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Atlanta Hawks: Afternoon notes

Notes contemplated while waiting in an empty gym . . .

  • Stopped by Philips Arena today. No players showed up during the couple hours I was there and none were expected. Again, I wouldn’t read too much into it, especially since guys have access to the facilities at any time and don’t need to work out at Philips.
  • It turned out Joe and Al were at Philips yesterday to get their physicals but didn’t take the court.
  • As you hear the Hawks connected to one free agent or another keep in mind that, like a lot of teams, they can’t be sure of their plans until the CBA is ratified and they know the rules. So take all these rumors with a grain of salt.
  • Also, I don’t think the Hawks have decided on their financial plan yet. Hawks officials aren’t commenting because they still are concerned about league fines but I’m hearing they haven’t yet ruled out spending into the luxury tax.
  • I wouldn’t look for the Hawks to use the amnesty this year. In fact, I don’t think many teams will use it …

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Atlanta Hawks: Kirk Hinrich to miss at least first month of season after shoulder surgery

Hawks general manager Rick Sund said guard Kirk Hinrich had surgery to to remove a cyst and repair the labrum in his left shoulder and is expected to miss at least the first month of the regular season.

Hinrich experienced discomfort in his shoulder as a result of offseason workouts and had the procedure in early November.

“The injury typically requires three to four months of recovery,” Sund said

Based on that timeline, Hinrich could be out through the end of February. The 66-game NBA regular season schedule is to begin Dec. 25 if there are no snags in the ratification of the new collective bargaining agreement.

Ken Berger of first reported Hinrich’s surgery.

Hinrich, 30, was acquired in a Feb. 23 trade with Washington for rookie guard Jordan Crawford and a 2011 first-round pick. Missing training camp would rob Hinrich of a chance to further develop chemistry with his teammates and his injury deals a blow to Atlanta’s guard depth.

With Jamal Crawford set to …

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Atlanta Hawks: Slimmer Josh Smith back in his ’sanctuary’

First, let me say I don’t think attendance at the first day of voluntary workouts should be any kind of litmus test for the Hawks’ leadership. It would be different if coaches were allowed to run workouts but, since they are not, what’s the difference between guys lifting weights and playing ball at Philips or doing those same things somewhere else?

With that being said, Josh Smith was the first guy at Philips, which he called his “sanctuary.”. It could turn out he was the only Hawks player to use Philips today, though I can’t know for sure because players can access the facilities at any time and eventually us media types had to go.

More relevant than who or who didn’t show is that J-Smoove is slimmer. I noted he looked to be in good shape when I saw him at the local pickup game back in October, but he’s even slimmer now, suggesting he’s been putting in work since then. The torso is slimmer but the shoulders are still stout, as you can see here at the Hawks web site.

If …

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