Atlanta Hawks: Spurs win preseason game on buzzer beater

Vivlamore with a quick report on the Hawks preseason game against the Spurs Wednesday night. Although I wasn’t there, I thought I would post a few details to you can have a new blog to discuss the developments.

Here is the Associated Press’ report on the game:

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Nando De Colo hit a 3-pointer with 0.6 seconds remaining to give the San Antonio Spurs a 101-99 victory over the Atlanta Hawks in a preseason game Wednesday night.

Josh Powell scored 14 points and Gary Neal added 12 to lead the Spurs, who played a lineup of mostly reserves and training camp hopefuls.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich decided to rest a number of players, including Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

Center Eddy Curry got his first start of the preseason and finished with 11 points and eight rebounds, while De Colo added nine points and nine assists.

Damion James and Mike Scott led the Hawks with 11 points apiece. Scott scored seven straight points down the stretch for the Hawks, including a 3-pointer to tie the game with 4 seconds left.

Atlanta scored 20 points on 21 turnovers by San Antonio.

In other details I took from the boxscore:

* The Hawks started a lineup of Josh Smith, Al Horford, Lou Williams, James Anderson and James. Smith and Horford each played less than 16 minutes.

* James also led the Hawks with a team-high eight rebounds and four assists.

* Draft picks John Jenkins (nine points in 21 minutes) and Scott (14 minutes) made their exhibition debuts.Former draft pick Keith Benson also saw his first action (10 points in 11 minutes).

* Jeff Teague and Williams, 10 points each, were the Hawks other double-digit scorers.

* Devin Harris, Zaza Pachulia and DeShawn Stevenson, all nursing injuries, and Anthony Morrow did not play.

* The Hawks shot just 38 percent from the field. The Spurs shot 52 percent.

* The Hawks had 23 assists, up from the 19 they had in their exhibition game against the Heat Sunday.

* The Hawks were out-rebounded 47-43.

The Hawks will not practice Thursday so I won’t be able to get reaction from coach Larry Drew and players. I will be posting a couple of stories I’ve been working on. One will be on how the offensive playbook has changed this season. The Hawks next play at Memphis Sunday.

- Chris Vivlamore


* Ivan Johnson returns after offseason of reflection

* Up-tempo offense can’t forget about the low post

* Hawks players to serve at The Varsity

* Harris cleared for full-contact practice

* Q and A with Anthony Tolliver

* Hawks want Teague to be more vocal

* Tolliver out with scratched cornea

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Macaroni Tony

October 11th, 2012
7:38 am

Macaroni Tony

October 11th, 2012
7:44 am

I can’t believe Josh Powell score 14 points, and that’s including a three pointer. He could make a lay-up when he was here for a year.

Macaroni Tony

October 11th, 2012
7:56 am

I also don’t think JT0 will loose his starting spot, but I do like Damian and Keith Benson. I think they both should make team. Also I didn’t know that Mike Scott could hit three pointers.


October 11th, 2012
8:34 am

Sounds like Scott had a good game. Thanks for all the updates keep it comin. I think theres a lot to be learned from those practice lineups and the lineups for these games. Drew is definitely trying to see if he’s got anything in the James’, see how they mesh with what seems like larry’s new ‘core’ of horford josh and lou williams.


October 11th, 2012
8:35 am

Tony. Mike Scott is great man


October 11th, 2012
8:39 am

How did we let Eddy Curry get as many rebounds in one game as he’s had in his entire career?


October 11th, 2012
8:41 am

MT, you never know with LD. I don’t see why he started Lou at PG with Josh and Al. I hope he does not bench Teague. In the game, did JT and Lou play together?

Just Joe

October 11th, 2012
8:44 am

These rooks can definitely score (Benson, Scott, and Jenkins), but they are going to have to prove they can defend. Hawks gave up 30 pts in the 4th quarter to the Spurs bench (no Parker, Ginobli, or Duncan).


October 11th, 2012
9:03 am

James 8 boards coming off the bench. Yes! He was a rebounder in college; keeping that up. We need someone who will go to the floor to wrestle for a ball. Maybe Stevenson can school him on LBJ a bit more; he obv iously isn’t scared of the King…. LBJ is an excellent ballplayer. But, he doesn’t like it when someone mans up on him. If James can at least man up against him, we’ve got a find. Don’t have to have him scoring; we’ve got plenty of guys who can fill it up.


