Atlanta Hawks: Room for prospects

To hear Rick Sund and Dave Pendergraft talk today, the Hawks have changed their thinking when it comes to second-round draft picks.

Don’t expect the Hawks to draft another international project and either leave him playing overseas (Sergey Gladyr) or banish him to the far end of the bench/D-League (Pape Sy). More likely they will target a collegiate senior and, Pendergraft says, they expect to buck the odds and find a useful player at No. 48.

“We are not approaching this like there is luck involved,” he said. “We are approaching it like, ‘This is our pick and somebody we expect to make our team.’ And hopefully, if there is an injury, you can plug [the rookie] in there and they will be able to help.”

Perhaps more significantly, the Hawks might finally be to the point where there doesn’t have to be an injury to to the rotation guys for young guys to play. Sure, that might happen by necessity with just seven players under (guaranteed) contract next season and no financial flexibility (under the current CBA), but it still would represent a change in direction for the organization.

Asked if there is room on the roster for a promising second-round pick to get minutes, Pendergraft said:”What you have to weigh is, if we take a collegiate player and he is put in the same situation as Josh Powell or Etan Thomas, could they do as well or better?”

The other question, of course, is if the coach would play a rookie who is as good as those guys, but one thing at a time.

Sund said the Hawks are likely to draft the best available talent.

“It’s safe to say that, but I’m not going to commit to it,” he said. “I think you look at it as a need that you have and the best talent and then you equate it. Is that talent significantly better than the need? If it’s close, you take the need.”

What do the Hawks need?

“We would like to get a little tougher,” Sund said. “Hinrich helped us in that area and that kind of trickled down to some of the other players. I always like shooting. Size, rebounding. All of those things. Maybe not one is more important than the other.”

What skills tend to translate best from college to pro?

“People that rebound in college generally rebound in the NBA, even if they don’t make it for [the long term],” Sund said. “If you are a good rebounder in college, generally a good rebounder at professional level. Or if you are a good shooter. Some guys may be good shooters but they need more time to get it off.”

The Hawks aren’t releasing the names of the prospects they bring in for workouts. Sund’s explanation was that the workouts are not as significant since the Hawks don’t have a first-round pick. He said the players the team invited to Atlanta are simply those the Hawks didn’t get a chance to see at one of the three group workouts.

Pendergraft said the Hawks invited about 20 players. Most are college seniors and only three or four prospects are centers/power forwards.

“There’s probably been more swing players than ‘bigs’ simply because of supply and demand,” Pendergraft said. “There are not a lot of big guys.”

OK, blog people, take those clues provided by Sund and Pendergraft (college senior, tough rebounder or good shooter) and look at the list of prospects and see if you can narrow down the Hawks’ potential draftees.

Sund has hit on some value in the second-round before: He got both Earl Watson and Bobby Simmons in the 2000 draft for Seattle (and then traded Simmons for Predrag Drobnjak).

“The process in the second round, [since] the percentages aren’t all that high, is patience,” Sund said. “We ask a couple different questions. Does he have one NBA skill? Another is, does he have size? Or is there a player that is a little bit opposite of ‘Do they one NBA skill?’ and do they have multiple skills? A lot of those guys, like Bobby Simmons, are jacks-of-all-trades; they do a lot of things good but nothing necessarily great. Those players do have an opportunity to make it as—and I’m using this in a positive way—to have more of a journeyman status over the years.”


