Atlanta Hawks: Knicks 102, Hawks 90

Felton isn't the only one who does this to the Hawks. (Christopher Pasatieri / Newsday)

Felton isn't the only one who does this to the Hawks. (Christopher Pasatieri / Newsday)

New York–After all the hype surrounding this game, it came down to some basic, boring (and familiar) truths about the Hawks.

  • A team like New York, which has penetrating point guards, threats to roll to the rim and 3-point shooters, can slice up the Hawks because the first thing leads to the other two. And the Hawks can easily be induced to take long jump shots, either because opponents force them to do so or, like tonight, the Hawks abandon the game plan after a few misses in close.
  • Both things happened against the Knicks, and so the Hawks were subpar both on offense (aside from making 11 of 22 3-point attempts) and defense (48 percent shooting allowed, 18 fastbreak points).
  • Defense was the real problem for the Hawks, who never could put together any kind of sustained run because New York would easily get an open shot and make it.
  • “Every time we tried to [rally], they made a big three or a big basket,” Al said. “It was a little demoralizing. We stayed with it, but we just didn’t have enough tonight.”
  • The issues, like most times, started on the ball.
  • “They run a ton of pick-and-rolls and we were trying to figure out the best coverages for it,” L.D. said. “They do a great job in the pick-and-roll with Felton and then they have a guy who is a forceful roller with Stoudemire. You have to defend the guard, you have to defend the big guy on the roll and then they spread out with shooters. It makes it tough for us. “
  • Sounds like he pretty much just described the Celtics. Or the Bulls. Or the Magic. Shoot, take away the roll man but add two of the best screen-roll ball-handlers in the league and it’s the Heat.
  • “We just had more individual breakdowns on a lot of simple things [like] transition defense, closeouts,” Drew said.
  • “It’s kind of hard to really help, especially when they are knocking down the jump shot like tonight,” Smoove said. “We gave up too much dribble penetration and then we helped and were scrambling from that point on.”
  • I’m thinking I can save time by putting the above three quotes in a macro file.
  • At one point, a New York hack sitting next to me asked: “So, basically, whomever Bibby is guarding scores?” Me: “Not always. Sometimes his man passes to open shooters when everything breaks down, and they score.”
  • Later from the hack: “If this team had a different point guard they could be so good.” I told him it was supposed to be Teague, and he asked: “Is he hurt or something?”
  • I couldn’t decide if my blog people would have laughed or cried if you had heard that conversation.
  • Al never really could get on track, though he dismissed his beef with Stoudemire as a factor: “I thought it was something small to begin with that he tried to blow it up and run with it. I think it was just a lot of talk. He didn’t say anything out there on the court. I went out there and played my game and he played his.”
  • For the first time I can remember, Al complained about his touches. That’s odd since there have been plenty of other games when the Hawks did forget about him for long stretches but tonight he was involved.
  • “I started to get touches a little later in the game as opposed to early or the start of the second half,” he said. “I didn’t get touches in the post like that so I could really get established.”
  • I thought the Hawks might have been able to keep up if they had stuck with the post-ups. Joe and Marvin got into good position by backing down their men. Smoove got some drives at the basket and Bibby some good spot-up looks when passes came out of the post.
  • The Hawks had trouble finishing at the basket, though, and instead of keeping at it, they went to their favored jump shots. That approach also quickened the pace.
  • “We want to think inside out,” L.D. said. “Once you show you can attack inside they have got to collapse, they have got to double team. We missed some easy ones and then we started settling for outside shots, jump shots. On the road, it can be your demise. When they pressured us and sped us up some, we didn’t handle it well.”
  • “We was rushing and they were giving us the jump shot,”Smoove said. “We weren’t able to knock them down tonight.”
  • Especially not Josh (6 of 16) or Jamal (3 of 11). The latter forced things at times, as he tends to do when back in New York (usually with better results). He jacked a jumper on the baseline while double-teamed after the Hawks got within 74-65. They never recovered.
  • The Hawks enter the All-Star break in fifth place in the East, a full game behind Orlando
  • “I think we will come back re-focused and ready to go,” Al said. “I don’t think we are playing our best basketball yet. We are starting to be a little more consistent, we just have lapses like we did tonight. I hope we can get there.”
  • I’m off to L.A. tomorrow, blog people. I’ll get back to blogging when I get out there.

