Atlanta Hawks: Exhibition opens with 92-79 win over Heat

Vivlamore reporting from Philips Arena. Here is my game story from exhibition opener against Heat.

The Hawks defeated the defending NBA champion Heat Sunday.

Yes, it’s just a preseason game. But it’s a good start for these new-look Hawks who are implementing a new style, with different offensive and defensive schemes, on a roster that currently has 14 new players.

Josh Smith scored 21 points and newcomers Lou Williams (18) and DeShawn Stevenson (11) were in double-figures in the Hawks’ 92-79 victory over the Heat at Philips Arena. The Heat did play with three of the Big Four with LeBron James (24 minutes), Chris Bosh (23 minutes) and Ray Allen (27 minutes). Dwyane Wade did not play.

The Heat led 26-19 after the first quarter. However, the Hawks outscored the Heat in all three remaining quarters, including by nine points in both the second and fourth stanzas.

“We were a little rusty early on,” Smith said. “After the first quarter, we tightened it up on the defensive end, got some stops, pushed the ball pretty good.”

Jeff Teague started at point guard, but coach Larry Drew used Williams at the position for much of his time in the game. Williams hit 5 of 6 from the field, including 2 of 3 from 3-point range. The Hawks collectively shot 38.1 percent (8 of 21) from beyond the arc.

“I was very happy with the way he led the team,” Drew said. “He was a point for us tonight. In the past he’s played a lot off the ball where he’s been predominately a scorer. He’s been playing some point guard through training camp and I wanted to use him in that capacity tonight. He was aggressive when he had to be. He got us into an offense when we needed to be. I was extremely, extremely happy with how well he defended.”

Smith and Teague said the Hawks were “rusty” for their first game of a new season. New players are still learning – and getting comfortable with – the new schemes.

“A lot of it is just implementing our whole system and being comfortable with it and not having to think about it but it’s your natural reaction,” Kyle Korver said. “Are we forcing high? Are we forcing low? What is our coverage going to be? I’m speaking for myself, I’m still thinking. That just takes reps. This is a different system. We have a lot of new guys, getting used to a lot of new faces. It’s just going to take some time.”

Bosh led all scorers with 22 points. He scored 11 of the Heat’s first 13 points of the second half as they temporarily took a one-point lead, 58-57, early in the third quarter. It would be their last lead. The Hawks went on a 14-6 run to start the fourth quarter, building a 12-point lead, and cruised.

Drew said he was pleased with the Hawks defensive energy, the team’s effort defending the paint and contesting shots after the first quarter and the chemistry. He wanted to see more than the 19 assists but said that will come as the offense clicks.

“My main objective with this team is to get them in a defensive-mind presence every time they step out on the court,” Drew said.

At one point during the game, Drew was shouting instructions when Smith told the coach ‘We’ve got this.’ The forward said he and his teammates must learn to play instinctually.

“We want to get the guys some confidence to play defense by themselves, try to figure out what plays will work for us instead of always having to look for guidance,” Smith said. “We need to play in the flow and not always have to look to him when we are in a half-court set.”

The Hawks had a starting lineup of Al Horford, Stevenson, Teague, Korver and Smith. He said the group will likely change for the next exhibition game, Wednesday at San Antonio.

Keith Benson, John Jenkins, Carldell Johnson, Isma’il Muhammad and Mike Scott did not play. Drew said that was by design with a roster of 19 players.

Zaza Pachulia (groin) and Devin Harris (knee) did not dress out for the game. Both have been limited practice participants during training camp. Drew said he was “almost certain” each would play during the exhibition season.

- Chris Vivlamore


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I was There...

October 8th, 2012
12:46 am

One last thing…

John and mike Scott already have contracts through the season. So it makes sense for Drew to look at the guys who he knows he’s goingt to have to cut (Or at least most of them)

Also, Keith Benson Didn’t play either, but i’m in favor of him taking Petro’s roster spot Right NOW!


October 8th, 2012
1:01 am

Im just going go say where are the horford haters, 6rebs 4rebs where offensive and 4 block. just monster def. Boss mode.


October 8th, 2012
1:52 am

Even if J Jenkins isn’t gonna start, he needs pt. LD may play him out like Salim Stoudomire.

Hawks Blog Legend Worldwide Clyde

October 8th, 2012
2:22 am

The visiting team has a television broadcast but the home team doesn’t. SMGDH

Here are the video highlights.


