares provides the excitement of two young, potential stars (including Zach Bogosian) that this organization and fans need. With the resigning of Kovy, Reasoner and Kari the foundation for a good, up and coming team will be in place.


March 6th, 2009
9:14 am

The goal of any team is to win. To approach a game or games any other way simply will not work. You can question the committment of the ASG or the competence of Don but none of them want the team to tank in order to obtain a draft pick.
However, I would not expect much for the rest of the season from this team. The there might be some exciting games because we have a lot of new players trying to earn a spot on the team for next season.
I think that they will finish right where they are, next to last.


March 6th, 2009
9:37 am

I know it will Lottery to pick Tavares up. Honestly, the only one team will get him NY Islanders. No question to ask. They are on bottom on the NHL and I do not think they will move up. OK I will say Tavares is going to NY for 99%.
Who is left? I like Sweden D-man 2-d pick. We need D-man, big and strong. If we like to get him we should stay 2-d position from Buttom. But we have some D-men are ready to play in our Team. Who are they:
Valabik, Oistrick, Lewis, Kulda, Salmela and Nikulin. What I try to say we do not need a Second Pick so badly. Yes it will be good if we get him, but it is not Necessary.
Goals for current season is:
1. Play strong and build Chemistry between Kovy – Pever – Little
and Tobi – Bogus
2. Win as much as possible to make Fans happy and build reputation for next season.
3. Bring new faces from Chicago and play them.

If we are talking Goals for next Season 2009/2010
1. Get contract with Kovy
2. Bring Nikulin to Atlanta
3. Sign Kari
4. Bring Winger for Second Line: Slava – White – Somebody
5. Keep all our RFA and UFA such as: Armi and Reasoner
6. Make push to PO. It is does not matter from what position 1 or 8.

How is that? I think it is good Tasks and Goals for NEW GM in Atlanta.


March 6th, 2009
9:56 am

A point from -Russian’s- post: Those are a good set of goals, btw, but his comments make me think of the Ilya Nikulin situation, where will he play next season? Will he finally come over? Does DW have some assurance that Nikulin will do so? Did he know this before the TD and factor it into a decision about whether to offer Havelid an attractive contract?

Just wondering….more to the point for looking forward, though, is do the Thrash know if he will come over next season so they can plan trades, which FA’s to pursue and to a lesser extent the 09 entry draft?

Vitamin Z

March 6th, 2009
10:12 am

Russian, we need a better center for Kovy. While Pever worked out great and I like him a lot, he is not a top line center to play with Kovy. We need someone else. Nikulin is also questionable. He might or might not come over (although with the economy the way it is we have a greater chance of getting him).

I don’t expect the team to do much the rest of the way simply because our D is so young and inexperienced now.

5-11-2 is my prediction.

R. Stroz

March 6th, 2009
10:16 am

Remember, both Ilya’s have the same agent, Jay Grossman.

The situation last summer with Nikulin may provide foreshadowing of whats to come.

If Waddell can’t re-sign Kovy, Waddell should be forced to resign due to fan outrage.


March 6th, 2009
10:30 am

There’s only one goal for the remainder of this season, and it’s been the same goal since before the 1st puck was dropped on this build year. And that’s to get a prime draft slot. It has played out exactly as I expected, with Waddell purging talent at the trade deadline (even before) and this roster will certainly challenge the Isle for the worst record, but I expect 2nd worst overall. When you have Enstrom and Bogosian as your top pairing going up against teams fighting for playoff position, we are fully 100% in tank zone. The players will fight their hardest, but we’re set up perfectly for the home stretch. Beginning tonight.


March 6th, 2009
10:42 am

My “prediction” for the rest of the season is 7-9-2. for a total of 16 points. Fairly optimistic, you might say, but I have hope for the future.