October 11th, 2012
9:27 am

watched the game and thought we looked pretty bad! i’m certainly not an al horford basher in fact he’s one of my favorite players, but last night he was awful defensively. pretty much looked like he had a “who cares” attitude on the defensive end. i know it’s preseason but as an athlete do you ever act as if you don’t care in my opinion. not too good of a shooting game for korver but he is very smart. at one point he had to remind teague and i believe jenkins to come down and box out their guys on an important free throw. funny to me because on the free throw a few possessions earlier i told my son that the guard would have had the rebound if the ft had been missed.

lou seems to be the real deal–just seems to have it.
teague made some bonehead plays with the ball. not sure how many turnovers he had but it seemed like too many.
benson scored pretty good against their bottom tier guys.

the reason powell had 14 points is because the spurs play team ball and anyone can score if put in the right position to score. they move the ball around and play “smart basketball.” we still don’t seem to have any “plays” that put us in a good position to score. pop vs ld–go figure!

as far as the last group that was the floor for us, say bye bye to:
squeeky johnson
james anderson
they looked terrible

scott and benson earned the right for preseason minutes.

with all that said–i still think the hawks will have a solid team–record wise may be a little less wins but i still think they’ll make the playoffs.
go hawks!


October 11th, 2012
9:41 am


YOur analysis is point on. I would have to agree with you almost 100%. just dont see Anderson making it. Too many other sg’s (where he is getting most of his minutes). James seems to be a better fit here.

Im with you too. Im a Horford fan, but his defense looked awful last night. How can you let Eddy Curry beat you off the dribble? Al is gonna have to man up a bit. Its like he plays the game like he is in foul trouble and doesnt want to pick up another foul or something. Maybe if Horford was on a team like the Bulls or Celtics with a definite defensive philosophy, then it wouldnt look so bad. I do agree with what someone said on the previous blog, Defense starts at the PG, Teague, Harris, etc, have to stop penetration from the point. Atlanta interior defense is not that good to compensate for just offering escort service into the lane. Teauge does have that habit of trailing the pg into the lane, but then I think Al gets out of position a lot.


October 11th, 2012
9:45 am

looking like James is having a good preseason so far. I think he started yesterday. I guess as the preseason goes on developing cohesiveness will be important. Korver so far does not deserve to start – and honestly don’t remember him starting anytime in his career. Has always been a hired gun off the bench. I would like to see Jenkins a little more. Also, will Harris actually get some run, on DNP-CD if Lou is playing backup PG?


October 11th, 2012
9:49 am

I have not seen any games, but I did notice on the LBJ dunk – Horford gave no help defense. Maybe he is a little passive on the defensive end because it is preseason?


October 11th, 2012
9:59 am

Mike Scott is the real deal…


October 11th, 2012
10:13 am


Many people thought I was drinking that kool-aid when I said I saw a little bit of Kevin Garrett in Benson. What I meant in saying that was how Benson obviously put in the nessecary work to improve from last season to this season. This Benson is NOT the same Benson of last season. YES, he has a ways to go but just how Kevin Garrett has studied this craft of basketball over the many years he has been in this league to now be put in the “Hall Of Fame” status, I can DEFINITELY see that in Benson. So If Benson could continue to improve on his game by adding to his offensive game, as well as defensively, then I can see a younger version of Mr. KG. (That’s all I’M saying)


October 11th, 2012
10:29 am


you are the eternal optimist. Garnett was a better ball player than Benson at the age of 19.

Benson is already 24.

Hopefully he will become a rotational player down the road, but he can’t be compared to Garnett.


October 11th, 2012
10:40 am

Ok, let me rephase it YET again..NO, Benson is NO Kevin Garrett, but HOPEFULLY can get his work ethic!!

Is that better, vava74????

Buddy Grizzard

October 11th, 2012
10:54 am

Hey guys I posted this link last night before I crashed but I’m still interested in more opinions about whom the Hawks should cut:

Astro Joe

October 11th, 2012
11:04 am

Based on the game highlights on, it looked like the game winning shot was defended by a 10 year-old in a Hawks uniform. WTF?

And I saw that Mike Scott was doing his David West-small-stretch-4 imitation. He took that 3-point shot toward the end of the game like he has done that a few hundred times.


October 11th, 2012
11:15 am

Enter your comments here


October 11th, 2012
11:18 am

Cortar a Muhamad,Petro,Anderson,C.Johnson.Firmar a Keith Benson.


October 11th, 2012
11:25 am


Did not watch any of the two games but 5 minutes of the 4th quarter of the Heat game.