  • Sund on the possibility of trading into the first round: “This time of year there is always a lot of dialogue going on. There’s probably less [potential deals] with the uncertainty of the CBA and people unwilling to pull the trigger. There’s just as much dialogue but the uncertainty of the new collective bargaining might play into the timing issues.”
  • Pendergraft said Gladyr will play for the Ukranian national team in the European Championships this summer. The team is coached by Mike Fratello and is in Group D with Zaza’s Georgia national team. “This will be a good summer for [Gladyr],” Pendergraft said.
  • Pendergraft on Gladyr’s development: “If the NBA was a game of H-O-R-S-E you could bring him over now. But physically he needs to mature a little bit. Playing in the ACB in Spain, which is one of the better leagues, has been invaluable to him. It’s the fist time he’s really gotten structure. In the Ukraine their league just wasn’t as competitive. He’s only 21, so will he ever be an NBA player? I’m not ready to put a percentage on it. He can really shoot, though.”
  • Sy has been working out in Atlanta with Magnum Rolle. Those two plus the team’s draft pick are expected to participate in a minicamp at Philips later this month.
  • Pendergraft said the workout sessions so far have been better because of the prospects’ circumstances. “In the past we are sitting here [picking] in late teens or late 20s and you bring guys to your gym and they’ll come but you know in the back of their minds [they think], ‘Oh, well, I’m not falling that far.’ And now we’ve got guys coming in, they know they are second-rounders and it doesn’t matter where [the money] it’s all the same. It’s been refreshing the guys that have come in here have busted their tails.”
  • Pendergraft on older prospects: “Most college seniors there is going to be some physical changes, maturation. Not like [with] real young guys but be some. Not all four-, five-year players are ‘what you see is what you get.’”
  • There was a time when it looked like the Hawks might have a shot at drafting center prospect Jeremy Tyler at No. 48. He’s the guy who skipped his senior year of high school (while spurning my Cards), went to Israel, and ended up in Japan. But Tyler apparently helped himself in meetings with teams and now should be gone when the Hawks pick. “We interviewed him in Chicago,” Pendegraft said. “Having never spoke to that young man before, he really had his act together.”

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June 18th, 2011
2:38 pm

Actually, I would trade Joe and Al for Lebron and Joel Anthony in a second.

Najeh Davenpoop

June 18th, 2011
2:56 pm

” can you say SF LJames is better than JJohnson, but can you say he’s DRASTICALLY better”

Yes. Emphatically.

Those other Heat players may not be better than their Hawks counterparts, but the reason the Heat are a much better team than the Hawks is because Wade and LeBron are drastically better than anyone on the Hawks roster.


June 18th, 2011
3:06 pm

Najeh, people forget that before the 2-3 games in the Finals, that Lebron lead the way past Boston and Chicago. They don’t realize that Dallas actually designed their defense to stop Lebron, not to stop Wade. That’s why Jason Terry was on Wade, and Marion, Stephenson, and Kidd were guarding Lebron with Chandler helping out, playing the driving lane. Coaching with no good spot up shooters (and no one rebounding effectively) beat Lebron, not others

Ken Strickland

June 18th, 2011
3:26 pm

NAJEH-It’s more than just Wade and Lebron, or even Bosh. They are not encoumbered by a HC who forces them to try and function within an OFF system or concept that he’s in love with and doesn’t suit them. Everyone is allowed to do what they do best, and they play solid DEF. They didn’t get to the NBA finals just because of Wade and Lebron.

Are you telling me the Hawks would be just as good as the Heat if we had Lebron and Wade and they were being forced to play in LDrew’s MOTION OFF, along with his disdane for DEF over OFF? The point I was making, to those who insist on believing a 7′ shotblocker is imperative to any chance of success, is they proved that a team with a so called lack of size and height can be very successful.

The Hawks, with AHorford in the middle, aren’t the exception to that rule.

Ken Strickland

June 18th, 2011
4:00 pm

Look, I’m not one of those fans who gets joy out of bashing players and coaches, and pointing out every perceived negative, whether real of imagined, just for the hell of it. I try to point out what I feel are issues with both players and coaches that need to be resolved. I also try to point out the positives of our players and coaches. It’s called the balanced and objective approach.

I’ve been wrong many times on certain issues, but I’ve been right more often than not. At least when I’m wrong, I’m man enough and mentally strong enough to accept it and not hide/post behind different names to try and hide any shame.

Has anyone been reading BUDDY GRIZZARDS responses? Whoever bashed him for his comments has got to be a total idiot. We really have some sharp regulars on these blogs, along with a few uninformed individuals, dreamers, and idiots as well.


June 18th, 2011
4:01 pm


I decided to check this Kyrie Irving kid out. How is it that he is a freshman…..thats played only 11 games in college…and is the projected number 1 pick!?

I hope he avoids the same path that Kwame and Darko took!


June 18th, 2011
4:07 pm

Ken S,

If LDrew can use JCrawford as his backup PG, he can certainly live with Pape Sy. Pape won’t likely give us the OFF we got from Jamal, especially as a jumpshooter, but his ability to penetrate and play DEF will create OFF in different ways..

