Atlanta Hawks: Video: Looking ahead

I talked Hawks today with CineSport’s Noah Coslov.

Michael Cunningham, Hawks beat

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May 17th, 2011
2:17 pm

I graciously accept.


May 17th, 2011
2:27 pm

for some reason i miss this team all ready!

go hawks–can’t wait until next year!


May 17th, 2011
2:27 pm

Do any of you have any confidence that LD will not bench Teague again?
I don’t.

Rev in Tampa

May 17th, 2011
2:27 pm

Hey Grandad,

I eagerly await the first of many “Trades of the Day”


May 17th, 2011
2:34 pm

So what’s up with this ASG news?


May 17th, 2011
2:34 pm

Mr. Cunningham:

Do you think Joe is in any way tradeable?

Does he [Joe] have any trade value?

Would ASG ever consider trading Joe ?

Would you [..MC..] trade Joe ?
[for an equal value Big man]


May 17th, 2011
2:38 pm

In a dream world (disregarding pending labor agreement issues and players currently under contract with other teams), cherry-pick the best fit of players (talent and intangibles/demeanor/experience) to get the Hawks to the next level …

just interested in your perspective.

I saw on ‘Truth and Rumors’ where Rudy Gay might be shopped around, and he would be an upgrade at SF for us … but then, would MEM want Marvin’s and would the ASG or a new owner take on Gay’s contract (which is 2X Marvin’s current deal) esp. coming off of injury …. and would Gay *really* address what ills the Hawks have (defense, etc.) or ust be another volume scorer who needs touches and devolves into another iso player?


May 17th, 2011
2:40 pm

Enter your comments here


May 17th, 2011
2:43 pm

by the way .. just checking ESPN and other sites for Class of 2011 NBA FAs …. didn’t see a whole lot to excite me, even if we had ownership willing to go above the the luxury tax threshold…which was the catalyst for the above dream scenario.


May 17th, 2011
2:43 pm

@ MC…
Sir, you need to update your blog banner pic! That one makes you bigger than Sekou or myself for that matter!!! Enjoy the offseason and go and give Ken Suguira a hand; he was doing a lot of double duty…. Just saying…


May 17th, 2011
2:50 pm


You asked & you shall receive:

G-Dads T. O’ the D.

Josh Smith to NJ Nets
Hawks get in return:
Brook Lopez + filler [unwanted contract such as Travis Outlaw]
-&- NJ’s 1st pick # 27 in the draft acquired from LAL.


May 17th, 2011
2:52 pm

man, what the hell happened to Outlaw??? i actually wanted him for Josh or Marvin when he was in POR!! the cat was ballin’ out there!!! what happened?


May 17th, 2011
3:00 pm

Until we get a real a real Scoring SG and a True Center man the hawks will always lose especially with josh thinking he’s pistol pete shooting those flicked jumpers and 3’s

Michael Cunningham

May 17th, 2011
3:05 pm

@Grandad: Mr. Cunningham:

“Do you think Joe is in any way tradeable?”


“Does he [Joe] have any trade value?”

yes, but trading a guy like him usually means taking back another potentially onerous contract.

“Would ASG ever consider trading Joe ?”

i don’t see why not.

“Would you [..MC..] trade Joe ?
[for an equal value big man]

i can’t make trades and ASG doesn’t listen to me, haha

Michael Cunningham

May 17th, 2011
3:05 pm

@JSS: “@ MC… Sir, you need to update your blog banner pic! That one makes you bigger than Sekou or myself for that matter!!! Enjoy the offseason and go and give Ken Suguira a hand; he was doing a lot of double duty…. Just saying…”

haha . . . . i will see what i can do about the pic. luckily i’m not too vain.

Ken is great but i think you have the wrong idea. i looked back and figured out i worked pretty much every day from April 3 until this past Sunday while Ken was helping out elsewhere. that’s not complaining, just saying . . . .

Michael Cunningham

May 17th, 2011
3:09 pm

@Marcus: “MC, In a dream world (disregarding pending labor agreement issues and players currently under contract with other teams), cherry-pick the best fit of players (talent and intangibles/demeanor/experience) to get the Hawks to the next level …”

wow, do you mean cherry pick any players i want in the league to form a team? or add players to the team already here in Atlanta?

