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Rarely do I use the venue of HealthFlock to talk about my company SoloHealth. I usually try to provide a relevant and informative perspective on the trends, individuals, companies and ideas shaping the healthcare technology landscape. But, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to tell a SoloHealth story. During a recent Friday team meeting, an individual shared a personal experience that quite literally embodied what our company mission is all about, what we strive for here every day. And it came from an intern.

Jared Nuessen has been our marketing analytics intern at SoloHealth since May. Don’t let the title of “intern” fool you as Jared has several years of real-world experience as an engineer and researcher, including with a bio-tech startup. He came to us via the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, where he is a graduate assistant at the Indiana Business Research Center, and is returning to that role the first of September.

Jared was scheduled to give us a presentation on a predictive analytics project he had been working on that uses aggregated data to help us better predict our users’ behavior and actions by location as well as at the store level. Although it was an impressive presentation with insightful and actionable results—that we will be expanding upon for our partners—it was his opening remarks that impacted me most.

Since it was his last day at SoloHealth, he began his session by telling the team about his first day and how he decided to take his health assessment on the SoloHealth Station located in the lobby. He proceeding to explain to us his surprise when his assessment came back with a harsh reality: he weighed 213 pounds, had a BMI of 29.7, and a not-so-stellar overall health assessment. “Whoa! When the hell did this happen?” he recalled out loud. It was definitely a shock to this once all-state baseball and football athlete. He then shared with us how that moment, that realization and awareness of his health status, literally propelled him to start making changes—right away.

He recalled how he began an exercise program, changed his diet, and began tracking his results. He participated with our SoloHealth motivation groups centered on achieving health and fitness goals. He changed his lifestyle to be healthier. And standing there that Friday, a mere 12 weeks since first sitting at the kiosk, he was 33 pounds lighter, had a BMI of 25.1, and had a drastically better overall health assessment. Talk about empowering yourself to change.

I sat there struck completely by his story because it’s exactly why we started this company. We believe awareness and education will lead to action. We believe that if you empower people with access, knowledge and tools they will take control of their healthcare. And Jared was living proof of our SoloHealth mission.

As an entrepreneur and CEO, you must stay focused, energized and positive about your company’s strategic goals and direction. You have to lead your team and encourage them to be their best, driving everyone in the right strategic direction. But of course sometimes we temporarily lose sight of our vision. But this wasn’t one of those days. Jared honestly didn’t realize that his telling of a personal experience would be such a highlight. He was simply sharing a life experience. And we know his experience is just one of hundreds of thousands happening across the nation with our SoloHealth Stations. It was a personal reminder about the positive effect that technologies like our SoloHealth Station is having with both individuals and the overall healthcare landscape.

We all as leaders, executives, managers and entrepreneurs in the healthcare technology space can lose sight of the good work we are doing among the cloud of everyday business issues and craziness. But we must never forget the positive progress we—armed with technology—are doing across the nation and around the globe. I’m proud to work in this fast-moving, exciting space and collaborate with some of the most talented individuals in the industry—and right here in Georgia.

Thank you for indulging me to share. You can expect my next submission to be heavy on thought leadership and industry news. Until then, stay focused, positive, energized, educated and leverage technology to keep pushing our healthcare landscape towards a better future.

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