Who will be the top Black College team in 2009?

So, who do you think will be the best Black College football team of the 2009 season?

Grambling won the Black College national title last season and is the preseason pick to capture the SWAC championship. South Carolina State won the MEAC last season, had a strong showing in the Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) playoffs before losing and is the preseason pick to win the conference again.

Albany State is the preseason pick in the SIAC, earning the top spot in a slim margin over Tuskegee, with Fayetteville State earning the nod in the CIAA. Do you think one of those four preseason conference picks will emerge as the top team at the end of the year?

What about a team that didn’t earn its conference’s top position in the preseason such as Florida A&M in the MEAC, Tuskegee in the SIAC or Jackson State in the SWAC? Will one of those teams rise to the top?

What about Tennessee State or Central State – or someone that I’ve left out altogether? Let me know who you think will be the best team – and why.

And it won’t take long to find out who might be the frontrunner – Grambling and South Carolina State meet in the SWAC/MEAC Challenge Sept. 6. Let the discussion begin …..

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August 3rd, 2009
10:30 am

HooRAA Football!!… I like the Albany State #1 Rankings in the Predictions Poll over Tuskegee. Tuskegee is in a rebuilding year. Should be a nice game in Albany,GA come Oct. 24th to CLEAR things UP!!!

Sad Bison

August 3rd, 2009
10:35 am

Sadly, it won’t be my Howard Bison. I long for the days of Lee DeBose, Harvey Reed, Jay Walker and Ted White…cuz we stink right now!

Bronco Alum

August 3rd, 2009
10:42 am

FSU, has the opportunity to turn in one of the best seasons in Bronco history, but, it is hard to pick a DII school over a DI-AA(It will always be that to me, LOL). Anyone can be beat on any given day, but, I would assume if FSU played a Full DI-AA schedule it would not be as successful. So I pick South Carloina Sate as best black college team and FSU as the best in DII.

Add Seymour

August 3rd, 2009
11:36 am

I will ALWAYS say the Tennessee State Tigers, but South Carolina State is super strong this year.
However, this is Big Blue Country, baby ! Go TSU!!!

Leo Willingham

August 3rd, 2009
12:42 pm

The Grambling-S.C. State game kicking off the season should be a great one. Some have told me they would like to see a matchup like that at the end of the year, but that can’t happen. FAMU is supposedly loaded and so is Jackson State, but it’s hard to argue with the preseason vote from conference coaches. Or is it?


August 3rd, 2009
12:45 pm

Bethune-Cookman University!!!!

Mississippi P

August 3rd, 2009
1:40 pm

Jackson State is loaded but they have probably the toughest start for the season. Their the first four games are Mississippi State in Starksville, Tennessee State in Memphis, Grambling and Southern University in Jackson. If they can get through this stretch 3-1, only losing to an Miss State of the (SEC), they will be in the drivers seat awaiting a second meeting with Grambling in the SWAC Championship game in December.If they can pull it off a second time(tough to beat a good team twice)they will be the New Black College National Champions hands down.Go JSU Tigers ( Big Blue Bengals) Sonic Boom !!!!


August 3rd, 2009
2:01 pm


Maurce Freeman

August 3rd, 2009
4:59 pm

Florida A & M Rattlers return 19 of 22 starters this year. What a turn a round for the Orange and Green. Don’t look back for the Rattlers because the Rattlers will be at the front of the pack.


August 3rd, 2009
5:20 pm

Hey Y’all:

I guarantee Delaware State will rearrange the rankings in national and HBCU rankings. MARK MY WORDS!! The HORNETS will be the team to beat. Those in the MEAC know, underestimating Delaware State will be to their detriment. I just love the underestimization due to that means Delaware State University, at the end of the season, will be the MEAC champs. MARK MY WORDS!!!!




August 3rd, 2009
5:34 pm

The GREAT Grambling State University!!!


August 3rd, 2009
6:20 pm

albany state all the way baby


August 3rd, 2009
8:21 pm

ALBANY STATE will be the best Black College in the country! Bar None!



