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Physicians Say the AMA No Longer Their Voice

They say, “Perception is reality.”  If that is the case, the American Medical Association (AMA) is in serious trouble.

In a recent survey of physicians conducted by the Atlanta-based physician recruitment firm Jackson & Coker, doctors believe that the AMA no longer represents their views. A whopping 77 percent of physicians reject that premise that the AMA currently reflects their profession. Only 11 percent said the nation’s oldest doctors’ organization today stands for what they do. (To view the survey, go to:

When asked if they agreed with the AMA’s support of federal health reform, physicians said the organization sold out the nation’s medical profession.  The AMA’s high profile endorsement of ObamaCare has been questioned by AMA and non-AMA member physicians from every corner of the country.

So why did the AMA turn its back on the medical professional?

Many believe that the AMA is deeply conflicted. …

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Healthcare’s Greatest Promise: Consumer Empowerment + Technological Advances

A recent Reuter’s story exclaimed, “Employees beware: Higher healthcare costs ahead.” These types of articles are really nothing new; we read every day about rising healthcare costs due to numerous factors. But this article warned that in 2012, many employers will be passing along those increased costs directly to employees. Not good news for an already cash-strapped society. The article goes on to note several ways our system could help offset costs, including prevention tactics and technology. Awareness and prevention, coupled with innovative technologies, are tried-and-true practices that are absolutely essential to a healthier America – both physically and financially.

Aetna ran an ad in the Wall Street Journal that simply read: “Smarter is doubling the likelihood your employees will take charge of their health.” The ad then prompted readers to see the proof at Of course I checked out the link. It was all about empowering people to …

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