So What If You Like Your Health Insurance Plan?

obamacareKyle Wingfield was one of the very first to be right. The AJC opinion page editor hit the nail directly on the head in his column on October 31, 2013 entitled, “Real-life Trade-offs Belie ‘If You Like Your Plan’ Claim.”

Most of us clearly remember President Obama saying, “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it.” Truth of matter is that it is simply not the case for millions of Americans and an estimated 400,000 Georigians.

Whether it is employers who have decided to get out of the health insurance business entirely or individual health insurance plans that some federal bureaucrat has determined does not pass ObamaCare’s muster, the reality is: If you like your health insurance plan, you may NOT be able keep it.

More reprehensible is the fact that we now know that the president knew what he was saying was not the truth while he was saying it.

So while the president has thrown everyone from Verizon to House Republicans under the bus for the early failures of ObamaCare enrollment website, the reality is there is a growing frustration with ObamaCare.

But, I’m here to tell you, if there are problems with the online enrollment process, the hard part is yet to come … the actual deployment and implementation of the mammoth federal healthcare overhaul.

Brookhaven residents Stan Sands and his wife currently have a plan from Humana that currently costs $474 a month for the couple. Recently, the Sands received a letter from their insurance carrier indicating that due to ObamaCare, the new premium for their coverage would be $929 per month – almost double what the couple pays today.

But millions Americans who currently have policies have been told that their policies will soon be cancelled. They are now left scrambling to try to find coverage … scrambling to the ObamaCare website in an attempt to secure coverage. And, we all know how well received that has been.

Even the AJC said the president was mistaken. In an article entitled, “Q&A: What Are These Cancellation Notices About?,” the question was: “Didn’t the president promise that you could keep your current health plan if you liked it?” The AJC’s answer: “He did promise that. He was mistaken.”

So the president was mistaken at best. And by all accounts, the president needs to do some damage control.

The latest spin that the president hopes Americans will buy is: “We passed health reform not only to help the uninsured but also for the under-insured.” The net effect: Georgians that had health insurance that met their needs in terms of affordability and covered services by their doctors, now have no access to affordable health plans that meet their needs. Yet another unintended consequence of ObamaCare.

A friend of mine attempted to access the ObamaCare enrollment website, only to find that the site asked deeply personal and private questions. My friend, who is a self described liberal, felt uncomfortable answering some of the questions … especially to a website that isn’t even held to the HIPAA privacy standards which doctors, hospitals and pharmacists are required to protect.

Now, even Senate Democrats are concerned with the manner in which ObamaCare has been rolled out. “I also told the president that, for the Affordable Care Act to succeed, consumers need to be confident their personal information is secure,” said US Senator Mark Udall (D-Colorado). “We need to do everything in our power to protect the online marketplace from hackers and cyberattacks.”

Americans deserve better. Georgia families deserve better. And those scrambling around to find coverage deserve better than error message, invasion of their privacy and presidential political rhetoric.

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