I think you’re being too optimistic. All we have seen from Pape Sy is 21 minutes of PT Total. So we have no idea what to expect. He could develop into a solid rotational player, but as the 53rd pick, and a guy who didn’t play college ball here, he might only be the 13th man on the roster with sporadic PT. Nobody knows.

And LeBron is drastically better than JJ. LeBron is bigger, faster, a better passer, a better defender, better rebounder, better ball handler, and can get to the FT line when his shot isn’t working. Put JJ on the Cleveland team what won 66 games with LeBron, and see how many games they win.

As for the Miami coach, lets not forget that he is one of the reasons why Miami lost. Where were the adjustments when Dallas went to a zone? Why did Miami crumble in the 4th? I think players and coaches share the blame.

And Spoelstra told his players that if they give everything they have on defense, he will let them do whatever they want on offense.

Ken Strickland

June 18th, 2011
4:13 pm

The best way for the Hawks to get the type of center it wants is to see if Dallas is willing to trade BHeywood for Zaza, which would save them around $2.5M. We could use the trade exception to cover the additional salary we’d have to take back. We’d still be under the current luxury tax cap with this trade. We’re currently just over $3M under the current luxury tax cap, and with JCrawford’s expiring contract coming off, we’d gain some additional cap relief.


June 18th, 2011
4:14 pm

Ken, I definitely believe another coach could have beaten Chicago with this roster. We nitpick a lot, but the roster is still one of the best rosters in the East. The top four players is as good as any collective top four players in the east, excluding Boston (but they are always injured). The problem is everyone wants to be PART time leaders. They want to lead at different points, not ALL THE time it seems.


June 18th, 2011
4:19 pm


Thanks for rescuing us from blog oblivion.

Can you tell us if the TPE that we got from Phoenix in the Chills trade is likely to be used, and if so, how and on whom?



June 18th, 2011
4:26 pm

Ken, I like Dalembert more actually than Haywood. I even think a possible deal of Horford and Marvin for D. Jordan and E. Gordon would be possible, and a great deal for the Hawks.

Rick Sund

June 18th, 2011
4:45 pm

Senior SG David Lighty from Ohio St.


June 18th, 2011
4:52 pm

Ken S,

Remember the rules for a TPE: It cannot be combined with another player, but it can be used to acquire multiple players who make less money.

So Hawks can use the $3.6 mil exception to acquire a player making up to $3.6 mil. but it cannot be used to make up the difference in salary when making a trade.


June 18th, 2011
4:59 pm

Since the Heat are in our Division, here is a ahort analysis of them:

Pat Riley will pull out all of the stops to win this year, the 11-12 season. Every vet min. guy that can help them will be heavily recruited.

But the facts are:

1) If Boston would have had Kendrick Perkins or a healthy Shaq, they would have been the Heat’s equal, at least. The Heat sure didn’t dominate that series, and that was with J O’Neal and Big Baby in the 5 spot most of that series. And Rondo played with 1 arm for some of the series as well.

2) If the Heat don’t win it next year, they may never in the Big 3 era. Wade’s style of play is exciting, but doesn’t breed longevity in the NBA. Next year is probably his last, great year, and then the decline.

- Mike Miller is getting old, and has a very bad long term contract.
- Same with Haslem
- I like Joel Anthony, but he’s probably nearing his peak
- Mario Chalmers I like, but he’s nothing more than a lower tier PG in the NBA. Would be a good 10-15 mpg backup, but he’s not great.

Look for the C’s and Lakers to make 1 more last push for a championship.

Look for the Thunder and the Grizzlies to keep making noise in the East

And if Chicago gets Jamal or Jason Richardson, look out for them this next season.

5-2 odds or not, the Heat are not going to waltz into a championship next season. They may win it all, but it won’t be easy.

One last point, that being said, if Haslem and Miller stay healthy next season, along with the Big 3, the Heat may win a crazy amount of game. A year of playing together will do wonders for them.

But if Boston gets some beef in the middle, they, along with some other teams, can give the Heat a fight.

Looks to be an interesting season.


