Infographic: Clinton’s 2013 Health Matters Conference Impact

This past January the William J. Clinton Foundation hosted its 2013 Health Matters Conference entitled “Health Matters: Activating Wellness in Every Generation.” Hosted by President Bill Clinton, the conference supports the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI), a program that promotes positive health changes for individuals and organizations. As a pledge partner with CHMI, SoloHealth was thrilled to participate in the conference, joining many other healthcare leaders from companies like GE, Humana and Tenet Healthcare Corporation. It was incredibly exciting and humbling to be included with some of our industry’s leading thinkers and experience the many innovative companies that are helping to make our nation’s health better every day.
Health Matters 2013 Conference Reach Infographic_jpg1

CHMI recently released an infographic that I wanted to share showing the impact the conference and the pledges will have for our nation.

Technology is a vital part of the engine that is driving healthcare change across our nation and around the globe. And it was an ongoing theme throughout the conference. The more I experience these types of gatherings, the more I’m convinced of technology’s importance in our overall health and wellness system.

SoloHealth has pledged to use the SoloHealth Station to tackle tobacco usage through a tobacco-cessation module within the kiosk. To activate on its pledge, SoloHealth will create a smoking-cessation module across its SoloHealth Station platform located in retail locations across the nation. The program will shine a light on and refute many common yet misguided reasons people have for smoking tobacco. The module will ask a series of questions intended to determine how the quantity and frequency of tobacco use as well as reasons for continued usage. From the results, the user can see how much he/she spends annually to maintain their habits, as well as healthy alternatives.

CHMI works to implement evidence-based systems, environmental and investment strategies, with the goals of ultimately reducing the prevalence of preventable diseases, reducing health care costs associated with preventable diseases, and improving the quality of life for people across America. CHMI works to activate individuals to lead healthier lives by providing a platform to access local, scalable solutions for healthy change agents; advance community health by closing gaps in health disparities and focusing efforts in underserved areas; and, engage the private sector through pledges to improve the health and well-being of the nation.

At SoloHealth, we strive to provide the access and resources to empower people to take care of themselves. Our partnership with CHMI is a natural and logical fit and we look forward to rolling out the smoking-cessation service to individuals across our nation using the SoloHealth Station.

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