A Comment on Health Reform

Let me start by using the ole cliché “I’m not a politician”. I don’t profess to be one and have no plans to run for any type office in the future. However, others would say “everybody plays a little politics”. So I will try my best to be “politically correct” with what I am about to say.

Health Reform is what it is and is not what it will be. Today there is a law that is highly debated by the citizens of this country. In March 2012 the Kaiser Family Foundation surveyed US citizens and found that 59% stated that they did not have enough information to understand how they would be impacted by the American Care Act. This number is higher than the same survey number two years ago. I also wonder how many of the folks who say they understand really don’t. Obviously it is a difficult law for the American public to comprehend which contributes to the confusion and the ongoing debate. Only 20% of Americans in the Kaiser study said they have felt any personal impact of the new law. Overtime this percentage should increase as more Americans become affected through changes within the US health system.

Does this make the American Care Act good or a bad law? You have to be the judge when it comes to your own personal health. It does mean that the public needs much more education about this program and the significant impact it can have on their lives. Overtime, this law will morph into something different from what it is today. However, I am happy to see an effort to provide insurance for the many that are uninsured in this country. It will take refining by all parties to get this right but you and I know that something has to be done to curtail the rising cost of healthcare. Something has to be done to improve the population health of this nation. Something has to be done to help those who so desperately need coverage for preventative services, medication, and chronic disease complications.

If I can be sure about one thing, I am sure the debate will continue as it will about many other issues in this country. However, in the mean time maybe we can work with what we have to make it into what we think it should be.

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October 4th, 2012
2:07 pm