Hawks 90, Bobcats 85

Greetings, all

Ken Sugiura sitting in for MC again. Michael stayed up in the northeast rather than bounce back down here for one game. He’ll be back with the team Sunday for the much-anticipated tilt with the Nets. Hmm, Sunday game at 1 p.m. I wonder if anything else will be on TV at that time?

The story, obviously, was the return of your favorite four-time All-Star. Joe Johnson surprised everyone when he showed up to the arena and wanted to give it a go. In recent days, Johnson had been working out and shooting on his own and was not feeling pain, which was encouraging to Larry Drew. Still, he wasn’t anticipating this quick a recovery.

Actually, the Hawks had their walkthrough before the game Friday without him. But he was shooting 3-pointers without pain, and he shot so well against assistant coach Nick Van Exel Thursday that he joked about getting on a plane to play in Boston. When he told Marvin Williams before the game Friday that he wanted to suit up, Williams didn’t believe him.

You can say what you want about him, but it was fairly clear to me talking to him and others how much he means to this team. He sounded very sincere in his desire to get back to the court as quickly as he could, and teammates like Williams and Mike Bibby sounded very glad to have him back, not just in a way they’d be glad to have any teammate back, but to have their leader return.

“That was another main factor why I wanted to come back,” Johnson said of the team’s recent downturn, “to help these guys. We’re all we’ve got in this room.”

I don’t anticipate a relapse on the injury. He got banged around a bit and held up fine.

- Which brings us to Jamal Crawford, who sat out his second game in a row with a back injury. Drew said he was told it was a disc problem, Crawford said it was spasms. He said his back locked up against Detroit and he tried to play through it without success.

He said it was feeling better and that he anticipated getting back against New Jersey or Orlando at the latest. Obviously, though, a back injury is not to be trifled with and something that can often get re-aggravated. Hopefully, some rest will be helpful for Crawford. The Hawks have some testy matchups coming up — Orlando on Monday, at New Orleans Dec. 26, at Oklahoma City New Year’s Eve — and it wouldn’t hurt for them to be at full strength.

- One positive the Hawks got out of Crawford being sidelined, though, was the play of Jeff Teague. I think MC might have covered this after the Boston game, but Teague said that with both Crawford and Johnson out against Boston, he felt responsible to pick up his game and play aggressively. I’m planning to cover this in a story for Monday’s paper.

He kept at it tonight with a real strong finish in the third quarter. I was watching him fairly closely, and I think this is a fairly accurate rundown of the possessions.

- Screen from Al Horford, finds Josh Powell alone under the basket, who gets fouled.

- Drives the lane, fouled by Derek Brown. Same possession, pick and pop with Horford, who hits from the free-throw line.

- Screen from Horford, Teague hits from free-throw line.

- On Charlotte’s ensuing possession, stays in front of shaking-and-baking D.J. Augustin, preventing him from driving. Augustin passes off to Tyrus Thomas, who chucks up a 3-point attempt airball as Charlotte has a 24-second violation.

- On final possession of the quarter, gets inbounds pass, dribbles upcourt, goes behind the back and pulls up for a buzzer-beating jumper over Augustin.

And then in the fourth quarter, he had that ridiculous block against the glass of Derrick Brown. He was in for 15 minutes total. I’m going to guess his 40 minutes back-to-back might be a career-best for him with the exception of games he’s started and then final regular-season game against Cleveland last year.

- Some numbers: Charlotte’s 18 offensive rebounds were the most against the Hawks this year, but the Bobcats only had nine second-chance points. Hawks had 27 fast-break points. Hawks went to the line just 13 times, fewest in the past six games.

Zaza Pachulia had a two-minute stint early after Horford got in foul trouble, got his own two quick whistles and didn’t go back in. All the Hawks starters were in double figures. Former Hawk Boris Diaw had 22 points, almost double his season average. Looks like he’s put on a little weight.

