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Atlanta Hawks: Knicks assistant Kenny Atkinson to join Hawks staff

Kenny Atkinson is set to join the Hawks as an assistant coach on Larry Drew’s staff.

Atkinson, a Knicks player development coach since the 2008-09 season, gained notice when former Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin credited Atkinson with aiding his development prior to Lin becoming a media sensation last season. The Daily News reported that Knicks boss James Dolan had wanted Atkinson fired because he thought Atkinson was leaking info to media and that the Knicks also wouldn’t allow Atkinson to leave for a position on Portland’s staff two years ago

It’s not immediately clear what Atkinson’s role would be with the Hawks but he apparently will replace one of the four holdover assistants on Drew’s staff: Lester Conner, Bob Bender, Kenny Gattison and Tyrone Hill. Nick Van Exel has been the team’s player development instructor for the past two seasons.

New Hawks GM Danny Ferry said one of his goals is to to improve the organization’s player development program.

Michael Cunningham, …

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Atlanta Hawks: Podcast: Offseason review

I joined Matt Moore of for a podcast reviewing the Hawks’ offseason so far. My segment begins at about 18:30 but, by all means, also check out the opening with Jason Walker of Peachtree Hoops.

Michael Cunningham, Hawks beat
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Atlanta Hawks: Jeff Teague looks forward to being ‘focal point’

Caught up with Jeff Teague at the Hawks’ youth basketball camp in Suwanee. As we were talking, some dude came up and expressed his dismay at the Hawks trading for Devin Harris and signing Louis Williams because he saw this as a threat to Teague’s playing time.

I smiled because the guy’s angst sounded familiar. It’s the same sentiment I hear all the time from my blog people, who tend to freak out whenever there’s a better-than-terrible guard on the roster who can play the point behind Teague.

Never mind that Teague ranked third on the team in minutes played per game last season and logged about 80 percent of the minutes at point guard, according to Forget that Teague remained the starter after Kirk Hinrich returned from injury last season. Set aside Danny Ferry’s statement that the Hawks “will be more of Jeff’s team than it has ever been.”

Like that dude who cornered Teague, my blog people think back to Teague’s history with Larry Drew and just know that he’s …

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