October 8th, 2012
2:56 am

With this being a contract season for Teague, I wouldn’t mind Ferry testing the market of a two for one with Teague being part of the two offered. I think James and Anderson need to find a way to stay on the team. I actually would take both of them before Tolliver. Mainly because Tolliver is already the player he will be. James and Anderson are developing into the unknown. And if they’re already providing good defense, that is what’s lacking the most on the team. Besides, I would rather have Blair for a 2nd round pick over Tolliver anyway.


October 8th, 2012
4:50 am

Why didn’t John Jenkins play???? Don’t hype this guy like he was the 1st rounder we coveted and then fail to give him a single minute on the court

steven a smith

October 8th, 2012
6:32 am

The guys who did not play Sunday will get 2nd unit minutes the next game you bunch of “Whiners.”

steven a smith

October 8th, 2012
6:35 am

Anyone who believes that Al Horford is an NBA Center and that Jeff Teague is the best Point Guard on this team is not very smart! Closer to being an IDIOT or LUNATIC.


October 8th, 2012
7:21 am

I’m sure the coaches that chose Al, not once but twice, to represent the East as an All Star Center have nothing on you. Speaking of idiotic, say hi to Skip for me.


October 8th, 2012
7:39 am

I wish I was as smart as you guys. You just took up from last year, and its just the ex game.


October 8th, 2012
8:21 am

I Was There,
Thanks for the info. I especially liked the note on Damion James, where he stuffed LBJ. A kid with a set. Gotta love that. He was a strong rebounder in college. That was a clue he has defensive instincts. With Stevenson to guide him, he should stay defensively focused.
Interesting pix of Williams with his arm around Josh, hamming it up on the bench. That’s one long arm for a short guy. If he keeps those long arms in the passing lanes, we’ll all love it.


October 8th, 2012
8:30 am

This is where someone copies and pastes from their previous 30 blogs under 30 blog names saying how soft Al is, how he made made the All Star game due to “lack of talent” and the playoff game where he had 7 turnovers. Another blog will be posted and we’ll see the same ‘lunatic’ posts again. Excited to see what Al and josh can do as the leaders on this team this year.


October 8th, 2012
8:37 am

I couldn’t watch the game (only 5 min in the 4th quarter) so I am more interested in knowing the following:


Shot selection, improvement or not? I saw that he shot a 3, was it at the buzzer or Josh being Josh?

Long 2s? If there were many long 2s, was there at least any consistency on the location of the shot?

(IMO, one of the worst problems with Josh is that he does not rely on sweet spots – although I think many of his errant 2s and 3s came out of lack of shot-clock following JJ pounding)


Only 5 shots, but, in the paint? Face up spot shots? Anything with his back to the basket?

On Teague:

The few minutes I got to see, he was horrible. He does have a tendency to lower his effort in certain circumstances and I am now convinced – PERFECTLY CONVINCED – that he is not suited for a traditional PG role.

Teague needs to have green light to attack the rim and score and only then the rest of his game will come, including distributing for others. He simply does not have the tools to be a pass first PG and that showed in the way that he had 3 TOs on 3 pick n roll plays where he tried to pass without putting effort and his mind in doing it right.

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
8:40 am

“Also Lou played mainly against Miami’s second unit while Teague played mainly against Miami’s Starting unit.”

Norris Cole started at point guard. Terrel Harris was backup point guard. Both of these players are second unit players. Nevertheless “starting” point guard Cole didn’t score a single basket while defended by Williams. I can break down the exact number of minutes Cole was guarded by Teague and Williams if you like.


October 8th, 2012
9:10 am

I want to see how this line up looks together Teague, Lou, Anderson, Josh, and Benson. I want to see how Benson plays with Josh on defensive end we finnally have another shot blocker to team with him since Solo left.

Mike is Back

October 8th, 2012
9:31 am

Wow, didn’t see the game…GOT caught up in Bird fever yesterday…I hope to catch the rewind on NBA TV.

Teague, forget your detractors…JUST BE ready to go when the regular season starts…that’s when it counts…FOLK!!

GREAT START TO THE PRESEAON…GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was There...

October 8th, 2012
9:35 am

Buddy G,

I was making that statement was in relation to Teagues ability to attack off the Pick n’ roll, not in relation to his defensive prowess. I just meant that getting doubled off the pick by LeBron & Norris Cole while having Bosh & Battier eyeing you in the paint is a lot different than Lou getting Doubled by Terrell Harris & Robert Dozier while having Josh Harrelson man the paint..