IMO, if we are serious about player development I think we should start the season with 15 guys on the payroll.

We have guys with potential which deserve attention and proximity at least until there is a verdict on them.

My take:

Damion definitively must stay from what I saw and from his boxscores. He is an intangibles guy (however, don’t expect NOT to be frustrated by his lack of offensive game).

Tolliver looked active and dynamic during the few minutes he was on the floor matching his profile as high energy guy. Not a bad treat for a guy who is a fairly long and nimble 6′9”, however, I think we should concentrate in developing prospects, not having vets which ceiling is more or less known.

This year I prefer to show promise and end up in the lottery rather than slipping into the 8th seed.

Looking at the highlights on, Anderson looks to be still working to recover his mobility just by looking at how he was punked by Green last night. He’s out.

So, I think that the candidates for a quick cut are:

Cardell, Muhammed and Anderson (down to 16).

I just wish that they could dump Petro, but it’s highly unlikely so, my guess is that the remaining cuts will be:

Tolliver and Benson or Scott with either Benson or Scott being kept “under our wing” on the NBDL whilst we try to dump Petro.

I understand from your analysis that Scott got scored on with some ease by Powell.

The same way that you failed to analyse Collins’ game properly I think you have always failed to analyse Powell’s game.

Powell’s problem was never his offense: he has a decent touch and decent foot work which probably improved and got a bit polished with his Chinese adventure.

His problem was a bad attitude, namely a lack of effort as if we went to play fully stoned, coped with the fact that he is undersized (he’s a short 6′9”).

Scott has an NBA skill. He shoots well – summer league was not the case, but he is starting to show his stroke – and seems to have good character and be hard working (people that followed him during his College career love his attitude).

People with good character and work ethic improve their play. Will it be enough to compensate his lack of athleticism?

Let me be a little bit MsDee on you: Bird was unathletic but got the job done, so Scott might develop into a 4th big which can score/shoot which would be a decent commodity.


October 11th, 2012
11:25 am

Benson may not be KG, but he could be just as good in the future.

Ken Strickland

October 11th, 2012
11:28 am

JGSBIRDS-I still think it’s a little early to be writing James Anderson off. Other than Anderson, James and Korver, what other viable SF candidates do we have? Even though he’s listed at 6′ 6″, he’s really a SG that’s trying to make the team as a SF. If James ends up as our starting SF and he gets hurt, would you really want a 1 dimensional KKorver as your only viable backup SF option?

If JSmith ends up as our starting SF, that might change things considerably. A SF duo of Josh and James would be formatible, as would a PF trio of Horford, Ivan, and Tolliver or Scott. I could see a center duo of Zaza and Benson, with Horford moving over when needed, with Teague, Harris, Williams, Jenkins, and either Morrow, Korver, or Stevenson rounding out the active 12 man roster.

I can see Scott or Tolliver and Morrow, Korver or Stevenson rounding out the final 15 man roster. If Josh remains at PF things would likely change. We’d need someone more dependable and versatile than Korver backing up DJames, who’s definitely the frontrunner for starting SF. Don’t forget, James is coming off a serious foot or ankle injury and we don’t know if he can hold up as a starter for an entire 82 gm schedule. We have to error on the side of caution on this one and hold onto Anderson.

With Horford as our starting C, we might carry 2 backup Cs, Zaza and Benson. Benson seems to be ahead of Petro so far. However, Drew might count Ivan as a 3rd C ption and just go with Horford and Zaza. We’ll likely carry only 2 PFs on the roster(Josh and Ivan), since Horford can move over when needed. That would make up a 6-7 man frontline(2 SFs, 2-3 Cs, and 2 PFs).

That would leave us with 5-6 backcourt slots to be filled from a group consisting of JTeague, LWilliams, JJenkins, DHarris, AMorrow, KKorver, DStevenson, and JAnderson. That leaves the loser of the Tolliver/Scott battle and 2 members of the 8 man backcourt group to round out the 3 remaining slots on the 15 man roster. Unless things change, I don’t see Petro beating out Benson, considering Ferry’s committent to developing young potential.

Drew and Ferry will have so serious decisions to make on finalizing our 12 and 15 man roster. I can’t remember us having this much talent, especially at so many different positions, since we had the likes of ACarr, CLivingston, JBattle, JKoncak, SWebb, and CCrawford.