August 4th, 2009
12:01 am

Grambling should win the SWAC which means they are automatically bettter than the rest of the HBCU’s. Look out for those Alabama State Hornets.


August 4th, 2009
12:03 am

The Mighty Maroon Tigers of Morehouse College

Mr. Smith

August 4th, 2009
9:38 am

I’ll give it to Albany St., but Fort Valley gone get blasted when they go to Southern for their homecoming wish i could be there.


August 4th, 2009
10:01 am

Tenn St. baby all the way!!!

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Trevin Montgomery

August 4th, 2009
12:46 pm

First of all, the SWAC hands down is the best conference in HBCU football. And with that said, GRAMBLING will reign supreme again as the best in Black College Football.
In all honesty, I wish they would create a superconference of HBCUs: Grambling, Southern, Jackson State, Alabama A&M, Howard, SC State, Hampton, and FAMU. Just an example.


August 4th, 2009
11:17 pm

Look out for the Southern University Jags. SU has the QB and WR in BCF.


August 5th, 2009
11:07 am

Billy?!! Now you know Deep…DEEP…DEEEP! Down INSIDE! You and “SKEGEE NATION” really don’t belive in your own post! We will only allow one blog retrival on this blog….Try the Question Again! Who will be the top Black College team in 2009?

Ram Pride

August 6th, 2009
11:15 am

ASU Golden Rams for 2 reasons…I) tradition never graduates and ii)the schedule sets up nicely…”Skegee Nation” has to come through Albany for a SIAC nation

Ram Pride

August 6th, 2009
11:15 am

ASU Golden Rams for 2 reasons…I) tradition never graduates and ii)the schedule sets up nicely…”Skegee Nation” has to come through Albany for a SIAC championship


August 7th, 2009
11:27 pm

SIAC and CIAA teams are no match for teams in the MEAC and SWAC. You all no it so lets just get real. Their players are too small against the big boys. Their wins against each other have given them a “false sense of security” about the level of football they play. Those who do these polls should know that and stop playing with knowledgeable sports fans intellegence.


August 9th, 2009
10:35 am

Skegee has ruled the SIAC for the past three years but the Golden Rams of Albany State University is back to regain the SIAC title. Watch out for FVSU and its outstanding reciever Ricardo Lockette. Lockette should go high in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Johnny Too Good

August 9th, 2009
5:19 pm

Coach White gonna have dem Golden Rams ready to go as always, it doesnt matter who Tuskegee brings

Shout out to #3 Jonathan Armstrong


August 10th, 2009
12:02 pm

John, You’re right! MOREHOUSE is in the “HOUSE” to win the SIAC.


August 10th, 2009
3:16 pm

I think the national black college football champion will come out of the Bayou Classic again. When they meet Grambling will be No. 1 and Southern will be No. 2 – kind of similar to 2003 I think. Should be the match up of all season.


August 11th, 2009
11:52 am

FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY, MEAC CHAMPS!! Eager to see what my Rattlers will do this year!!!


August 12th, 2009
2:04 pm

Florida A&M University has the best coach and the best talent not only to win the Black College National Championship but they will win the FCS Championship. The Rattlers had a great recruiting class, some great transfers, a great reshirted class, the best returning startings in the MEAC, and they had one helluva offseason conditioning and summer workouts. This will be the year of the Rattler!!!!!!!!!


August 16th, 2009
3:00 pm


Warren Jones

August 17th, 2009
2:10 pm


Reuel L. Williams

August 17th, 2009
7:18 pm

Prairie View A&M University is the team to beat in the SWAC.

Darion Hall

August 18th, 2009
12:10 am

Tennessee State University!! Big Blue Tigers are ready! I look for FAMU to be even better this year…but besides my beloved TSU Tigers, I will go with South Carolina State.


August 18th, 2009
1:53 pm

Barry, i can’t speak for other SIAC SWAC matchups but Tuskegee has owned Bama State for the millemium.