Michael Cunningham, Hawks beat

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February 17th, 2011
12:06 am

3-6-11 Get Ready!


February 17th, 2011
12:07 am

New York is barely relevant. As a six seed, playing Miami or Chicago, they will probably win 1 game in the playoffs. The Magic are not as good as they were last year. So, I can see the Hawks losing 4-2 if they are the 5th seed and winning 4-2 if they are the 4th seed. Finally, Devin Harris is the guy the Hawks should be after not Sessions.


February 17th, 2011
12:08 am

cant defend the pick and roll. And all jump shots.Hawks are going to get drilled!!! Next…………………….

Najeh Davenpoop

February 17th, 2011
12:15 am

“I couldn’t decide if my blog people would have laughed or cried if you had heard that conversation.”

At this point, I think most of us are starting to shrug. That should concern the DASG.

Najeh Davenpoop

February 17th, 2011
12:16 am

“For the first time I can remember, Al complained about his touches. That’s odd since there have been plenty of other games when the Hawks did forget about him for long stretches but tonight he was involved.”


Najeh Davenpoop

February 17th, 2011
12:19 am

“I thought the Hawks might have been able to keep up if they had stuck with the post-ups.”

Add this to your macro file, too. You could write this about every Hawks loss this year.


February 17th, 2011
12:24 am

so, why are we trying to trade Teaue away? Maaan F-LD! Bibby was nice but he got KILLEd on pick n’ roll coverage! Always getting cought up on screens and always getting switched on a big. We wouldnt have neede his threes if JT was playing.

LD is starting to really piss me off. There is no reason Zaza, JT, and Powell shouldn’t be playing. Absolutely no reason.

Sessions is no better than Teague…i’ve seen Sessions play like crap all last season in minnesota. Trade away Bibby, JC1, and mo so that JT, JC2, and Pape(beasting in the DL right now) can flourish.

Najeh Davenpoop

February 17th, 2011
12:24 am

Al “never really could get on track” because after he scored in the post on the first two possessions, the Hawks inexplicably (but predictably) abandoned him, stopped attacking Amare defensively, and instead started posting up Joe. Not that Joe was bad in the post, and that was a hell of a lot better than the jumpshot festival that ensued for the final three quarters, but considering how hyped Al was for this game and considering his early success, going away from him was asinine.


February 17th, 2011
12:24 am

*[reprinted nfrom last blog]

Initially I was not for acquiring R.Sessions.
Upon 2nd glance;
anything to get the ball out of Joe’s hands!

Why oh why do we not feed AL?

LD talks about running the offense –> through–> Josh.
News-Flash LD – it only runs –| to Josh.

Before tonight:
FG atts.
Joe = 762 / [340 made]
Josh = 730 / [349 made]
Al = 615 / [350 made]
As a Coach I would look at this stat and say to myself;
self, your job depends on you fixin this.
And I wasn’t even good at ‘rithmatic.

If the Hawks bring in R.S. – 1st thang I’d tell ‘im:
“throw it to AL”


February 17th, 2011
12:24 am

LD’s offense is difference but the player rotations are looking very woodpecker-esque right about now. I dont give a damn about standings right now, I just dont want to get blown away in the playoffs again. START JEFF TEAGUE! Get the kid ready for the POST SEASON. JC2 as well.Kid can score on ANYBODY. He’s also not as streaky as jamal. Trade Mike, Mo, and Jamal for SOMETHING…..ANYTHING.