October 11th, 2012
12:03 pm


Problem is even if u send one down to nbdl, it still counts as a roster spot. that roster spot doesnt get freed up sending one down to nbdl.

petro stinks but he is making i think 3 mil. i saw a lot of him on nets he isnt good.

if james can hold up i like him as sf. i also want benson on team. he can play center or pf but i only see benson if petro is gone. tolliver is ok.
hawks need to take a look at player development. ferry understands that.

Buddy Grizzard

October 11th, 2012
12:07 pm

“The same way that you failed to analyse Collins’ game properly I think you have always failed to analyse Powell’s game.”

How did I fail to analyze Collins’ and Powell’s games? Powell is an isolation player. The spurs decided to let him isolate against Scott and he went 6-for-7. The problem is we paid a guy $120 million to be our isolation player and it didn’t get us past the second round. Josh Powell was out of the league last year because he isn’t going to take you farther than Joe Johnson. He just happened to get a chance to play in an exhibition for the Spurs against weak defense and play a style that SA never plays.

What I take away from that is that Josh Powell, if he were to make the Spurs, would be their 15th man and somewhere between the 400th and 500th-best player in the NBA this year. I think it’s more likely he plays in Europe, and is not an NBA-caliber player. The fact that he’s a better offensive player than Scott and exposed Scott’s extreme limitations as a defender indicates one simple-to-recognize fact: Mike Scott is not an NBA-caliber player. He should be cut so the Hawks can have 15 NBA players on the roster.


October 11th, 2012
12:15 pm

Teague Harris Korver Smith Horford should be our starters most nights and let deshawn start when we play great wing scorers and bench harris or korver. I like to think with korvers shooting he really demands attention and he can help us get off the first quarter scoring a lot of points. I realize most teams utilize a defensive stopper with their starters like OKC-sefolsha or NYC with shumpert but I think going offense first may get us in a better groove as we have no superstar that will put up 25 a game and we will need points by everyone.

As for the bench I think we are solid with Lou relieving point and 2guard and having ZaZa and Ivan helping out for our bigs. Id like to see toliver,benson,jenkins and morrow getting minutes in situations. so i think our roster should be like
jeff teague/devin harris/lou williams/john jenkins/anthony morrow/deshawn stevenson/kyle korver/anthony tolliver/josh smith/ivan johnson/al horford/zaza pachulia/keith benson/mike scott/ and damion james for our 15. I think anthony morrow will get traded along with petro at some point for a good SF. Interested in seeing if we make a trade before the start of the season or after a few games to see what area we are lacking and try to address it.


October 11th, 2012
12:16 pm

Powell is skilled enough to score on an exhibition game against a substantial number of players in the league. A substantial number.

It’s not like Scott got scored on by Petro, who is a completely useless on offense, so I don’t think your assessment of Scott failing to stop him as a huge indictment on his inability to play in the NBA fair.

Scott is playing his first games as a pro, so I think to consider a guy who seems to have a NBA skill at a high level (shooting) not an NBA caliber player after a few minutes highly premature.


October 11th, 2012
12:21 pm

remember when an accountatnt came on here and cahllenged me about the concpt of creative accounting in the nba, by owners and specifically the asg:

interesting story and just the tip of the iceburg.

“if you arent cheating you arent trying” in our world these days, like a mantra. armstrong, barry, roger …


October 11th, 2012
12:47 pm

Hawks looked good last night aside from the loss. Damion James is a high energy 3. He was crazy active, constantly cutting to the hoop when the post was doubled and crashing the boards.

The Hawks made it a point to push the rock on every possession. I love the speed of the new Hawks.

Keith Benson, Damion James and Tolliver should make the team. I haven’t been too impressed with Morrow. He did not play in San Antonio. He was terrible vs Miami


October 11th, 2012
12:53 pm

Negatives: The defensive rotations have been slow especially to the 3-point line. I also don’t like that the plays tend to create jump shots and less layups. My biggest issue is that they are still a small team.


October 11th, 2012
1:00 pm

I guess the coaches have 5 more games to sort it out. I do agree with Ken, it is nice to have to make some tough decisions. I even liked Jordan Farmar, but already two guys in the Joe Johnson deal never made it to camp. Based on the blogs, collectively nobody seems to think Petro is any good.


October 11th, 2012
1:15 pm

From Bill Simmons on grantland;

If Thunder GM Sam Presti doesn’t lock Harden up by Halloween, Harden will play out the 2012-13 season and become eligible for a restricted free-agent offer. The odds of a well-below-the-cap team like Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland or Utah offering Harden “the max” (the highest they can go: four years, $64 million) are basically off the board in Vegas. He’s getting that money from someone..