August 19th, 2009
3:08 pm

tidog, who is Alabama State? When have they won the SWAC. Alabama State is not one of the “big boys” in their conference. They are on the lower end, but still competitive. When we talk abotu the ‘BIG BOYS” and playing them, we are talking about Grambling, Southern, etc. and those MEAC teams like S.C. State, FAMU, Delaware State, Hampton. I cna go on and on. The SIAC teams, head to head, can not match up to these teams and the conferences in which they play.

Sorry, tidog


August 19th, 2009
9:55 pm

South Carolina State bottom line
The best defense in all HBCU football and top 10 in the all of FCS ,one the best quarterbacks in all FCS football and the best RB tandom in the FCS (2 backs with a combine 29 tds and over 2,200 yards rushing in 08 returning. So to sit back GET UP FOR THOSE BULLDOGS EVERYBODY GET UP !!!


August 22nd, 2009
10:02 am

Bethune-Cookman University, The Wildcats will be the TEAM to beat this year! Keep your eyes on the prize! Great games to see this season! HBCU FOOTBALL get ready! OH THE other play will be HALFTIME!! ONLY AT HBCU games!


August 23rd, 2009
9:39 am

I strongly encourage everyone to take note of Prairie View’s dramatic improvement over the last two years. Coach Frazier is still there, and they have ADDED talent. They will finish the season as one of the top three Black Colleges in the nation.


August 24th, 2009
8:20 am

Tuskegee has fared very well against all SWAC schools played for our non-conference games for the past 9-10 years, with only 1 loss (2 if you want to include the bad call at Turkey Day 2008) to SWAC schools (Arkansas Pine Bluff) Gateway Classic.


August 25th, 2009
2:22 pm

Barry, the pecking order Alabama St falls in their conference is for AL State to figure out and more importantly do something about. As always, Tuskegee just lines up and plays the team on the otherside of the ball. The Tuskegee program controls Tuskegee play not the ineptness of their opponent or it’s conference. Last I heard Alabama state was apart of the SWAC. Now since you feel the SWAC is the premier confernce in HBCF, no way a SIAC school should be on the same line of scrimmage with a SWAC affiliate much less dominate the series. You see Barry, there is winning tradition at Tuskegee. That my friend explains why it’s the winningest program in HBCF. Don’t take my word check record books. When the MEAC meant zilch, Tuskegee lined up on saturday afternoons and played FAMU, BCC,ALA AM, ALA ST. They all left the SIAC to go D II. Sounds like the SWAC is a 2 pony conference anyway, Southern and Grambling. Maybe coach Comegys(ex Tuskegee coach) can breath some life in Jackson st. Ain’t no fear of the SWAC or MEAC in Tuskegee. We play the game and play it well.

Decatur 4 Life

August 26th, 2009
10:40 am

Tuskegee who? I’ll give you a lil something, you guys have been sucessful but that’s where it stops. You bragging about beating Bama St.
but Bama St. hasn’t had anything even with Tavaris Jackskon. We beat them like they stole something every year when I was in school in Baton Rouge, if you think the SWAC/MEAC wasn’t all that then you should have had more SWAC/MEAC opponents on your schedule. I think you guys are Div II, SWAC/MEAC is Div I

Decatur 4 Life

August 26th, 2009
10:49 am

Southern is going to surprise some folks this year, Southern runs the SWAC from football, baseball, and track. How many times did we play in the Heritage Bowl here in Atlanta? We were a fixture in that game every year. While I was at Southern, the SWAC stood for Southern Wins Another Championship. It’s time to regain control starting with the pigskin.


August 26th, 2009
11:19 am

tidog, great to hear from you, man. However, Tuskegee made that hisory against inept opponents, in a weak conference. Your coaches know who to put on the schedule no the SWAC and MEAC where they believe they have a chance to win. They will never schedule the top teams in the MEAC like S.C. State, Delaware State, FAMU, Hampton nor top teams in the SWAC like Grambling, Southern, or Jackson State. They know they will get their ego busted by playing these teams. It is best they keep their ego in tack by not playing the big boys in the MEAC and SWAC. Keep thinking you have a winning program. Tuskeegee’s program and tradition is only good against low competition in the SIAC. So let’s get real. In fact, tell me some history regarding how many Tuskeegee players are in the NFL. I guess we can use that as a measuring stick on talent that comes from your program and tradition. You are out of your league, tidog. They can not and will not play the big boys of the MEAC and SWAC and your tradition shows it.