Or just get us a new coach who is not biased and has not been with the team before because LD is clearly playing favorites right now.

Just a horribly managed game by LD tonight!


February 17th, 2011
12:27 am


February 17th, 2011
12:28 am

Trade Joe Johnson / while we can !

ole hawk's fan

February 17th, 2011
12:30 am

This Hawks team reminds me of Mora(The Father) comments about “PLAYOFF!”………this team is so FLAWED……………that winning one game in the playoff this season will be a MIRACLE! There are TOO Many flaws for this team to be taken SERIOUSLY! The first mistake was signing ISO Joe for the MAX……………….didn’t he say when the deal was done, that he was going to recruit some players to ATL! Where are thos PLAYERS? JJ is at beast , Robin and Not Batman. LD should sit these Jump Shooters down and lose with the guys who will listen or run his system of offense. BREAK UP THIS GROUP, NOW!

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February 17th, 2011
12:35 am

We had to quit going to Al.

This is Joe’s team – remember {?}

Then Josh gets pissed off at Joe and start launching.


February 17th, 2011
12:37 am

LD may well have lost this team with his “idle” threat.
*[ "gonna bench________________" ]

Worldwide Clyde

February 17th, 2011
12:38 am

What’s the excuse tonight?


February 17th, 2011
12:44 am

This team is good enough to beat “anyone” when they play *well & *hard !
Or as George O’Leary said:
” Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together, and Play to Win ” !
If they do not adhere to the ..^..above..^..
they can get their ass kicked by anyone and will do so in [four] come play-offs!


February 17th, 2011
12:56 am

This team needs some one [jt?] who can run the offense,mb can’t. Need to take the ball out of jj’s hands the pg needs to run the offense. Mb can’t play his man causing our defense to completely break down. Ld has no feel for substitutions, holds no accounterbility & refuses to develope our young talent.

Big Ray

February 17th, 2011
1:01 am

Najeh Davenpoop is on fire.


February 17th, 2011
1:04 am

Just a question. How is it the same people that beat up on LD are the same that beat up on Sund. Is it bad coaching or a bad roster or are we just calling out everyone just for the hell of it.


February 17th, 2011
1:16 am

Players keep saying “we’re gonna get things figured out.” IMO they’ve already figured it out: they don’t match up well with most playoff contenders, let alone many other sub-.500 clubs. I get the feeling they’re just playing out the season, JJ raking in about a thousand dollars a point and JC1 bringing nothing to the table after his sparkling first season here. GO BRAVES……


February 17th, 2011
1:18 am


Only recently have I been critical of LD.
I’ve been on Sund for quite a while now.
LD dissappointed me with his empty threat.
I am still in his corner.

Just in case you were referring to me.

The roster is un-balanced as we all know.

**Trade Joe**


February 17th, 2011
1:22 am

NorcalHawk /// Co-Sign

They been gonna get thangs figured out for how long now?

Najeh Davenpoop

February 17th, 2011
1:22 am

“Just a question. How is it the same people that beat up on LD are the same that beat up on Sund. Is it bad coaching or a bad roster or are we just calling out everyone just for the hell of it”

Can’t multiple parties share the responsibility? I think Sund and the DASG deserve more blame than LD since ultimately the roster does prevent the Hawks from seriously contending, but at the same time, when what works for this team is so obvious and yet the team time and again goes away from that, some of the blame has to fall on the coach, as well as the person on the floor initiating the offense.

Najeh Davenpoop

February 17th, 2011
1:27 am

Also, I don’t want to see Zaza ever again. Collins is better than Zaza at offense just by virtue of not screwing up, better at defense by far, maybe not as good a rebounder statistically but fundamentally sound enough to know how to box out, and probably would run restaurants better, too, if he tried. For every game here and there (like the one vs LAC) where Zaza miraculously doesn’t screw anything up, he has ten games like this one where he blows point blank layups and offers no resistance on D.


