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What professions will rebound best in 2010?


A: The professions that will rebound are in the areas of education and health care in 2010.

The field of education is on a rebound as many individuals have returned to school, additional qualified educators are needed with the appropriate credential and many institutions are in the process of getting additional accreditation.

The field of health care is on a continued rebound as the population is aging; a new health care initiative is in the works and a shortage exist in areas of Health Care Administrator, Registered Nurse and Surgical Technologist. – Joann Adeogun, PHR, HR Consultant with Adeogun & Associates

A. For the coming new year, there are several professionals that may rebound but I think there are 2 professions that will rebound best: IT and medical. IT because we are in a state where technology continues to change rapidly and advance and medical because of the many baby boomers that are getting older thus requiring medical, nursing and home health related …

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