No excuse for Teague on D, but they DID run him through a lot of picks lol. Sometimes I saw extreme effort and other times he would just go under the screen. Either way it was probably annoying for him….but that’s his job.


Yeah that three by Josh came after 22 seconds of solid D from Miami. He had no choice. Nobody else had anything and they dumped it to josh as a bailout.

I only counted Five jumpers for josh one from 15ft (make) a 13 footer from the corner (miss) one from 8ft(make) an 18ft jumper in transition from the top ft the Free Throw circle (Miss) and the Three point shot with the shot clock expiring (miss).

Most of his shots came from doing work in the paint. He made LeBron look helpless while posting him up lol.

On Horford: You’ve seen Miami in the playoffs and how well they clog the lane. With that being said, Horford posted up once at the end of the game. It was a nice spin move and bank off the glass. He hit one fifteen foot jumper and got an ally-oop from Teague. Other than that he was just playing solid D. He and Smoove made it miserable for Miami in limited time.

You could tell this was more about the camp invites as Teague, Smoove, and Horf gave them pletny of oppoutunites to establish themselves and get comfortable. They only have a few games to make and impression and it seems like our “core 3″ were aware of that.

The vets that we brought in were obviously getting theirs because they are playing for rotational minutes, but everyone was very unselfish especially Teague & Horf.

Josh had Three blocks by my count & Teague Had a nice one on Norris Cole in transition but the ref call goal tending but it looked good to me. Smoove had one called a foul but on the replay it looked like he got all ball.

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
9:36 am

Pretty funny article where Marvin Williams says “I’m very satisfied with where I came from and what I’m working toward.”

The funniest part is what your boy Al Jefferson says though:

“Most [small forwards] can’t defend him on the block and he can step out and put the ball on the floor and can shoot it.”

LOL small forwards? I seem to recall Marvin getting shut down in the post by point guards.

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
9:39 am

“I want to see how Benson plays with Josh on defensive end.”

Me too… Petro is a COMPLETE stiff.

Lisa S.

October 8th, 2012
9:41 am

Saw the game the other night. This team looks really good. I am a big big fan of Josh Smith and can not understand why he has not been an all star. On the other hand, I watched Horfy have the best game of his career. That being said, the brotha has about as much talent as one of the Kardashians, when compared to other NBA Centers. He is just waaaaay too soft.

I was There...

October 8th, 2012
9:43 am

Yeah The Teague/Lou combination never got to happen because they were the only two guards capable of manning the point. But I get the feeling it’s going to be CRAZY when you add Harris and Jenkins to the rotation. I can’t wait.

Astro Joe

October 8th, 2012
9:50 am

Buddy, sounds like Marvin thinks of himself as a grown man and not simply a basketball player. I guess I resemble that comment, as I hope my eulogy isn’t a reading of my LinkedIn profile.

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
9:56 am

“No excuse for Teague on D, but they DID run him through a lot of picks lol. Sometimes I saw extreme effort and other times he would just go under the screen.”

He would have been better off going under screens. It’s not like Cole was raining down jumpers. The problem is Teague knows the pick is coming, but he doesn’t fight through it. He feels the slightest contact and lets the man he’s guarding get a step.

It seems like nobody ever taught Teague the concept of “beating the man to the spot.” Elite defenders know where their opponent wants to go, and they get their first to impede that player’s progress. Teague doesn’t do this. He’s easily taken out of plays and constantly following his man on defense.

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
9:57 am

get *there first sry

I was There...

October 8th, 2012
10:00 am


Yeah Lebron tried to post Lou and went for a fadeaway and Lou blocked him. Second time i’ve seen him do that to LBJ. The other one is on youtube. It was a Pro-Am event during the lockout last year.


Josh loves the Elbows near the FT line. BUT I can honestly say his misses were due to Miami forcing him out of the paint OR clogging the lane with three/four bodies to discourage him from posting up. So most of his misses were due to him trying to force the issue instead of passing back out to set something else up.

I will say that on those specific plays I was not paying attention to the shot clock so I can’t tell you if time was a factor in his decision making there. I’m guessing it was because LeBron was guarding him and trying to push him out of the paint so it took him longer than usual to get in a comfortable position to receive the ball. He was doubled a few times but he pretty much had his way down there as Miami was mainly focused on our perimeter attack as far as doubling in concerned.