I would take Harden for 4 years, $64 mil.


October 11th, 2012
1:16 pm

The sooner they get rid of Petro the better. Dude is absolute garbage… Whoever gave him that last contract should not be a GM of any team.

Astro Joe

October 11th, 2012
1:18 pm

Glad to hear that James may be carving out a roster spot on the team. High energy guys typically don’t sustain their effectiveness for more than 15-18 minutes/game. So hopefully, some combination of James, Korver and Josh can effectively cover the 48 minutes at SF.

The Truth

October 11th, 2012
1:28 pm

If Philly can Amnesty Elton Brand and eat his 16M or the Wizard eating Blatche 34M contract, I’m sure Danny can buyout Petro contract perhaps worth less than 1M.

Just call it the cost of doing business from JJ relief


October 11th, 2012
1:32 pm

October 11th, 2012
1:16 pm

“…Whoever gave him that last contract should not be a GM of any team.”

We are talking about Billy King himself! The same guy who took JJ’s contract!


October 11th, 2012
1:51 pm

o’b, i would like to see harden and lou on a roll. i think lou is going to be very entertaining and maybe wasnt in the best situation in philly playing for collins. resign josh and zaza and many holes filled for a while.

The Truth

October 11th, 2012
2:01 pm

“I would take Harden for 4 years, $64 mil” – O’B

I’m sorry but I’ll pass. Max money players are unstoppable. Harden (6′5″) SG is not. His moves are becoming predictable and repetitive. If the Hawks make the mistake of replacing one bad contract (JJ) for another then shame on them.

Najeh Davenpoop

October 11th, 2012
2:07 pm

“i’m certainly not an al horford basher in fact he’s one of my favorite players, but last night he was awful defensively. pretty much looked like he had a “who cares” attitude on the defensive end.”

It was a preseason game. Al was probably thinking that it is not worth going all out guarding someone 100 pounds heavier than him in preseason and getting injured, and he would be completely justified to do so.

Marvin, Horford and Jon Kontract

October 11th, 2012
2:07 pm

If Philly can Amnesty Elton Brand and eat his 16M or the Wizard eating Blatche 34M contract

,-The Truth

Yes, and we should have Zero issues with Danny amnestying Al Escort service Horford..

I’m so glad that Danny nor Drew is stupid enough to move Josh, one of the best POWER FORWARDS in the NBA to make room for a very average offensive and mildly able defensive Al Horford.. This is being suggest by the idiots who thought that Larry Phew was an upgrade for Woodson.

Amnesty Al and Lets upgrade with Jefferson.. Trade or amnesty al Start Zaza until something can be worked out. If Zaza plays up to his potential, then keep Zaza as the starter and Address the center problem after the summer.

We will not and Cannot win a championship with Al Horford at any position. No way is moving Al to another position going to make the Hawks a better team.

At least Drew is smart enough to Let Lou Williams and Harris Run With Josh, That raises the level of play and game smarts which is what teague lacks.

Najeh Davenpoop

October 11th, 2012
2:08 pm

“I would take Harden for 4 years, $64 mil.”

That is a fair price for Harden, but he is no better than Joe in my opinion. It would be no different than the 2005 acquisition of Joe as far as what it does for this team’s fortunes. The goal for this team should be to get a legit superstar who can lead them to a title eventually, and Harden is not that guy.

Najeh Davenpoop

October 11th, 2012
2:10 pm

I just hope LD is smart enough to realize what a scrub Petro is and nail his ass to the bench. I figure Zaza is probably going to get most if not all of the backup C minutes behind Al, so the chances of Petro playing much in the regular season are slim, but even then, I’d rather see the Hawks just go small with the second unit if Zaza or Al ever gets injured.


October 11th, 2012
2:16 pm


i agree with u about harden but assuming howard and bynum are out,where r the hawks going to get that next star?what ould be your plan?

Good Re Post from last night

October 11th, 2012
2:18 pm


October 10th, 2012
11:42 pm

Danny you have got to fix your interior defense! Just pitiful!

You already know Al is not Joakim in the paint..Just painful to watch the d get blown up by another elite..

Big Ray

October 10th, 2012
9:24 pm

I wish this game was on tv where I could see it….I am not in the mood for streaming anything via computer.

I know preseason doesn’t matter but…..

