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HHS’ Open Data Initiative Great for Consumers & Healthcare System

The Health & Human Services (HHS) Department has been actively promoting a major new project under the “Open Government” umbrella called the Community Health Data Initiative (CHDI).  CHDI’s core strategy is to publicly release government health data and actively promote the availability of this data to private and public businesses to encourage production of products, platforms, applications, and services that will serve our citizens and overall healthcare system. The basic idea is that knowledge and education can empower citizens to action.

At SoloHealth, we believe strongly in this philosophy. In fact, our entire business model is based around the simple consumer equation: Education + Awareness = Action.   17th century intellect and author Thomas Paine so prophetically once said, “A mind once enlightened can never be darkened again.”  We believe this is true, especially as it relates to an individual’s health and wellness.

 To understand how this works, think of the National …

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Tackling the capital aspect of your EHR Implementation

Hospitals across America are faced with the daunting task of choosing an EHR solution, planning the implementation and funding the cost of the project. Compared to typical capital expenditures, these projects are very large. There are a few key points to keep in mind related to the total cost, “creep” and structuring your financing properly.

“Creep” is the growing cost of your project as you add new devices, software and additional functionality to your EHR during your implementation phase.

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