March 6th, 2009
10:52 am

The ideas of signing Kovy and Kari are great but they are just tactics. I hope that this year Donnie and Johnnie Boy sit down and develop a strategy for next season based on the players that we have and those that may be available through free agency, minors, juniors, etc. Given our poor past and the likelihood that few FAs will be attracted to a “loser”, it’s likely that we will be forced to use our own system for players. From the recent call-ups and others, we’ve probably got more hustler/bangers than scorers. Doesn’t this lead to a strategy that might call for a little more defense and closer to the vest play and checking? John’s “so-called system” of permitting the defensemen to join the rush and go deep is a “disaster”. We haven’t gotten many goals from it and we’ve given up more than our fair share of odd man rushes. Cut down on the odd man rushes, take far fewer “cheap” penalties and establish a far more aggressive PK system. It seems to me that DW has simply thrown in some over the hill cast offs to fill the roster each year with little regard to how they fit a strategy. GENERAL BUSINESS PROCESS IS TO SET THE STRATEGY FIRST AND THEN GET THE STAFF/SKILLS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Happy to see the “Wus Patrol” (Christensen, Williams, Perrin) all gone. No grit among the three of them. Best thing out of this system- MORE PING PONG BALLS!


March 6th, 2009
10:56 am

Per Ben Wright…tonight’s forward line:

Kovalchuk – White – Little
Kozlov – Peverley – Armstrong
Stuart – Reasoner – Perrin
Boulton – Slater – Thorburn

I suprised to see Perrin plays instead of bringing up Crabb.

ranallo10 (in AT)

March 6th, 2009
11:01 am

It’s been mentioned twice by Knobler that Perrin would be playing…I don’t know why you’re surprised.


March 6th, 2009
11:06 am

ranallo – It’s because with his comments, he’s achieved ‘cancer’ status, whether he intended it or not. The other guys in the room will be thinking about those comments.

He doesn’t want to be here anymore, and the world knows it. Perrin needs to really step up his game if he expects to attract offers from teams this summer, or he might have to play in Russia.


March 6th, 2009
11:08 am

Atlanta, in terms of depth and youth are set up far better than Tampa and Colorado… those teams are what they are, and they won’t be much different next year.

What are we, 50 cents above the cap floor going into a huge free agency summer? As we roll along year from year, there are more and more teams in salary cap trouble. We continue to be one of the more flexible teams when it comes to fitting guys in WAY under the cap… at some point, maybe this summer, maybe next summer, the emergence of our prospects, coupled with plenty of cap space has got to draw in some quality free agents.

ranallo10 (in AT)

March 6th, 2009
11:18 am

Alan — I understand what he means by he’s surprised Perrin is still with the team, but it’s been told to us twice by Knobler that Perrin will be playing in Atlanta again. I would think that the “cancer” shock had worn off by now…especially the shock that he’s in the lineup (again, at least two times we’ve been told by Knobler he would be playing).

I’m guessing there are many players who understand his plight. He’s a UFA who is being miscast (in his mind) and playing 3rd line minutes instead of 2nd. He is here to prove his worth to other teams…I’m sure the guys in the locker room can empathize, and I wouldn’t be surprised if several of them have the same mindset. I also wouldn’t be surprised his comments didn’t bother his teammates because he didn’t denigrate them, nor his coach, nor the city, with his statement.

I’m guessing that by his being in the lineup there is no residue in the locker room from his statement.


March 6th, 2009
11:19 am

ranallo – As Alan so kindly pointed out…I am surprised by it due to what he had to say. If I’m in coach Anderson’s position, I don’t start him…if he has to be a healthy scratch then fine. But I would rather have a player there who wants to be here…Crabb being one of those.

But that’s just me…


March 6th, 2009
11:36 am

I would imagine Kovalchuk walks into the locker room, gives Perrin a big pat on the back and says, “Come on Perzy, let’s finish the season strong.” And that will be the end of it.

Whatever happens to Perrin this summer is Perrin’s problem.

It’s been a long, aggravating season… I can’t imagine any level of drama can phase this team at this point.

ranallo10 (in AT)

March 6th, 2009
11:41 am

Which tells you that either A) it didn’t bother the team or the coach, or B) they understand why he’s saying it and cleared up the situation (water under the bridge).