Hawks never trailed. Hawks took 25 3-pointers, the second-highest total of the season, making only six. Josh Smith, Mo Evans and Johnson were a combined 1-for-12. Hawks had eight blocks, one below season best. Teague had two, Smith and Horford had three.

- This isn’t exactly new territory, but it’s hard to believe Kwame Brown was once a No. 1 overall pick. I talked with someone within the past year who knew Brown in high school – I forget who but I’m not making it up – and he said basically that Brown just never was that into basketball. I imagine that can be something of a disadvantage in the pursuit of a professional basketball career.

I was looking at his Wikipedia page. Did you know about the incident in which he allegedly threw a cake at someone? Kind of funny, though strange. Rather interesting that Michael Jordan would sign him again after drafting him in Washington, and also that Brown wanted to go to Jordan’s team, although perhaps the options weren’t many. That’d be like if Billy Knight got a job somewhere and signed Shelden Williams.

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December 18th, 2010
2:11 am

LOL @ that BK comment about Shelden. That was funny KS. Good write-up.


December 18th, 2010
2:23 am

I’ve criticized Teague heavily over the past season and a half, but he gets props from me in these last 2 games. He’s looking to make an impact during the game . . while a game is still close.

And that leads me to this. What is Drew going to do when Jamal comes back? Teague needs to control the offense, if we’re going to get anything out of him. But if Jamal controls the ball, he’ll never get to do that.

Drew keeps saying that he wants Teague to step up. But for him to do that, he’s going to have to get Jamal to play without the ball some. Not totally, but definitely less than what he is accustomed to. Let Teague run the offense and find Jamal for open shots . . . not let Jamal dribble around like a Globetrotter, and then for him to take a shot.

If Drew doesn’t give Teague control, he’s not going to develop like people want him to. I don’t think Teague has the confidence to just take control himself. He needs the green light from Drew, and he needs Jamal to let him have control.

Don’t be surprised if Teague goes back to sukking, if when Jamal comes back he goes back to taking control of the ball, with Teague playing off the ball.


December 18th, 2010
2:34 am

jj back to early

i dont know why he’s back

obviously he’s lying about pain


December 18th, 2010
2:56 am

We need Teague to be more assertive because he can force all of our players to make better shot decisions.

Najeh Davenpoop

December 18th, 2010
3:12 am

“Former Hawk Boris Diaw had 22 points, almost double his season average. Looks like he’s put on a little weight.”

Every time I see him it looks like he’s put on a little weight. At this rate by the time he retires dude’s going to look like Oliver Miller. I remember when he was a Hawk he was actually on the skinny side.

drmaryb (*_*)

December 18th, 2010
4:41 am

Oliver Miller Sighting!

OMG, I just had a flash back of the original “Big-Baby”. HaHa ..
What ever happened to Oliver & “Big Country” Reeves?

The only white boy who ever crushed a back board.
That was great Najeh … Watchu know about that man, you’re too young!


December 18th, 2010
8:00 am

Hopefully now we can see how the new lineup will lookk with j.collins/center al/pf j.smith/sf j.j/sg & bibby/pg

It was not a bad pick

December 18th, 2010
8:25 am

Good game overall..welcome back JOE MAX….Marvin was held back last night from unleashing his top 5 talent but still came up with 16 and 8…nice game..could have went for 30 easily if he was given the shots….


December 18th, 2010
8:35 am

wow guys i was at our family christmas party and my nephew said that “that” guy looked like oliver miller. i didn’t even know my nephew remembered oliver miller and now to hear you guys talk about it is hilarious that we were talking about that guy last night as well.


December 18th, 2010
8:43 am

Teague is our only hope of improving this year. We have to have defense and we have to have the ability to break down a defense. Those are two things that Teague has the ability to do.

Our coaching is better than last year.
Our interior defense is improving with LD playing bigs like Collins more.