JoJo the Godfather

May 17th, 2011
3:10 pm

Question for the blog: Would you trade Marvin Williams for Ron Artest and his baggage? I think these guys have similar contracts in terms of $’s and years. If you were thinking of moving Josh in a trade, or playing Josh at the 4 and Horford at the 5, would you do it? Can Artest still hang defensively with James, Pierce, Deng, Anthony, Iguodala, Granger?


May 17th, 2011
3:48 pm


Can the Hawks still trade Jamal Crawford around draft time, the deadline to get the players signed isn’t until June 30th, They can still trade Jamal Crawford if they want to before June 30th right?


May 17th, 2011
3:49 pm


Why would NJ give up their young 7′ center, (who is still on a rookie contract) and a first round pick for Horford?

NJ is under the cap next season, and Deron Williams can opt out after one more year, so I think the Nets will be very active in Free Agency (and less in trade).

Michael Cunningham

May 17th, 2011
4:06 pm

@Reggie: “MC Can the Hawks still trade Jamal Crawford around draft time, the deadline to get the players signed isn’t until June 30th, They can still trade Jamal Crawford if they want to before June 30th right?”

technically they could sign-and-trade him but no team would do it without first knowing the rules under the next CBA.


May 17th, 2011
4:17 pm

myk i remember an article about the blazers and how they gave outlaw special coaching because he has a learning difficulty related to spatial learning. they had to go slowly throughtthe new information out on the floor and had a coach doing it with him as an assignment. i dont know if this figures into it but he had special needs before he left the west coast.


May 17th, 2011
4:30 pm

5 Steps: Fixing the Hawks

Despite earning their fourth consecutive postseason berth and recording their deepest playoff run since 1994 the Atlanta Hawks enter the off season facing more questions than ever about the future the direction of the organization. On a national level the Hawks were viewed to have little to no chance of upsetting the number one seeded Chicago Bulls in the second round of this year’s playoffs; however Atlanta fans have been extremely vocal of their disappointment with the six game elimination which in turn may force the Hawks’ front office to initiate some major changes in the locker room. As the salary cap stands today with over $63 million committed on the books for 2012, the Hawks don’t have much flexibility in terms of bringing in a top tier talent without paying the luxury tax – a place where their ownership structure has routinely avoided. Keeping things in total perspective the Hawks’ roster features two established All-Stars, another with All-Star talent, a former sixth man of the year and an emerging young point guard.

There are definitely a plethora of teams around the league in a worst predicament than the Hawks heading into 2012, but nonetheless Atlanta still has work to do in order to keep themselves relevant in the suddenly ultra-competitive Eastern Conference power structure.

1. Free Joe Johnson

Five-time All-Star shooting guard Joe Johnson signed the most lucrative deal during the 2010 free agency period which featured players such as Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce and Chris Bosh. The Hawks ultimately believe Johnson is the player who can push the club past the second round of the postseason for the first time in over forty years.
But the time is ticking. Johnson will be 30 next month and is approaching the age where high volume scoring guards typically decline rapidly (see Tracy McGrady and Michael Redd).
Simply put, the Hawks must simply ride his talents more than ever if their postseason luck is going to change in the near future while he’s still in his prime.
Johnson averaged 18.2 points per game this season which was his lowest output since the 2005 campaign. No question it was a disappointing season for the former University of Arkansas standout, but the blame cannot be placed entirely on the veteran.
When head coach Larry Drew took over for the dismissed Mike Woodson last year, there was a growing frustration amongst those following the team that the squad employed too much of a “Isolation Joe” strategy on offense – where the squad would clear out one side of the court and allow Johnson to break his opponent down off the dribble one-on-one.
So Drew promised to abandon a lot of this philosophy by implementing a motion offense focused on ball movement and balanced scoring which took the ball out of Johnson’s hands considerably.
Drew also routinely stated he wished to reduce the wear and tear on Johnson having to carry the team on a nightly basis, which in turn limited his minutes (lowest since 2003) and shot attempts (lowest since 2006). Throw in early season elbow surgery on his shooting arm with the role change and it’s no surprise to anyone who followed the team extensively that Johnson’s numbers were down.
But if Drew’s plan was to keep Johnson fresh for the playoffs, he never unleashed him once the team reached the destination and that’s what the Hawks clearly need before the inevitable decline sets in. Johnson’s shot attempts during the playoffs went up less than half a tenth. While guys like Bulls guard (and league MVP) Derrick Rose (+3.5) and Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (+2.1) increased their offensive aggressiveness tremendously. A return to more of “Isolation Joe” may not be too much of a bad thing if utilized correctly.