To me he’s in the lineup taking up a roster spot a player like Crabb could be playing…so I’m not always thrilled. It wont bother me if Perrin isn’t re-signed in the offseason, and I’m guessing that it’s pretty obvious he wont after his comments. But if the coaches and players are fine with him playing (nobody complained publicly), then why should we be worried?


March 6th, 2009
11:54 am

ranallo – Perhaps you are correct with regarding the locker room reaction. But I just know how I would feel after hearing that. he’s playing, though, so I hope he does well.

Oh…and as a general comment to those of you out there who try such stuff… one sure fire way to get a comment deleted, be flagged as “spam” and then become banned from this site is to act like an a$$clown by trying to use my usename and link your sales website to it.

Yup…that’ll do it!

Sage of Bluesland

March 6th, 2009
11:56 am

I’m almost ‘proud’ of the team’s play of late…They’re on their way of missing out on a player that bumbling Donny can’t even mess up on…

Oh wait, nevermind…

ranallo10 (in AT)

March 6th, 2009
12:10 pm

“But I just know how I would feel after hearing that.”

Honestly, I would be fine with it if I were one of his teammates. This is a business, he’s here to ensure he can make as much money as possible for himself and his family…if he feels that he’s not being allowed to do it, why can’t he say so? I’m sure this isn’t out of the blue “Perrin is upset with his ice time”, and I’m guessing he’s had at least once conversation regarding his role on the team with Anderson, Waddell, or at the very least his other teammates.

So no, now that we hear a few clips “on the record”, I’m not going to assume that he’s upsetting the apple cart (a pretty crappy apple cart at that) by saying he’d rather be playing elsewhere. As a fan I can empathize, so I’m sure his teammates understand. If I were his teammate and he didn’t say anything bad about me or my teammates, I couldn’t hold that against him. I’d probably tell him “dude, that was stupid to talk to the media”, but I wouldn’t ostracize him simply because he’s fed up with being a 3rd line player.

Remember, I don’t care about Perrin as a member of this roster, so it’s not like I’m speaking to save my favorite player from being lambasted for his actions. I merely understand the situation a different way than you do. There’s no way for either of us to know who is “correct” though…it’s just an opinion.


March 6th, 2009
12:12 pm

I don’t know any of these players and know even less of the hockey locker room atmosphere but I seroiously doubt ther remains, or ever was, any ill will from any of the players toward Perrin, an aging bottom liner with an expiring contract, for wanting more playing time, be it here or elsewhere.


March 6th, 2009
12:27 pm

Christensen and Perrin did each other in when all is said and done… Perrin has 83 shots on net at 6% scoring… Christensen has 90 shots on net at 6% scoring… you can’t rack up the numbers when your linemates aren’t burying your set up passes. Both players got looks on the top lines, and you can’t stay on the top lines if you’re not finishing your shots.

Had Perrin been scoring at a regular clip on the 3rd and 4th line, I’m sure Anderson would have shot him back up in a heartbeat. But no one wants to watch you struggle on the top lines until you get “comfortable”.


March 6th, 2009
12:31 pm

So glad I happened to be home today to get my STH renewal kit….sheesh….


March 6th, 2009
1:07 pm

GaVa – Any locker room I have ever been in doesn’t work that way. I hope Perrin walks in and gets an earful from the team leaders. A “keep in out of the media you whiny little troll” kind of tongue lashing. These guys may not be a great team, but they do have pride in being a team and how they handle themselves on and off the ice. If you leave the team and want to trash it, that’s the offending players perogative, but do not do it to your current team mates. I want hear Eric apologize to his teammates and the fans…then come out and raise some holy hell on the ice and earn his keep back. My guess is that he will also pick up the tab at the next big dinner out on the next road trip. Steaks for all the others and a big heaping plate of crow for him.


