Thank You for Three Great Years

We learned this past week that the decision has been by the AJC’s editorial staff that HealthFlock will discontinue as a blog as of Saturday, May 31.  We the bloggers are very sad to learn of the news but thankful for the opportunity to connect with you, the readers, every week over the past 3 years.

Since we launched, our blog has had 300 posts and over 3,000 comments from readers of all types, from healthcare professionals to major medical associations to large corporations to readers who simply cared about healthcare.  Our content, written by some of the top healthcare leaders in Georgia, has been reproduced in a number of prestigious outlets and news sources and saw significant page hits every month.

Thank you for being such an important part of our blog.  We greatly enjoyed writing about a topic we love and plan to continue our involvement in the field, both as professionals and thought leaders.  On behalf of the bloggers, we thank you again for your viewership and look forward to future conversations.

Marc Olsen

Bill Custer

Bart Foster

Marcus Gordon

Dominic Mack, MD

Michele Madison

Wayne Oliver

Bob Wells

Jennifer Dennard

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