June 18th, 2011
5:01 pm

And if the Hawks make the right moves this off season, we may give the Heat a fight as well.


June 18th, 2011
5:07 pm


I even think a possible deal of Horford and Marvin for D. Jordan and E. Gordon would be possible, and a great deal for the Hawks..

Plenty of issues with that trade.

1) Even with a sign and trade, the salaries are not going to match (Horford and Marvin make $19.5 mil combined, Gordon makes $4 mil, and D. Jordan is a free agent).

2) Why would the Clippers trade Gordon, who is a career 18 pts, 3 assists and 3 rebs per game player, and still on a rookie contract?

3) Why would the Clippers want Marvin?

One thing we agree on is I also prefer Dalembert over Haywood.


June 18th, 2011
5:14 pm

It may be safe to say the Hawks roster will look like this:


That’s 11 guys barring a trade. I would guess #12 will be our 48th pick, most likely a combo G. There seems to be alot of decent depth at combo G in the draft with Seniors, who could possibly help us this year.

So for #13 – Troy Murphy? Alexis Ajinca? Hilton? Craig Smith?

Or a Grant Hill? Dunleavy? TJ Ford?

Lot’s of names I didn’t list, but some I just don’t think we’ll get for the vet min.


June 18th, 2011
5:17 pm

My thoughts are that Al Horford is a superior player compared to D Jordan. And if the Clippers feel they will lose Jordan for nothing. They’re basically trading an often injured Gordon for an all star in Al, who can team up with Griffin to form a nice front court. And sadly so Marvin would be the best defensive wing that LAC has immediately.


June 18th, 2011
5:19 pm

Was the Hinrich trade good or bad?

I think the answer is simple. It was good for the short term. LD would have had a charge of the Light Brigade going with Bibby and Mo’ every night into the playoffs. It wouldn’t have been pretty. And JC2 was pretty useless to us. An asset is only good if it is used, and no way LD was going to use JC2 under any circumstances, so he was useless as a Hawk, as good as he is.

Long term, losing JC2 and the #18 pick, probably a really bad move.

The solution was to have Teague start, have Bibby come off the bench, and we get to keep JC2, our first pick, and depth in Mo’. But LD couldn’t/wouldn’t, so here we are.


June 18th, 2011
5:22 pm

Steve, just another instance where our head coaches have scarred the roster indirectly (i.e. Woodson’s on a veteran pg over Paul or D. Williams. ).

Joe Johnson may have to play point guard

June 18th, 2011
5:25 pm

Honestly if we want to succeed with this roster Joe Johnson may have to play POINT GUARD to see if we can get favorable matchups with Rose-CHI or Bibby-MIA defending Joe/Marvin in the post.

No team outside the top 8 defensively has won the NBA Championship. Hawks were 15th defensively with the small guard heavy lineups last year.

As an organization We cant funnel everything defensively to Josh Smith or offensively to Joe Johnson.

Lets cut the malarky. :D
I dont expect us to get top 8 next year with the same lineups/roster and neither do you guys.

I believe we allowed 90ppg vs playoffs


June 18th, 2011
5:37 pm

Joe, actually it’s the opposite. We didn’t rank high in defense because of Crawford and Bibby logged so many minutes at PG or SG. With Teague and Kirk the numbers went down, and will only get better with a full year to play together. The defense in the playoffs was actually pretty good. The problem came when 8 minutes would go by with the Hawks only scoring 5 points. And not having anyone on the bench come with energy and rebound or defend. The starting lineup is actually pretty good against others. Its been pretty good for a while. Especially when you substitute Teague in for Bibby. Now its just getting another wing player who can defend, rebound, and dribble.


June 18th, 2011
5:42 pm

i cant stand the queen but it is not because of his abilties but his brain and entourage of enablers. just the same he and jj arent even in the same conversation as the queen is upper level and jj is a tag along all star, good but not great.

Ken Strickland

June 18th, 2011
5:49 pm

OBRIEN-I agree with you whole heartedly about Spoelstra getting out coached, but he’s not the main culprit. During the last 2 gms when Dallas took control and won it all, where was the Lebron James that scored, rebounded, defended and dished, as well as took and made so many clutch jumpers?