March 6th, 2009
1:15 pm

Perrin is still here????? After his abysmal performance, lack of grit, and comments about not wanting to be here, how in the world do DW and JA justify his continued presence on this team. They have obviously also decided to “just mail in the end of the year”. And, we’re supposed to continue showing up to watch them all “go rhough the motions”. There is obviously no commitment to change- and no “change” means no improvement, only more of the same. This simply adds the final nail to the “we really don’t give a s—- about our fans”. Why guys, when the renewal packet rolls in, let’s see who gives a cr– about you.

Thrashy Thrashy

March 6th, 2009
1:36 pm

If Perrin is a “cancer,” maybe the Thrashers will find a way to lose every game the rest of the way and be the worst team in the league? (Yeah, right.)

There isn’t much time left in this season and, hell, the Thrashers waived Perrin and no one picked him up. That should be enough to guarantee top effort out of the guy the rest of the way. While I’m sure he’ll pay a price in the locker room, it’ll be handled and the team will move on. It’s not like this team is doing anything other than rebuilding, right? (Thanks for the info, Eric O’Dell. You’re my hero.)


March 6th, 2009
1:54 pm

Well funny Rawhide, I picked 67 I believe in Brenden’s preseason poll. Shameful !

The biggest problem remains and the paper mentioned it today, the ongoing never ending court battle. Why can this MESS not be concluded ?
I fully understand the legal method, but why in hell would final arguments have to wait until MAY ? Get it OVERWITH, so the air will be clean and it puts them, asg, in a no win position, so they have to sell.

These clown owners, do not care about the Thrashers. They like basketball, aka National Boring Association !

So that puts in a bad fix. Watched FL-Pit game last night, full house, gee sprit clowns, can’t you GET IT ? Winning brings in the fans period, real simple, Always has… Always WILL. No promotion can replace WINNING
and the playoffs.

With that being said, I don’t think fans here in Atlanta and going to take another season like the last two. It is one thing to REALLY move things in a positive direction and another to try a mulitude of quick fixes that DO NOT WORK. We have seen way too many of those right ?

So waddell/sprit you better understand the Atlanta hockey fans are tired of you BS, Lies and general stupitity to continue to go see a BAD team preform while the GM says “He is happy with the team this season”
Remember those famous words of the Master of Disaster ?

Well waddell you better get off your sorry A$$ and get a winner in here and stop messing around, you have ONE MORE shot at it from what I see, and you and those IDIOT owners better go ALL OUT to WIN or those 2,000
in attendence in 2010-2011 will really wonder WHY AM I HERE ?


March 6th, 2009
2:49 pm

That should be enough to guarantee top effort out of the guy the rest of the way

He could be released. The Thrashers don’t have to keep him, at this point. I’m guessing these next couple of games will be what determines Perrin’s fate, as I believe the Thrashers have 30 days to make a decision.

Dwayne Johnson

March 6th, 2009
3:45 pm

they give perrin time on the 2nd pp unit?? there is no justification for that. that is sad. i would not give him the chance to “look good” for other teams this summer. whats Atl. got left in games this year? 18? what IF he gets 4/5 goals and 6/7 assists by the end of year? helps Atl move up in draft? lose a shot at Tavares and Hedmond? thanks, but no thanks, he should be a healthy scratch for the rest of the year. i’d rather see espo in the lineup, and i’m not talking Angelo, i’m talking Phil!!


March 6th, 2009
4:08 pm

What a disappointing season. The only goal from here on out is to win at least 50%. If they go 9-9 to end the season I will be happy but that’s hoping for too much. I’m sick of hearing about we need to do this to build for the future. The environment was right 2 years ago. We had our first playoff experience and the town was buzzing about the Thrashers. The Spirit group has ripped us of that momentum. I know Don hasn’t done a great job and deserves to be fired but he also is completely handcuffed by the sorry spirit group. Get new owners and a new gm and I think we can turn it around in 1 year. Sign some good free agents and continue to develop the good young talent and this team can compete. Fans will come out if they put a quality product on the floor. I will still support no matter what because I am a fan…This organization needs a lot of work. Go Thrashers. Play the spoiler

Mr. Heat Miser

March 6th, 2009
4:56 pm

Stay for the AAHL Lower A game after Thrashers vs. Habs. Might see a better game.