2. Decision Time: Al Horford or Josh Smith

There are more than a few teams around the league who would literally trade a good chunk of their current rosters to acquire players with the talent Horford and Smith possess.
Unfortunately the Horford and Smith connection has been somewhat of a gift and curse for the Hawks.
While both players are immensely talented they continue to develop into too similar of a player.
Horford, a two-time All-Star selection, never backs down when asked about his desire to play power forward full-time in the lineup. Horford’s father, Tito Horford, a former NBA player has also chimed in on the issue of getting his son away from center duties in order to preserve his career longevity. On the other hand, Smith is a borderline All-Star in his own right and has clearly established himself as one of the most versatile power forwards in the game even earning All-Defensive team honors in 2010.
The Hawks as a team have absolutely no inside offensive presence because both players’ penchant for perimeter jump shooting.
Horford would likely return more assets in a potential trade, but he has the higher upside and could develop into a 20/10 threat in the next 2-3 years.
While Smith remains a fan favorite in Atlanta (erratic jump shooting aside), his trade value around the league is stable and he could easily yield a solid mix of talent and draft picks for his services.
The Hawks have significant holes in their roster at small forward and some would even argue center since it’s not Horford’s natural position.
View Lang Greene Archive Given the Hawks’ position to the salary cap as a team, a deal must be made because outside of Johnson who is basically untradeable coming off a down year and with his cap number, Horford or Smith brings in the most bang for the buck in the open market.

3. Give Jeff Teague the Keys of the

Offense After playing only nine minutes in the Hawks’ six game elimination of the Orlando Magic in the first round of the playoffs, the second year Teague was thrust into starting duty versus Chicago when Kirk Hinrich suffered a leg injury.
Teague responded in a huge fashion. In the first five games of the Chicago series Teague averaged 17 points per game which included three games of 20+ points. Plus he was tasked with guarding the most explosive scoring point guard in the league in Rose.
It’s become clear Teague plays at a much higher level when he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder at the bench every time he may commit an on court error.
With Hinrich out of the lineup and no other reliable point guard on the roster Teague played the best basketball of his career and 40 minutes per game in the series’ first five contests.
Heading into the 2012 campaign it’s time for the Hawks to finally make the commitment to Teague in order to see if he has the goods to handle the reins full-time.

4. Pay Jamal Crawford

After a pay me or trade me demand before the start of training camp and early season struggles related to pressing due to his upcoming free agent status Crawford handled the situation like a true professional. Overall, Crawford’s numbers were down from his Sixth Man of the Year campaign in 2010 but he was a huge factor in the team’s first round upset of the Magic.
Crawford is 31 and isn’t the player he once was, but he still has a few solid seasons left in his tank.
Winning basketball is about team cohesion, chemistry and unity. It would be extremely hard to integrate someone new into the Hawks’ lineup to fill the large role Crawford occupies in an offseason. The Hawks players trust Crawford and he’s an outstanding locker room presence for the team.
Additionally, Atlanta traded away the emerging Jordan Crawford to Washington when they acquired Hinrich at the trade deadline so the Hawks have no one in place behind Johnson at shooting guard if they let Crawford go in free agency.
There will be a few free agent options available this summer such as J.R. Smith and Michael Redd but Crawford already has the familiarity with the organization, clearly accepts his role and most importantly still has game left.
Typically, it isn’t a wise move to re-sign veterans a little past their prime to multi-year deals but in this case with no other viable options on the roster at shooting guard to develop – pay Crawford or some other playoff team will.

