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Celtics at Atlanta Hawks: Celtics still ‘the team’ in the East

The Heat are streaking. The Bulls, tops in the East, have been consistent all year.

Then there are the Celtics.

“It’s a team that has been there and done that,” Josh said. “They’ve played through a lot of injuries, especially last year when people had written them off and didn’t t think they were going to make the Finals and they did and had a shot to win it. That doesn’t surprise me about this team.”

The C’s are old, injured, smaller and most nights seemingly sputtering to the playoffs. Except those times they are not, like last night’s W at San Antonio without Shaq and with Krstic leaving the game early.

It was a timely reminder that the Celtics are the defending East champs. They can get it done when they are right or find a way when they are not.

“They are the team until somebody proves them wrong,” Smoove said. “They have been the team these past couple of years. Those teams you just named [Bulls and Heat] are just hot teams that people are talking about. But what they …

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