The Adaptability of Research and it’s Presentation to the Public

With the various sources of information available today we really have multiple choices of the decision that we make. Let me clarify. There is probably a significant amount of data available on most subject matter to support an answer of yes or no to the same question. Just take your pick. This is occurring with multiple arguments concerning research (whether business, medicine, politics, etc) throughout this country and  the world. There was a recent report that vitamins are not good for you. So should we stop taking vitamins? Not yet. Wait a few weeks and there may be another report that will make you want to take them again.

Without going into the proper guidelines and ethics for developing and reviewing research projects, there should be a general premise from which all research should originate; the researcher should attempt to be unbias. We all see the reports of bias research done by so called independents that help verify a company’s product. There are also tons of examples of unethical behaviors by individuals and corporations concerning research. But how do we get to a point where the research speaks for itself? We may never get there.

Research results can be totally sound but can be presented in a bias manner by the presenter. Data and info can be manipulated to meet the suitor.  A presenter who has a hidden agenda can easily be believed by an audience who is receptive of that agenda.  I don’t want you to think badly about anyone so you should know that many times people do not recognize when they are being bias.

Common sense is always a good tool to have in the tool box. We can never get rid of all bias but we can do our own investigation to attempt to get the most reliable info that we can. Then we should use our best judgement to consider the bias of the presenter. And last but not least, we must look at our own bias. So when you hear a report such as the recent one about vitamins, first consider other reports that support this point of view and those that don’t. Then go through your common sense check list. You may not get to the truth but you would have done due dilligence to come to a decision that will be best for your health or business or etc. Oh yeah, talk to a professional but remember they can be bias too.

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October 25th, 2012
10:18 am

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