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Priscilla, the Pink Pig, set to ride again

Priscilla, the Pink Pig, officially opens to the public on Saturday, Oct. 30, beneath a 170-foot, 1950s themed Pink Pig Tent at Lenox Square Mall. It will be open through Jan. 2, 2011. Each ride costs $3, and repeat rides are discounted (two rides for $5.50 orthree rides for $7.50). A portion of the proceeds from each ride will benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
Since its debut in 1953 as a children’s ride at the downtown Rich’s store, five generations of Atlantans have ridden the Pink Pig into the holiday season. Priscilla, the original Pink Pig, was a monorail ride along the ceiling of Rich’s, giving children the chance to “fly over” the toy department. Later, Percival was added, and years later, the monorail was relocated to the roof of the department store and the “monorail twins” took passengers on rooftop rides.

In 2003, Priscilla was introduced to a new generation of Atlantans at the Lenox Square Mall upper-level parking deck near Macy’s. The ride travels …

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What is your favorite scary movie?

Everyone has seen at least one scary movie that leaves a lasting impression.

I saw mine when I was a freshman in college. “Candyman” is inspired by the urban legend of Bloody Mary, only in the movie, if you look in a mirror and say “Candyman” five times, he’ll appear behind you and kill you with a hook.

'Candyman' isn't so sweet if you want to go to sleep after watching it.

'Candyman' isn't so sweet if you want to go to sleep after watching it.

“Candyman” was the last of a horror movie marathon that I and the other residents on my dorm floor had decided to have. We started with “April Fool’s Day,” watched something unmemorable, then someone put it in. When it ended at 5 a.m., I refused to go to the communal bathroom, with all of those mirrors, by myself.

The great thing about scary movies is that everyone is frightened by something different. One friend is terrified by “It” because of Pennywise the clown. Another has issues with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” even though it’s considered a children’s movie, because of the Oompa Loompas. And …

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Halloween: Which day to trick or treat?

By Gracie Bond-Staples

Treat or treat? Saturday or Sunday?

Because Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, the big question isn’t what but when to go trick-or-treating?

The answer is about as mixed as the treats metro Atlanta residents will be serving up.

Halloween fell on Sunday in 1999 and 2004, and in both of those years some municipalities, churches and homeowner associations changed the calendar, marking Oct. 30 the unofficial day of Halloween.

A random check this year indicates more of the same with Canton, Woodstock, and Ball Ground in Cherokee County, all holding festivities on Saturday but leaving the decision up to parents. In Gwinnett and Cobb, officials avoided taking a position altogether.

Cobb Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, along with Cobb Public Safety, Safe Kids Cobb County and Cobb 4-H, however, will host the 11th annual Fall Festival of Fun 4-7 p.m. Saturday.

Please comment below to let us know when your community will trick or treat.

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Give us your holiday memories

It’s hard to believe, but we are on the threshold of the holiday season.You may not feel it yet, but it’s inevitchristmastreeable that at some point something will trigger a nostalgic flash as you and your family make plans for the furious weeks ahead: the Thanksgiving gathering, the frenetic shopping spree leading to Christmas Day, the sense of renewal or finality when the clock strikes midnight New Year’s Eve.

The AJC invites you to share your holiday memories in an essay for the Community page. Send us your essay of about 630 words and we’ll choose the best nine to run in Wednesday’s Community section from Nov. 10- Jan. 4.

Send your essay to

Please include your name, city of residence, daytime phone number and email address so we can contact you.

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When do you start your holiday shopping?

TiffanyThere seem to be three camps among holiday shoppers: those who are finished before Halloween; those who buy everything the weekend of Black Friday; and those who wait till December 15 or later. If you’re in the first group, you should be wrapping up soon, while those in the last group haven’t given it a single thought.

We’re rolling out some photos of toys (Hot Toys for 2010 and Classic Toys) this week, because those hot toys go quickly,  so it seemed a good time to ask: Is October too early — or too late — for you to think about your naughty-and-nice list? Are you finished with your shopping, or is it not even on your radar?

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Your favorite Halloween candy?

LVCANDYIt’s temptation time again.

When October rolls around, the shelves at the grocery store bulge with colorful treats. Walk in to most stores and you’ll be surrounded by all manner of chocolaty, sugary tastiness.

It’s hard to resist, and sometimes we don’t (mmm, Skittles). We buy that bag of goodies weeks before the kids start ringing the doorbell and by the time Halloween week rolls around, we have to buy another one. “Where did it all go?” we ask ourselves, living in sweet, high-fructose denial.

We know you ate all that candy, but your secret is safe with us – if you tell us which tasty treat is your favorite. When you give in to temptation, what is your weakness? Which Halloween treat is your favorite?

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Kessler’s Halloween candy angst

The Halloween Grinch recently took control of John Kessler’s Food and More column, and Kessler admitted that he hates the “annual orgy of ubiquitous cheap candy” more each year.

He states, “According to a new study from the American Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of $20.29 on candy, more than they spend on decorations and more than twice what they will spend on children’s costumes.”

Read the entire post to find out why he think s there’s something very, very wrong with that.

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Homemade Halloween costumes

In her Atlanta Bargain Hunter blog, Rana Cash asked you to submit photos of Halloween costumes you made yourself. A few of you have already sent them in, but we’re looking for more.

The most creative costumes will be eligible for a few cool gifts, so read the blog post and check out some of the photos we’ve received.

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