5. Retool on the Fly –

Actively Look to Deal While the Hawks gave up their 2011 first round pick in the Hinrich deal, the club should still actively look to get into the upcoming draft to refill their youth pipeline and find a diamond in the rough.
The club has actively tried to deal forward Marvin Williams in the past but found no takers because of the price tag. The Hawks should revisit this path now since Williams has just two years remaining at $16.9 million (ETO of $8 million in 2014).

Referring to step two, the team desperately needs an interior presence.

Not necessarily a guy who can score 15 points a game, just a guy who wants to live on the interior. As strong as Jason Collins was as a defensive presence this season, he doesn’t have the game at this point in his career to cause matchup problems for opponents. Potential centers on the market this summer (who aren’t commanding huge bucks) are Nenad Krstic, Nazr Mohammed, Spencer Hawes (restricted) and Greg Oden (restricted).
There have long been rumors of the Los Angeles Clippers making former All-Star Chris Kaman available for the right mix of talent.
Now more than ever it’s clear the Hawks need to make a move. The franchise isn’t as far away from title contention most would lead you to believe, but they need to execute the right moves from here forward to get there while Johnson still is a top three shooting guard.


May 17th, 2011
4:38 pm

yo doc…thanks for that…wasn’t aware of his difficulties…liked him as a player in POR tho.


May 17th, 2011
4:43 pm

News reports here in North Carolina say Jeff Teague may be involved with an incident while at Wake Forest. Details are just coming out. Today Show is doing a report later this week.


May 17th, 2011
4:51 pm

Michael Cunningham
May 17th, 2011
3:05 pm
“Ken is great but i think you have the wrong idea.”
Nah, sorry if it sounded “harsh.” I’m just looking out for “Jimmy Olsen.” He’s covered everything and the toilet bowl it seems! He’s done great work with the hardest group this side of the MV7 Falcons (GA State). Just saying’!

JoJo the Godfather

May 17th, 2011
4:52 pm

Is that kid Mozgov going to stick in Denver? I don’t think he got off the bench in the playoffs. Was he hurt? He was a foul machine, but I thought he was a decent rebounder. I think he’s on the books for like $2.5M next year.

Also, what about Fesenko in Utah? He may be a young free agent replacement for Collins. Big dude. Not real mobile.

Grandad’s favorite Alexis Ajinca is an unrestricted free agent as well. He definitely looks the part.


May 17th, 2011
5:05 pm

How many Hawks were painted on the side of a Delta jet or featured in one of their adds? Or, how many Hawks were on a can of Coca-Cola or featured in one of their adverts?
Where am I going with this? Ownership, and their utter and complete failure to market the team in a town chock a block with potential corporate sponsors. This not only reduces the league and team’s revenue generation but hampers significantly the ability to attract high profile free agents who make the majority of their money from endorsements.This is ,in my opinion, the most critical shortcoming of the troubled franchise owners.
So all of the labor economists; arm chair GM’s and fanatical fans can speculate all they want to about the Hawks; until we have regime change, not much good is going to happen here.

The Truth

May 17th, 2011
5:06 pm

From the previous blog:


Let not your heart be troubled, if you believe in the Hawks, then believe also in “The Truth” and a simple fact that the Bulls were the better team. Not so much with one-on-one talent (excluding D Rose) but with depth from the bench. From a resource standpoint, it was the Hawks 7-1/2 man rotation vs. the Bulls 10 man rotation that ultimately killed their chances. A battle of attrition decided the outcome and Hawks came up short.

From a coaching standpoint, clearly the Hawks were overmatched. While Thibodeau was coaching free with a clear consistent strategy and making timely adjustments, LD was doing just the opposite; coaching scared with a short rotation, inconsistent strategy while making no effective adjustments after the surprising game 1 victory. So the fan’s outcry for roster upgrades really becomes a moot point since LD will likely not use them when the games matter the most. His tendency will always revert back to shorting his rotation regardless of his roster makeup, just like his mentor. This was the fate of many potentially useful players on the current roster including Etan, Jordon Crawford and Jeff Teague during the regular season. It has been repeatedly stated here many times, that any Hawks successes would be made despite of the coach. He basically wore out his thoroughbreds with an inconsistent rotation and eventually in the second-round of the playoffs, it caught up with them.