Were was the egotistical, arrogant and confident Lebron James that walked down the corridor joking and laughing with DWade about Dirk being sick and caughing? Spoelstra certainly didn’t tell him to pass up all of those shots he had no problem taking and making earlier. He punked out and put the responsibility on everyone else when he realized he could no longer over power his defender or their DEF.

Apparently with Lebron, there’s a big difference between taking and making jump shots when he wants to, as opposed to taking and making them when he has no other options. As far as Pape Sy is concerned, it was LDrew who raved about his size, PG skills and tenacious DEF and insisted that we buyout his contract and sign him. We certainly got to see more than 21mins of his speed, quickness and DEF ability during the summer and D-leagues.

He’s not some rookie coming straight out of college. He’s been through an NBA training camp, summer league, D-league, and he has several yrs of experience as a professional. He’s potentially a far better option, skill, maturity and production wise, than just about any guard we’ll pick at #48. How long are we going to keep using what we don’t know to keep us from finding out what we need to know? Haven’t we learned anything from the JTeague saga?

RAMON-co-sign your 4:14PM post. I didn’t mention Delembert because he’s a FA, and he’d have to take a 55% cut to be in Heywood’s salary range. Also, in an article posted earlier about the LA Lakers FA assessment, it stated he would’t likely sign with them because he wants to start, or at least play starter mins.

Now, if he’d accept a sign and trade for a salary in Heywood’s range, and the Kings accepted Zaza or Marvin in return, it could work. With Zaza we’d have to use the TRADE EXCEPTION, but with Marvin it would work straight up. I also agree that DJordan would be a great addition, but he’s exactly what the Lakers are looking for.

It’s been said he’s rather lazy, especially in transition DEF, but the Lakers feel they have the veteran leadership to make him work. And as we all know, that’s what the Hawks are lacking, both on the court and on the bench.


June 18th, 2011
6:04 pm


Jordan is a restricted free agent, so the Clippers can match any offer to him. Plus they only have $45 mil committed for next season, so salary cap will not be an issue (even under the new CBA).

Ken S,

1) I agree that LeBron was a big reason why Miami lost.

2) Just because LD raved about Sy’s abilities is not reassuring. This is the same HC who continued to trot Bibby out there, and who continued to ignore Teague and his abilities.

3) As for Dalembert, the question becomes does he want to be on a playoff team, or does he want to get paid? And with the new CBA and lower salaries, I think his new contract would be in the Haywood and Kendrick Perkins range (4 years, $36 mil) if not lower.

But if there is a lockout, there may not be much time for free agency, and it may even be a shortened season, so maybe he accepts a 1 year MLE deal. Tough to say.

5) Hawks cannot combine the TPE with another player, so they could NOT make a deal of TPE and ZaZa for Haywood.


June 18th, 2011
6:06 pm

From the mock draft on;

25. Boston Celtics — Trey Thompkins, PF, Georgia:

Danny Ainge will likely look to bolster the team’s aging and depleted frontcourt. After receiving heavy criticism for his high body fat and perceived laziness, Thompkins could end up falling into the second round.

He’s easily the most polished offensive big man available. The big question is whether he’ll stay motivated. A player who entered the season as a projected lottery pick hasn’t gotten great reviews and finds himself fighting to stay in the first round.

He doesn’t wow you with athleticism, but his skill level is that of an NBA vet. He needs to cut out the fast food and has a questionable motor, toughness and work ethic. If Jeremy Tyler doesn’t set off major red flags in psychological testing, he’s a real possibility here, too..


June 18th, 2011
6:11 pm

Ken, we differ on Lebron completely. As I stated, the Mavs purposely doubled Lebron with their best defenders, while leaving the defensive challenged players to guard Wade and to help out on Wade (Terry and Dirk-who neither will foul for anything). Spoelstra didn’t make the adjustment to take James away from the double and closer to the basket until the last game (which is evident in his numbers that game and the easiness of his baskets). If you watch many of the Heat games, you’ll see that Lebron always is at the Top of the perimeter or the wing of the perimeter as the half court PG. Very rarely is he in the corner or slashing position i/e Wade. As mentioned many times, Dallas is the only team in the league who runs zone to take away the driving from the perimeter. And a zone is weakest with baseline penetrations (i.e. what Wade does majority of the times). That is Spoelstra’s fault for failing to make that adjustment.