February 17th, 2011
1:33 am


Lucid point.


February 17th, 2011
1:39 am


I was making a general comment based on my observation on the blog. To me its not that his threat was half empty its just that I feel he realize he dont have any better options. His comment was more out of frustration. Honestly as much as Im pulling for Teague there has to be some logical reason he doesnt play. Why would a rookie coach put his job in danger.

Nate ArchiBALL

February 17th, 2011
1:44 am

Another game where AL hasn’t attempted a free throw. No attemps in 3 of the last 4 games……All Star Al has become Jump Shot Al.


February 17th, 2011
1:49 am

“We had to quit going to Al.

This is Joe’s team – remember {?}

Then Josh gets pissed off at Joe and start launching.” – Grandad

“Al “never really could get on track” because after he scored in the post on the first two possessions, the Hawks inexplicably (but predictably) abandoned him, stopped attacking Amare defensively, and instead started posting up Joe. Not that Joe was bad in the post, and that was a hell of a lot better than the jumpshot festival that ensued for the final three quarters, but considering how hyped Al was for this game and considering his early success, going away from him was asinine.” – Najeh

These two posts are excellent ways of describing one of the team’s biggest problems on the offensive end. In summary, Al’s own teammates deny him the ball in the post (sometimes they deny him the ball all-together) and resort to jump shooting, Joe tries to carry the team and goes back to his isolation habits, and Josh becomes frustrated with his lack of touches and the team’s struggles and starts launching up shots in hopes to bring the team back. Really, this is nothing new though. This has been a problem for a very long time, it seems like it is clear to so many people, both casual and hardcore fans, alike.

Even my father, who has watched maybe 3 Hawks games in the last 10 years, pointed it out the last time he visited and watched the team play. What I want to know is whether L.D. sees this, and if he does, why he fails to address the issue. So often L.D. preaches about wanting to play inside-out and getting established inside first, yet so many times I see Al with great low post position calling for the ball and his teammates go away from him. Even when he (or Josh) is having success down there, the team quickly seems to abandon the idea for jump shots. The only guy that consistently gets the ball in the post is Joe, in fact, the only guy that consistently has plays run for him is Joe. Joe is a very good scorer, but there are other options out there, and the way our team is presently constructed, those options should not always be jump shots. We don’t have the personnel to be a great jump shooting team night in and night out. If our starting 5 was stephen curry, J.J. Reddick, Kyle Korver, Ryan Anderson, and Channing Frye, it might make sense to predicate the offense on jump shots since that would be the strength of the players, but with our team that is far from the case.
I get incredibly frustrated with the fact that we very rarely utilize our strengths as a team, and a lot of that is on L.D., since I have a tough time believing that the players just completely tune him out and do whatever they want out on the court. That is BS in my opinion, because if your players are able to do that to you without any consequences, then you shouldn’t be coaching at all. But, back to the topic of utilizing our strengths. We have arguably the most athletic frontcourt in the league, and some young players like teague who can really jet up the court, yet we play at almost the slowest pace in the league. We also have guys like Al who can play inside and outside, along with slashers like Josh and Marvin, yet we almost never attack the basket. The only strength that we continually play toward is Joe’s size. We post up Joe a lot, but other than that, we take jump shots the majority of the time, and the guy on the team who takes the second most jump shots behind Joe is Josh Smith, whose greatest strength is playing around the basket. I’m really starting to get fed up with L.D. saying one thing and then doing the opposite and pretending like the players just aren’t doing what he’s asking. If they aren’t doing what you’re asking then sit them down and put in someone who will do it.
I’m really glad that Al finally commented about his lack of touches. Maybe that will “shake the cage” as L.D. would say. It’s obvious that L.D. could care less what the media or any lowly bloggers have to say about the way the Hawks play, but maybe if one of his best players brings it to his attention he will make a concerted effort to change things. I hope Al continues to complain about his lack of touches in the post, and his lack of touches, in general. Al needs to start demanding the ball, and if his teammates don’t like it, that’s just too bad. We need to establish a presence inside, and we need to stop basing everything on jump shots. This team has weapons, they just fail to use them. The team plays to it’s weaknesses, rather than it’s strengths, and if the team they are facing on any given night is not good enough to beat the Hawks by themselves, you can rest assured that the Hawks will find a way to beat themselves, such as the way they did tonight with the poor excuse for an offense. The defense was bad tonight, no doubt about it, but even playing bad defense, we could have beaten the Knicks with just a smart offensive attack. Like others have said, giving the ball to Al in the post to get him established early and often would have done wonders for our offense tonight.


