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Worst Christmas movies

Even Ben Affleck had to know "Surviving Christmas" was a stinker.

Even Ben Affleck had to know "Surviving Christmas" was a stinker.

Everyone has their favorite holiday movies — chances are “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Story” are on the list — but for every “Miracle on 34th Street,” there’s a “Santa With Muscles,” a Hulk Hogan vehicle about “an evil millionaire who gets amnesia and then believes that he is Santa Claus,” according to IMDB.

It’s Christmas clunkers like this that online ticket seller Fandango had in mind when it launched its contest for the 10 worst Christmas movie of all time. A customer poll helped shape the list, which is topped by the it-sounds-so-bad-it-might-be-good entry “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.” It might not have a touching epiphany wherein George Bailey realizes how much he has to be grateful for, but it does have Kris Kringle doing battle with ’60s era tinfoil robot aliens. And when you can’t stomach hearing Zuzu talk about angels getting their wings for the millionth time, that actually doesn’t …

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Free show:The Band Perry at Atlantic Station Friday

Sibling trio the Band Perry at the Grammy Nominations Concert Nov. 30. Photo: Chris Pizzello / AP

Sibling trio the Band Perry at the Grammy Nominations Concert Nov. 30. Photo: Chris Pizzello / AP

Atlantic Station’s free weekly Winter Wonder Jam, which began Dec. 2 with a concert from Citizen Cope, concludes this week with the Band Perry.

Citizen Cope was followed by Sister Hazel and Gavin DeGraw, but this week’s final show might be the biggest yet.

The sibling trio  scored a No. 1 country hit in 2010 with “If I Die Young” (which was also a Top 20 pop hit and the Country Music Association’s single and song of the year). They followed that up with “You Lie,” which climbed to No. 2. The band’s latest single, “ All Your Life,” just moved into the Top 10 and shows no sign of slowing down.

How often do you get to see a free show from a band that just scored the most wins at the Country Music Association awards ceremony? Everybody wins with this one. The show starts at 7 p.m. in Atlantic Station’s Central Park.

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Kardashian family unveils 2011 Christmas card

Never missing an opportunity to promote their brand, the Kardashian family has revealed images from their 2011 Christmas card photo shoot. You can go check out the images on Kim Kardashian’s website.

kardashian christmas card

There’s even a 3-D image included! There’s not a single ugly Christmas sweater to be found. Instead, they broke out the evening wear, going for a sophisticated style this holiday season.

Do you think Kim Kardashian’s ex Kris Humphries will receive a card this year?

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Google introduces ‘let it snow’ Easter egg

Google is known for marking big events by altering their homepage with interactive elements for users. They honor birthdays and anniversaries of famous people and events on a regular basis. Now Google takes on the holidays.

Warning: The Google snow effect will cause your screen to frost.

Warning: The Google snow effect will cause your screen to frost.

Head to Google. In the search bar, type “let it snow.” Hit enter and you will start to see virtual snowflakes cascade down your computer screen. Wait several seconds and the search results will frost over, allowing you to write over it with your mouse, just like you would use your finger to draw on a fogged up window or mirror.

Need to get back to work? Just click defrost next to the search bar and you are back in business.

What do you think of Google’s latest Easter egg?

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Home for the holidays | Share your story

Send a holiday gift for the soldiers and their loved ones back home.



We are seeking your photos of family members in the military returning home this holiday season. Though the last U.S. troops have left Iraq, not everyone in the military can come home for the holidays, feel free to upload a photo and holiday message for your loved one serving their country in the States or overseas.

You can upload photos and messages by using this online form. Please share with any military families that you know in the metro Atlanta area.

See the many happy faces during this month’s historic moment,  as families were reunited.

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Holiday TV specials to watch over Thanksgiving

There’s plenty of holiday TV specials to watch with the family over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving morning wouldn’t be complete without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. See which stars are scheduled to perform at this year’s Macy’s parade.



‘Idol’ Scotty McCreery will perform at both the Macy’s Parade and at the Macy’s Great Tree lighting at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. If you can’t make it down to Lenox Square, you can watch the local event on Channel 2 Action news beginning at 7 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

One of the more unusual offerings is “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” featuring none other than the eccentric pop star Lady Gaga.

Charlie Brown fans can rejoice, as two specials will run Thanksgiving night. The traditional, “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” will air on ABC and FOX debuts a new special.

And don’t forget to support a local production. “Elf on the Shelf” will air on CBS Friday night.

Tell us which holiday TV specials you enjoy watching the most with your …

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Are you ready to shop?

Break out the plastic and put on your best walking shoes. The holiday shopping season is ready to get started in earnest.

Prepare for Black Friday and the entire holiday shopping season by checking out the holiday hours for your favorite metro Atlanta mall. Atlanta Bargain Hunter has a handy holiday mall hours list posted, broken down by day. Prefer a map? Click on the Holiday mall hours map to find the latest information on holiday shopping hours for that mall.

As always, remember, these times indicate when each mall will open; department stores within the mall may open at different times. Contact stores directly for their holiday hours.

Now to the deals. Atlanta Bargain Hunter has posted a handy list of top Black Friday deals. If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, consider these online shopping deals.

Remember to use #BlackFridayATL to join the Twitter conversation on deals, parking and traffic on Black Friday. Happy Shopping!

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Share your Thanksgiving tips

The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching, and now is the time to prepare. Check out Bargain Hunter’s post on how to avoid overspending on the Thanksgiving meal. Do you have any other tips for fellow readers on how to create a Thanksgiving feast on a budget? Maybe some great recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers? Quirky family traditions? Share them below.



If you are hosting the big Thanksgiving dinner this year, check out these quick and easy housekeeping tips. And don’t sweat the numbers, here’s a cheat sheet for Turkey Day math if you are in charge of cooking the meal this year. There’s even advice on how to keep Fido from jumping on guests.

Thanksgiving dinner veterans, we want to hear your tips on how to create a delicious, affordable Thanksgiving meal.

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Are the holidays hazardous to your health?

According to experts, the holiday season can lead to stress, sleep deprivation, illnesses and injuries. The good news is that most of these hazards are avoidable, especially if you follow our experts’ advice on staying healthy all the way into the new year.

The advice from the experts is mainly common sense, but sometimes it’s the simple things that get overlooked. Their tips includes washing your hands regularly, getting enough sleep (but not too much sleep), taking vitamins, staying properly hydrated and going for walks.

How do you cope with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Share tips you have with fellow readers on how to have a healthy and happy holiday season.

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Heated debate over controversial Halloween costumes

People love to get creative when it comes to Halloween costumes, and the current year’s newsmakers always help inspire costume ideas. But what about when those newsmakers are controversial? For example, there’s reportedly been a great demand for Casey Anthony costumes, and you can find retailers selling outfit accessories online, though most big-box retailers are steering clear of the polarizing figure.



Charlie Sheen has authorized his likeness to be sold at a major costume store chain. But is it appropriate to dress up as the mentally unstable actor?

And what about those that fall into the “is it too soon” category, such as Steve Jobs? It’s reported that Steve Jobs zombie costumes are going to be a big hit this Halloween.

Expect to see a bunch of people dressed up as Occupy Wall Street protesters, mocking the grassroots movement.

And that’s just the costume ideas for adults. Our Momania blogger has a good discussion posted about whether it’s acceptable to allow your child …

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