June 18th, 2011
6:15 pm

O’brien, They can do that. Most teams would do that. But if the Clippers did that, then the Clippers wouldn’t be the Clippers.


June 18th, 2011
6:41 pm


Fair enough. The Clippers are the Clippers for a reason.

I would like to see Cleveland take Williams at #1. Why? Because I wonder if Minny would take Kyrie Irving at #2 (despite Rubio coming over).


June 18th, 2011
6:46 pm

I think if that happened, Minny would trade down to the # 5 pick and pick up a player and the pick.


June 18th, 2011
6:47 pm

Here’s my last question before clocking out, would you trade Marvin for Beasley?

Najeh Davenpoop

June 18th, 2011
7:37 pm

“They are not encoumbered by a HC who forces them to try and function within an OFF system or concept that he’s in love with and doesn’t suit them. Everyone is allowed to do what they do best, and they play solid DEF. They didn’t get to the NBA finals just because of Wade and Lebron. ”

First of all, they play solid defense in large part because of Wade and LeBron. Pretty much any team that has two wing players with that kind of speed and athleticism is going to be pretty good defensively.

Secondly, the problem with the Hawks isn’t the existence of the motion offense. The problem is LD’s inability to get the Hawks to run it properly. There is no law that states that a properly executed motion offense has to result in jump shots. In fact, a properly executed motion offense should result in a lot of off the ball screens, back door cuts, and shots near the basket, which are all things the Hawks don’t do. Jump shooting helps, obviously, just like it does with any other offense since it helps to spread the floor and create space. But the Hawks did not run a motion scheme this season, or else you would have seen a lot more off the ball movement and a lot fewer possessions in which the Hawks settled for jumpers.

Najeh Davenpoop

June 18th, 2011
7:41 pm

“Here’s my last question before clocking out, would you trade Marvin for Beasley?”


I would trade Marvin for anyone whose contract expires before him or anyone who produces. Beasley qualifies as both. I doubt that Beasley with his inability to do much other than score can really help the Hawks as a starter, but he can provide a lot of the scoring Jamal provided off the bench, and more importantly he is a much more valuable trade piece than Marvin… which is why I don’t think Minnesota will go for that trade.

Najeh Davenpoop

June 18th, 2011
7:47 pm

“Are you telling me the Hawks would be just as good as the Heat if we had Lebron and Wade and they were being forced to play in LDrew’s MOTION OFF, along with his disdane for DEF over OFF?”

Maybe not, but the Hawks would be much better than they are now if LeBron and Wade were playing for LD instead of Joe, Smoove, and Al.

“The point I was making, to those who insist on believing a 7′ shotblocker is imperative to any chance of success, is they proved that a team with a so called lack of size and height can be very successful.”

A 7 foot shot blocker is not as imperative to success defensively if you have two of the most athletic wing players in NBA history and a quintessential dirty work guy who is also a capable shot blocker in his own right in Joel Anthony. It is much more imperative to success when you are the Hawks and your only good help defender is a tweener forward who can’t and won’t play inside all the time.

The point is that while LD has several very obvious shortcomings, simply replacing him with someone better is not going to put the Hawks on the same level as a team that has two of the three best players in the league. Unless Teague develops into an All Star, the Hawks are not going to become an elite team with this group of players, period.

Buddy Grizzard

June 18th, 2011
8:04 pm

“A pick at 48 might not be good enough to make the team? If they make the team, do they get a 3 yr contract? ” – tim

Let me quote Sam Smith from

“Fans need to understand those two picks [28 and 30, owned by the Bulls] aren’t worth much because they have guarantees. The first two picks in the second round are worth much more because they don’t contain guarantees.”

Last year Derrick Caracter received a two-year guaranteed contract from the Lakers as the 58th pick, and it was speculated that he may have been the first second-round pick to ever receive such a contract. The Lakers did this because he had multiple offers to play for more money overseas. He took less to sign with the Lakers but got the guarantee.

“We may sign… Jeff Foster as our “big” off season acquisition.” – SteveW

That would be huge. I believe Sund is changing the culture of this team by jettisoning Bibby and Crawford and obtaining a player like Hinrich. With JJ and All-NBA Al as your two All-Stars, this team desperately needs an injection of heart and toughness.