February 17th, 2011
2:03 am

On the topic of Jamal declining in terms of his contributions this season, it’s not necessarily Jamal’s fault. Jamal is not physcially-inferior or less skilled than he was last season. The problem with Jamal is what L.D. is asking him to do. Jamal is not a point guard, he’s a scorer, more specifically, he’s a an isolation scorer. That’s what his greatest strength is. The reason Jamal was so productive last season was due to the fact that Woodson let him do what he did best – score. Woodson’s “iso” system was perfect for a guy like Jamal, and Jamal flourished in it. In this new system, Jamal has a more difficult time and is far less productive because often he is having to focus on running the offense and trying to set up others, rather than just getting to play his game and score the way he is used to doing. Also, when Jamal is not isolating or playing point guard, he is basically used a spot up shooter. Jamal is a pretty good shooter, but I really don’t feel like his best asset is his stand-still shooting. Jamal’s decline is a factor of how he is being used.

If you really want to get the most out of your players, you need to play them to their strengths. As a prime example, look at Hedo Turkoglu the past couple of years. With Orlando, he’s great because he gets to operate with the ball in his hands and do what he does best. In toronto and phoenix, he was asked to play off of the ball and do things that he was not comfortable doing, which is why he struggled. You can change a player’s game and style of play when they are young and still developing, but you can’t get the most out of seasoned veterans like Jamal Crawford when you try to force them to play a different role than they have played their entire career. Crawford is a scorer, plain and simple. He can score in bunches and he can be really spectacular when he has it going, but when you use him as a point guard and spot-up shooter, you take away his strengths and he becomes just average, at best.

Just so people don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not saying Crawford shouldn’t be asked to do things like play defense. All players should be asked to defend, that’s a given. I’m speaking purely about the offensive end with regards to Jamal and what he is asked to do.


February 17th, 2011
2:07 am

I have a question for yall, blog people. Which one would u choose if you could ONLY CHOOSE 1. Get Jerry Sloan as a replacement for LD with NO TRADE FOR THE SEASON or keep LD and make a trade B4 deadline?

Worldwide Clyde

February 17th, 2011
2:23 am

Same ole Hawks.

John Bluecorn

February 17th, 2011
2:28 am

Those of you saying that L.D. is simply being criticized because the angry fans want someone to blame for a loss and are starting to blame everyone have to realize that a lot of the criticisms of L.D. are well-warranted. While a lot of the issues associated with the Hawks and their lobsided roster are out of L.D.’s hands, there’s a lot of things that he does have control over which he has done a poor job with. For example, L.D. has done an absolutely horrible job of enforcing “equal accountability”, which was one of the premises of the “new regime” which he was looking to bring to the table when he was hired. L.D. basically plays the same players night-in and night-out regardless of how they are performing, and whether or not they make mistakes, he handles their minutes the same way.

For example, Bibby or Jamal could make every mistake in the world on the defensive end and be a combined 0-50 from the field, but L.D. would still play them their regular minutes and stick with them down the stretch. However, if Teague was in the game and played flawlessly on both ends for a short stint, I guarantee you that L.D. would still sub him out in favor of Bibby or Crawford.