It sounds as if Horford hasn’t changed a whole lot as far as his attitude about playing defense down low. Then again, when a Horford hater is calling the play-by-play…it brings a whole new meaning to the words “color commentator


October 11th, 2012
2:19 pm


also getting jefferson in replace of horford or smith wont do it to me either. also teague,zaza r free agents in addition to smith after this season


October 11th, 2012
2:27 pm

ND – I agree why trade one bad contract for another. Hardin is not worth max money. Also, it was a preseason game and I think we would all be up in arms if Al got hurt in the preseason.


October 11th, 2012
2:31 pm

@ Ken Strickland

Anderson is probably as good as cut. At best he is a long shot to make it. LD hasnt really used him as a SF option. He seemed to be using D James in that role. As far as the SF rotation, it looks like Korver/DJames will get the bulk of minutes there, though Tolliver,Josh, and maybe Morrow or Stevenson will see some minutes there too.

At SG, still waiting to see Devin Harris out there, plus Lou gets minutes and still has JJ, and Stevenson to play there as well.

As far as the 3rd Center, Petro or Benson. I just dont think both will make it. Petro, still is in the lead simply because he is guaranteed 3 mill. LD likes that 3rd center, and wants a guy that will go out and give out some hard fouls and get physical. Petro has been in the league and though basically useless, LD might be inclined to trust him over Benson. Petro only sees the floor against Dwight or Bynum. He would be in a suit 70% of the time.

Good Re Post from last night

October 11th, 2012
2:36 pm


the commentator is criticising Al for poor play and is being reduced to hater >LOL

You cant criticize Al or his cult members attack you as hater…LOL Could it possibly that Al is just sorry?

MORE Good RE Post

Luke Cage

October 10th, 2012
10:08 pm

Marvin Horford and Kontract

With Al Jefferson, aka The Black Hole, when that ball goes into the post, it will never come back out, Jefferson does not pass at all. Besides what has he done is his career with 3 teams besides make it to the 8th seed??

Marvin, Horford and Jon Kontract -

Yes I agree, Jefferson is a 1st option who demands the ball and require double/triple teams….- agreed that hes looking to score and not pass. That’s exactly what I want my first option to do. and he does it very well.

Why hasn’t the 3 teams hes played on got out of to the second round?

if I’m not mistaken 8th seeds play the 1st seeds and that on the road to the home of the first seed. I think a clearer question would have been how many 8th seeds have beaten 1st seeds?

I dont expect Jefferson to win a world championship by his self. The hawks need to be able to play inside out as well as outside in to get to the next level , with Josh, Williams Harris and more the complementary and role pieces are in place and I believe Jefferson would be the 1st option and cause the whole thing to gel.

One thing is for sure., Al aint that piece.

Marvin Horford and Kontract

October 10th, 2012
10:01 pm

Ray you remind me of a bible verse that says you swallow a camel but strain at a gnat.

Jefferson sat on the bench is first couple years, with Boston, so he the 3rd option at center his rookie and 1st year,,(behind shaq and I believe Perkins.),

As a starter ( the last five years) his number dwarf Al’s. but rather than be a man and acknowledge that you keep trying to strain on a gnat and say well if you count the 2 years when he was a 3rd option bench players then I can find 1 category where his number is slightly better than Al’s…

To which continues why my respect for you diminishes. I once had the mistake of thinking you were a man to be respected… now I wonder if you are a man.

The reality is in the last five years 19.8 ppg, 10.3 rbs 1.62bks compared to al 12.7ppg 9.rbs, 1.1blk

So clearly this guy is a much better talent than Al. and could help the hawks. and he makes only 2mil more than Al

Our center position is the position that is most imperative to upgrade if we are going past the second round. It is impossible for us to get pass the second round was Al as a starter in the front court. So I will continue to make it known that we need a change here until one is made. You guys did it against woodson and you did it against marvin Well dont leave all out of the package he needs to go too, or be a bench player.

Bottom line is if you replace Horford with Jefferson we have a legitimate chance to get to the championship game.

With Al we are just pissing in the wind.

Jefferson last five years 19.8 ppg,| 10.3 rbs |1.6bks

Al Horford last five years 12.7ppg | 9.1 .rbs ,| 1.1blks


October 11th, 2012
2:36 pm

Lou Williams is a very good ball handler….I think once he becomes familiar with the offense he will become more effected.

JT seems more relax running the offense but he still need to improve his ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Defensively he’s alot better.

Keith Benson has to take the bull by the horns and take that position. He need to be more physical and show some attitude.

I like Mike Scott’s toughness. He is a very good scorer and he doesn’t force shots. I like him.

Ivan Johnson need to play smarter and be less aggressive. If he does that the sky’s the limit.