In the Spirit of Giving and the Holiday Season, I thought I would take a look at what our local hospitals give each year in the form of charity care. I searched the internet for statistics on charity care. I do not want to specifically identify a hospital, because I did not receive permission to do so. However, you can easily access the information on most hospitals websites.
This is what I found: I only had to look at four hospital systems to find a half a billion dollars in free care!! Some larger facilities are providing hundreds of millions of dollars of care each year, while smaller facilities are providing in the high millions. We can all always do more, but what other industry can you name that provides such a high level of free service to its patrons? Sure people fall through the cracks, sure there is room for improvement, but a half a billion dollars in charity care that is amazing! It is something every person who works to support this industry should be very proud of!
If you would like to give a gift to the Hospital and Healthcare Providers in the State of Georgia this year, I suggest that you research the charity care numbers for a facility near you, and the next time a friend or neighbor speaks about what they heard about hospitals in the media, or from an uninformed politician, hit them with the facts! We as healthcare professionals are the voice for the hospitals.
I hope you do not need to visit a Metro-Atlanta Hospital over the season, but if you do, know they will be open and the lights will be on, and if you happen to not have the means to pay your bill, they have programs for that too! Happy Holidays.

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