March 6th, 2009
6:21 pm

Ahead of Tampa Bay is the only goal left for the season.


March 6th, 2009
10:25 pm

It’s a win! And 2-points, eh? Kari got the shutout. 13th in his career. Second of the season. Montreal … needs to have a “closed door meeting.” Just the players. No coaches. No assistants. No trainers. No equipment managers. No towel boys. They have to decide if their goal is to make the playoffs, and try to HOST a series, or if it’s to get Guy Charbonneau fired. Because right now, they look like a team trying to get its coach axed.

GM Bob Gainey, who is a smart man, moved Cristobal Huet last year at the trade deadline, for a 2nd round pick. That left young Carey Price, 20 years old at the time, to hold the fort, with only Jaroslav Halak as a backup. Well, I’ll leave it to you to decide if that was a prudent move.

Bear in mind, last year, Montreal was the #1 seed. So?? So, the waters were all “chummed up” last year for a Cup feeding frenzy that never materialized. The Habs barely edged out Boston, in Seven Games. Then, they got it handed to them by the Flyers in the 2nd round. Anything short of making the CF in a step backwards, in the “pressure cooker” city that is Montreal.

And, let us not forget, we NEEEEEED to root for Montreal to make the playoffs and succeed once there. If the Habs make the CF, then Atlanta only owes them a 5th round pick. If the Habs miss the dance, or get bounced early, they get our 3rd round pick, as part of the Schneider deal. (We got Montreal’s 2nd round pick in 2009 and its 3rd round pick in 2010 for Schneider. Uhh, for his $5.75 million salary, I should say. Well, until he was traded.)

I always like defeating Montreal. Great job, T-birds! Tampa Bay lost in overtime, so Atlanta only gained a point on the Bolts. Carolina put a whoopgin on the Calgary Flames, 6-1. Buffalo won, 5-1, over Phoenix. So, Atlanta climbs ever closer to the ‘Yotes, as well. Buffalo is trying, desperately, to get back into playoff position.


March 6th, 2009
11:00 pm

Thrashers looked pretty good tonite. Young guys are starting to look good. Boris even had a rush and he stuck up for Perrin after Perrin got hammered. Is it too optimistic to say can’t wait till next year? Missed all the excitement at the end of the 2nd period. Watching Sabres handle tired Coyotes. Good piece on JA during 2nd intermission on the network.


March 6th, 2009
11:27 pm

Fair is fair. I have no confidence in Kari Lehtonen. Never will. But…the goalie did smother 25 of 25 shots against a team I thoroughly despise. El Montreal Can-Aid-Dee-Ends! The netminder and his teammates were forced to secure the shutout the hard way as the biased officials were determined to keep the home penalty box full. They succeeded! Team finally played with courage and determination at home. A refreshing change of pace I might add! Could not locate the game on television. Drats! This is one even I would have loved to have witnessed. Tonight a feel-good effort. Bad habits may result in lopsided defeat on Sunday. Not tonight. Well done fellows. You will not hear that from me very often! A truly solid effort all the way around. Where have these guys been all season?


March 6th, 2009
11:50 pm

Great Game tonight, Canada fans are HOWLING on TSN about the loss fire the coach they say !

Great coverage all over and good hustle…

Lastly…The Flames come here Sunday… The LAST time the Flames WON in Atlanta… They were the Atlanta Flames !!!!!! Calgary has NEVER beaten us here, we have never won there, will be tough.

Last time… April 5,1980 at The OMNI, Atlanta 3 NYR 1.


March 6th, 2009
11:56 pm

I saw sum aleeun ships hoverun ahround tha arenah about 7:00.

R. Stroz

March 7th, 2009
12:06 am

Does anyone have a recap of the Town Hall meeting?


March 9th, 2009
3:02 pm