Also, L.D. mentions in his post-game conferences what mistakes the team is making and how he wants them to get away from doing those things, such as taking too many jump shots as opposed to going inside. However, he does a poor job of enforcing that suggestion. Josh Smith, when he is having a bad night may take 10 consecutive jump shots, and miss them all, but L.D. would likely tell him to keep shooting, and if Josh was told to go inside and attack the rim and didn’t, L.D. would still stick with him and play him the same number of minutes, regardless.

Similarly, Mo Evans could play horrible defense all night against his assignment, yet when the game was on the line, L.D. would choose him to defend the other team’s best perimeter scorer in a lot of scenarios. At the same time, Damien could play suffocating defense against his matchups, but when the game was on the line, there’s no doubt that L.D. would sub him out in favor of Crawford or Bibby down the stretch (or even Mo if he needed a defensive stop).

L.D. has done a poor job with matchups and adjustments in my opinion. While L.D. is still better than Woodson when it comes to making adjustments, he’s even worse than Woodson when it comes to matching up. Woodson was at least smart enough to put his best interior defender (Al) up against the opposing team’s best post player, and put his best perimeter defenders (Joe and Marvin) against the opposing team’s best perimeter players. Too many times, L.D. puts Bibby on elite perimeter players who laugh while they abuse him, and L.D. puts Josh on guys who continually back him down and score on him in the post. I’m not taking a shot at Josh here, Josh is a great defender, but in the post, Al is much at defending players. Larry Drew has actually asked Bibby to defend guys like John Wall and Earl boykins, meanwhile asking Josh to defend guys like Scola and Amare who have had a lot of success against him, and very little against Al.

And, to top things off, Drew plays Bibby and Jamal together after complaining over and over about getting “exposed” off of the dribble. And, don’t give me that BS about him not having “better options”. When Bibby and Jamal are giving you nothing on the offensive end and getting completely torched on defense, any able-bodied man on the bench is a better option.

Larry Drew isn’t horrible, but he has a lot of things that he deserves to be criticized for. Like tonight, for example, there was no excuse not getting Horford the ball in the post more, or for having Bibby and Jamal get caught guarding Gallinari (honestly, Jamal shouldn’t have even been in the game tonight with the way he was playing). There was no excuse for why Damien was never put into the game to help guard the Knick wings, or for why didn’t get to see the court for even a second to help defend Felton. There was no excuse for why L.D. continues to let these same problems occur over and over again without doing anything to change things, i.e. lineup changes, benching non-productive players, sitting players who disobey, etc.

I was behind L.D. 100% when the season started and really looked forward to what he could accomplish, but if he continues to let these same flaws slide, and continues to play favorites, while making empty threats, he will just be regarded as another poor coaching choice by Hawks management.

Nate ArchiBALL

February 17th, 2011
2:34 am

For all of the talk about not getting touches, what does Al do when he gets the ball? In 3 of the last 4 games ASA has not attempted a free throw……Doesn’t sound like he’s taking it to the basket when he has the ball.
15 games where he has attempted zero free throws
3 games with 1 attempt
11 games with 2 attempts
4 games with 3 attempts
Jump shots and jump hooks ASA doesn’t attack the rim.


February 17th, 2011
2:35 am


I’d make the coaching change over the trade. Since there aren’t a lot of available players out there, and we don’t have much to choose from, I don’t think we could get much in a trade unless we trade a forbidden “core piece”. Plus, I’m so tired of all of the bad habits and favoritism that has occurred under Woodson and L.D., I’d love to just get a fresh breath of air with a new coach that is totally new to the players and organization. Someone who will not play favorites and who will start fresh and develop the team the way he sees fit, rather than just base things off of what was done before.

I really think our players need a new coach, and Larry Drew was never really “new”. He had been around so long that I feel like the favorites were already way too comfortable with him and players just don’t seem to fear any disciplinary measures with him. The “comfort zone” needs to be broken.