December 18th, 2010
9:08 am

The hawks barely got past a very weak team, Horford needs to go to defensive school. The dude sucks defensively regardless if hes trying to play forward or center. Moving josh to help horford weakens the hawks defensively.

bottom line?

Hawks suck!


December 18th, 2010
9:09 am

With out joe hawks lose last night to a weak team….again… like Detroit or NJ


Hawks suck


December 18th, 2010
10:01 am


Section 303

December 18th, 2010
10:02 am

Alright, Joe Johnson, save the hero bullsh#t. I give you all the props in the world for coming back so soon. It’s ballsy and shows you do care about this team. Just save me the bullsh#t that the main reason you came back was to help the other Hawks have success. Without a max deal you would have hit the road. Let’s just make sure that does not get lost in the shuffle.

Tomorrow’s game will be telling. Road game, against a team that has a bad record but is better than their record suggests, with Orlando looming on Monday night. Classic trouble game for the Hawks.

Section 303

December 18th, 2010
10:04 am

Najeh and drmaryb, Boris Diaw looks awful. He played well last night, I guess. But, I should not be in better shape than an NBA player. That is pathetic. The guy looks like the hacks I see at the Smyrna open gyms.

J from the A

December 18th, 2010
10:15 am

The Hawks won
Joe is a true leader (regardless of what you crab-@** fans think)
Teague looking good on both ends of the court

WTF is up with giving up all those offensive rebounds

J from the A

December 18th, 2010
10:16 am

Oh, and Marvin had a decent game … he did miss an important 3-point attempt in the 4th and had an untimely turnover shortly after that attempt … but other than that he stayed within his role and performed well.


December 18th, 2010
10:40 am

If Marvin can string together a few more solid games, can we then ship him and Bibby for a real point guard while he’s still hot?

It was good to see Joe struggle a bit and still get 16, which is what he was pretty much averaging before the injury


December 18th, 2010
10:41 am

We better hope this ORL/WAS trade goes through if any transpires and that ORL gets Arenas (Joe will destroy him).

A much more dangerous trade for the rest of the East is if ORL is able to pry Jason Richardson (the most underrated player in the NBA besides Manu Ginobili) from PHX or even Hedo Turkoglu

The Truth

December 18th, 2010
11:02 am

“Teague said that with both Crawford and Johnson out against Boston, he felt responsible to pick up his game and play aggressively”

Perhaps we have discovered the real source of Teague’s problems. Kind of like when a kid continue to live with his parents after becoming an adult. In order for him to realize his full potential, he must move out of the house and claim responsibility for himself. Perhaps in the last 2 games with the absence of both JJ and Jamal, Teague has finally move past “rook”, claim more responsibility and is now starting to realized his full potential. He is showing a swagger of confidence that I have seen since the beginning of his arrival as a Hawk. But before we celebrate, we’ll see how consistent he show since he still needs work of his TO issues. As a PG, the greatest sin he can commit are TO’s and being careless with the ball. So we’ll call these last two games flashes of promise for Jeff Teague.


December 18th, 2010
11:04 am

Attendance is down(significantly) from last year or the year before…. can some one explain why no one whats to see ase hawks?

We need a coach and a center…rebound? what are you thinking? rebounds implies misses. You dont miss 65% of the time in the paint with horford as center…

Get real.

The team suck, and the attendance is down, Hawks are a joke.

what the fk the coaching suck too.


December 18th, 2010
11:06 am




December 18th, 2010
11:12 am

I like what northcyde says about Teague and Jamal. And about confidence. Clearly, Teague lacks some confidence. It’s written all over his face during games I watch in person and on TV. He has to be given a chance to play without recrimination.

But getting him more playing time will always be hard with the composition of this team and its need to win games.

Teague is in same position as A.C. Law was. The Hawks aren’t bad enough to get him more PT, and he’s not good enough to warrant it (e.g. Denver’s Lawson) on a team fighting for better playoff position.