October 8th, 2012
10:05 am

I watched the game online yesterday and I agree with the observation that the poster “I was There” made. Clearly you can see the Core 3 making an effort to get the new guys up to speed. Teague will be fine when the regular season starts. Just like most veterans, they will coast thru the preseason to try to avoid injures. I wouldn’t read too much into an establish player performance. Pre-Season is a time to evaluate the new players and set rotations.


October 8th, 2012
10:10 am

Rusty I agree. steven a smith is the dumbest blogger on the team.

Lisa S.

October 8th, 2012
10:12 am

imo Jeff Teague should not be starting. Jeff is too passive of a player and needs to be more assertive. He needs more attitude or swag, if you will.

I was There...

October 8th, 2012
10:13 am


Shockingly Cole was hitting his jumpers lol. But I agree with your point. Teague looked lazy at times. I don’t think he expected Cole to do his best Tony Parker impression but that’s beside the point. Teague definitely has to step up in that area. I expect drew to address the issue and clean it up before the regular season. We might just need to trap when they screen him to buy more time.

I’m not that hard on Teague in that area after Being exposed to Bibby for so long, but If Teague is gonna make that jump to another level he needs to be pushed.


October 8th, 2012
10:56 am

For all yall Andrew Nicholson fans,

1-5 (FG), 3 rbs, 5 fouls, only 4 points all in a little under 16min..yea, its ONLY preseason, BUT DANG

Ken Strickland

October 8th, 2012
11:04 am

I WAS THERE-I know I asked those who got to see the gms for SOME info on how certain players were performing, but baby you brought an entire freight train load of info. Thanks a million for your efforts. Many seem to be reaching at straws for any excuse to criticize certain players.

Otherwise, how in the devil can anyone judge a player solely on his performance during the teams 1st exhibition gm while totally ignoring what he did during an entire regular season? WHERE’S THE DOGGONE LOGIC? This isn’t a lockout season, so we’ll have our full compliment of exhibition gms to evaluate all of our players in camp, so chill.

If DJames and JAnderson continue performing the way their performances in our 1st exhibition gm has been described, then we’ll be solid at the SF position, especially defensively. I’ve been going over our SG candidates, and I’ve come to the conclusion that our best candidates to start are JJenkins and DHarris, since LWilliams will almost certainly come off the bench.

Harris is the most experienced, while Jenkins is the least experienced. Jenkins is the most consistent and versatile outside shooter, and adds a bit more size and height to the SG position. He definitely lacks Harris’ athleticism, ball handling, passing, DEF, and penetrating abilities. Money and the ability to be resigned, just might be the deciding factor in starting Harris at SG rather than PG.

Teague will be a RFA, so we can retain him by simply matching any offer he receives. But with Harris being an UFA, we might have to end up in a bidding war to resign him, especially if he has a bounce back season. You also have to realize that Harris is a seasoned vet, and isn’t likely to get much better.

On the other hand, Teague has nothing but room for improvement entering only his 2nd yr as a starter. And the fact that in his 1st yr as a starter he managed to outperform Harris statistically, as a much lower scoring option, can’t be ignored. Bottomline, in Teague, Harris and Williams, we have 3 players that would provide a tremendous upgrade over anything we’ve had at PG since the days of Mookie Blaylock.

I’m going to have a ball watching opposing PGs try to stay in front of Teague, Williams and Harris and keep them out of the lane and off the FT line for an entire gm. Up until last yr, PG had been a problem for the Hawks for over a decade. In fact, it was such a problem that over the last 7yrs we’ve drafted BDiaw, SStaudemire, RSparrow, ALaw, Pape Sy, and JTeague to play PG. We actually tried to convert JJohnson to PG. We ended up trading for MBibby before trading him for KHinrich.

Now, we have 3 PG candidates that are head and shoulders above all of the others listed.

Ken Strickland

October 8th, 2012
11:20 am

I WAS THERE-If Josh ever gets his head together and realizes the advantages that little square above the rim offers him, he’ll become a far more effective and consistent scorer. It just doesn’t make much sense for a player that doesn’t have much of a shooting touch, or midrange gm, to always shoot for the rim while ignoring the bank shot.

