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Atlanta Hawks at Clippers: L.D. tells J.J. to keep shooting

Los Angeles– With J.J. struggling to make shots, L.D. is doing probably the only thing he realistically can do under the circumstances.

(By “circumstances” I mean his lead dog, the $124 million man, is the one who’s clanking shots and so Drew’s options are limited within the franchise/team/star dynamic.)

“I told him to keep doing what he’s been doing,” L.D. said. “Keep looking for his shot. Keep taking his shot. I don’t want any hesitation.”

I’m still thinking J.J.’s issues are all about the elbow. I think this because J.J., in a rare revealing moment about the injury, said it’s still affecting his shot.

“Only he knows,” Drew said. “If that’s the case then it will be just a matter of time before that thing is to where he is not feeling any type of discomfort where it’s 100 percent and hopefully his stroke will come back to what we are accustomed to.”

J.J. doesn’t have a great history with managing his own injuries. He basically doesn’t tell anyone the extent of them until they …

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Atlanta Hawks: Thunder 103, Hawks 94

Jamal had it going until the fourth. (AP Photo)

Jamal had it going until the fourth. (AP Photo)

Oklahoma City–If you didn’t see this one, just think back to the Hawks’ game at Orlando (the first time), at Miami, at San Antonio, at Boston, at New Orleans. This was pretty much the same thing–hurt by turnovers, dribble penetration, poor shot selection–except for the gory sight of a cut on Smoove’s head.

  • The Hawks are 2-6 in road games against teams with winning records. They either had the lead or were close to it in all of those Ls.
  • “It’s definitely frustrating,” J.J. said. “We are so close and then we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Maybe it’s a few bad shots, or maybe a few turnovers. We’ve got to grow up in that area.”
  • “You keep plugging,” L.D. said. “Hopefully at some point it will click in. We went into the fourth quarter with a two-point game; that’s a great position to be in. It’s a little frustrating but still I am encouraged we are putting ourselves in that position.”
  • This game probably won’t do much to …

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