December 18th, 2010
11:14 am

that fag got has had 2 seasons of coaching and playing with some of the best in the nba, a scrub by any other name is still a scrub.


December 18th, 2010
11:14 am

I should have added that I think The Truth makes a good point as well. So much of this great game is psychological.


December 18th, 2010
11:14 am

Attendance is down because they have the same team they had last year. There gm was let go in Milwaukee and Seattle there ownership is unstable. Joe Johnson didn’t want to play here until they gave him that max contract which will hurt the team for along time.


December 18th, 2010
11:15 am

and a.c. law is still a scrub too.


December 18th, 2010
11:17 am

Cant blame joe. I wouldn’t want to play here either. this team is content with medicracy. There played at their best the past two years under Woodson and if management had got them a center and a point they would have competed for a championship.

Its all down hill now.

lottery in 3


December 18th, 2010
11:25 am

almost every where sund has went the teams collapsed not long afterwords.

His best was Dallas who is always good but never great. They, like the hawks lack a true center and they like the hawks have an undersized Dirk shooting bomb rather than protecting the rim. Dallas will never win and neither will the hawks.

Most of sunds teams had to restructure or build through the lottery once he left. This guy who by default hired Drew was the same brain that hired Bob Weiss.

Lottery in 3. .

drmaryb (*_*)

December 18th, 2010
11:25 am

The Beach Boys!

Miami Heat is Hot! Why do they choose black road unis? Seems like Miami would don a bright color – Why so dark? Just wondering. But that 3rd Qrtr was
Nasty their defense is very sticky. Like “Laffy – Taffy” they should play that song on their PA System.

NYK ahead of The Hawks? IDK @ that? Hawks should really gain on the bulls too with Noah out. But we need to focus on our Defense majorly.
We have a ton of Offensive players, but our defense comes and goes.
Last night we had 8 steals? I hope we build on that.


December 18th, 2010
11:26 am

Marvin has actually been in double figures 4 of the last 5 games in scoring.


December 18th, 2010
11:28 am

I see why the Hawks look to JJ for leadership. It was obvious at Boston that Josh is not that leader. Good player, but disappeared in the Garden. Hasn’t made a FG vs. the Celtics in 2 games this year.


December 18th, 2010
11:29 am

proud of jj for coming back as he did in shocking fashion

most into the game the crowd got was for the t shirt gun

the “entertainment” during time outs and half time are pathetic. i decided to boo the silly audience participation crap they are putting out there. fortunwtely the fans are disinterestd in it and hopefully it will disappear. somehow the asg needs to pit more into the complete experience.

solid b- performance against a very bad team. surprised larry hasnt lost interest yet and moved on into retirement. reall bad team especially without wallace. how can we get him?


December 18th, 2010
11:31 am

Boston 21 4 0.840 0.0 17-2 6-1 11-1 10-3 10-0 W 12
Miami 20 8 0.714 2.5 14-4 4-1 12-3 8-5 10-0 W 11
Chicago 16 8 0.667 4.5 5-4 3-0 10-2 6-6 8-2 W 7
Orlando 16 9 0.640 5.0 12-4 5-2 9-3 7-6 5-5 L 1
Atlanta 17 11 0.607 5.5 13-7 4-2 9-5 8-6 6-4 W 1
New York 16 11 0.593 6.0 10-6 4-3 6-7 10-4 8-2 L 2
Indiana 12 13 0.480 9.0 8-7 3-3 7-6 5-7 4-6 W 1
Milwaukee 10 14 0.417 10.5 7-5 2-2 7-5 3-9 5-5 L 1
Philadelphia 10 16 0.385 11.5 7-12 3-3 8-6 2-10 7-3 L 1

New York will finish higher than the hawks. They made serious moves in the off season and will gel and hit a stride down the road. Look for the hawks to finish 6 or 7 with a signature 1 and done. from Drew.