“Larry Drew in an effort to save his job will play the starters more than he should.” – SteveW

Agreed. He will be afraid of being fired during the season since his contract is not guaranteed past next year, so he will go all out in the regular season and save nothing for the playoffs. Love the optimism… let’s hope Marvin loses weight and his back injury isn’t career-threatening or there goes my theory of increased trade value once he resumes scoring 15 ppg.

Thanks for the kind words Ken S. I have to say alot of people’s posts here are pretty pointless, but for us to have a blog like this to have this conversation, it has to be open to everybody. I scan through the blog looking for certain posters who always have something insightful to say. And there are those I scan right past because I don’t have time to address every Zaza for Dwight Howard trade suggestion.


June 18th, 2011
8:14 pm

@Ken …Okay maybe not a drastic difference in talent -they are all professionals but they do have 2 top 10 player s – Bosh top 5 PF


June 18th, 2011
8:16 pm

Basiclly what Naje said @ 2:56……………..


June 18th, 2011
8:23 pm

@Ramon I feel u man If we could get lebron /Anthony for JJ/Al I would do it in a minute.

drmaryb (*_-)

June 18th, 2011
8:29 pm

Truth Be Told!

The Truth

Thank You for the shout-out re: my earlier comment @ 2:06 PM.
Yeah man, I don’t post often anymore, but when I do? I prefer the truth. Honestly, I don’t watch college basketball (not enough hours in my day), I have no opinions re: who we should draft or anything like that.

What I do know, is that we need somebody to rebound the basketball with heart. As I fan, I don’t concern myself with who that might be. This management and owners need to do their jobs and know their roles at the highest level. This Hawks team reflects the disarray of these baboons in them glass towered offices.

Unless, until these people get their act together upstairs, we will never see a contender on the basketball court. If the driver puts the car in a ditch, the car will inevitably and continually end up in a ditch.

Why round up the drug dealers from the street corners, to wage a war on drugs? A real war on drugs will go get the king-pins, their airplanes and boats. Poppy plants and opium don’t grow in America, they are imported from over there. Little drug dealers are the symptom not the source of the problem.

In other words, like CWebb said after the Bulls undressed the Hawks, “The Hawks problem is management.” It is incumbent on Hawks management to go get these boys some damned help!

I don’t care if they take that #48 pick and flush it in the toilet. Our greatest needs will have to come in a combination of trade(s) and UFA signings – period. There is little time to develop fundamental basketball skills to draft busts who don’t their azz from a diaper. We need proven talent, winners, players and some damned heart! That window is closing quickly.

Carpe’ Diem!

Najeh Davenpoop

June 18th, 2011
8:33 pm

By the way, the trade exception expires July 1, so if the Hawks are going to use it they have to do so within the next couple of weeks.

I think it’s safe to say they won’t use it, seeing as how it would put them over the luxury tax.


June 18th, 2011
8:41 pm

Who has confidence in LD’s ability to effectively use talent? I don’t.


June 18th, 2011
8:43 pm

Going forward these are the players that i have watched and have liked. Most of these will be gone by the time the Hawks pick but I think out of this group there are a few of these that will be available for the Hawks pick at 48

Malcom Lee
Keith Benson
Andrew Goudelock
Alec Burks
Jordan Hamilton
Tyler Honeycut
Travis Leslie
Etwan Moore

Going forward what do you feel are the two biggest needs for the Hawks?I would like to strengthen the bench to get some depth.The one thing and I dont think Drew will do this is that maybe he needs to focus more on being a defensive team than offensive. Sometimes I feel he sacrifices offense for defense too much

drmaryb (*_-)

June 18th, 2011
8:46 pm

* As a fan, …..
* who don’t know their azz from a diaper ….

I’m done trying to fix this team.

We bloggers do more research, gather more solutions, make more trades, buy more game tickets, give more heart than any of the guys downtown do. We run this blog with more passion than the people who post the blog articles and disappear for weeks!

All I want to hear is that the Hawks have made a blockbuster trade. Move a core piece and I will pipe down over here. I am tired of this core.

