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Why is Meaningful Use Meaningful to Healthcare Providers

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”) provided over $2 Billion Dollars in financial incentives to motivate hospitals and physicians (“Providers”) to adopt the Electronic Health Records (“EHR”).  The incentive money was designed to encourage Providers to purchase, adopt and more importantly implement the EHR to improve the overall quality of care, reduce medical errors and improve the clinical care coordination between Providers.  In order to ensure that Providers are using an EHR system to achieve these goals, the Providers are required to report on specific measures. 

The measures focus on (1) improving quality, safety, efficiencies and reducing health disparities, (2) engaging the patients, (3) improving care coordination among providers, (4) improving public health; and (5) ensuring privacy and security protections of patient information.  Upon achieving these measures, the Provider can attest to the government that they are a …

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