December 18th, 2010
11:35 am

yes dmb miami is just hitting their stride and they are going to be tougher and tougher to score on. labron with triple double and about 85 points from their big three. imposing their will more and more. i wonder when someone is goung to dangle the notion in front of he queen to go after the big o’ s record of being the only man to avg a triple double for a season which he did twice. lsbron is the only guy capable of doing it and could with two great finishers in wade and bosh. look out ken s yoir prophecy against miami is crumbling. :-)


December 18th, 2010
11:37 am

With the soft part of the schedule behind them and roughly 1/3 of the season behind them the hawks are on past to finish 48-34.

The schedule get tougher in the second half. Im holding with my prediction of 44-47 wins and 1 and done.


December 18th, 2010
11:38 am

Hope JJ coming back early doesn’t hurt him, we certainly need him to be healthy for the long haul. Interesting stats:

JJ is averaging 2.8 shots attempted per game less than last season.

Josh Smith is down pretty significantly in rebounding this season 8.3 compared to 8.8 last season. Same goes for Assists, 3.8 this season, 4.2 last. He’s identical in scoring and blocks.

Jamal is averaging 2.5 less shots per game this season than last. No wonder his scoring is down.

And Jeff Teague is 5th on the team with a PER of 15.1, just behind Jamal with a 15.6 per and JJ at 16.1. I say let the dude play!


December 18th, 2010
11:43 am

.5 is an half a rebound, his minutes are down and hes spending more time at the sf to make room for that guy who says he doesnt want to play center any more. 4.2 -3.8 =.4 thats point four. Do you do analysis often? There if very little differences in Josh’s numbers. What are you smoking?


December 18th, 2010
11:49 am

2010-11 BLOCKS LEADERS : Blocks Per Game

Andrew Bogut , MIL
18 35.5 56 58 3.11 4.21 .97
Darko Milicic , MIN
26 25.8 67 82 2.58 4.79 .82
Dwight Howard , ORL
23 35.1 54 79 2.35 3.21 .68
JaVale McGee , WAS
24 27.7 55 71 2.29 3.97 .78
Pau Gasol , LAL
27 38.9 59 61 2.18 2.69 .97
Roy Hibbert , IND
25 29.7 51 82 2.04 3.3 .62
Emeka Okafor , NOH
26 30.6 48 80 1.85 2.89 .6
Samuel Dalembert , SAC
22 20.6 39 55 1.77 4.12 .71
Marcus Camby , POR
27 28.2 47 67 1.74 2.96 .7
Al Jefferson , UTA
27 35.7 45 70 1.67 2.24 .64
Joakim Noah , CHI
24 36.8 39 77 1.62 2.12 .51
Brook Lopez , NJN
27 35.3 41 92 1.52 2.07 .45
Tyson Chandler , DAL
25 26.8 35 84 1.4 2.5 .42
Channing Frye , PHX
25 31.5 34 101 1.36 2.07 .34
Joel Anthony , MIA
26 16.4 35 68 1.35 3.95 .52
Marc Gasol , MEM
26 32.9 35 95 1.35 1.97 .37
DeAndre Jordan , LAC
27 21.4 34 83 1.26 2.82 .41
Nazr Mohammed , CHA
25 17.9 29 56 1.16 3.12 .52
Brendan Haywood , DAL
25 19.2 27 57 1.08 2.7 .47
Spencer Hawes , PHI
26 20.2 27 66 1.04 2.47 .41
Zydrunas Ilgauskas , MIA
28 18.2 28 84 1.0 2.63 .33
Ben Wallace , DET
26 24.9 25 37 .96 1.85 .68
Al Horford , ATL

Atl 2010

December 18th, 2010
11:49 am

JJ SURGERY REAL??????????????????
JJ BACK SO EARLY?????????????????
JJ SURGERY REAL??????????????????
JJ BACK SO EARLY?????????????????
JJ SURGERY REAL??????????????????
JJ BACK SO EARLY?????????????????
JJ SURGERY REAL??????????????????
JJ BACK SO EARLY?????????????????
JJ SURGERY REAL??????????????????
JJ BACK SO EARLY?????????????????

drmaryb (*_*)

December 18th, 2010
11:49 am

Grim Reapers!