JJ rotating between SG to SF to PG
Josh Smith rotating between PF to SF (sometimes Center)
Al Horford rotating between Center to PF
Zaza rotating between Center to PF
Marvin rotating between SF to PF from starting to inconsistent bench-PT
Teague rotating between bench-warmer to leading PT in the playoffs
K Hinrich rotating between PG to SG
Jamal Crawford rotating between SG to PG
Jason Collins (inconsistent PT)
Etan (inconsistent PT)
Josh Powell (inconsistent PT)
Jordon Crawford (inconsistent PT)

When you put the overly used fatigued weary horses (toggling between multiple positions) up against a furious defense with rotating fresh legs, perhaps this might explain why JJ, Jamal and Horford had shaky offensive performances during crunch time with (at times) subpar defenses.

Given that depiction, you could say that the Hawks winning 2 games in the second round was an over-achieving accomplishment based on their under- achieving regular season performance. My off-season wish for upgrade would be to acquire FA Chris Wilcox from Detroit to spell Josh Smith. If the Hawks were successful in acquiring him, however, I’m sure LD would find a way to botch his PT, so my point is moot as well.

The Truth

May 17th, 2011
5:10 pm

MC: I like the video presentaton in your blog, saves you a lot of typing huh?

Neki Ecko

May 17th, 2011
5:21 pm

I wish that CBA issues gets down as soon as possible because they will go through the same mess as the NFL and they wont be too good for them. For the Hawks, i think that all options needs to be open. If somebody wants JJ for the right pieces and we can re-sign Jamal then go for it or a right trade comes along for Smith or Horford, when we might have to look in to it.

Because this is going to determine if we try to go after DWill, CPIII or Howard next season (if they dont get trade first or re-signed)and try to get over that 2nd round hump.

Rev in Tampa

May 17th, 2011
5:45 pm

“From a coaching standpoint, clearly the Hawks were overmatched. While Thibodeau was coaching free with a clear consistent strategy and making timely adjustments, LD was doing just the opposite; coaching scared with a short rotation, inconsistent strategy while making no effective adjustments after the surprising game 1 victory. So the fan’s outcry for roster upgrades really becomes a moot point since LD will likely not use them when the games matter the most.”

LD’s stubborn refusal to give Teague enough meaningful minutes with the starters during the regular season coupled with his lying excuses and inability to take control of the players caused me to lose confidence in him last December. I still have little confidence. Next year (if there is one) will be a long season with LD as coach. If he is still the coach, the Hawks ceiling in the playoffs will be limited to the 2nd round at best.


May 17th, 2011
5:56 pm

Next season, I if everything stays the same, I would not be surprised if Marvin still starts and Kirk started at PG. I would not be surprised if he still made dumb excuses not to play Teague or bring him off the bench (he doesn’t have any dog!)

drmaryb (*_-)

May 17th, 2011
5:59 pm

Those super stars aren’t coming here to a gutted team with no talent people. Those are the very dynamics they are running away from.

Think people, think!


May 17th, 2011
6:12 pm

Guys who are coming here are going to have to be traded here. There will be no joy ride to Atlanta unless you are in Minnesota perhaps.

The biggest concern is will the hapless ASG, who will dump a well supported franchise and then expect the fans to accept them, resign Sund and keep him and LD around. If so, next year is going to be more of the same. Little hype, lots of justification to keep this group together for another .500 season.

With Joe, Josh, Marvin and Al getting their big bucks, getting motivated for a championship run is not on their ‘Atlanta bucket list’.

If they haven’t been motivated to bring their best yet, what makes you think anyone or any move will prompt their sudden surge to championship basketball?


May 17th, 2011
6:14 pm

Ken Strickland,

It appears MC shares your view as to what the starting lineup should be next year.

Teague/Hinrich/JJ/Josh Smith/Horford.


I am still not impressed by LD. He struggled to control the team in the regular season, and I think Orlando just happened to be in worse shape than we were (in the playoffs).

In the playoffs, LD made adjustments prior to games, but 1) He took too long and 2) He was unable to make adjustments during the game.

drmaryb (*_-)

May 17th, 2011
6:24 pm

The Balkan!

