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Atlanta Hawks: Bulls 86, Hawks 73

Chicago–The Hawks couldn’t keep Chicago off the boards or D-Rose away from the basket. They took bad shots and also missed 10 attempts within five feet of the basket. No one aside from Teague or J.J. could score.

  • “And still, with four minutes left, it was a six-point game,” Jamal said. “We were right there.”
  • And then on the next four possessions the Hawks reverted to the form they showed for most of the game: J.J. threw the ball away, J.J. missed a challenged iso jumper, Josh’s 3-point attempt rimmed out and Al missed an open 20-footer.
  • One way to view this game is the Hawks had a chance to win despite a poor offensive game and getting pounded on the boards. But they also have to lament the possessions they wasted by taking poor shots and committing careless turnovers and the extra possessions the Bulls got by picking off scraps around the basket.
  • The Hawks never really had a sustained stretch of good play. “We will take the split,” Joe said. “We wanted to come down …

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Atlanta Hawks at Bulls Game 2: What about Al?

Chicago–So let’s say J.J. doesn’t shoot 10 of 13 from beyond 15 feet again, Jamal doesn’t shoot 3 for 3 at the rim and 4 for 4 from the line and Teague can’t stick the floater.

Then what for Atlanta’s offense? Maybe they should try to run more of what probably was their most underutilized play in the regular season and still is during the playoffs: Al on pick-and-rolls.

According to Synergy Sports Technology, Al had 226 of those plays during the regular season (2.94 per game) and scored 1.1 points per possession (eighth-best in the league). In the postseason he’s been involved in 21 screen-rolls (3 per game) and scored 1.14 points per possession.

On those 21 plays, Al made 12 of 20 shots and had one turnover. Seven of the screen-roll passes came from Hinrich, seven from Jamal, and two each from Teague, J.J. and Josh. He went to the basket six times and popped out for jump shots for the other 14, with six makes (one of the misses was the rushed 3-pointer in Game 2 at …

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Atlanta Hawks: Notes, quotes and links

ChicagoChecking in from the Chi, where it is chilly and windy in frickin May . . .

  • D-Rose practiced today. David Kaplan of reported Rose had an MRI that revealed a Grade 2 ankle sprain but says Rose is “expected to start” Game 2.
  • Rose also is the MVP.
  • Teague knows the playoffs will have some bearing on his future with the Hawks.
  • Teague on if he had any pregame shookness: “At the jump ball, you are a little nervous. I get nervous before every game. After the jump ball went off, I just started playing basketball and forget about everything else.”
  • J.J. on Teague: “He knows that we need him. I think he’s going to be focused from here on out. You could see it the previous days leading up to the game. It doesn’t surprise me that he came out and played the way he did. I just look forward to him getting better.”
  • Al on Teague: “I think everyone has always seen the potential with Jeff. I think time and time again he’s been given the opportunity and he’s delivering. I’m …

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Atlanta Hawks: Hawks 103, Bulls 95

Chicago–It’s not hard to figure out why lots of people don’t like the Hawks.

  • The numbers guys disdain them because they don’t compute on some things they hold sacred, like victory margins and inefficient shot selection. Old school fans don’t like the Hawks because of the way they’ve dogged it at times. Those who like their offense fluid scoff at Iso-Joe.
  • I’ve been as hard on the Hawks as anyone. They deserved the scrutiny with so many home beatdowns. They don’t play to their strengths often enough. Some of L.D.’s ’s tics are hard to figure, like the two-foul rule and the banishment of Teague and Zaza to the end of the bench.
  • But, at some point, don’t the Hawks deserve some credit? If one of the knocks against them was that they too often lie down, then why don’t they seem to be getting any Ps now that they keep rising up?
  • “People talk about Boston, Miami, Orlando and Chicago in the East and nobody talks about the Hawks,” Jamal said. ” We kind of like it that way. We don’t …

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Atlanta Hawks at Bulls Game 1: Ready or not it’s Teague’s Time

ChicagoTeague is the starter at point guard for Game 1.

“I’ve always had faith in this kid,” L.D. said today at shootaround at the United Center.

Teague joins the “regular” lineup with J.J., Marvin, Josh and Al.

It’s a tough situation for Teague. He’s suddenly elevated from part-time rotation guy to checking D-Rose on the road in the playoffs.

“I expect him to go out and be Jeff Teague,” Drew said. “He brings a unique package with his speed, his quickness, his ability to get into the paint. He’s a solid defensive player. I don’t care who put on Rose no one guy can stop him. It’s got to be total team effort.”

There is perhaps no more volatile subject among by blog people than Jeff Teague. The drama is no doubt influenced by the emotional subtext of Hawks’ fans futile and frustrating wait for a bona fide point guard.

Some of Teague’s fans have elevated him to near-mythical status. They seize on his good moments as proof of his untapped potential and cite L.D.’s lack of patience …

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Atlanta Hawks: Pick your lineup

L.D. says he hasn’t decided on a lineup. Knowing what we know about his ever-shifting rotations, I believe him.

I also believe that if Jamal starts ahead of Teague my blog people will crash the servers registering their outrage.

My guess is Drew will go with Teague, J.J., Marvin, Smoove and Al. I figure the only reason he’s still contemplating starting Jamal because of his fondness for shotmakers, which seemed to trump defensive concerns for much of the season. But then L.D saw that the best way to beat the Magic was the Dwight Defense. Now that D-Rose is the big problem, I think L.D. again chooses D over points and sends in Teague.

Which starting lineup is best for the Hawks?

  • Teague-Johnson-Williams-Smith-Horford
  • Crawford-Johnson-Williams-Smith-Horford
  • Teague-Johnson-Smith-Horford-Pachulia
  • Crawford-Johnson-Smith-Horford-Pachulia
  • None of the above
  • It doesn’t really matter

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Yesterday I was going back and forth on …

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