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General Hawkspital


Luke and Laura or Josh and Woody?

Luke and Laura or Josh and Woody?

HAWKSVILLE – So we’re back to this are we?

Feuds between Hawks coach Mike Woodson and his players isn’t anything new around here. But I have to admit, I thought it was a thing of the past.

I foolishly assumed that last year’s playoff run and this past summer’s realization that things had to get better from there was the end of all the drama.

And then Friday night happened and the Hawks locker room turned into an episode of General Hawkspital, the Hawks produce more drama in a season than Luke and Laura did in 20 years together.

It’s not clear exactly what words got tossed back and forth between Woodson and longtime co-star Josh Smith. But it’s safe to assume that they weren’t talking about catching a movie together on the next off day.

What became abundantly clear as the media scrambled through the Hawks’ locker room before tonight’s game against Detroit at Philips Arena is that whatever fences that needed to be mended got the treatment …

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It’s show and tell time Hawks

CHARLOTTE – Hawks coach Mike Woodson tried to send one to his team early Friday morning.

He warned them that the time for resting on what got them to 34-27 is officially over.

It should have been over weeks ago.

But now that the Hawks have put themselves in a position to either finish what they started or wilt under the pressure of trying to hold on to the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference playoff chase, we’re going to find out what they’re made of.

Charlotte and Detroit are going to provide just the right amount of pressure on these Hawks in the next 48 hours, enough to make them bend and break or stand up and fight for what they’ve been saying for weeks is theirs (home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs).

There’s no reason to do anything other than let them prove it on the floor the next two nights. I’m tired of hearing tough talk about what’s going to happen. They need to show me, and you and everybody else that they’re serious. Shoot, they need to show …

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Listen to the young fella!

NEW YORK - In a league where paying your dues is a tradition scratched deep into the heart of every player and coach to pass through the NBA, what I’m about to say is nothing short of heresy.

But it’s time for the Hawks to start following Al Horford.

He’s emerged as the true leader of this team, in his words and his actions.

I don’t care that he’s only in his second season (and playing marvelous basketball with the Hawks’ playoff fate on the line every night).

I don’t care that he’s the starter with the least amount of NBA experience.

None of that matters when he’s the player that displays the most organic leadership quality every night.

And go ahead and tell me you haven’t noticed (watch our for that rolled up magazine that’s going to hit you across the back of the head right about now!) so I can call you a liar.

You know it, too.

It was on full display Wednesday night, when Horford’s 20 points, 13 rebounds and two blocks only told part of the story.

You probably didn’t …

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Hawks have (internal) moves to make

New York – Joe Smith. Drew Gooden. Luther Head.

With all these players suddenly showing up on the waiver wire, someone emailed today asking where the Hawks were in their pursuit of one of these soon to be (they have to clear waivers first) free agents.

Maybe someone lost the memo, but it’s the same situation as before the trade deadline last month, the Hawks are simply not in a position to make any moves.

They already have 15 men on the roster and under contract, so there aren’t any moves to be made. The team that took the floor against Cleveland Sunday night and then again last night in Washington will be the same one that hits the floor come playoff time.

Whether or not that’s good enough to get through a first round playoff series against the likes of Miami, Detroit or Philadelphia remains to be seen. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, especially if those teams are set roster-wise, as well. But no one can be sure right now.

That means the Hawks (Hawks coach Mike Woodson to be …

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