Buddy Grizzard

June 18th, 2011
8:48 pm

“How is it that he is a freshman…..thats played only 11 games in college…and is the projected number 1 pick!?” – Emir S.

I have a whole huge conspiracy theory on that and it all starts the day Jeff Schultz walked into the 640 WGST studios and sat down with me and Art Mehring and told us Marvin Williams was likely the Hawks pick because of his “superstar” potential.

Who decided Marvin had superstar potential? He wasn’t even a starter at North Carolina. He never had a transcendent game like when Derrick Williams DESTROYED Duke in the NCAA tournament this year. He may have hit every shot in his workout with the Hawks, but I believe his talent was overstated by scouts around the NBA because that’s what they do.

It’s gamesmanship among NBA franchises where they try to get sucker organizations like the Hawks to take project players like Marvin rather than potential All-Stars like Deron Williams and Chris Paul, who were the most talented point guards to come out of college in a generation. Who benefits? Organizations with veteran, competent front offices like the Utah Jazz.

Last year I felt Wes Johnson and Evan Turner were overrated. No way I would have taken either of those players over Cousins or Favors. Yes Cousins has huge character issues. He’s also one of the most skilled and talented big men in the NBA. For that kind of talent, you hire pschologists, you hire mentors, you hire anybody you have to hire to make that player reach his potential.

“BHeywood for Zaza…” Ken S.

Heywood’s health scares me.

“Would you trade Marvin for Beasley?” – Ra’mon

Yes, and same situation here with Beasley as what I discussed regarding DeMarcus Cousins. Phil Jackson took Rodman and Artest and made them champions. If your organization doesn’t have the front office talent or the coaching talent to manage NBA talent, it’s time to consider some new hires.

“Unless Teague develops into an All Star, the Hawks are not going to become an elite team with this group of players, period.” – Najeh

I think Teague has that potential given what he accomplished as a second-year player going up against the league MVP. But I think more important will be Josh Smith’s emergence as an All-Star. I think if Josh makes the All-Star team this year, even if Joe and Al are left off (as I suspect they will be, especially Joe) the Hawks go to the ECF.

Najeh Davenpoop

June 18th, 2011
8:49 pm

My free agent/trade wish list:

1. Shot-blocking defensive center (someone like DeAndre Jordan or Samuel Dalembert)
2. Quality SF, preferably one who can play D and/or shoot (someone like Shane Battier)
3. Fourth guard, preferably one who can shoot (someone like Raja Bell)
4. Front court player who can score in the low post and draw fouls (someone like Carl Landry)

If one of those roles can be filled by trading Marvin, that’s an even bigger bonus.


June 18th, 2011
8:51 pm

Ra’mon, from everything I’ve read the Wolves want to trade with the Wizards but want Javelle McGhee. The Wiz dont want to give him up but want to pair Derrick Williams with John Wall. Its said that if the Wolves cant move that pick they will take Williams and make Beasley available. If Beasley is out there I think the Hawks shoud try and get him. He could be the scorer off the bench to replace Jamal. Khan seems clueless and might not ask much for Beasley. I think a lot of trades will be made during the draft next week.

Re: O'Brien

June 18th, 2011
8:53 pm


Dexter Pittman:currently deemed too overweight 2 play, traveled with Miami

Varnardo:too skinny, see Keith Benson

Najeh Davenpoop

June 18th, 2011
8:57 pm

And really, the only one of those that I think even has a chance to be filled using the draft pick is #3. There are plenty of combo guards that are projected to go in the second round, and it’s possible the Hawks luck out into picking one who can play.

Re: drmary

June 18th, 2011
8:59 pm

“In other words, like CWebb said after the Bulls undressed the Hawks, “The Hawks problem is management.
He said this in response 2 the Hawks needing to play “big” (I say regular proper/size positions) and having Jason Collins as their starting center.

Make no mistake Zaza is a backup in this league, and Collins starts bcuz we know that we wont get much from JC. Thus we let JC start & bring Zaza in for change of pace and energy!



June 18th, 2011
9:00 pm

If salary wasnt the issue who would you rather have Ellis or Andre Iguldora (sp)?

Nahjeh, Carl Landry I have always liked, also i think would be a good pickup if he takes a vet minimum off the bench is Vince Carter