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Observations from an internal workplace investigation

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HR Roundtable panel member Bill Pinto details what goes on during an internal investigation in the workplace:

Occasionally clients ask me to conduct internal investigations for them concerning a variety of employee matters. Recently, I worked with a client on an investigation of alleged harassment. An employee presented a couple of incidents that involved her and asserted that a couple of other employees were experiencing some of the same issues. The client asked me to interview the employees in the department as well as their supervisors to determine what had occurred and whether further action was necessary.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, I interviewed a number of employees and the supervisors, asking them if they had observed anything that the complaining employee alleged or any other incident of possible mistreatment. The reactions from the employees to the various questions I asked them were interesting to say the least. These are the most …

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Ask HR: What’s the current demand for internships and contract work?

This past week, we asked our panel of HR experts the following question: With so many new graduates seeking work experience, and so many people in career transitions, why do you believe more employers do not offer volunteer, internships, part-time, or contract work opportunities?

Click on the link above to read their individual answers. Some of our experts felt that there were actually more opportunities for contract work or part-time work in order to temporarily fill the holes left by mass waves of layoffs in various industries. But other experts felt that generally speaking, employers are being more conservative with the scope of their internship programs.

So this means that recent college graduates may have to work a little harder than in the past to secure entry-level employment, internships, and volunteer opportunities with their career goals in mind. Do you have any advice for recent college graduates? Should they seek alternative work opportunities until that good …

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