A new trade with the same coach won’t do much unless the coach uses the new player in the right way. If we run the same system and play the same way, it won’t matter if we get Derrick Rose as our point guard, we’ll still struggle on the offensive end, although our defense would definitely pick up.
Unless the guy we get in the trade is a true floor general and L.D. lets him run the team the way the player thinks is best, then we will still have the same offensive struggles and still struggle to beat elite teams in the playoffs.


February 17th, 2011
2:37 am

Some of these post are crazy to me because I know if they had won it would be a totally different story from some of these people. I know that some of you are fustrated with the team and I get that but me I am a real Hawks fan and I rock with them no matter what happens lose or win. Some of these bloggers are 180 fans meaning that when the Hawks win you right there on their on their side but soon as they lose you come up with any and everything about how bad they are and who come and who should go then they win again and you right there saying that was a good game and they did good. O.A.N GO HAWKS I still believe in you guys so after the allstar break show’em what you got.

Hawks Fan In New Orleans

February 17th, 2011
2:46 am

@ MsDee. I would try my hand at Jerry Sloan. Show THU, FEB 17, 2011 the door. The players he has have already tuned him out. Maybe he would divy the minutes up better. Develop Teague and Jordan Crawford and turn Horf into Mailman part 2. Sloan just has more pedigree and more accomplished track record. THU, FEB 17, 2011 is scared to cut Bibby’s minutes and develop a viable young pg. He is scared to bench Smoove for not attacking the rack.


February 17th, 2011
2:49 am


A lot of people are just frustrated due to the fact that we see the same mistakes being made over and over again, and we know that these things are correctable. We see the same problems coming around over and over again to haunt us, whether we win or lose. People just don’t want to see the team fail in the playoffs again because of these same mistakes. We just want the players, coach, and management/ownership to make an effort to correct these things before they ultimately lead to another disappointing playoff exit. People want the team to improve and succeed, and it’s incredibly frustrating when they continue to fall due to problems that they could easily correct.

Personally, I wouldn’t complain if the Hawks played their best and just lost to a superior team that outplayed them. There’s no shame in that. But most of the time, the Hawks lose because of their own doing, and management is too passive to take action to correct the problems that the current players and coach are incapable of solving. There are a lot of people that bash the Hawks when they lose, but I think most of the people on here really love the team and just want them to succeed. If they didn’t care about the team, they wouldn’t take the time to post. Also, I think a lot of the bashing is just people venting their frustration.


February 17th, 2011
2:51 am

Hawks Fan In New Orleans

I co-sign your 2:46 am post. You assessment is spot-on in my opinion.


February 17th, 2011
2:55 am


I know this is probably beating a dead horse and this has probably been asked before, but can you ask L.D. why Horford doesn’t get more touches, specifically, in the post?


February 17th, 2011
3:31 am

“Truhawkfan” I’m flat out tired of “fans” like you. Guys that try and ride some high horse because your dumb enough to accept what the franchise and players gives you. That doesn’t make you a true fan. It makes you a complete idiot and a sheep to boot.

This team is full of losers that humiliate themselves OFTEN. Not only do they lack fundamentals, but they’re complete idiots also. The lowest basketball IQ’s BY FAR league wide.


February 17th, 2011
4:12 am

LD must go.

He has completely lost it.

Before the game he said that he would start the big line up UNLESS the Knicks went small with Amar’e at the C.

The Knicks started Mozgov and LD went for the traditional line up. WTF?

Unfortunately LD says all the rights things but then fails to implement them.

He has ZERO command over his troops. Did he go small to avoid the Al-Amar’e match up? What does that tell your adversary after all that talk?

I hate to say it. But it’s true. He deserved his shot and he deserves the boot.

Although Mozgov his hardly important for the Knicks, as the Pistons game proved, Collins give us a defensive mentality from tip off which we lack when we use our small line up.

