J.J. (foot) and Smoove (Achilles’) banged up but expect to play vs. Kings Wednesday night

Hawks guard Joe Johnson (right foot) and forward Josh Smith (right Achilles’) both watched practice Tuesday but said they would be ready to play against the Kings Wednesday night at Philips Arena.

Johnson, who was limping a bit after treatment, said his injury is “nothing major.” He has started all 40 games this season.

“I ain’t going to be missing no games,” he said. “We’ve got something special going on here.”

Smith, who also has yet to miss a game, said he believes the bruise was caused by a strap on the back of his shoe rubbing against the Achilles’.

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January 19th, 2010
3:46 pm

first bitches


January 19th, 2010
3:50 pm

dang, hope they recover quick!

Boom Dizzle

January 19th, 2010
3:57 pm

Wow, they denied the protest from the Cavs game…..why am I not shocked? ……David “the Don” Stern can’t have anybody messing up his Cavs/Lakers finals……..


January 19th, 2010
3:58 pm



January 19th, 2010
4:28 pm

MC, I have to give it to you. You’re providing great information in a timely fashion! Also I’m loving that you’re not scared to question the players/coaches at different times.

This season there have been numerous times when JC, Bibby, or JJ has gone from what was working. Rather its Smoove, Horford, and a few times Marvin, the backcourt fail to identify when one of the said players would get 2-3 baskets in a row. There have been many of times where going to Smoove was leading to more and more fouls on the opposing teams front court. The thing I appreciate about Kobe’s game now is, if Gasol, Odum, Bynum, or even Fisher has it going, he continues to feed them. I love the difference that Bibby makes in the game, and I truly appreciate him. However, I wish we could trade him for D. Fisher lol.

At the beginning of the season, I predicted this season Smoove would take over the team, and he and Horford would be come the best players on the team. In the last 8 games, how many times have Smoove came 2-3 assists away from having a triple double. Smoove is the ONLY player on this team who can score 12 or 13 points, and still show in the same game, he’s the difference maker.


January 19th, 2010
4:55 pm

Kudos to MC for all the timely information on the Hawks. To say you’re on top of things, is an understatement.


January 19th, 2010
5:12 pm


Watch how someone takes this information and blame Woody for the injuries.

Great job by the way.


January 19th, 2010
6:22 pm

What shoes does Smoove wear? Time for a different pair.

nunna yo biznezz

January 20th, 2010
6:14 am

i don’t know if yall are seeing this,but,bibby is not healthy.he is constantly limping..
his ankle injury or whatever it is may be better in time with rest..

just how much of an impact has he had in the last 12 games??
lil to none shawty!!

his minutes are cut down,and if u notice when quarter 2 ends and 3 begins,his limping is more obvious than ever…

is there any rumblings in the press corp at games or during games when u watch the hawks yourself on his limping??
i will hang up and listen

bob dylan

January 20th, 2010
12:58 pm

I know this is a little random, but say the Hawks finish in the top 2 of the East. Would there be any possibility that between no and then that Josh Childress could come back to the U.S. and be on the post-season roster?


January 20th, 2010
1:03 pm

i would love for chill to come back

[...] Cunningham has done an excellent job of covering the team since he has taken over and gave us a little info on a few bumps and bruises that the Hawks are feeling: Hawks guard Joe Johnson (right foot) and forward Josh Smith (right Achilles’) both watched [...]

bob dylan

January 20th, 2010
1:09 pm

Does anyone know when the European league J-CHill is in finishes?

Old skool

January 20th, 2010
1:54 pm

M.C. obviously you are off to a good start! Keep it up!!!