Recent Consumer Healthcare Data Supports Self-Service, Education & Empowerment Mantra

For regular readers of this blog, you know a common theme has been the rise of the “self-service” consumer and that awareness and education leads to empowering consumers into action, of course, aided by technology. I’ve referenced many examples to support each of these theories separately, as well as how they work together for the betterment of consumers and our healthcare system.

Today I’d like to share some recent data collected from our SoloHealth Station™ healthcare kiosks currently in investigatorial testing phases in retail locations across America.

The SoloHealth Station is a self-service interactive healthcare kiosk offering vision, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index screenings; an overall health assessment and recommendations; and access to a database of local doctors. The bilingual kiosks provide free health screenings in a matter of minutes.

The kiosks were designed to make consumers’ access to essential, core health screenings free and easy, helping to educate and bring awareness to one’s health and wellness so they can take action. This is especially key for the millions of Americans who do not regularly get professional health screenings for either financial, time constraint, location or other reasons. Our goal was simple: awareness + education = action. We believed, with the rise of today’s “self-service consumer,” that consumers would exhibit a strong interaction with the kiosks and ultimately interest in their health. And, unfortunately, we also believed we’d see results that showed high levels of poor health issues and problems for too many Americans across the nation. See below for some preliminary data sampled from the past two weeks:

A recent snapshot of approximately 37,000 SoloHealth Station visitors:
 Nearly 75% of all users who completed a weight/BMI screening are overweight or obese; roughly 43% are classified as obese.

 Over 70% of all users who completed a blood pressure screening are at medium to high risk for BP-related health issues.

 1/3 of all users who completed a vision screening are at high risk for vision issues and it’s recommended that they see an eye doctor immediately.

Additionally, we asked for users to take a quick survey. See below the results from more than three thousand responses:
 91% of users said the SoloHealth Station was easy to use; 63% strongly agreed; 28% agreed.
 86% of users felt their results were accurate; 46% strongly agreed; 40% agreed.
 89% of users will recommend the SoloHealth Station their friends and family; 57% strongly agreed; and 32% agreed.

So what does this data mean? Well, it certainly indicates high levels of overweight/obesity, blood pressure, eye problems and other healthcare issues that need professional attention. Although we expected a strong user rate, we were pleasantly surprised by the high number of consumers that interacted with the kiosks. Despite some variances in usage stats due to locations/geographic regions, we saw extremely high levels across the board of consumer interaction with kiosks. The self-service, free-of-charge and simplicity message of the SoloHealth Station was leading consumers to take the screenings. And a high majority said they would recommend to a friend or family member and strongly consider follow-up care with a professional. Again, solid data that is pointing towards education and awareness leading to positive action of some kind.

We are now seeing first-hand what countless news articles, surveys, studies, behaviors and statistics have been pointing to for a long time now. And, of course, what we have believed from the start of creating the SoloHealth Station.

There is no sense in disputing two major facts: 1) Americans are in bad health and experiencing core health and wellness issues; and 2) our healthcare system is financially and operationally broken.
SoloHealth and many other innovative businesses have been trying to appeal to a consumer’s self-service, take-charge mentality to become educated and empowered about their own health and wellness. When you take that mentality, coupled with technology, it’s a recipe that can help make for a better America – for our consumers, businesses and healthcare system.

Let’s keep pushing it forward and make it happen!

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Xiphias Team

December 5th, 2011
8:16 am

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February 4th, 2012
3:40 pm

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