Ask HR: The follow-up to the job interview

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While much time is spent by most job seekers in preparing for the interview, don’t forget the all-important post-interview steps. That includes of course sending a thank-you note (or e-mail) to everyone you interviewed with. But let’s say you’ve done that, and now you are playing the waiting game as far as hearing a response back from HR. How long should you wait before inquiring about your job application status?

Human resource experts from SHRM-Atlanta answered just this question for us in their monthly Ask HR column on ajcjobs. Their advice: Make sure you establish follow-up time guidelines at the conclusion of the interview. And if you haven’t heard back within the agreed upon time frame, an inquiry is certainly appropriate, but always be polite and positive in your communication.

Let us know your experiences with the post-job interview process. Do you have tips for other job seekers?

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Nancy Purves

May 27th, 2009
12:33 pm

My experience with the post interview process so far has not been very successful. I have had several good interviews and although I ask and receive the schedule for the hiring decision and the follow-up process with each employer I am finding that the prospective employer is not following through with their commitment.

I always follow up an interview with a personal handwritten thank-you note and when the scheduled time for the decision has past I follow up with an email and/or call.

When I follow up on the perspective employer I am getting the following;
1) No response to my voice mail or messages or email
2) I am being told that if there is an interest, someone will call
3) No ability to reach the hiring manager
4) No follow up from the employer when the decision is made

Any suggestions for follow up that’s worked for others would be greatly appreciated.