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Bienvenido a Miami!

Al Horford and the Hawks will dance with Heat once again!

Al Horford and the Hawks will tangle with Heat plenty over the next two weeks!

HAWKSVILLE - Actually, the Hawks have already earned the right to host the Miami Heat in their first round playoff series.

But I’ve been waiting three weeks to use that line from Will Smith’s hit song (courtesy of our friends at YouTube. And I promise, this is the last time I use the words “Will Smith” and “hit song” in that order in this space) about one of my favorite hot spots.

And while others were dreading the thought of facing Philadelphia and frightened by the prospect of dealing with a hard-to-figure Chicago team in the first round, the same team that has been on a collision course with the Hawks for months now will be the foe starting this weekend at Philips Arena.

I love the matchup (my main man Chris Perkins of the Palm Beach Post and I discussed as much the last time these two teams played). Who doesn’t want to see the Hawks face one of the league’s most dynamic talents in Dwyane …

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Guess who’s biz-ack!

Things are looking up for Marvin Williams and the Hawks!

Things are looking up for Marvin Williams and the Hawks!

HAWKSVILLE - One and it’s done.

That’s it for the Hawks.

Win one more game (Friday against Indiana at Philips Arena) and the race for the fourth spot and home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs is done.

But believe it or not, the Hawks could have something even more important going on at Philips Arena tomorrow night in the form of Marvin Williams returning to action after a 16-game absence because of a lower back injury.

Williams had what was initially believed to be an injury that would sideline him for the remainder of the season. But he’ll be back, possibly tonight against Indiana and certainly by the playoffs.

I’ve seen all the chatter back and forth around here about Marvin not being missed (back when the Hawks rolled through that March homestand unblemished and without him). Then the tide changed and the Hawks’ struggled and the pro-Marvin crowd resurfaced to campaign for their guy.

I’m rollin’ …

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April’s Fools

The Hawks are scrambling to finish the season with a bang.

Mike Woodson, Joe Johnson and the Hawks are scrambling to finish with a bang.



HAWKSVILLE - If this is some sort of sick belated April Fools’ prank Hawks, it’s not funny.

Three straight losses, now?

I know, it was three straight to playoff bound teams playing at a much higher level than the Hawks could as presently constituted (despite all the chatter to the contrary a healthy Marvin Williams would help).

But not now.

Not with everything (namely the fourth spot and the home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs that come with it) on the line.

It’s one of the more deflating stretches I’ve seen out of these Hawks this season. And there have been others.

Check the standings, though, and you’ll realize that now is hardly the time to start a tailspin.

Not even a glorious late Sunday morning brunch with the fam and neighbors at Highland Bakery could erase the stain of what I’ve seen from these Hawks the past week.

After a big time effort against the Los …

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Another double-shot weekend

The Hawks' welcome home gift is a date Saturday night with Dwight Howard and the Magic.

The Hawks' welcome home gift is a Saturday night date with Dwight Howard and the Magic!


BOSTON - Live from the Hawks’ second home the past year … seriously, has any team spent more time in another team’s town the past 11 months than the Hawks have here in soggy Boston?

It’s ridiculous.

Another couple of days here and the Hawks will need to start paying taxes.

Lucky for them this is probably their last tryst with the Celtics until next season (no more Duck Tours or Big Baby Davis for at least a year).

Coincidentally, this is their last weekend to try and climb off the mid-major express and move over to the predatory side of the Eastern Conference.

Tonight’s game against the Celtics and tomorrow night’s home tilt against the Orlando Magic presents the Hawks with two final opportunities to knock off the big boys.

Another inspired defensive effort like the one against the Lakers last Sunday and the Hawks might finally get the leprechaun off their backs or pay back the …

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