If he worked on developing a bank shot, he wouldn’t have to wrestle on the block with stronger players to get close enough to shoot his jump hook. With a bank shot, all he’d have to do to be effective is get an angle and not worry about being close to the rim. TDuncan has no touch at all as a jumpshooter, but he’s mastered a very effective bank shot to more than compensate.

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
11:35 am

“I’m not that hard on Teague in that area after Being exposed to Bibby for so long, but If Teague is gonna make that jump to another level he needs to be pushed.”

This gets to the heart of the matter. Teague was such an upgrade defensively from JC1 and Bibby that we initially thought he was better than he really is. Now that we have Lou here, we see what real defensive hustle at the point guard position looks like. This guy got posted up by LeBron and BLOCKED HIS SHOT!!

So now our standards can get raised, and Teague no longer gets a free pass because he’s not as terrible as Bibby. Whoever said Lou is LD’s new Jamal Crawford, just say no! Lou is more talented on offense and actually tries on defense. There is no comparison between Lou and JC1. Lou is a better player in every facet of the game. He may not be a better dribbler, but he is a better point guard than JC1.


October 8th, 2012
11:51 am

There is no question in my mind that JT is playing his game exactly like LD is telling him to do which is a pass first pg. For what ever reason LD does not want to put him in a situation to succeed,maybe because it puts him in a bad light for playing MB & in bringing in KH,hey maybe he just hates him.

The Truth

October 8th, 2012
12:03 pm

After further review, I actually recorded this game on the Sun Sport Network. My thoughts:

To watch this 1st preseason game on TV against the Heat, the players of both teams were clearly trying to shoot-off the rust, so let’s called this 1st game an elaborated pickup game where the stats might be misleading. Also, consider the opponent, the Heat: a team still beaming from their championship run is now elevated to celebrity status (in their mind) probably pre-occupied with an upcoming China trip immediately after this game. So their focus weren’t exactly that high to leave with a win.

As the announcers put it, the win means more to LD and the Hawks who are tying to completely rebuild their offense with mostly new players. So the projected rotational players needed more reps evidence by the minutes they played, the TOs the FT%, FG%, etc. However, there were moments throughout the game when the Heat rotational players including Lebron and Bosh were really playing to win but the more focused Hawks with timely offense and defense resistance broke their will midway into the 4th qtr.

Regardless of the rust on offense, Teague played non-aggressive most of the time. He mostly looked to bring the ball up in a half-court set and “defer” to his teammate or facilitate set plays for others. When I saw this, I thought about Mike Bibby. Maybe it was just his strategy not to show much and just tinker with the “new” offense.

Lou Williams, on the other hand, was very aggressive. He took what the defense gave him. If there were opportunities, Lou made them pay either with an assist or through his own creative offense. His playmaking ability will be problematic for most teams.

Regarding the contest between D. James, J Anderson and A. Tolliver, I think D James was the most active and showed more on defense and rebounding overlooking the rust on offense. But to be fair, he played the most minutes (27:03 min) and successfully guarded the prima-donna player (Lebron) compared to Tolliver (14:53 min) and Anderson (11:05 min). With the depth at PF position, I thought Tolliver would be auditioning for SF as well since that is the position of need. But he played PF the entire time (in this game). I would speculate Tolliver’s success to make the roster solely depends on Josh being able to play SF full time and Scott not being the answer. But since Josh best work (even in this game) is at PF that would make Tolliver and even farther long shot.


October 8th, 2012
12:18 pm

Buddy you are always knocking JT’s defensive play while always bragging about KH’s defense, this really makes you look bad,


October 8th, 2012
12:20 pm

JT will play exactly like LD tells him or else he will be riding the pine.

Rod from College Park

October 8th, 2012
12:21 pm

“So now our standards can get raised, and Teague no longer gets a free pass because he’s not as terrible as Bibby. Whoever said Lou is LD’s new Jamal Crawford, just say no! Lou is more talented on offense and actually tries on defense. There is no comparison between Lou and JC1. Lou is a better player in every facet of the game. He may not be a better dribbler, but he is a better point guard than JC1.”