“He Got Money!”

Thrashers & ATL Hawks to be purchased by “The Balkan”? – Page 2 …

240 million dollar offer on table for Atlanta Hawks and lease to arena says …
or a separate offer has been made for the Hawks & lease. … – 163k – Cached –

Word on The Street is The Balkan flew to Atlanta on or about
4.29.2011 to make private negotiations on all three properties:

Phillips Arena

drmaryb (*_-)

May 17th, 2011
6:35 pm

Tim Tucker said Hawks negotiating hard with an exclusive negotiating period set aside to purchase the Hawks and Phillips.

If this is true? Then The Balkan clearly can’t negotiate to buy all three.
Per Tim Tucker of the AJC (a highly credible writer) has just broke this story in the 6 O’Clock hour. Per Tim, these are serious negotiations to sell the teams separately.

I’ll go fetch that article now.

680 The Fan is blowing up right now!

Rev in Tampa

May 17th, 2011
6:41 pm

“Teague/Hinrich/JJ/Josh Smith/Horford”

I was too busy to be able to read the book-length posts on the previous blog. I know I am missing things that have aready been posted so I apologize in advance if I am re-treading worn out tires.

Who would be the back-up point guard in this lineup? Does this assume that Jamal will still be with the Hawks?

I like this lineup as starters for several reasons. First, Marvin is not in it. Second, Marvin is not in it. Third, I think Hirich and Teague will make a good tandem. It adds a lot of options while maintaining the integrity of the offense. Hopefully having two legitimate guards in the lineup will limit the iso-tendencies.

drmaryb (*_-)

May 17th, 2011
6:57 pm

Spirit also pursuing Hawks sale
By Tim Tucker

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Thrashers aren’t the only team that the Atlanta Spirit ownership group is discussing selling.

The Spirit, in the process of negotiating a deal that would send the hockey team to Winnipeg, also is in talks about a possible separate sale of the basketball Hawks, who would remain in Atlanta.

Two people familiar with the situation, both of whom asked not to be identified because of the ongoing talks, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Spirit and outgoing San Diego Padres owner John Moores are in an exclusive negotiating period regarding the Hawks and the Philips Arena operating rights. Both people said a deal is not close and that it’s far from assured one will get done.

In 2004, the Atlanta Spirit Group members (including former ASG membe
The exclusive negotiating period means the owners agreed not to pursue the sale of the Hawks to any other prospective purchaser for a prescribed period of time. It is not known when Moores’ exclusivity expires.

Moores did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

Meanwhile, negotiations continued on a possible sale of the Thrashers to True North Sports and Entertainment, a Canadian group that would relocate the team to Winnipeg. True North does not have an exclusivity agreement, meaning the Spirit remains free to entertain offers to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, Thrashers president Don Waddell said no such offers had been received.
“My job is to continue to actively pursue buyers,” Waddell said. “At this time, there are no further developments.”

Moores is not believed to be involved in sales talks regarding the Thrashers.

Having provided exclusive negotiating rights on the Hawks, the Spirit apparently is not in position — at least for now — to package the basketball and hockey teams to a single buyer. While refusing to publicly discuss specific potential purchasers, the Spirit repeatedly has said that no buyer has demonstrated serious interest and the requisite financial ability to make a deal for both franchises together.

It is not a surprise that the Spirit is discussing a possible Hawks sale, the owners having made it known they are seeking buyers or investors for both of their teams. The Spirit several months ago expressed a “sense of urgency” to sell the Thrashers because of the team’s heavy financial losses. The Hawks are not as big a money-loser, in part because of the NBA’s national TV revenue.

If the Hawks are sold, some of the current owners likely would retain minority stakes in the franchise.

Moores, who made his fortune in the computer-software business, bought the Padres in 1994. He sold the baseball team in 2009 to a group led by former player agent and Arizona Diamondbacks part-owner Jeff Moorad.

The sale was a complex transaction that allowed Moorad’s group to assume control of the Padres on an installment plan over as many as five years. Until the purchase is completed, Moores remains the Padres’ chairman, while Moorad serves as chief executive.

