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ASK HR: Relocated and having trouble finding a job?

Q. What recommendations can you provide for someone who needs to relocate to a new state, but is having difficulty finding a job in the new state?

A. Research professional organizations in your field prior to moving to the new state. If the organization meets on a regular basis plan to attend a meeting so that you can begin networking with others in your field immediately. I personally took this approach about 5 yrs ago when I relocated to California and it landed me a job within 2 weeks. – Danese Simpkins, MS, SPHR, Director, Human Resources, Air2Web

A. 1. Take a moment and think about “what exactly is it that you want to do?” (e.g. industry, position, etc.)
2. Update your resume to reflect any recent changes in your professional career that will reflect and highlight your qualities that would set you apart from other candidates.
3. Join local organizations in the new state to help build your network.
4. Contact local recruiting/staffing firms, unemployment centers, …

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