LOL. You made all these observations off of a pre-season game. Lou Williams is no where near the defensive player Teague is and he ain’t much better than Jamal Crawford defensively either. I have no idea where you get that he is more talented offesively. He has never been asked to run the point for any of his career, so how you come up with your conclusions is beyond me. Ask any of the Philly fans how good defensively Lou Williams is, and ask Iggy, and I’m sure they will give you the correct answer. Defense is not and has never been his strong suit. He is a younger Jamal Crawford, and LD will be making a mistake trying to make him run the point, just like he did with Jamal if he does that. No need for him to run the point for any extended amout of time with two much better point guards on the roster. He is a guy who has the ability to run the point, but should be used as a scorer.


October 8th, 2012
12:35 pm

“He has never been asked to run the point for any of his career, so how you come up with your conclusions is beyond me.”

“Jeff Teague started at point guard, but coach Larry Drew used Williams at the position for much of his time in the game.”

Reading is fundamental.


October 8th, 2012
1:04 pm

I like our team.

Danny Ferry has put together a team that has potential to grow.
No more stagnated core.

`Tis fun to imagine the possibilities.

A deep group with diverse skills – hopefully – that plays balls to the wall.

LD = 30 games


October 8th, 2012
1:08 pm

Chris Vivlamore ‏@ajchawks
#Hawks’ Anthony Tolliver to miss some time after suffering a scratched cornea Sunday. DeShawn Stevenson (soreness) limited in practice.

Hawks are good

October 8th, 2012
1:08 pm

Greatest lead ever written! Really stands out – good job, great effort!

darrell starks

October 8th, 2012
1:10 pm

Rod from College Park, Thanks bro Teague is the Hawks starting PG point blank period, why some of the bloggers continue to make false assumption is beyond midnight.

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was There...

October 8th, 2012
1:10 pm

Ken Strickland,

Thanks! I was ready for some NBA action so I enjoyed writing a breakdown. When push comes to shove, Teague shows up on D. Not really worried about him at all. He is the head of the snake now so there will be more attention paid to him. He will have to adjust and it will take time but JT knows how to elevate his game. Not worried one bit.

Teague has a very high ceiling in my opinion. I agree with your theory about who starts alongside him. Having Teague and Harris in the same backcourt is just as potent on a fastbreak as having LeBron. Especially when you consider all the horses we have. I wouldn’t be opposed to Jenkins starting with him either though. It seems like a Win/Win situation.

I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be excited with all of the talented guards on the roster as opposed to years past. I think the last seven years for the Hawks have proven how important it is to have a potent PG on your roster. I would love to see D-Harris back here next season with Teague. If things go well, we could see a few guys from this roster coming back.

I think Josh will be better about staying closer to the basket this season, he definitely benefited from all of the attention Miami paid to our wings. I’ve seen Smoove use the bank in the past and then go away from it. I don’t know why. Maybe his high release is an issue because I have seen him miss a few as well, but it would be a nice addition to his arsenal. He has more on his shoulders with Joe gone and from his interviews it seems like he is embracing that.

darrell starks

October 8th, 2012
1:13 pm

I hope Danny Ferry find a back up center behind Zaza.

Zaza must starte at center.

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!


October 8th, 2012
1:15 pm

daaamm i was there sounds like the ole bball coach, none other than hubie. bring it on bro!


October 8th, 2012
1:18 pm

I did not see the game. But I am hoping that the only reason Lou played those minutes at PG is because Harris didn’t play. IMO, Teague and Harris should split PG minutes, and give Lou minutes at SG.

As much as I would like to see JJ2 play, I am not surprised LD didn’t give him any minutes. When the regular season starts, I would be surprised if JJ2 gets regular minutes.

LD is in his last year, and will try and win as many games as he can. So I think he will depend on his SG veterans more (Stevenson, Williams and Morrow). Jenkins can shoot, but so can Morrow and Korver. Jenkins will have to continue to work hard in practice, and take advantage of his opportunities, whenever they arise.

If multiple veterans play well, then I think Ferry will make a deal at the trade deadline.


October 8th, 2012
1:21 pm

John Jenkins ‏@JohnnyCashVU23
“@THEDJHYBRID: #ThreeWordsOfAdvice Holy, Humble, and Hungry ~@JohnnyCashVU23~”yessir

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
1:23 pm

“Buddy you are always knocking JT’s defensive play while always bragging about KH’s defense, this really makes you look bad.”

Why does that make me look bad? Teague has elite quickness and is a poor defender. KH does NOT have elite quickness and is NOT a poor defender.

Buddy Grizzard

October 8th, 2012
1:25 pm

This made me LOL:

“Lou Williams is no where near the defensive player Teague is.”