Does the General Public get it?

What is” it” you ask? Healthcare Reform

The picture in Georgia appears to be pretty bleak. The State has chosen not to expand Medicaid. Early estimates predict the cost of Health Insurance on the exchanges may be 45% higher, than the ridiculously high cost Georgians are already paying for Health Insurance. Any chance of an affordable plan will likely come with a deductible of $5,000 or more. Employers are dropping coverage left and right in favor of the penalty, which in reality is not really a penalty because it is cheaper. Employers, who are opting to keep their group plans, are facing substantial premium and deductible increases, as well. It is not looking good for anyone, especially those who most need it, from a cost perspective.

However, the average member of society- the one who does not work in the industry- does not understand, and they are not ready for what lies ahead. My question to you as a Healthcare Leader is what are we doing about it? Our patients, clients, friends, and neighbors are all facing these changes. Are we doing the best we can to give them quality access to care in the best setting, or are we fighting with the imaging center down the road? Are we educating them on the choices they have, or are we waiting until they have run up a bill they can not pay?

We sit on the cusp of the biggest change in Healthcare since Medicare. We as Healthcare Leaders need to do more. We may have not created the legislation, however, we need to step up and help the patients. Help them navigate the changes, help them pick new plans, help them manage expenses, help. After all that is what the Healthcare System is there for- to help!

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