August 26th, 2009
9:51 pm

SCSU without a doubt! MEAC teams are better than a SWAC team. FCS pollsters realize this as well. Sept. 6 will settle things once and for all. Rattler fans: get ready to come to the DAWG POUND on Oct. 17. I am sure you remember the final score the last two trips down there.

Decatur 4 Life

August 27th, 2009
9:33 am

The MEAC teams are better than the SWAC schools, man please. I agree we had our problems with FAMU while I was at Southern but it was always a tough game for both teams. The rest of the MEAC, we beat like a drum. Bethune Cookman, Hampton, SC State, and NC A and T even after the Heritage Bowl ended we still beat up on those guys in various classics.
I bet the FCS pollsters didn’t have that in their report.


August 27th, 2009
2:08 pm

Barry and Decatur 4 life. Like I stated the Hornets are part of your 2 team conference. i only hear about Grambling and Southern. I guess they play a bunch of loosing programs every year in their conference. As you know when you are in a conference you play a conference schedule. We are part of the SIAC so we play a DII SIAC schedule. You the big dogs over there, it’ll be a lot easier for a big dog to schedule a lil dog not vice versa. The few 1-DAA”s who ventured into those waters in Classics have been soundly humiliated.

2002 3rd round Roosevelt Willams DB
2003 2nd round Drayton Florence DB
2003 6th round Frank Walker DB
2005 7th round Harry Williams WR
Your turn, I’m just saying FYI
I live in MEAC country. I’ve seen old Hampton teams run though the MEAC only to get trottled by the like of William and Mary, New Hampshire, and Richmond CAA squads. The SWAC doesn’t even go bowling so it doesn’t have a track record with the best 1-DAA programs. Not impressed by your puffed up conference records against Prarie Veiw,MissValley Arkansas PineBluff,Alcorn Ala. state Ala A&M. Ain’t no powerhouses in the bunch.


August 28th, 2009
12:50 pm

tidog, get real. Tuskeegee is not even qualified to get in the I-AA bunch. The SIAC and the ciaa are weak conferences. I am just being real. I know you have pride for all those small schools you play and beat, but that has defintely given you a “FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY” of the type of football being played in the SIAC. It would be an embarrassment to your school id you played any I-AA schools or teams from the MEAC and SWAC. Your coaches know it, and your schedulers. STAY IN YOUR LANE and play the small schools. If you get out of your lane your team will get hurt, busted, demoralized and confused. You will be firing coaches and wondering what happened to your program and history. STAY IN YOUR LANE and enjoy your “FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY!”


August 28th, 2009
3:44 pm

Barry, being in the wrong lane would be lining up against LSU, MISS, etc,etc,etc. Tuskegee lining up against weak SWAC and MEAC teams is simply driving. You have this FALSE SENSE OF PRIDE about the SWAC/MEAC caliber of play/players. If it’s as good as you believe, why has the FAMU team of 77-78 been the only team to win a 1AA championship ? 30 years and no SWAC/MEAC championship caliber team. Both conferences are jokes on the national level. 26-1 over the last 27 games. I can only speculate how some of those teams would have fared against mediocre SWAC and MEAC teams.


August 30th, 2009
8:34 pm

As far as the MEAC goes this season, it will be a dogfight between SC State and FAMU. Both are loaded with talent and have good coaching staffs as do many other teams in our division but when the dust settles, SC State will prevail. FAMU is loaded but State is SUPER LOADED on both side of the ball. Delaware State has always been the sleeper team of the MEAC that will surprise you if teams underestimate them but that will no longer work as teams are not looking past their opponents so the Hornets will have the work for it from here in. FAMU plays State in Orangeburg this year. I will be sure to make it back to my Alma Mata for that game. SC State 24 FAMU 17. The game will be much closer than my prediction, however; State will turn it on in the 2nd half to finish them off.

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