Moorad’s group has taken control of 49 percent of the Padres and still owes Moores approximately $145 million that is due by 2014, according to a recent San Diego Union-Tribune article.

Moores, 66, grew up in Texas and founded BMC Software there. He has an Atlanta connection: From 2005-09, he served as chairman of the board of trustees of The Carter Center.

Unlike the Thrashers, the Hawks are in no danger of leaving Atlanta. The agreement with the city and Fulton County on the bonds that funded the construction of Philips Arena stipulates that the Hawks “have agreed to play all of [their] regular season and playoff NBA home games” in the arena “for as long as the [bonds] are outstanding.” There is not a similar stipulation regarding the Thrashers. The bonds are scheduled to be paid off in 2028.

While the Thrashers have qualified for the NHL playoffs only once in their 11-season history, the Hawks have reached the second round of the NBA playoffs each of the past three seasons. The Hawks had the NBA’s seventh highest payroll this season, about $71 million.

– Staff writer Chris Vivlamore contributed to this article.

Gitter Sold! Hurr-Up!

drmaryb (*_-)

May 17th, 2011
7:04 pm

Sales Executive!

While my blog fellas are trying to make trades?
I’m trying hard to get this team SOLD!

Like CWebb said, “the Hawks problem is management.”


May 17th, 2011
7:05 pm

Everbody wants to trade Josh so Al can play PF. I even read that Al has More upside then Josh. But if you ask me when it was time to show some heart and toughness in playoffs Josh showed up and Al was SOFT!!!!!!!! And you need a little toughness in the paint. i know Josh shoots a lot of jumpers but if Drew hire a tough inside former player (Charles Oakley) to be his Assist. (cause his a** not going any where) then may Josh would show some respect. Also remeber his only 25 straight out of high school hell the avg. man dont make good decisions until we turn 30

Najeh Davenpoop

May 17th, 2011
7:09 pm



Are you not sold on Kyrie Irving?”

As a good player, yes. As a superstar, no.

“And you would seriously, be in the lottery the next 2 years.”

In the lottery with Derrick Williams at SF and a free agent role player at SG? No way. Maybe that team won’t be good enough to make it to the second round right off the bat, but I think in as little as two years they would be better than what this team will be in two years.


May 17th, 2011
7:11 pm


May 17th, 2011
7:13 pm

That lineup also gives you a spot up shooter that Teague can dish when he penetrates. I don’t think we need Jamal. Would not mind Bibby backing up Teague. He will be available and will give us shooters on the court.

Najeh Davenpoop

May 17th, 2011
7:21 pm

“Would you trade Marvin Williams for Ron Artest and his baggage?”

Hell yeah.


May 17th, 2011
7:22 pm

Based on that article, Teague did what? Did not understand why he will not be a Hawk if everything was true. If a woman says no it means no, but did she really try to leave the room? Again, why would the young lady even go into a man’s hotel room?

drmaryb (*_-)

May 17th, 2011
7:22 pm


I read that Teague ISH on the web earlier today. I did not post that on here, because it was full-O-Sh!t! That wole story is lame and reveals some one looking fot their “15 Minutes” of fame.

Even the DA in NC passed on this 2 years ago. Move on people, there is nothing to see here.

Teague is good. He did nothing wrong.

Najeh Davenpoop

May 17th, 2011
7:22 pm

“How many Hawks were painted on the side of a Delta jet or featured in one of their adds? Or, how many Hawks were on a can of Coca-Cola or featured in one of their adverts?
Where am I going with this? Ownership, and their utter and complete failure to market the team in a town chock a block with potential corporate sponsors.”

Co-sign. Emphatically.


May 17th, 2011
7:24 pm

After the young lady told Teague she likes him, what does he do. Let his teammate get all the glory and he walks her back to the room afterwards. I guess he is passive by nature…LOL

Najeh Davenpoop

May 17th, 2011
7:24 pm

On second thought, I didn’t realize that Artest’s contract extends two years beyond Marvin’s. Artest is clearly a talent upgrade in the short term, but it’s debatable whether he’d be worth it in the last two years of his current deal. Still, it would be hard to pass up a Marvin trade where the Hawks actually receive someone of value.