Josh is a good help defender using his athleticism but he is not disciplined defender: he does not play D with his brain.

Hence although Josh gives away too much to quick SFs I think it’s preferable to use the big line up where he could – theoretically – punish the opposing SF inside and make up for his defensive on the ball shortcomings.


February 17th, 2011
5:58 am

@James & Hawks Fan In New Orleans,

I also choose making the coaching change and honestly yall, I believe Sund and the ASG would make a coaching change b4 trading anyone, ANYWAY. Remember, the funds for a coach are different from funds to signing a player. The ASG are cheap enough to may a move of that sort than to mess up or break up the ‘core’. Even though I much rather like seeing LD on the sidelines than Woody, I just think the players truly needs a fresh new coach leading the way for them. Jerry Sloan WOULD get them over that hump. Jeff Teague, WOULD IMMEDIATELY start right off the bat causing Bibby to come off the bench. Jamal would sub Joe instead of Teague while moving Joe to the 3 position to then sub Marvin. Mo Evans will then be the sub for Joe and Bibby for Teague at PG. Josh for Josh and Zaza for Horford. I believe that would and can work for this team IF Jerry Sloan was or NEW HEAD COACH!! COME ON SUND, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


February 17th, 2011
6:09 am

A lot of good comments. The one I mostly agree is that I don’t mind losing to a better team. I just hate losing the same way. “Shot to many jump shots, abandoned going inside, could not defend the pick and roll, etc.etc.” We lose 80% of our games that way. Tell Josh to focus on his inside game, ask Marvin to drive, then work on his J, and most of all START JEFF TEAGUE!!! If that guy started, we would be the quickest team in the league! Also, if Smooth is off his game, play Powell.


February 17th, 2011
6:14 am

Jerry Sloan WILL NEVER COACH IN THIS LEAGUE AGAIN Ms. Dee. Nothing the ASG can do to make that happen.


February 17th, 2011
6:28 am

The Hawks have tuned out there coach already! They’re too timid to take the ball inside – more turnovers than free throws – again!


February 17th, 2011
6:46 am

AG!……..I beg to differ, Jerry Sloan “might” coach in the league again, it just want be the hawks. Sloan’s too smart to put himself in the situation of having SA Sund or DASG as his boss.


February 17th, 2011
7:03 am

Total team loss tonight.

Although Bibby played well on offense (15 pts, 2 assists), the guy he was guarding played great (13 points, 11 assists).

I know the motion offense does not require a traditional PG, but we need one who can break someone down off the dribble, who can penetrate, who can get to the FT line (especially when the jumpers are not falling). Bibby is not the answer (and I dont know if Teague is either).

Props to Marvin. But what was Josh thinking taking 16 shots when his jumper was clearly off? And I’m disappointed that he had 5 rebounds in 40 minutes, playing PF. Unacceptable.

As for Jamal, I agree with Ron. LD is asking him to play backup PG, and thats not his strength. I think that has contributed more than anything to his struggles.

Hawks need a backup Center. ZaZa is garbage. In 5 minutes, he was -9. He just looks lost out there.

And of course, there is LD. I have been disappointed in him more often in these last few games. He says all the right things, but I am not seeing him back it up on the court. I wonder if he will make any changes after the AS break, because he cannot be happy with what he saw last night.


February 17th, 2011
7:21 am

LD lost the game for us last night. How in the hell did he not go to Marvin Williams more. The guy was killing it last night going to the basket while Smoove, Bibby, JJ, Horf, and Craw was just chucking jumpers. Josh Smith was horrible last night. He is not a jumpshooter. LD should have fed Marvin Williams last night because he was the only one not just taking jumpers. Last night has nothing to do with us needing a center. We shoot to many jumpers. I was sitting there thinking “damn Josh Smith how many bad shots are you going to take before you realize you aren’t hitting on anything tonight”. LD just lets him do what he wants to do.