Yeah doc, them black unis are beginning to look scary and gothic out there on the court. T-Shirt Guns? R U Kinndin’ me? That is so 1980’s! Shoot the fans a wad of money or a pack of court-side game tickets so they come back.

ASKG has never put ANY money into marketing. And, like doc said, “Where is the Game Experience?” Half-Time should roll out some of ATL’s famous enterainers (musically). I remember we used to have post-game concerts!
That would really pack Phillips! Anything to supplement poor play.

If we could just play Defense like when Lenny was here against The MJ Bulls, when we had:

Plastic Man – Stacy Augmon

I long for that level of Defense!


December 18th, 2010
11:50 am

Thats among centers


December 18th, 2010
11:50 am

I really just don’t feel comfortable seeing Bibby out there at the end of the game
This team DOES NOT need a center as much as it needs a FACILITATOR WHO CAN CONSISTENTLY FIND OPEN PLAYERS

Our offense was just horrendous to watch in the 4th quarter. EVERYONE stood still and Marvin actually hit a few nice shots.



We NEED a point guard NOW


December 18th, 2010
11:51 am

LOL @ that BS during the timeouts where the crowd was supposed to move its hands to one side if it wanted to listen to a song or another

WTF was that BS?


December 18th, 2010
11:55 am

Agree JeJe, we need a true PG, this team will go no where in the playoffs without one


December 18th, 2010
12:11 pm

Bobcats and Trail Blazers will have players on the block Orlando close to getting Gilbert Arenas . Hawks have to make a move if they want to compete .


December 18th, 2010
12:12 pm

A point guard wont stop the dunks on horford LMAOOoooo


December 18th, 2010
12:15 pm

@ Najeh . . the guy you’re thinking about was Anthony “Pig” Miller. He was the Miller that played for the Hawks in the 90s, not Oliver Miller.

@ Jeje . . If Orlando acquires Arenas, it may destroy that team. They have a need for a “go-to guy”, but if they gamble on him, that could backfire big time. This also shows that in the future, even a contract like JJ’s can be valuable, as long as JJ stays a decent player. It’ll always be some team that will want a player, and in return give away some of their expiring contracts and/or scrubs to get him.

@ Drmaryb . . Yeah, you would think Miami would be a predominately red + some bright color like yellow, with their nickname being the “Heat”. They ought to have Kansas City Chief type looking unis.

Back in the day, the Blazers, Heat and Magic were the only teams wearing the Black unis. It was cool when only a few teams were wearing black. Then every team it seems went to the alternate Black Unis during the 90s

- Atlanta ( I hated that big azz Hawk in the front )
- Boston
- Chicago
- Charlotte
- Cleveland ( when they had the light blue color scheme )
- Indiana
- Minnesota
- NY Knicks
- Phoenix
- Utah

I probably left out somebody.

Jae Evolution

December 18th, 2010
12:21 pm

If Orlando acquires Gilbert Arenas, we should make a move for Jameer Nelson.


December 18th, 2010
12:50 pm

Getting Arenas means that ORL will not be able to defend the 2 at all.

I’ll say it again: if ORL is smart, they will HEAVILY pursue Jason Richardson, who is in a contract year. He can make 7 3’s on any given night and is a legit 25 ppg threat. Factor in that, an improved Dwight Howard, a healthy Jameer, and any production from Rashard and that team is damn scary. And the even scarier thing is that they could easily work a way to get back Hedo Turkoglu.

Orlando getting Jason Richardson could very well catapult Orlando to #1 in the East and get them to the Finals. Dude is an assassin on the court and is massively underrated